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WILLIAM, m MARGARET, dau of GILBERT FITZRICHARD, Earl of Clare (see under Clare for ancestors)


                Mathew, alive 1135


GILBERT, made Earl of Essex



RICHARD, one of the Barons who rebelled against King JOHN, m JOYEUSE widow of Sir GILBERT de GREINVILLE

                MARGARET, m HUGH de BOLEBEC ie. HUGH de VERE, 4th Earl of Oxford (see under Vere for descendants)

                Avelina, m William de Fortibus

                Philippa, m Hugh de Plessetis

                JOYEUSE de MONTFICHET m Sir GILBERT de GREINVILLE and their dau JOANE m Sir  JOHN ENGAINE, d 1296, (see under Engaine for descendants) 





BRICO, a Norwegian Viking who founded Briquebec


                AMFRID “the Dane, ancestor of the Earls of Chester



                TORSTIN (THURSTON), ancestor of the Bertrams

                HUGH “Barbatus


HUGH “Barbatus

                ADELINE, m TURCHETIL, ancestors of the de Harcourts (see under Harcourt for descendants)

                THURSTAN (TOUSSAINT)


THURSTAN (TOUSSAINT) de Montfort de Bastenburgh

                HUGH I, Seigneur de Montfort-sur-Risle

                GISELE, m GIROIE d’ESCHAUFFON (see under d’Eschauffon for descendants)


HUGH I de MONTFORT killed in duel with WALCHELINE de FERRERS

                HUGH II de Montfort


HUGH II de Montfort, b ca 1037, fought at Hastings 1066, accompanied the Conqueror to England and made Constable of England, retired ca 1088, had by his 1st wife

                Robert I, d 1108.11, General of the Army to William Rufus, dsp

                Hugh III, d before 1100 on a pilgrimage

                                Robert II

                                Adeliza, m 1stly Simon de Moulins; she 2ndly m as 2nd wife of ROBERT de VERE

                ANCELINE, m TURKETIL, Seigneur de Turgueville (see under Turgueville for descendants)

By his 2nd wife ALICE de Beauffou, (see under Beauffou for ancestors)

                ALICE m GILBERT de GANT (see under gant for ancestors)

                                HUGH IV adopted the name de Montfort

                       (see under Gant for other descendants)


HUGH IV de Montfort, m ADELINE dau of ROBERT de BEAUMONT/BELLOMONT (see under Beaumont/Bellomont for ancestors)

                THURSTON I


THURSTON I de Montfort m JULIANA dau of GEOFFREY MURDAC of St. Denis (ancestor of the Murdochs)



HENRY de Montfort m ROSE

                THURSTON II de Montfort

                                PETER I


PIERS (PETER I) de Montfort, d 1265, m ALICE dau of Sir HENRY de AUDLEY (see under Audley for ancestors)

                PETER II

                JOHN, m ALICE, dau of WILLIAM de la PLANCHE

                                MAUD, m BARTHOLOMEW de SUDELEY (see under Sudeley for descendants) Note: some claim that Maud was dau of PIERS I by Alice de Sudeley


PETER II de Montfort, d 1287, m MATILDA dau of JOHN de la WARRE    

                ELIZABETH, d 1354, m 1stly WILLIAM, 2nd Lord MONTACUTE (see under Montagu for descendants)


AMAURY I illegitimate son of King ROBERT II of France, given the town of Montfort by his father and assumed that as his family name. He m in 952 a dau of Comte de Cambrai



GUILLAUME, Seigneur de Montfort-l’Amauri, d 1003, m a de Montfort dau

                AMAURY II


ALMARIC (AMAURY II), Seigneur de Montfort-l’Amauri, m BERTRADE de Gometz

                SIMON “the Elder” de MONTFORT I

                AVEMELLE, m MILO, Seigneur de Châtillon-sur-Marne (see under Châtillon-sur-Marne for descendants)


SIMON “the Elder” de Montfort I, Seigneur de Montfort-l’Amauri, d 1087, m 1stly ISABEL, dau of HUGH BARDOUL, Seigneur of Brozes (see under Bardolf for ancestors)  

