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                ADELAIDE, m SIMON I d’Alsace (see under Alsace for descendants)


BAUDOUIN III, Comte de Hainault (1098-1120), m as 1st husband of YOLANTHA dau of GERARD I FLAMINIUS, Comte de Wassenberg & de Gueldre (see under Wassenberg & Guelders for ancestors)

                BAUDOUIN IV

                GERHARD de Daelhem, ancestor of Dale, Dahl & Dael families

                RICHILDE, m EVERARD II de Mortaigne (see under Mortaigne for descendants)


BAUDOUIN IV of Mons, Comte de Hainault (1120-71), m ERMENSINDE de Namur (see under Namur for ancestors)

                BAUDOUIN V

                AGNES, m RAOUL I, Seigneur de Coucy (see under Coucy for descendants)

                LAWRENCE, m 2ndly BOUCHARD V, Baron de Montmorenci (see under Montmorenci for descendants)


BAUDOUIN V of Hainault (1171-95) and jure uxoris VIII of Flanders, d 1195, m MARGARET, heiress of Flanders  (see under Flanders for ancestors)

                ISABELLA, d 1190, m as 1st wife of PHILIPPE II “Augustus” (see under France, Capetian dynasty, for descendants)

                BAUDOUIN VI

                Philip I, Comte de Namur 1195-1212, m Marie, dau of PHILIPPE II “Augustus”

                SIBYL of Flanders m in 1195 GUICHARD IV, Baron de Beaujeu (see under Beaujeu for descendants)

                Henri, Emperor (1206-16), 1stly m Agnes, dau of Boniface of Montferrat, and 2ndly m a Bulgarian Princess

                YOLANDE, Empress (1217-19), m PETER de Courtenay (see under Courtenay for descendants)


BAUDOUIN VI, Count of Hainault (IX of Flanders), Emperor of Constantinople 1204-5 (see under Constantinople for other descendants), m MARIE of Champagne (see under Champagne for ancestors)



MARGUERITE, Comtesse de Flandres, Hainault et Namur, d 1280, m 1stly BURCHARD of Avesnes (see under Avesnes for ancestors)

                JEAN I d’Avesnes

MARGUERITE 2ndly m William II de Dampierre, Comte de Namur


JEAN I d’Avesnes (1246-57), jure uxoris Count of Holland when he m ADELHEID, dau of FLORENS IV, Count of Holland (see under Holland for ancestors)

                JEAN II


JEAN II d’Avesnes, Count of Hainault (1280-1304) and Count of Holland (1299-1304), b 1247, m PHILIPPA, dau of HENRI I, Comte de Luxemburg (see under Luxemburg for ancestors)

                WILLEM III

                Jean, a famous paladin


WILLEM III, Count of Hainault & Holland (1304-1337), had gout and stone. He m in 1305 JEANNE, (d 1352) dau of CHARLES, Comte de Valois and sister of King PHILIPPE VI (see under

France, Kings, for ancestors)

                Willem IV, Count of Hainault & Holland (1337-45)

                PHILIPPA, m King EDWARD III (see under England, Kings, for descendants)

                MARGARET, Countess of Hainault and Holland m Emperor LOUIS of Bavaria

                Jean, saved King PHILIPPE VI at Battle of Crécy


LOUIS of Bavaria and MARGARET, Countess of Hainault and Holland (1345-56)

                Willem IV, Count of Holland and Hainault (1536-89)



ALBERT, Count of Holland and Hainault (1589-1404)

                WILLEM VI


WILLEM VI, Count of Holland and Hainault (1404-17), m MARGARET, d 1441, dau of PHILIPPE “the Bold”, Duc de Bourgogne & Comte de Flandres (see under Flanders for ancestors)

                Jacqueline, Countess of Holland and Hainault (1417-33), m 1stly Jean IV of Brabant, div 1422 & d 1427; she 2ndly m Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, div 1426 & d 1447; &

                     she 3rdly m Francis of Borselen, d 1476




HAROLD, King of Haithabu, d ca 750 in Irish Sea, m IMHILD, dau of WARNECHIN, Count of Engern and KUNHILDE of Rugen



