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THOMAS 2ndly m Agnes, dau of ROGER BERTRAM


WILLIAM de GREYSTOKE, d 1288, m MARY eldest dau and coheir of ROGER de MEULAY



                Margaret, m Sir John de la Val

                JOAN, m Sir WILLIAM FITZRALPH (see below)


John de Greystoke, d 1305, summoned to Parliament as a Baron. No issue and settled his manor and barony upon his “cousin” (meaning in this case his brother-in-law) RALPH, son of WILLIAM FITZRALPH (see below)



                RALPH FITZWILLIAM, alive 1130

                                RALPH FITZRALPH of Grimthorpe, alive 1189, m Emma XE "Grimthorpe - Lords of"

                                                WILLIAM FITZRALPH



                William FitzWilliam, m Adela dau of HAMELINE PLANTAGENET, d 1202, (natural brother to HENRY II and son of GEOFFROI, Comte d’Anjou

                RALPH FITZWILLIAM

                                WILLIAM FITZRALPH


WILLIAM FITZRALPH, alive 1269, m JOAN, dau of Sir THOMAS FITZWILLIAM of Greystoke (see above)

                RALPH FITZWILLIAM

                Gilbert FitzWilliam


RALPH FITZWILLIAM (Lord FitzWilliam) of Grimthorpe and Hildreskelf, Yorks, d 1316, had manor and barony of Greystoke settled on him by his cousin John de Greystoke (see above) m MARGERY, widow of Nicholas Borbet and dau and heir of HUGH de BOLEBEC, ie. HUGH de VERE, 4th Earl of Oxford (see under Vere for ancestors)

                Son 1



ROBERT FITZRALPH, d 1317, m ELIZABETH, dau of --- NEVILL of Stainton, Lincs. (see under Neville for ancestors)



RALPH, feudal Lord of Greystoke (Lord FitzWilliam), b 1298/9, d of poisoned breakfast 1324, m 1317 ALICE sister of Hugh, Earl of Gloucester and dau of HUGH, Lord AUDLEY (see under Audley for ancestors). She 2ndly m Sir RALPH, 2nd Lord NEVILL of Raby



WILLIAM, 4th Baron GREYSTOKE and Lord FITZWILLIAM, b 1321, d 1359, m 1stly Lucy, dau of Lord Lucie. He 2ndly m JOANE, dau of Lord FITZHUGH (see under FitzHugh for ancestors). She 2ndly m Anthony de Lucie and 3rdly m Sir Matthew Redman




                Alice, m Sir Robert de Harrington


RALPH, 5th Baron GREYSTOKE, d 1417, m CATHERINE, dau of ROGER, Lord CLIFFORD (see under Clifford for ancestors)

                MAUDE, m EUDO (IVO or EON) de WELLES (see under Welles for descendants)





GÉRARD FLAMENS, Count of Teisterbant

                GOSWIN I, Lord of Heinsburg (see under Heinsburg for descendants)

                DIETRICH FLAMENS


DIETRICH FLAMENS, Comte de Velou, d 1092

                GÉRARD I FLAMINIUS  


GÉRARD I FLAMINIUS, Comte de Wessenberg & Gueldres, m CLEMENCE,  widow of CONRAD, Comte de Luxemburg and dau of GUILLAUME V, Comte de Poitou



GERHARD I de Gueldres, d 1118, m ERMENGARDE of Zutphen (see under Zutphen for her ancestors)

                JUTTA, d 1151, m VALERAN III, Comte de Limburg (see under Limburg for descendants)

                GÉRARD II

                YOLANTHE, m 1stly BAUDOUIN III, Count of Hainault (see under Hainault for descendants)


GÉRARD II de Gueldres, d 1131, m CLEMENCE of Gleiburg

                HENDRIK I


HENDRIK I, Comte de Gueldres, d 1182, m AGNES, dau of LUDWIG, Count of Arnstein

                OTTO I

                Gérard, d 1181, m Ida, heiress of Boulogne

HENDRIK 2ndly m MARIE dau of EUSTACE II, Comte de Boulogne (see under Boulogne for ancestors)

