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                Roger, a prominent servant of HENRY II


HERVEY de GLANVILLE, a leader of the English fleet in 2nd Crusade, d 1147, m MATILDA

           GÉRARD de GLANVILLE, d ca 1189, m EMMA de CUKENEY

                                BERTHA, m WILLIAM de STUTEVILLE (see under Estouteville for ancestors)



RANULPH de GLANVILLE, Justiciar of England, d 1191, (he was Queen ELEANOR’s jailer at Winchester Castle and Old Sarum), m BERTHA dau & co-heir of THEOBALD de VALOINES (see under Valognes for ancestors)

                HELEWISE, m ROBERT TALYBOIS (see under Talybois for descendants). She 2ndly m ROBERT, gtgrson of EUDO, Duke of Brittany (see under Brittany and

                     FitzRandolph for descendants)


GLOUCESTER - Earls (See under Audley, Clare, Despenser, FitzHamon, FitzRoy & Monthermer)


GLOUCESTER - Lords and Sheriffs


WALTER FITZROGER of PÎTRES, hereditary Sheriff of Gloucester, d 1124, one of the royal constables, m BERTHA

                MILES (MILO) of Gloucester

                EMMA, m RALPH de WAYER, (or Guader, or de Waet), Earl of Norfolk and Suffolk, (see under Wayer for descendants)

                MAUD, m RICHARD FITZ-PONZ (see under Clifford for descendants)


MILO de Gloucester, Hereditary Sheriff, King’s Constable, created Earl of Hereford 1141 by Queen MATILDA, m SYBIL, dau and heiress of BERNARD de NEUFMARCHÉ, Lord of Brecknock by his wife, dau of OSBERN FITZRICHARD (see under FitzOsbern for ancestors) and NEST (see Wales, Kings for ancestors) 

                Roger FitzMiles, succeeded his father, m Cicely dau of Payn FitzJohn (see under Vesci for ancestors), excommunicated, but dsp a monk

                Walter, succeeded his brother as Lord Constable, Sheriff of Gloucester 1155-7 and Earl of Hereford 1157-9, dsp

                Henry, succeeded his brother, dsp

                Mahel of Hereford, Lord of Abergavenny

                William, succeeded his brother, dsp, killed by a stone dropped from Bronllys Tower 1166

                MARGERY, m HUMPHREY de BOHUN (see under Bohun for descendants)

                BERTA, m WILLIAM de BRAOSE (see under Braose for descendants)

                LUCIA, m HERBERT FITZHERBERT (see under FitzHerbert for descendants)


GONZAGA - Dukes of Mantua  


LUIGI GONZAGA, Captain-General of Mantua (1328-60)

                GUIDO GONZAGA, Captain-General of Mantua (1360-69)

                                LUDOVICO GONZAGA, Captain-General of Mantua (1369-82)

                                                FRANCESCO GONZAGA, Captain-General of Mantua (1382-1407)



GIANFRESCO GONZAGA, Captain-General of Mantua (1407-33) and Marquis of Mantua (1433-44)

                LUDOVICO II, Marquis of Mantua (1444-78)

                                FEDERICO I, Marquis of Mantua (1478-84)

                                                FRANCESCO II, Marquis of Mantua (1484-1519)

                                                                FEDERICO II


FEDERICO II, Marquis of Mantua (1519-30), Duke of Mantua (1530-40) and Marquis of Montferrat (1536-40)

                Franceso III, Duke of Mantua (1540-50)

                GUGLIELMO, Duke of Mantua (1550-87) and Duke of Montferrat (1575-87)

                                Anne Catherine, m Ferdinand II of Tirol, son of FERDINAND I, King of Bohemia and Hungary

                                Eleonora, m as 2nd wife of FERDINAND II of Austria

               VINCENZO I, Duke of Mantua (1587-1612)

                                                Francesco IV, Duke of Mantua (1612)

                                                FERDINANDO, Duke of Mantua (1612-26)


FERDINANDO, Duke of Mantua (1612-26)

Vincenzo II Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua (1626-27, m Eleanóre, dau of FRANCESCO-MARIA dei MEDICI, 2nd Grand Duke of Tuscany