HALFDAN, King of Haithabu, killed 810



HAROLD “Klak”, King of Haithabu, Jutland and Rustringen, killed 844

                GODEFRID XE "Rustringen - Kings"


GODEFRID, King of Haithabu, Dorestad and Rustringen, m GISELA, dau of LOTHAIR II, King of Lorraine (see under Carolingian dynasty for ancestors) 

                REGINHILDE von Friesland, m DIETRICH, Count of Ringleheim (see under Ringleheim for descendants)


HALDENSLEBEN - Margraves of the Saxon Nordmark








DIETRICH of Haldensleben, Count of Saxon Nordmark, North Thuringia and Durlingau, Margrave of the Nordmark, d 985

                BERNARD I


BERNARD I, Margrave of the Saxon Nordmark, Count of North Thuringia, m ? dau of St. VLADIMIR I, Great Prince of Kiev (see under Kiev for ancestors) 

                BERNARD II


BERNARD II of Haldensleben, Margrave of the Saxon Nordmark, m dau of WILHELM III, Count of Weimar (see under Weimar for ancestors)



CONRAD, Count of Haldensleben, d bef 1056

                GERTRUDE, m 1stly FRIEDRICH, Count of Formbach (see under Formbach for descendants). She 2ndly m ORDULF, Duke of Saxony (see under Saxony for



HALTON - Barons


NIGEL de HALTON ca 1080



WILLIAM de HALTON, d 1134, m dau of GILBERT de GANT (see under Gant for ancestors)

                AGNES, m 1stly as 2nd wife of EUSTACE FITZJOHN (see under Lacy for descendants)




JOHN HALYBURTON of Dirleton, m MARGARET, dau & co-heir of JOHN CAMERON of Ballegarno


                JEAN, m HENRY SINCLAIR, Earl of Orkney (see under Sinclair for descendants)


WALTER HALYBURTON of Dirleton, created Baron 1440/1, m ISABEL STEWART, widow of Alexander, Earl of Ross and dau of ROBERT, Duke of Albany, Regent of Scotland (see under Scotland, Kings, for ancestors)


                Walter, m Catherine, dau of Alexander de Chisholm



                CHRISTIAN, m as 2nd wife of GEORGE LESLIE, 1st Earl of Rothes (see under Leslie for descendants)


JOHN, 2nd Lord HALYBURTON, m JANET, dau of WILLIAM SETON (she 2ndly m Edward Congalton)

                Patrick, 3rd Lord Halyburton, m Margaret, dau of Patrick, 1st Lord Hales




                Archibald, dvp, m Helen Shaw of Sauchie

                                James, 5th Lord Halyburton



PATRICK, 6th Lord HALYBURTON, 1stly m MARGARET, dau of JAMES DOUGLAS of Pompherstoun

                JANET, Lady RUTHVEN

                                PATRICK, Lord Dirleton

                Mariota, m George, 4th Lord Home

                Margaret, m George Kerr of Fawdonside




EUDES I de HAM, d ca 1108, son of OTHO, Comte de Vermandois (see under Vermandois for ancestors)

                EUDES II de HAM, d ca 1130

                                GÉRARD de HAM, d ca 1148



GÉRARD de HAM, Seigneur de Tripoli, d ca 1160, m as 2nd husband of MARIE dau of PIERRE, Seigneur de Beirut (see under Beirut for ancestors)

                AGNES, m HUGUES, Seigneur de Giblet (see under Giblet for descendants)


HAMILTON - Marquesses and Dukes of Hamilton, Earls of Arran & Haddington 


ROBERT “Blanchmaines”, 3rd Earl, Lord Steward of England (see under Beaumont for ancestors & other descendants)

                WILLIAM, founder of the Scottish house of Hamilton





WALTER FitzGILBERT, given Barony of Cadzow by ROBERT the Bruce

                Son 1



JOHN FitzWALTER, living 1383/4, m ELIZABETH, dau of Sir ALAN STEWART of Darnley and Crookston 



ALEXANDER HAMILTON of Ballencrieff, said to m ELIZABETH, a dau & co-heiress of 2nd Earl of ANGUS Note: some doubt about this marriage - seems unlikely.