                AGNES, m as 2nd wife of HENRI I, Comte de Namur & Luxemburg (see under Namur and Luxemburg for ancestors)


OTTO I, Comte de Gueldres, d 1207, m RICHILDE, dau of OTTO von WITTELSBACH I, Duke of Bavaria (see under Wittelsbach for ancestors)

                GÉRARD III

                Otto, Bishop of Utrecht, d 1215

                ADELHEID, m WILLIAM I, Count of Holland (see under Holland for descendants)


GÉRARD III, Comte de Gueldres, d 1229

                OTTO II

                Hendrik, Seigneur de Montfort, Bishop of Liege


OTTO II, Comte de Gueldres, d 1271



REINOUD, Comte de Gueldres, Seigneur de Montfort, d 1326, 1stly m Irmgard de Limburg He 2ndly m MARGUERITE de Dampierre 

                REINOUD II


REINOUD II, Duc de Gueldres, d 1343, 1stly m Sophie, heiress of Malines

                Margaretha, d 1344

                Mathilde, d 1380, 1stly m Godfried de Heinsberg; she 2ndly m Johan de Clèves

REINOUD 2ndly m ELEANOR, dau of King EDWARD II (see under England, Kings, for ancestors)


                Reinoud III, Duc de Gueldres, d 1371, m Marie de Brabant

                Eduard, Duc de Gueldres, d 1371


MARIA, d 1405, m WILHELM de Juliers

                Willem, Duc de Gueldres, d 1402

                Reinoud IV, Duc de Gueldres, d 1423



JOHANNA, m JAN d’Arkel, d 1428 XE "ARKEL"  (see under Arkel for ancestors)

                Willem, d 1422



MARIA, d 1415, m JAN II d’EGMOND, d 1451 (see under Egmond for ancestors)


                Willem, Governor of Guelders, d 1483


ARNOLD, Duc de Gueldres, d 1473, m KATHERINE, b 1417, d 1479, dau of ADOLF, Duke of Cleves

                ADOLF, Duc de Gueldres, d 1477

                Katharina, Duchesse de Gueldres, d 1496

                PHILIPPINA de Gueldres, m RENÉ d’Anjou, Duc de Lorraine, d 1508 (see under Anjou for


                MARIE, m JAMES II, King of Scotland (see under Scotland for descendants)


GUISE - Ducs  


GODFREY de Guise, m ADÉLE de Roucy, dau of HILDOUIN IV, Comte de Montdidier et Roucy (see under Montdidier and Roucy for ancestors)



GUI de Guise, m ADELINE, dau of BOUCHARD IV de Montmorenci (see under Montmorenci for ancestors)

                BOUCHARD (BERNARD)



                AMELINE (ADÉLE), m JACQUES d’Avesnes (see under Avesnes for descendants)


MARIE de Blois, Duchesse de Guise, d 1379,  m RAOUL, Duc de Lorraine (see under Lorraine for descendants)


CLAUDE de Lorraine, Duc de Guise, d 1550, m MARIE de Luxemburg (see under Luxemburg for ancestors)

                François “le grand Guise”, shot by a Huguenot 1563

CLAUDE 2ndly m ANTOINETTE, dau of FRANCIS de Bourbon, Comte de Vendôme

                MARY of Guise, m JAMES V, King of Scots (see under Scotland, Kings) for descendants)


GUISNES - Comtes


SIGFRID “the Dane”, 1st Comte de GUISNES, d 965 m ELSTRUDE dau of ARNULPH I, Count of Flanders 918-64 (see under Flanders for ancestors)


                HELOISE m CRISPIN de BEC (see under Marshal for descendants)


ARDOLPH, Comte de GUISNES, b 966 (after death of his father), d 996, m MAUD dau of ERNICULE, Comte de Boulogne, (see under Boulogne for ancestors)



RAOUL (RODOLPH), Comte de GUISNES, d 1036, m ca 1000 ROSELLE (ROSETTA) de St. Pol (see under St. Pol for ancestors)


                WILLIAM le BLOUNT, General of Foot at Battle of Hastings (see under Blount for descendants)