GORDON - Earls & Marquesses of Huntley  


ADAM I de GORDOUN, Justiciar of Lothian 1305

                ADAM II

                WILLIAM (see below), ancestor of the Gordons of Lochinvar and Viscounts Kenmure


ADAM II GORDON of that Ilk, d ca 1395

                John Gordon of that Ilk

                ADAM III

He also had two illegitimate sons

                JOHN (JOCK) of Scudargue } ancestors of Gordons of Mar, Buchan and Strathbogie  

                THOMAS of Ruthven            }  


ADAM III GORDON, killed Battle of Homildon 1402, m ELIZABETH KEITH, Lady of Aboyne (she 2ndly m Nicholas Erskine of Kinnoun and 3rdly m as 2nd wife of THOMAS SOMERVILLE). 

                John, dsp 1407




                ALEXANDER II

                Elizabeth, m Alexander, Lord of the Isles, Earl of Ross

                WILLIAM, ancestor of the Setons of Meldrum


ALEXANDER II SETON of Aboyne, Cluny and Glenmuick, assumed family name of GORDON, 1st Earl of Huntley 1444, d 1470, 1stly m EGIDIA (GILLE), dau and heir of Sir JOHN HAY of Tullibody

                ALEXANDER III SETON, ancestors of Baronets of Abercorn

ALEXANDER II 2ndly m ELIZABETH, dau of 1st Lord CRICHTON  


                ALEXANDER IV, ancestor of the Gordons of Abergeldie

                Adam, Dean of Caithness

                JANET, m Sir JAMES INNES of that Ilk


GEORGE GORDON, 2nd Earl of Huntley, d 1501, 1stly m Elizabeth, dau of JAMES DUNBAR, 4th Earl of Moray; he 2ndly m Annabel, dau of King JAMES I of Scotland, divorced wife of Louis, Comte de Genève; and he 3rdly m ELIZABETH, dau of WILLIAM HAY, 1st Earl of Errol 


                Adam, Laird of Aboyne, m Elizabeth, Countess of Sutherland

                WILLIAM, killed at Flodden 1513, ancestor of Gordons of Gight

                JAMES, Admiral of the Fleet, ancestor of the Gordons of Letterfourie

                Catherine, 1stly m Perkin Warbeck; 2ndly m James Strangways; 3rdly m Mathew Cradock and 4thly m Christopher Ashton 

                AGNES, m JAMES OGILVY of Deskford and Findlater (see under Ogilvy for descendants)

                Eleanor, m John Crichton of Invernytie

                Isabella, m as 1st wife of WILLIAM HAY, 3rd Earl of Erroll  


ALEXANDER GORDON, 3rd Earl of Huntley, d 1523/4, 1stly m JANET, dau of JOHN STEWART, 1st Earl of Atholl  

            JOHN, Lord Gordon, dvp 1517, m MARGARET, illegitimate dau of King JAMES IV by   MARGARET DRUMMOND  

                                GEORGE GORDON, 4th Earl of Huntley, m ELIZABETH, dau of ROBERT, Lord KEITH

                                                GEORGE GORDON, 1st Marquess of Huntley  

                                Alexander, Bishop of the Isles, Bishop of Galloway


                                Jean, m James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Boswell (see under Hepburn)

                ALEXANDER of Strathavon, ancestor of Gordons of Cluny

                William, Bishop of Aberdeen

JEAN, m COLIN CAMPBELL (see under Campbell for descendants)


WILLIAM de GORDOUN, son of ADAM (see above)

                ROGER de GORDOUN

                                ALEXANDER de GORDOUN, d 1432



WILLIAM de GORDOUN of Lochinvar, Galloway, d 1450



JOHN GORDON of Lochinvar, d 1517, m ANNABELLA, dau of ROBERT, Lord BOYD (see under Boyd for ancestors)

                Alexander, killed at Flodden 1513


                William of Craichlaw and Culvennan


ROBERT GORDON of Lochinvar, d 1520, m MARION, dau and heir of JOHN ACCARSON of Glenshireburn