ARCHIBALD HAMILTON of Innerwick and Ballencrief, may have m MARGARET, dau of JOHN MONTGOMERIE of Thornton




                HUGH, ancestor of the Hamiltons of Innerwick





THOMAS HAMILTON of Priestfield and Orchardfield, d ca 1537, m MARGARET, sister of ADAM CANT of Priestfield 



THOMAS HAMILTON of Priestfield, killed Battle of Pinkie 1547, m ELIZABETH, dau of ROBERT LESLIE of Innerpeffer; (she 2ndly m William Hutson) 


                John, d a prisoner in Tower of London 1610,

THOMAS HAMILTON of Priestfield, d 1612, Lord Priestfield (1607-8 when he resigned title in favour of his 2nd son), m 1stly Elizabeth, dau of James Heriot of Traboun. He 2ndly m ELIZABETH, dau of ANDREW MURRAY of Blackbarony


                Andrew Hamilton of Redhouse, d 1634, m Jean, dau & heir of John Lang of Redhouse


THOMAS HAMILTON, d 1637, created Earl of Melrose 1619 but exchanged that title in 1625/6 to become Earl of HADDINGTON and also Lord BYRES and BINNING. He 1stlyMARGARET, dau of JAMES BORTHWICK of Newbyres (see under Borthwick for ancestors)

                CHRISTIAN, m 1stly ROBERT, Lord Lindsay of the Byres; she 2ndly m ROBERT, Lord BOYD 

                ISABEL, m 1st Earl of AIRLIE (see under Ogilvy for ancestors)

THOMAS 2ndly m MARGARET, dau of JAMES FOULIS of Colinton 

                THOMAS, 2nd Earl

                James Hamilton of Priestfield, d 1666, m Anna, dau of Sir Patrick Hepburn of Waughton

                John Hamilton of Traboun, m Katherine, dau of Sir Alexander Peebles of Middleton & Skirling 

                Margaret, m David, Lord Carnegie, son of 1st Earl of Southesk

THOMAS, m 3rdly Julian, dau of Sir Thomas Ker of Ferniehurst

                Robert of Wester Binning


THOMAS HAMILTON, 2nd Earl of Haddington, murdered 1640 in a gunpowder explosion, m 1stly CATHERINE, dau of JOHN, Earl of Mar

                Thomas, 3rd Earl, dsp 1645, m Henrietta, dau of Gaspard de Champagne, Comte de la Suze

                JOHN, 4th Earl

THOMAS, 2ndly m Jean, dau of 2nd Marquess of Huntley

                Margaret, m 1st Earl of Kintore 


JOHN HAMILTON, 4th Earl of Haddington, d 1669, m CHRISTIANA, dau of 1st Earl of Lindsay

                CHARLES, 5th Earl

                Margaret, m John Hope of Hopetoun XE "Hopetoun - Lairds of"  XE "Hope" ; and   Helen, m Sir William Anstruther


CHARLES HAMILTON, 5th Earl of Haddington, m MARGARET LESLIE, Countess of Rothes (see under Rothes for ancestors)

                1st son, Earl of Rothes

                Thomas, 6th Earl of Haddington


JAMES the Hamilton, Lord of Cadzow, d 1479, created Lord HAMILTON 1445, m 1stly Euphemia Graham, dau of Sir PATRICK GRAHAM of Kilpoint. She had 1st m Archibald, 5th Earl of Douglas  

He 2ndly m MARY, sister of King JAMES III (see under Scotland, Kings, for ancestors). She had previously m THOMAS BOYD who was then created Earl & Sheriff of Arran 