                ROBERT le BLOUNT commander of the Conqueror’s ships 1066, 1st feudal Baron of Ixworth

                                (see under Blount for descendants), m Gundreda, yngst dau of HENRI de FERIERS (see under Ferrers for ancestors)


EUSTACE, Comte de GUISNES, d 1052, m SUSANNE, dau of SIHER de Gramines

                BAUDOUIN (BALDWIN) I

                GUILLAUME de Bournonville, an ancestor of the Fiennes

EUSTACE 2ndly m BEATRIX, who as Comtesse de GUISNES 2ndly m ALBERIC de VERE (see under Vere for descendants)

                FOUQUES, Seigneur de Beirut (see under Beirut for descendants)



                GISELE m as 2nd wife of WENEMAR, Comte de Gand, d ca 1140 (see under Gand for descendants)

                Manasses, Comte de Guisnes, d 1137

                FOUQUES, Seigneur de Beirut (see under Beirut for descendants)





                HERMENGILDO (see below)

                OSORIO GUTIERREZ



GUTIERRE OSORIZ, Count of Galicia, d ca 941, m ILDONCA GUTIERREZ (see below)

                ADOSINDA GUTIERREZ, m RAMÍRO II, King of León (see under León for descendants)



                ILDONCA GUTIERREZ, m GUTIERRE OSORIZ (see above for descendants)


GUZMÁN - Condes de Amaya


NUNO (Belchides) of León (see under León for ancestors)

                RODRIGO NUNEZ de Guzmán

                                 ---- RODRIGUEZ




RODRIGO, Conde de Amaya, m a dau of GUNDEMARO PINIOLOEZ

                NUÑO RODRIGUEZ


NUÑO RODRIGUEZ de Guzmán, Conde de Amaya, son of RODRIGO, Conde de Amaya, m XIMENA, dau of ORDÓÑO of León (see under León for ancestors)

                RODRIGO NUÑEZ


RODRIGO NUÑEZ de Guzmán, d 1086, m ELVIRA

                NUÑO RODRIGUEZ


NUÑO RODRIGUEZ de Guzmán, d 1130, m as 2nd husband of ELVIRA, dau of GONSALO GÓMEZ de Manzanedo

                RUI NUÑEZ


RUI NUÑEZ de Guzmán, ca 1156, m in 1134 GODA, dau of GONSALO NUÑEZ, Conde de Lara (see under Lara for ancestors)

                PEDRO RÚIZ


PEDRO RÚIZ de Guzmán, (uncle of St. Domminie) d 1195, m MAUD ELVIRA de Manzanedo and MAYOR MANRIQUES de LARA (see under Lara for ancestors)

                NUÑO PEREZ



                GUILLEN PEREZ



                MARÍA GUILLEN m ALFONSO IX of Castile (see under Castile for descendants)



GWELF (See under Bavaria and Burgundy)  



HABSBURG - Dukes of Austria, Holy Roman Emperors


GUNTRUM “the Red”, Comte d’Alsace in mid-10th century



LANCELIN, Count of Altenburg, d 991, m LIUTGARDE, dau of CONRAD “the Red by LIUTGARDE, dau of OTTO I (see under Franconia and Germany for ancestors)

                Ancestors of the Counts of Habsburg and Laufenburg


Note: Werner, Bishop of Strasburg and his brother Radbot built the Habichtsburg ca 1020



                RUDOLF, Count of Habsburg in 1198

                                ALBERT IV


ALBERT IV, Count of Habsburg, d 1240 on Crusade

                RUDOLF I


RUDOLF I, Count of Habsburg, b 1218, King of Germany (1272-91), Holy Roman Emperor (1273-91) but never crowned, m 1245 GERTRUDE (ANNA), dau of BURKARD II, Count of Hohenberg (d 1281)

                ALBERT I

                Mathilde, b 1251, d 1304, m 1273 Ludwig II of Bavaria

                Hedwiga, d 1303, m 1stly in 1279 Heinrich of Breslau; she 2ndly m Otto of Brandenburg