                Janet, m as 1st wife of JAMES OGILVY


JAMES GORDON of Lochinvar, killed 1547 at Battle of Pinkie, m MARGARET, dau and heir of ROBERT CRICHTON of Kilpatrick (see under Crichton for ancestors)


                WILLIAM, ancestors of Gordons of Pennygame

                JANET, m WILLIAM CUNNINGHAME, 6th Earl of Glencairn (see under Cunningham for descendants)




ROLF of Gothland

                BIORN of Gothland, m HLIF, dau of ROLF, son of INGIALD

                                EYRIND EASTMAN


EYRIND EASTMAN, m RAVERTA, dau of CEARBALL of Ossory (see under Ossory for ancestors)

                THURID, m THORSTEIN “the Red” (see under Sinclair for descendants)




EUDES, c 910


                                RENAUD, m ALBERADA

                                                HUGH I de GOURNAY

                                                                HUGH II de GOURNAY, d 1074

                                                                                HUGH III


HUGH III de GOURNAY, d 1093, a companion of the Conqueror, m as 2nd husband of BASILIA, dau of GÉRARD FLAITEL (see under Flaitel for family)


A niece Gunnora m as 2nd wife of ROBERT de GANT


GERALD de GOURNAY, d 1104, m GUNDRED-EDITH dau of WILLIAM I de WARRENNE (see under Warrenne for ancestors)

                GUNDRED, m as 2nd wife of NIGIL de ALBINI, Earl of Nottingham (see under Albini for descendants)

                HUGH IV de GOURNAY


HUGH IV de GOURNAY, b 1091, d 1180, 2ndly m MELESINDE, dau of THOMAS I de COUCY (see under Coucy for ancestors)

                HUGH V


HUGH V de GOURNAY, d 1214, m JULIA de DAMMARTIN (see under Dammartin for ancestors)

                MILICENT, 2ndly m WILLIAM de CANTILUPE (see under Cantilupe for descendants)


THOMAS de Harpetre, (see under Harpetre for ancestors) m EVA de Gournay dau of ROBERT BERKELEY son of MAURICE de Berkeley (Gant) (see under Berkeley for ancestors)



ROBERT, assumed the name Gournay, became Baron Harpetre and Lord of Inglescombe, m HAWISE, dau of WILLIAM de Longchamps, a Norman of humble birth, Bishop of Ely and Chancellor to King Richard I

               Anselin de Gournay

          John, d 1287






HUGH de Gournay

                JULIAN, m WILLIAM BARDOLF, who d bef 1292 (see under Bardolf for descendants)




ANSFRED I “the Dane (see under Møre for ancestors)

                ANSFRED II



                TOUSTEIN GOZ


TOUSTEIN GOZ m JUDITH de Montandlier

                ROBERT BIGOT (see under Bigod for descendants)

                RICHARD GOZ d’Avranches (see under Avranches for descendants)


GRAHAM - Earls of Monteith, Marquesses of Montrose, Viscounts Dundee



                PATRICK GRAHAM

                Elizabeth, m as 2nd wife of  Walter Stuart, Earl of Atholl and Caithness (see under Scotland, Kings, for his ancestors)


PATRICK GRAHAM of Kilpoint, m EUPHEMIA, dau of DAVID STUART, Earl of Caithness, Earl-Palatine of Strathearn and son King ROBERT II. She 2ndly m Sir PATRICK DUNBAR of Biele 

                Euphemia, m 1stly Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Douglas. She 2nd m Sir JAMES the Hamilton 



MALISE GRAHAM, Earl of Strathearn, divested of that title by King JAMES I and made Earl of Monteith, m 1stly ANNE VERE, dau of HENRY, Earl of Oxford

                ALEXANDER, dvp 1453

                                ALEXANDER, heir to his grandfather

                JOHN “with the Bright Sword”, ancestor of the Grahams of Preston, Gartmore, Netherby, Norton Conyers, etc. 

                WALTER, ancestor of the Grahams of Buckquhapie

MALISE, 2ndly m MARIOUN (MARGARET), who as Countess of Monteith 2ndly m JOHN DRUMMOND.