                Elizabeth, m 1stly as 2nd wife of Matthew Stewart, 2nd Earl of Lennox; she 2ndly m David Lindsay, 5th Earl of Crawford 


                MARGARET, m ANDREW STEWART, Lord Evandale and Ochiltree 

                JOANNA, m ALEXANDER CUNINGHAM, 5th Earl of Glencairn (see under Cuninghame for descendants)

He also had illegitimate sons

                Patrick Hamilton (i) of Kincavil, d 1520, m Margaret (Catherine), dau of Alexander Stuart, Duke of  Albany 

           Patrick Hamilton (ii), burnt at the stake in St. Andrews 1528

                Robert Hamilton, Seigneur d’Aubigny, d 1543


JAMES, 2nd Lord HAMILTON, created Earl of ARRAN 1502, Governor of Scotland, d 1529, m Elizabeth, dau of ALEXANDER, 2nd Lord HOME

JAMES 2ndly m JANET BEATON, dau of Sir DAVID BÉTHUNE of Creich


                JOHANNA, m ALEXANDER CUNNINGHAME, Earl of Glencairn (see under Cunningham for descendants)

He also had an illegitimate son

                John Hamilton, Archbishop of St. Andrews, hanged at Stirling 1570


JAMES, 2nd Earl of ARRAN, Duke of Châtellerault, d 1575, Regent during childhood of Mary, Queen of Scots & declared heir to her throne, m MARY DOUGLAS 


                John, 1st Marquess of Hamilton

                Claud Hamilton, 1st Baron Paisley, d 1621

                James, 1st Earl of Abercorn, dvp 1617


JAMES, b 1606, created 1st Duke of Hamilton, beheaded in London 1648, m MARY FIELDING

                ANNE, Duchess of Hamilton, m WILLIAM-DOUGLAS HAMILTON, 3rd Duke of Hamilton

                Charles, Earl of Arran, d young





BERNARD “the Dane, bapt 912, Regent of Normandy 940, m SPROTA de Bourgogne (see under Burgundy for ancestors)

                TORF (see also under Beaumont/Bellomont and Turgueville)


TORF “le Riche” de Harcourt, m ERMERBERGE, dau of ANFLEC de Briquebec



TURCHETIL, m ADELINE, dau of THURSTAN de MONTFORT (see under Montfort for ancestors)

                ANCHETIL de Harcourt

                LESCELINE, m GUILLAUME I, Comte d’Eu (see under Eu for descendants)


ANCHETIL de Harcourt, c 1024, m EVE de Boessy

                ROBERT I

                Errand de Harcourt, a companion of the Conqueror


ROBERT “le Fort” I, Seigneur de Harcourt, c 1100, m COLEDE d’Argouges


                Philippe de Harcourt, Bishop of Bayeux


ANCHITEL de Harcourt, m dau of Seigneur de Briouze (see under Braose for ancestors)

                GUILLAUME, Seigneur de Harcourt, c 1145, m AGNES

                                IVO, Seigneur de Harcourt, b 1130, d 1180,



ROBERT de Harcourt, d 1202, m ISABEL, dau of RICHARD de CAMVILLE and MILICENT (see under Camville for ancestors)

                ALICE, m WALERAN de NEWBURGH, Earl of Warwick (see under Newburgh for descendants)




LYDERIC, Comte de Harlebec, d ca 802

                ENGELRAM, Comte de Harlebec, d ca 824



ODOACRE, Comte de Harlebec

                BAUDOUIN, Comte de Flandres (see under Flanders for descendants)

                IGNODE, m ARNOUL I de Crequey (see under Crequey for descendants)




ISABELLA de Harpetre, probably had shared ancestors with the Lovels, m JOHN de GRENTEMESNIL (see under Grentemesnil for ancestors)

                WILLIAM de Harpetre  


WILLIAM de Harpetre

                JOHN (some claim he was the youngest son of ASCELIN GOUEL de PERCEVAL - see under Lovel)


JOHN de Harpetre, Baron



WILLIAM de Harpetre, living 1225, m MATILDA, dau and co-heiress of ORESCUITZ, Lord of Cernecote, Wilts.