                Agnes, d 1322, m 1273 Albert II of Saxony

                CATHARINE, d 1285, m 1280 Otto III of Bavaria

                CLEMENTIA, 1 stly m CHARLES MARTEL of Hungary (see under Hungary for descendants); she 2ndly m LOUIS X, King of France (1314-16) (see under France

                     for descendants) Note: Wheatcroft has her m 1281 Charles d’Anjou

                JUTTA, b 1271, d 1297, m 1285 WENCESLAS II of Bohemia (d 1305) (see under Bohemia for descendants)

                Hartmann, b 1263, dsp 1281

                Charles, d 1276

                Rudolf II, b 1271, Duke of Austria, Styria & Alsace (1282-90) m 1289 Agnes dau of OTTOKAR II, King of Bohemia

                                          John “the Parricide”, b 1290, Duke of Austria, dsp 1343, murdered his uncle ALBERT I

RUDOLF I 2ndly m as 2nd husband of Agnes (Isabelle) of Burgundy, dau of King LOUIS IX (see under France, Kings, for ancestors) and widow of ROBERT II, Duc de Bourgogne (d 1327). Note: Wheatcroft and others have him 2ndly  m in 1284 Elizabeth, dau of Premsyl II of Poland and widow of WENCESLAV II, King of Bohemia and Poland


ALBERT I “the one-eyed”, b 1248, Duke of Austria (1282-98), King of Germany (1298-1308), Holy Roman Emperor (1298-1308) but never crowned, m 1274, ELIZABETH of Carinthia, dau of MEINHARD V of Tyrol

                Rudolf III, b 1282, Duke of Austria, King of Bohemia (1306-7), dsp 1317, m 1300 1stly Blanche, dau of PHILIPPE III of France 

                      Elizabeth of Bohemia, d 1355

              Rudolf III 2ndly m as 2nd husband of Elizabeth of Poland

                Leopold, b 1298, Duke of Austria, d 1326, m 1315 Catharine, dau of AMADEUS V of Savoy

      Catherine, m 1337 1stly Enguerrand de Coucy, Comte de Soissons; she 2ndly 1348 m Conrad of  Hardech

                                Agnes, d 1392, m Boleslav II of Silesia

                Heinrich, b 1299, Duke of Styria, dsp 1327, m 1314 Elizabeth of Vymenburg

                Friedrich III “the Fair”, b 1286, Duke of Austria, titular Holy Roman Emperor 1314, d  1330, m 1315 Isabella, dau of JAIME II of Aragón 

                          Elizabeth, b 1317, d 1336

                          Anna, m 1stly Heinrich of Bavaria; she 2ndly m John of Gorizia

                Otto, b 1301, Duke of Austria, d 1339, m 1325 1stly Elizabeth, dau of STEPHEN I of Bavaria

                                Friedrich, b 1327, murdered 1344

                                Leopold II, b 1328, murdered 1344

                  Otto 2ndly m 1335 Anne of Luxemburg

                ALBERT II

                Anna, d 1328, m 1stly Herman of Brandenburg, d 1308; she 2ndly m Heinrich IV of Breslau (Silesia), d 1335 

                Agnes, b 1281, d 1364, m 1296 Andrew III of Hungary & became Prioress of Königsfeld

                ELIZABETH, d 1352, m FERRY III (Frederick), Duc de Lorraine (see under Lorraine for  descendants)

                Catharine, b 1295, d 1323, m 1316, CHARLES, Duke of Calabria (Naples)

                Jutta, d 1329, m 1319 Louis IX of Oenigen

                + son, d in infancy


ALBERT II, b 1298, Duke of Austria, Carinthia & Styria, d 1358, m 1324  JEANNE (JOANNA) de Ferrette (Pfirt)

5 stillborn children before 1337

                Friedrich III, b 1327, Duke of Austria & Carinthia, dsp 1362

                Rudolf IV “the Founder”, b 1339,  Duke of Austria & Styria, dsp 1365, m Catherine of Luxemburg

                Catherine, b 1342, d 1381, an abbess

                ALBERT III

                Margareta, b 1346. d 1366, m 1359 1stly Meinhard of Tyrol; she 2ndly m 1364 Jean Henri of Luxemburg

                LEOPOLD III (see below)