                MARGARET (MARY), m ROBERT STUART, 1st Duke of Albany and Earl of Buchan, (d 1420), 3rd son of King ROBERT II (see under Buchan, Earls, and Fife,

                     Earls, for descendants)


ALEXANDER GRAHAM, 2nd Earl of Monteith, m MARGARET, dau of WALTER BUCHANAN of Buchanan (see under Buchanan for ancestors)

                WILLIAM, 3rd Earl

                WALTER, ancestor of the Grahams of Gartur


WILLIAM GRAHAM, 3rd Earl of Monteith, d 1537, m MARGARET, dau of MOWBRAY of Barnbougle

                JOHN, 4th Earl


WILLIAM GRAHAM of Kincardine, Chief of the Clan Graham, m 1stly MARIOT, dau of Sir JOHN OLIPHANT of Aberdalgy

                ALEXANDER, a hostage in England from 1408, dvp

                                PATRICK, 1st Lord GRAHAM (see below)


                                Catherine, m Sir Humphrey Moray of Ogilvy & 4th Lord of Abercairny


                Elizabeth, m Sir John Stewart, illegitimate son of King ROBERT II

WILLIAM 2ndly m as 4th husband of MARY (MARGARET), dau of King ROBERT III ,widow of GEORGE DOUGLAS, 1st Earl of Angus and of Sir JAMES KENNEDY of Dunure (see under Kennedy for descendants) and of William Cunningham. She 5thly m William Edmondson


                Patrick, Archbishop of St. Andrews

                WILLIAM GRAHAM of Garvock, ancestor of the Graemes of Garvock and Balgowan


                WALTER, ancestor of the Grahams of Knockdolian and Wallacetown


ROBERT GRAHAM of Fintry, m JANET, dau and heir of Sir RICHARD LOVEL of Balumbie and his wife ELIZABETH dau of Sir HENRY DOUGLAS of Lochleven 

                ROBERT, ancestor of the Grahams of Fintry


                + 2 daus





JOHN GRAHAM of Balargus and Claverhouse, m MARGARET, dau of JOHN BÉTHUNE of Balfour 



JOHN GRAHAM of of Claverhouse, alive 1541, m ANNE, dau of ROBERT LUNDIN of Balgony




WILLIAM GRAHAM of Claverhouse, d 1642, m MARIA, dau of THOMAS FOTHERINGHAME of Powrie

                GEORGE, ancestor of Viscounts of Dundee

                WALTER, ancestor of Grahams of Duntrune


PATRICK GRAHAM (see above) 1st Lord GRAHAM, d 1466, m CHRISTIAN, dau of 1st Lord ERSKINE (she 2ndly m William Charteris of Kinfauns).



WILLIAM, 2nd Lord GRAHAM, d 1472, m ELENE (HELEN), dau of WILLIAM DOUGLAS, 2nd Earl of Angus (see under Douglas, Earls of Angus, for ancestors)


                George Graham of Callander, killed at Flodden 1513, m Elizabeth Oliphant 

                JEAN, m 2nd Lord OGILVY of Airlie (see under Ogilvy for descendants)

                Christian, m 1stly James Haldane of Gleneagles, & 2ndly m Sir Thomas Maule of Panmure

                dau 3, m WALTER, 15th Chief of Clan Buchanan (see under Buchanan for descendants)


WILLIAM GRAHAM, 1st Earl of Montrose, killed at Flodden 1513, m 1stly ANNABEL, dau of JOHN, Lord DRUMMOND  

                WILLIAM, 2nd Earl          

                WALTER, ancestor of the Grahams of Cairnie


                MARGARET, m JOHN SOMERVILLE of Cambusnethan (see under Somerville for descendants)

                ELIZABETH GRAHAM, m WALTER, 1st Lord DRUMMOND (see under Drummond for descendants)

WILLIAM 3rdly m Christian, widow of Andrew Mowbray of Edinburgh & of 5th Lord Halyburton, and dau of Thomas Wawane of Stevinston 

                PATRICK, ancestor of the Grahams of Inchbrakie

                Jean, m David Graham of Fintry


WILLIAM GRAHAM, 2nd Earl of Montrose, d 1571, m JANET KEITH, dau of 2nd Earl MARISCHAL

                ROBERT, Lord GRAHAM, dvp 1547, m MARGARET, dau of 3rd Earl FLEMING. She 2nd m Thomas, Master of Erskine & 3rdly m 4th Earl of Atholl. 