THOMAS de Harpetre, m EVA de Gournay dau of ROBERT BERKELEY son of MAURICE de Berkeley (Gant)



ROBERT, assumed the name Gournay, became Baron Harpetre and Lord of Inglescombe, m HAWISE, dau of WILLIAM de Longchamps, a Norman of humble birth, Bishop of Ely and Chancellor to King Richard I. Her aunt Richeut de Longchamps m the castellan of Dover.


                HUGH (see under Gournay for descendants)



HASTINGS - Barons, Earls of Pembroke


GRIMALDUS, Prince of Monaco (920-968), m CRISPINA, dau of ROLLO, Count of Normandy

                Guido I, Prince of Monaco

                ARISGOT CRISPIN

                Gibellinus, Seigneur de Sinus St. Tropez


ARISGOT CRISPIN, Baron de BEC, m HELOISE de GUISNES (see under Guisnes for ancestors)


                GILBERT CRISPIN (see under Crispin for descendants)


MILO “le Mareschal”, Baron de Venoix, b ca 980, m LESCELINA



ROLLO de BEC (RALPH) “le Mareschal accompanied the Conqueror in 1066


                Roger “le Mareschal

                Toustain (Thurstan) FitzRolf, a companion of the Conqueror, the standard bearer at Hastings because TOSNI the traditional bearer had asked to be relieved so that he could

                     fight instead.


                GOISFRID (see under Marshall for descendants)


ROBERT FITZRALPH, Portreve of Hastings

                William de Hastings, Dapifer, m Juliana, granddau and heir of Waleran, a Baron in Essex

                WALTER de HASTINGS

                Robert de Venoix



                HUGH de HASTINGS


HUGH de HASTINGS, Lord of Fillongley, Steward of the Abbey of St Edmundsbury, m ERNEBURGA, dau of HUGH de Flamville

                WILLIAM de HASTINGS

                Richard, Rector of Barewell, Leics

                Mahant, m Robert de Wyford  



                Henry dsp

                WILLIAM de HASTINGS

WILLIAM 2ndly m Ida, dau of Henri, Comte d’Eu

                THOMAS, ancestor of the Earls of Huntingdon 


WILLIAM de HASTINGS, m 1stly MARGERY, dau of ROGER BIGOT, Earl of Norfolk (see under Bigod for ancestors)

                Henry (I) de Hastings, his successor

                IDA, m STEPHEN de SEGRAVE (see under Segrave for descendants)




HIALTT, a Norse Viking who settled in Normandy at Hauteville ca 920




TANCRED de HAUTEVILLE, b ca 985, d ca 1041, m 1stly MORIELLA, dau of RICHARD I, Duke of Normandy

                GODFREY, ancestor of the Contes di Marsico (see below)

TANCRED 2ndly m FRASENDA, sister of MORIELLA and dau of RICHARD I, Duke of Normandy (see under Normandy for ancestors)

                GUILLAUME “Bras de Fer” (Iron-Arm) of the Principate, Lord of Salerno & Ascoli, Count of Apulia (1043-46) – see under Apulia for descendants 

                Drogo, Lord of Venosa, Count of Apulia (1046-51)

                Humphrey, Count of Apulia (1051-57)

                ROBERT GUISCARD

                ROGER I, Great Count of Sicily (see under Sicily for descendants)

                Fredesina, m Richard I, Count of Aversa

                Dau, had a son GEOFFREY of Conversano whose dau SIBYLLA m Duke ROBERT II of Normandy (see under Normandy for descendants) 

                Geoffrey, succeeded to estate in Normandy

                Ralph, held Barony in Wilts 1086








ROBERT “GUISCARD” the Weasel or the Crafty” de Hauteville, Count of Apulia 1057, Duke of Apulia (1059-85), Calabria and Sicily, 1stly by ALBERADA of Buonalbergo, apparently unmarried 