ALBERT III “of the Long Hair”, b 1348, Duke of Austria, d 1495, m 1358 1 stly Elizabeth of Luxemburg (d 1373) dau of Emperor Charles IV; he 2ndly m 1375 BEATRICE of Hohenzollen 

                ALBERT IV


ALBERT IV, b 1377, d 1404, m 1390 JEANNE of Bavaria

                Margareta, m 1412 Heinrich IV of Bavaria

                ALBERT V


ALBERT VI, b 1397, Duke of Austria (1404-39), King of Bohemia and Hungary (1437-39), King of the Romans (1438-39), m 1421 ELIZABETH of Luxemburg (d 1442), dau of SIGISMUND, King of Hungary and Emperor of Germany (see under Bohemia for ancestors)  

                Anna, m 1446 Wilhelm III of Saxony

                Son, d an infant

                ELIZABETH of Hungary, b 1437, d 1505, m 1454 CASIMIR IV JAGELON (see under Bohemia for descendants)

                Ladislaus “the Posthumous”, b 1440, d 1457, King of Hungary (1446-57) and King of Bohemia (1452-57)


LEOPOLD III, (see above), Duke of Austria, Tyrol, Carinthia (Styria after 1365), killed at Sempach 1386, 1stly m Catherine of Gorizia; he m 2ndly 1365 VIRIDE, dau of BERNARDO VISCONTI (see under Visconti for ancestors) 

                Wilhelm, b 1370, Duke of Austria-Styria, d 1406, m Joanna II of Naples, d 1435

                Leopold “the Proud”, b 1371, Duke of Austria, Tyrol, Styria & Carinthia, dsp 1411, m 1393

                                Catharine, dau of Philippe of Burgundy

                Margareta, b 1376, m Jean Henri of Luxemburg, son of  Emperor Charles IV


                Elizabeth, b 1378, d1392

                Catherine, b 1380, d 1391

                Friedrich IV “of the empty purse”, b 1382, Duke of Tyrol, d 1439, 1 stly m 1406 Elizabeth, dau of King Rupert of Bavaria; and he 2ndly m 1410 Anna, dau of ERIC I of


                                    Sigismund, b 1427, Duke of Austria-Tyrol, d 1496, m 1 stly Eleanor, dau of JAMES I of Scotland; and he 2ndly m Catherine, dau of Duke Albert of Saxony 


ERNEST “the Iron”, b 1377, Duke of Austria-Styria, (1411-24), d 1424, m 1 stly 1406 Margareta of Pomerania and m 2ndly 1410 ZIMBURGA of Mazovia

                FRIEDRICH III

                Margareta b 1416, d 1486, m 1431 Friedrich II, Elector of Saxony

                Albert VI, b 1416, d 1463, m 1452 Mathilda, dau of Ludwig III, Palatine Duke of Bavaria

                CATHERINE, b 1420, d 1493, m 1447 CHARLES, Margrave of Baden (see under Baden for descendants)

                + 5 children died in infancy


FRIEDRICH III, b 1415, Duke of Austria (1440-93) King of Germany (1440-93) and Holy Roman Emperor (1452-93), m ELEANOR of Portugal

                Christopher, b 1455, d 1456, 1st Archduke of Austria

                MAXIMILIAN I

                Helena, b 1460, d 1461

                Cunegunde, b 1465, d 1520, m 1487 Albert IV of Bavaria

                John, b 1466, d 1467


MAXIMILIAN I,  b 1459, Archduke of Austria (1493-1519), King of Germany 1486 and Holy Roman Emperor 1508, m 1stly 1477 MARY (d 1482), uniting all the Habsburg lands as dau and heiress of CHARLES “the Bold”, Duke of Burgundy (see under Burgundy for ancestors)

                FELIPE I

                Margaret, b 1480, d 1530, m 1stly 1483 Charles, Dauphin of France; she 2ndly m 1495 Juan of Aragón; she 3rdly m 1501 Philibert of Savoy, Regent of the Netherlands, and

                     she became Governess of the Netherlands (1506-30) 