                                JOHN, 3rd Earl

                Alexander of Cambuskenneth, m Mariot, dau of GEORGE, 3rd Lord SETON

                Mungo, m Marjory, dau of Sir William Edmondstone

                William, Rector of Killearn

                Margaret, m Robert, Master of Erskine

                Elizabeth, m 4th Earl of Caithness

                Agnes, m 1stly Sir William Murray of Tullybardine

                Janet, m 1stly Sir Andrew Murray of Balvaird, & 2ndly m Sir Harry Graham of Morphie  

                Christian, m Robert Graham of Knockdolian

                Nicholas (sic), m her cousin John Moray, 6th Chief of Abercairny


JOHN GRAHAM, 3rd Earl of Montrose, d 1608, m JEAN, dau of 2nd Lord DRUMMOND  

                JOHN, 4th Earl

                William Graham, 1st Baronet of Braco, m Mary, dau of Sir James Edmondstone

                Robert Graham of Scotstoun

                Lilias, m 1st Earl of Wigtoun


JOHN GRAHAM, 4th Earl of Montrose, m MARGARET RUTHVEN, dau of 1st Earl of GOWRIE

                JAMES, 1st Marquess

                Lilias, m Sir John Colquhoun, 1st Baronet of Luss

                Margaret, m 1st Lord Napier 

                Dorothea, m 2nd Lord Rollo

                Beatrix, m 3rd Lord Maderty



JAMES GRAHAM, 1st Marquess of Montrose, m MAGDALEN, dau of DAVID LINDSAY, 9th Earl of Crawford

                John Graham, Earl of Kincardine, b 1630

                James Graham, 2nd Marquess of Montrose, b 1633





                LAMBERT I, Seigneur de Grandson, d 1026

                                ADALBERT II, Seigneur de Grandson, d 1059, m TETBURGE

                                                ADALBERT III, Seigneur de Grandson, c 1086

                                                                CONAN I, Seigneur de Grandson, d 1114, m ADÉLE de Roucy

                                                                                EBAL I, Seigneur de Grandson, c 1132, m ADELAIDE

                                                                                                BARTHOLOMEW, Seigneur de Grandson, c 1158

                                                                                                                EBAL III, Seigneur de Grandson, c 1174, m JORDANE

                                                                                                                                EBAL IV


EBAL IV, Seigneur de Grandson, c 1140, d 1235, m BEATRICE dau of AMADEUS, Comte de Genève (see under Genève for ancestors)

                PIERRE I


PIERRE I, Seigneur de Grandson, c 1234, m AGNES dau of ULRIC III, Comte de Neuchâtel (see under Neuchâtel for ancestors)



AMADEUS, Seigneur de Grandson, d 1300, m BENOITE de la Tour de Gerenstein

                Otho de Grandison, ambassador to Rome, called to Parliament 1299 as a Baron, dsp



WILLIAM de GRANDISON, d 1328, menial servant to EDMUND Crouchback, Earl of Lancaster, became Secretary to King EDWARD I who made him a Lord, m SIBILLA yngst dau and co-heiress of Sir JOHN, 1st  Lord TREGOZ (see under Tregoz for ancestors)

                Peter, his successor, m Blanche, dau of ROGER MORTIMER

                John, Bishop of Exeter

                Otho, m Beatrix Malmains

                Mabella, m Sir John Tateschal

                KATHERINE, m WILLIAM de MONTACUTE, 1st Earl of Salisbury and King of the Isle of Man (see under Montagu for descendants)

                Agnes, m Sir John de Northwode




THOMAS GREENE of Greene’s Norton, m MARY dau of RICHARD, Lord TALBOT (see under Talbot for ancestors)






THOMAS GREENE of Green’s Norton, m JOANNA, dau of Sir JOHN FOGG

                ANNE, his co-heir, m as 2nd wife of  NICHOLAS, Baron VAUX (see under Vaux for descendants)