                BOÉMOND I, Prince of Antioch (1098-1111), (see under Antioch for descendants)

                Isabelle, m Guillaume de Grentemesnil


                                dau, m Richard

ROBERT then m SICHELGAITA of Salerno (see under Salerno for ancestors)

                Roger Borsa, Duke of Apulia (1085-1111)

                                Guillaume II, Duke of Apulia (1111-27)

                MAUD (MATILDA), m 1stly in 1079 RAYMOND III of Barcelona (see under Barcelona for descendants); she 2ndly m AIMERI I, Vicomte de Narbonne (see under

                     Narbonne for descendants)

                SYBILLA (MABEL), m EBLES II, Comte de Roucy, d 1104 (see under Roucy and under Châtillon for descendants)

                Emma, m Odo “the Good Marquis

                Mabilla, m William de Grentemesnil XE "GRENTEMESNIL"  ca 1095


GODFREY, son of TANCRED de Hauteville (see above)

                SILVESTER I, Conte di Marsico

                                GEOFFREY, Conte di Marsico

                                                SILVESTER II


SILVESTER II, Conte di Marsico

                ISABEL, m GUILLAUME de St. SEVERINO (see under Severino for descendants)




GILBERT HAWKWOOD of Essex, b 1295, d 1340

                JOHN HAWKWOOD


JOHN HAWKWOOD, b 1325, d 1394, the famous mercenary, m DONNINA dau of BERNABÒ VISCONTI (see under Visconti for ancestors)

                ANTIOCHA, b 1351, m WILLIAM COGGESHALL (see under Coggeshall for descendants)


HAY - Earls of Errol


WILLIAM de HAYA, (family from La Haye du Puits, near Coutance), granted feudal Barony of Errol ca 1178-88.


                ROBERT, ancestor of Marquises of Tweedsdale


WILLIAM de HAYA, 2nd feudal Baron of Errol


GILBERT de HAYA, 3rd feudal Baron of Errol, co-Regent of Scotland 1255, m IDOINE, dau of WILLIAM COMYN, Earl of Buchan (see under Comyn for ancestors)


JOHN de HAYA of Lockerworth, descendant of above WILLIAM, m dau of ROBERT de LYNE of Locherworth



WILLIAM de HAYA of Lockerworth, d 1308



GILBERT de HAYA, created Hereditary Great Constable of Scotland 1314, m MARY, dau of Sir SIMON FRASER of Oliver Castle, killed by King EDWARD I 


                William, Great Constable of Scotland, slain 1332


THOMAS de HAYA, d 1335, Sheriff of Peebles, m LORA, dau of Sir WILLIAM de CUNINGESBURGH



WILLIAM HAY of Lockerworth, d 1392, Sheriff of Peebles, 3rd Hereditary Great Constable of Scotland, m ELIZABETH, dau of King ROBERT II (see under Scotland, Kings, for ancestors)

                WILLIAM HAY, 5th Constable, Earl of ERROL (see below)



THOMAS HAY of Lockerworth, d 1406, Lord of Errol, Sheriff of Peebles, Hereditary Great Constable of Scotland, m JOANNA, dau of HUGH GIFFARD


                Gilbert Hay, m Elizabeth Reid

                ELIZABETH, m GEORGE LESLIE of Rothes (see under Rothes, Earls, for descendants)

                Alice, m William Hay of Locharret

                Dau, m Norman Leslie

                Dau, m WILLIAM BORTHWICK of that Ilk (see under Borthwick for descendants)


WILLIAM HAY of Yester, d 1436, m ALICE HAY

                MARGARET, m 3.12.1414 WILLIAM DOUGLAS, 2nd Earl of ANGUS (see under  Douglas, Earls of Angus, for descendants)