           Francis, stillborn 1481

MAXIMILIAN 2ndly 1490 m Anne of Brittany; he 3rdly 1494 m Bianca Maria, dau of GALEAZZO MARIA SFORZA (see under Sforza for ancestors)

MAXIMILLIAN also had 11 acknowledged illegitimate children b 1505-1515


FELIPE I “the Fair” of Habsburg, b 1478, d 1506, m JUANA “la Loca”, dau & heiress of FERNANDO, King of Aragón (1479-1516) and ISABELLA, Queen of Castile (1474-1504)  

                Leonor (Eleonora), b 1498, d 1558, 1 stly 1519 m as 3rd wife of Manuel I of Portugal XE "PORTUGAL - Kings & Condes" ; she 2ndly m 1530 as 2nd wife of

                     FRANÇOIS I of France 

           CARLOS V  

                Isabel (Elizabeth), b 1501, d 1526, m 1515 Christian II, King of Denmark

                FERDINAND I, b 1503, King of Bohemia and Hungary (1526-64), m ANNE of Bohemia (see under Bohemia for ancestors) and Hungary  (see below for descendants,

                     ancestors of the British Royal Family)

                Maria, b 1505, d 1558, m 1522 Lajos (Louis) II, King of Bohemia & Regent of the Netherlands

                Catalina, b 1507, d 1578, m 1525 João (John) III, King of Portugal


CARLOS V, b 1500, King of Spain, Lord of the Netherlands, Emperor of Germany (1519-1556), Holy Roman Emperor, d 1559, m ISABELLA of Portugal 

                FELIPE II

                MARIA, b 1528, m 1548 MAXIMILLIAN II, Holy Roman Emperor (see below)  

                Ferdinand, d young 1530

                John, b 1531, d 1532

                Another child d an infant

                Joanna, b 1537, m John Emanuel of Portugal

                                Sebastian, King of Portugal


FELIPE II, b 1527, d 1598, King of Spain, m 1 stly 1543 Maria of Portugal

                Don Carlos, b 1545, d 1568

FELIPE 2ndly 1553 m Queen Mary of England.

FELIPE 3rdly 1560 m Elizabeth of Valois, d in childbirth 1568

                Isabella Clara, b 1566, d 1633, m1599 Albert Ernest, Archduke of Austria

                Catherine, b 1567, d 1597, m 1585 Charles Emmanuel of Savoy

                Stillborn child 1568

FELIPE 4thly 1570 m ANNA MARIA, dau of MAXIMILIAN II, Archduke of Austria

                Fernando, b 1571, d 1578

                Jaime, b 1572, d 1582

                Carlos, b 1573, d 1575

                Diego, b 1575, d 1582

                FELIPE III

                Maria, b 1580, d 1583

By Isabella, sister of Marquis of Astoria he had 3 illegitimate children

By Anne de Mendoza, Princess of Eboli, he had 1 illegitimate child


FELIPE III, b 1578, d 1621, m 1599 MARGARETA, Archduchess of Austria (see below)

                ANNA MARIA, b 1601, d 1666, m LOUIS XIII of France

                                LOUIS XIV, King of France, m MARIA THERESA, dau of FELIPE IV (see below)

                Maria, d an infant 1603

                FELIPE IV

                Maria Anna (Margareta), b 1606, d 1646, m as 1st wife of Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor. He 2ndly 1648 m Maria Leopoldina


FELIPE IV,  b 1605, d 1665, King of Spain, m 1stly 1615 ELIZABETH of Bourbon, sister of LOUIS XIII

Maria Margareta, b d 1621 an infant

                Maria Catharine, d 1623 an infant

                Maria Eugenia, b 1625, d 1627

                Isabella, d 1627 an infant

                Balthasar Carlos, b 1629, d 1646

                Francis Fernando, d 1634 an infant

                Anna Maria, d 1636 an infant

                MARIE THÉRÈSE, b 1638, d 1683, m 1660 LOUIS XIV of France, ancestors of  Kings of France and Spain and of Dukes of Bourbon-Parma 

FELIPE IV 2ndly m Anna Maria, dau of FERDINAND III, Archduke of Austria

Margareta Maria Theresa, b 1651, d 1573, m 1666 as 1st wife of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor

                Maria Ambrosia, d 16554 an infant

                Felipe Prosper, b1657, d 1661

                Tomas Carlos, b 1658, d 1659

                Carlos II, b 1661, d 1700, King of Spain, m 1679 1stly Marie Louise of Orléans; he 2ndly m 1690 Maria Anna of Neuberg

                + a stillborn child


FERDINAND I, (see above), b 1503, King of Bohemia and Hungary (1526-64), m ANNE JAGELLON of Bohemia and Hungary  (see under Bohemia for ancestors)

                Elizabeth, b 1526m d 1545, m Sigismund of Poland

                MAXIMILLIAN II

                Anne, b 1528, d 1590, m Albert V of Bavaria

                Ferdinand II of Tirol, 1stly m Philippina Welser; he 2ndly 1582 m Anne Catherine of Gonzaga 

                                Anna, b 1583, d 1584, m Matthias, King of Hungary and Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperor 

                                Maria, b 1584, d 1645

                                Anna, b 1585, d 1618, m 1611 Matthias, Holy Roman Emperor

                Maria m Willem III de la Marck, Duke of Clèves 

                Magdalena, b 1532, d 1590, a nun

                Catherine, b 1533, d 1572, m 1stly Francesco II of Mantua; she 2ndly m Sigismund III of Poland

                Eleonora, b 1534, d 1594, m Guglielmo III of Mantua

                Margareta, b 1536, d 1567, a nun

                Johann, b 1538, d 1539

                Barbara Beatrice, b 1539, d 1572, m 1565 Alfonso d’Este

                CHARLES of Styria (see below)

                Ursula, b 1541, d 1543

                Helena, b 1543, d 1574

                Joanna, b 1547, d 1578, m 1565 Francis II, Grand Duke of Tuscany

                + 1 stillbirth

FERDINAND I also had 1 illegitimate child


MAXIMILLIAN II, b 1529, d 1597, Holy Roman Emperor, m 1548 MARIA of Austria, dau of CARLOS V (see above)  

                ANNA MARIA, b 1549, d 1580, m 1570 FELIPE II, King of Spain (see above for descendants)

                Ferdinand, b 1551, d 1552

                Rudolf II, b 1551, d 1612, King of Hungary and Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperor (1576-1612)

                Ernest, b 1553, d 1595

                Elizabeth, b 1554, d 1592, m 1570 Charles IX, King of France 

                Maria, b 1555, d 1556

                Matthias, b 1557, d 1619, King of Hungary and Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperor (1612-19), m 1611 Anna, dau of Ferdinand of Tyrol (see above) 

                Maximillian, b 1558, d 1618

                Albert Ernest, b 1559, d 1621, m 1599 Isabella Clara, dau of FELIPE II (see above)

                                Philip, d 1605 an infant

                                Albert, d 1607 an infant

                                Anne, d an infant

                Wenceslas, b 1561, d 1578

                Frederick, b 1562, d 1563

                Maria, d 1564 an infant

                Charles, b 1565, d 1566

                Margareta, b 1567, d 1633, refused to marry FELIPE II

                + 1 stillborn

MAXIMILLIAN II also had one acknowledged illegitimate child


CHARLES of Styria, (see above) b 1540, d 1590, m 571 MARIA ANNA of Bavaria

                Ferdinand, d 1572 an infant

                Anna, b 1573, d 1598, m 1592 Sigismund Vasa II, King of Poland

                Maria Christina, b 1574, 1617, m 1595 Sigismund Bathory

                Catherine, b 1576, d 1595

                Elizabeth, b 1577, d 1586

                FERDINAND II

                Charles, b 1579, d 1580

                Georgina, b 1581, d 1597, betrothed to FELIPE III

                Eleonora, b 1582, d 1620 a nun

                Maximillian Ernest, b 1583, d 1616

                MARGARETA, b 1584,d 1611, m 1599 FELIPE III (see above for descendants)