                MAUD, his co-heir, m Sir THOMAS PARR, and were parents of Queen Katherine Parr





                ROBERT de GRENTEMESNIL, d 1038


ROBERT de GRENTEMESNIL, m HAWISE d’ESCHAUFFON (see under d’Eschauffon for ancestors)

                HUGH de GRENTEMESNIL

ROBERT 2ndly m Agnes dau of RANULPH de Meschines


HUGH de GRENTEMESNIL, fought at Hastings 1066, a close friend of the Conqueror, made High Steward of England, d 1094, m ALICE de BEAUMONT (see under Beaumont/Bellomont for ancestors)

                Robert, heir to Grentmesnil estates in Normandy

                William, a Crusader who escaped from besieged Antioch, m Mabilla (Isabelle), sister of  BOÉMOND, Prince of Antioch


                Aubrey, also a Crusader

                IVO (4th son), ditto

                PETRONILLA, m ROBERT de BEAUMONT (see under Beaumont for descendants)


IVO de GRENTMESNIL, exiled 1102 and died on 2nd Crusade, m dau of GILBERT de Gant (see under Gant for ancestors)  

                PETRONILLE, heir to Normandy estates, m ROBERT de BELLOMONT, Earl of Leicester (see under Beaumont/Bellomont for descendants)

                ADELIZA, m ROGER BIGOD (see under Bigod for descendants)

                AGNES, m WILLIAM de SAY (see under Say for descendants)




                JOHN (4th son)



                WILLIAM de HARPETRE (see under Harpetre for descendants)




Brother of Wigod, Baron de St. Denis & Meurdraquière

                WILLIAM de GRENVILLE



ROBERT de GRENVILLE (GRANVILLE), accompanied the Conqueror in 1066, m ISABEL, dau of WALTER GIFFARD I (see under Giffard for ancestors)

                GÉRARD I

                RICHARD, ancestor of the Granvilles of Neath & Bideford, the Earls of Bath and the Earls of Warwick


GÉRARD I de GRENVILLE, alive 1130

                GÉRARD II de GRENVILLE, alive 1165

                                WILLIAM de GRENVILLE, alive 1207



EUSTACE de GRENVILLE, jure uxoris Baron of Coges, m dau and coheir of ROBERT ARSIC, Baron of Coges




                Richard, his heir




                JOANE, heir to her grandfather EUSTACE, m Sir JOHN ENGAINE (see under Engaine for descendants)


GREY - Barons of Codnor


RICHARD de GREY of Codnor (see under Grey, Barons of Rotherfield for ancestors), d 1271, m LUCY, dau and heir of JOHN de HUMET Note: probably a descendant of William de Humet, Constable of Normandy and grandson of Odo, Bishop of Bayeux. See under La Riviére for possible ancestors)  


                AGNES, m WILLIAM FITZWILLIAM of Sprotborough (see under FitzWilliam for descendants)

                Isabel, m William, son of Henry de Fauconberg


JOHN de GREY of Codnor, d 1271/2, m LUCY, dau of Sir REYNOLD de MOHUN of Dunster (see under Mohun for ancestors)



HENRY de GREY of Codnor, Grays, Aylesford and Hoo, d 1308, called to Parliament and thus by some reckoned as 1st Baron Grey of Codnor, 1stly m ELEANOR, sister of HUGH de COURTENAY,1st Earl of Devon (see under Courtenay for ancestors)

                RICHARD de GREY, ancestor of later Barons Grey of Codnor

                Nicholas of Rydale XE "Rydale - Lords of"

                                Lucia, m son of ROGER de SOMERIE


GREY - Barons of Rotherfield, Earls of Kent & Tankerville, Dukes of Suffolk


HENRY de GREY in 6th yr of Richard I granted the manor of Thurrock in Essex, and that grant was confirmed by King JOHN with a special charter “to hunt the hare and the fox in any land belonging to the crown save in the King’s own parks”. By 1201 he held Manor of Codnor in Derbyshire, and in 1216 granted Manor of Grimston. He m ISOLDA, dau of ROBERT BARDOLF (see under Bardolf for ancestors)  