                David Hay of Yester, 1stly m Elizabeth, dau of GEORGE DOUGLAS, 1st Earl of Angus

                                Thomas Hay, Master of Yester

                                                Thomas, d 1508

                   David 2ndly m Elizabeth, dau of George Cunningham

                Thomas Hay of Yester, d 1483

                Edmund Hay of Talla

                JANET (JEAN), m ALEXANDER HOME of Home & Dunglass (see under Home for descendants)

                Alice, m Gilbert, son of  WILLIAM HAY, 1st Earl of Errol

                Elizabeth, m Duncan MacDowall

WILLIAM 2ndly m Margaret, dau of Patrick Gray of Broxmouth


WILLIAM HAY, 5th Constable, (see above) created Lord HAY 1449 and Earl of ERROL 1453,d 1463, m BEATRIX, dau of JAMES, 7th Earl of Douglas (see under Douglas for ancestors)

                Nicholas, 2nd Earl, dsp 1470


                Andrew, 2nd Lord Hay

                ELIZABETH, d 1529, m ALEXANDER LESLIE, Earl of Huntley (see under Leslie for descendants)

                Gilbert, m Alice, dau of WILLIAM HAY of Yester

WILLIAM HAY, 3rd Earl of Erroll, d 1507, m 1stly Isabella, dau of George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntley by Annabella Stuart. He 2ndly m ELIZABETH, dau of GEORGE LESLIE, 1st Earl of Rothes (see under Rothes, Earls, for ancestors). She 2ndly m Sir William Edmondston.


                MARIANA, m DAVID LINDSAY, 8th Earl of Crawford (see under Lindsay for descendants)


WILLIAM HAY, 4th Earl of Erroll, fell at Flodden 1513


                ELIZABETH, m WILLIAM ABERNETHY, 5th Lord Saltoun


WILLIAM HAY, 5th Earl of Erroll, d 1522



WILLIAM HAY, 6th Earl of Erroll, b 1521, d 1541, m HELEN, dau of JOHN STEWART, 3rd Earl of Lennox




IVAR RAGNARSSON “Beinlaus”, King of Northumberland, son of RAGNAR “Lothbrok(see under Denmark for ancestors)

                SIGGTRYGGR, King of Limerick (see under Dublin, Norse Kings, for descendants)

                dau, m the Danish Jarl of the Hebrides and they had a son SITHRIC I “Caoch”, King of Dublin and Northumberland (see under Dublin for descendants)


BIORN BUNE, Jarl of Sögne (see under Sögne for ancestors)

                KETEL FLATNESS


KETEL FLATNESS, Lord of the Hebrides, m INGUILD, dau of KETEL WETHER of Roumarike

                AUDA “the Deep-Minded, m OLAV “the White”, Danish King of Dublin (see under Dublin for descendants)




GÉRARD FLAMENS, Count of Teisterbant, living 1033-53

                GOSWIN I

                DIETRICH FLAMENS (see below)


GOSWIN I, Lord of Heinsburg, b ca 1060, d 1128, m ODA, dau of SIEGFRIED II von WALBECK (see under Walbeck for ancestors)

                GOSWIN II


GOSWIN II, Count of Heinsburg and Falkenburg, d ca 1168, m ALEIDIS, dau of FRIEDRICH I, Count of Sommerschenburg (see under Sommerschenburg for ancestors)

                MATHILDE, m DEDO V, Count of Groitsch-Rochlitz (see under Wettin for descendants)  


DIETRICH FLAMENS (see above), Comte de Velue, d 1092

                GÉRARD I


GÉRARD I FLAMINIUS, Count of Wassenburg and Guelders, b ca 1053, m CLEMENCE, dau of GUILLAUME V, Comte de Poitou and widow of CONRAD I, Comte de Luxemburg

                YOLANDE, m BAUDOUIN III, Count of Hainault (see under Hainault for descendants)




DIEGO LOPEZ, Count of Biscay “el Blanco (see under Biscay for ancestors), m MARÍA de Lemos

                NUÑO DIAS

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