                Leopold, b 1586, d 1632, m 1616 Claudia de Medici

                                Maria Leonora, b 1627, d 1629

                                Ferdinand Charles,b 1628, d 1662, m 1646 Anne de Medici

                                                Claudia Felicitas, b 1652, d 1676, m 1673 as 2nd wife of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor 

                                                Child, stillborn 1654

                                                Maria Magdalena, b 1656, d 1669

                Constanza, b 1588, d 1631, m 1605 Sigismund Vasa III, King of Poland

                Maria Magdalena, b 1589, d 1631, m 1608 Cosimo de Medici 

                Francis Joseph, b 1590, d 1679


FERDINAND II, b 1578, d 1637, m 1stly 1600 MARIA ANNA of Bavaria

                Christine, d 1601 an infant

                Charles, d an infant 1605

                John Charles, b 1605, d 1619

                FERDINAND III, ancestor of later Habsburg Holy Roman Emperors and Queen Maria Theresa

                Maria Anna, b 1610, d 1665, m 1633 Maximillian of Bavaria

                Cecilia Renata, b 1611, d 1644, m 1637 Ladislaus IV, King of Poland

                Leopold Wilhelm, b 1614, d 1662, Regent of the Netherlands

FERDINAND II 2ndly m Eleonora Gonzaga





GISELBERT, Count of Maasgau (see under Maasgau for ancestors), m ERMENGARDE, dau of LOTHAIRE I of Italy (see under Carolingian dynasty for ancestors)

                REGNIER I


REGNIER (RAINIER) I, “Longhals” Comte de Hainault & Duc de Lorraine, d 916, m 1stly HERSINDE, dau of CHARLES II, King of France (see under Carolingian dynasty for ancestors)

                REGNIER II

REGNIER 2ndly m ALBREDA of Mons

                dau, m BERENGER, Comte de Namur (see under Namur for descendants)

                GISELBERT, Duc de Lorraine (see under Lorraine for descendants)


REGNIER II, Comte de Hainault, d 932, m ALICE, dau of RICHARD, Duc de Bourgogne (see under Burgundy, Ducs, for ancestors)

                REGNIER III

                RUDOLPH de MONS m ADÉLE, Comtesse de Vienne (see under Mons for descendants)

                dau, m NEVERLUNG, Count of Betuwe (see under Betuwe for descendants)


REGNIER III, Comte de Hainault, d 973, m ADÉLE, dau of LAMBERT, Comte de Louvain (see under Louvain for ancestors)

                REGNIER IV

                LAMBERT I, Comte de Louvain (see under Louvain for descendants)


REGNIER IV, Comte de Hainault, d 1013, m 1stly EDITH (HEDWIG), dau of HUGH CAPET (see under France, Capetian dynasty)

                REGNIER V

                BEATRICE, m EBLES I, Comte de Roucy and Archbishop of Rheims (see under Roucy for descendants). She 2ndly m Manasses “the Bold”, Vicomte de Rheims


REGNIER V, Comte de Hainault, c 1030, m MAUD of Lorraine, dau of HERMAN, Comte de Verdun (see under Verdun for ancestors)

                Herman, Comte de Hainault, dsp, m RICHILDE, dau of RENIER, Comte de Mons (see under Mons for ancestors). She 2ndly m in 1081 BALDWIN VI of Mons,

                     Comte de Flandres & thus jure uxoris also of Hainault  (1051-70)


BAUDOUIN VI, Comte de Flandres (see under Flanders for ancestors) & Hainault (1051-70) and RICHILDE, Heiress of Hainault

                Arnulf “the Unforunate”, Comte de Hainault (1070-71)

                BAUDOUIN II


BAUDOUIN II, Comte de Hainault (1071-98), went on 1st Crusade, m in 1084 IDA, dau of HENRI II, Comte de Louvain (see under Louvain for ancestors)  

                BAUDOUIN III  

ARNULPH, m BEATRICE de Roeux (see under Roeux for descendants)

                ALICE, m HUGUES de RUMIGNY (see under Rumigny for descendants)

                IDA, m 1stly THOMAS I de Coucy (see under Coucy for descendants; she 2ndly m GUY de Chievres

                                and their dau IDA m BERTRAND de Gavre (see under Gavre for descendants)


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