                RICHARD de GREY of Codnor, became governor of the Channel Isles and later constable of Dover

                                Castle and Warden of the Cinque Ports. He m LUCY de HUMET and they were ancestors of the Lords Grey of Codnor Humet

                JOHN GREY of Shirland, ancestor of Barons Grey of Wilton and Barons Grey of Ruthyn, justice of Chester, whose dau JOAN m RALPH, 2nd Lord BASSET of Drayton

                     (see under Basset for descendants)

                William de Grey of Sandiacre & Landford


                ROBERT of Rotherfield

                Walter, Archbishop of York, buried in the cathedral



ROBERT de GREY, given the manor part of the lordship of Rotherfield, Oxon, by his brother Walter, Archbishop of York, m JOAN


                Thomas de Grey

                MARGARET, m JOHN FITZBERNARD (see under FitzBernard for descendants)


WALTER de GREY of Rotherfield, m ISABEL, eldest dau & heir of WILLIAM de DUSTON

                ROBERT, d 1295



JOHN de GREY of Rotherfield, d 1311, m MARGARET, brother of Edmund & 4th & yngst dau of WILLIAM de ODINGSELLS.  XE "Odingsells - Lords of" She 2ndly m Robert de Moreby 



JOHN de GREY of Rotherfield, K.G., b 1300, d 1359, summoned to Parliament as a Baron 1338, m 1stly CATHERINE, yngst dau & co-heir of BRIAN, Lord FITZALAN of Bedale by his 2nd wife MAUD (see under Bedale, Barons, for ancestors)

                JOHN, his heir

JOHN 2ndly m Avice, dau of John, Lord Marmion

                John de Grey, assumed the name Marmion

                Robert de Grey


JOHN, 2nd Baron GREY of Rotherfield, d 1375, m MAUD, dau of Sir BARTHOLOMEW BURGHERSH (see under Burghersh for ancestors)

                John, dvp 1367, m Elizabeth, dau of Sir Michael de Poynings

                Bartholomew, 3rd Baron Grey of Rotherfield, b ca 1351, d 1375



ROBERT, 4th Baron GREY of Rotherfield, d 1387/8, m 1stly JOAN

                ROBERT, dvp, m AVICE, sister & co-heir of Robert, Lord Marmion

                                ELIZABETH, m HENRY, 4th Baron FITZHUGH (see under FitzHugh for descendants)

                JOAN, as Baroness GREY of Rotherfield, m JOHN, Baron DEINCOURT (see under Deincourt for descendants)


HENRY GREY, Duke of Suffolk, b 1517, d 1559, m Frances, dau of CHARLES BRANDON, Duke of Suffolk and MARY TUDOR dau of King HENRY VII

                son 1, died an infant

                son 2, ditto

                Lady Jane Grey, b 1537, d 1554, proclaimed Queen of England 10-19 July 1553, “the nine days Queen”, m Lord Guildford Dudley, 6th son of John Dudley, 1st Duke of

                     Northumberland. Jane and her husband were both beheaded on Tower Hill 12 Feb 1554.

                CATHERINE, b 1539, m 1553 1stly as 1st wife of Henry, Lord Herbert; she 2ndly m 1556 as 1st wife of  EDWARD SEYMOUR of Berry Pomeroy

                Mary, b 1545, d 1559, m 1stly Thomas Keyes; she 2ndly m Adrian Keyesxe "Keyes"




SIGULPHE, alive ca 1030

                Lyulphe, given barony of Greystoke by RANULPH de MESCHINES, Earl of Chester


                WILLIAM FITZULF (see below)


PHORNE of Nunburholme, Yorks, alive 1086

                SIGULF FitzPHORNE of Nunburholme



PHORNE SIGULFSON de GREYSTOKE Cumberland, d 1129/30


                EDITH (EDE), concubine of King HENRY I (see under England, Kings, for descendants). She later m ROBERT de OILLI (see under Oilley for descendants)








                ALICE, m HENRY FITZHERVEY (see under FitzHugh, Barons, for descendants)






                Robert, d 38 Henry III



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