                ISABEL, m RALPH de TOSNI III (see under Tosni for descendants)

                Amaury III de Montfort dsp ca 1089

SIMON 2ndly m name unknown

SIMON 3rdly m AGNES, dau of RICHARD, Comte d’Évreux (see under Évreux for ancestors)

                Richard, dsp ca 1092

                Simon “the Young” dsp ca 1101

                William, Bishop of Paris

                ALMARIC (AMAURY), Comte de Montfort

                EVA, m WILLIAM CRISPIN I, a companion of the Conqueror, parents of

                                 William Crispin II

                                 Gilbert Crispin, Archbishop of Westminster


ALMARIC (AMAURY IV), Comte de Montfort and succeeded as Comte d’Évreux, d 1137, m 1stly Richeude

ALMARIC m 2ndly in 1120 AGNES, dau of ANSELM de Garland, Comte de Rochefort (see under Garland for ancestors)

                Amaury, Comte d’Évreux dsp 1140 

                SIMON de Montfort II

                AGNES, d 1181, m VALERAN II de Meulan (see under Meulan for descendants)


SIMON de Montfort II “the Bald, Comte de Montfort & Évreux, d ca 1180, m MAUD

                SIMON III


SIMON de Montfort III, b 1170, d 1218, Seigneur de Montfort & Rochefort, granted Earldom of Leicester by King John, revolted, fled to France, led the Albigensian crusade (made Vicomte de Béziers, Comte de Toulouse and Duc de Narbonne) and died in siege of Toulouse when hit on the head by a stone from a tri-bucket. Earldom of Leicester transferred to RANULPH Earl of Chester. SIMON m 1stly AMICIA, dau of ROBERT de BEAUMONT (see under Beaumont for ancestors). 

                Amauri, Comte d’Évreux, (resigned his nominal Countship of Toulouse) m Mabel, dau of William, 2nd Earl of Gloucester 

                SIMON de Montfort IV

                BERTRADA, m 1stly FULK Rechin, Comte d’Anjou (see under Anjou for descendants); she 2ndly m PHILIPPE I, King of France (see under France, Kings, for descendants); she

                     3rdly m HUGH, 3rd Earl of Chester (see under Meschines for descendants)

SIMON 2ndly m ALICE de Montmorenci (see under Montmorenci for ancestors)

                AMAURY VI, succeeded as Comte de Montfort and became Constable of France (see below)


SIMON de Montfort IV, Seigneur de Montfort & Rochefort, (from the forest of Rambouillet), b 1200,  restored to Earldom of Leicester by Henry III. Later became General-in-Chief of the army which captured the King at the Battle of Lewes, and SIMON then set up the first real parliament in England. Killed at Battle of Evesham in 1265. He m in 1238 ELEANOR PLANTAGENET the King’s sister and widow of William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke.

                Henry, died at Battle of Evesham

                SIMON IV, m ALICE, dau of BOUCHARD V, Baron de Montmorenci (see under Montmorenci for ancestors)


                Almaric (Amaury), Comte d’Évreux, m Mabel dau of WILLIAM, 2nd Earl of Gloucester

                Eleanor, m as 2nd wife of LLEWELLYN ap GRUFFYDD, Prince of North Wales  


GUY de Montfort, d 1288, captured at Evesham, escaped from imprisonment in Dover Castle, became 1st Conte de Nola, m as 1st husband of MARGUERITE dau of ALDOBRANDINO (Rossa), Conte di Soano

                ANASTASIA de Montfort, Contessa di Nola, m ROMANO des Ursins, Senator of Rome (see under Ursins for descendants)


AMAURY VI de Montfort, see above, d 1241, m in 1214 BEATRICE dau of ANDRÉ de Bourgogne, Comte de Viennois (see under Burgundy & Viennois for ancestors) 

                ALICE m SIMON II de Clermont (see under Clermont and Luxemburg for descendants)



MONTFORT - Ducs de Bretagne (See under Brittany)


MONTFORT - Seigneurs de Tyre & Toron


Guy de Montfort, m as 2nd husband of MARIA COMNENA, dau of IOHANNES (JOHN) II COMNENUS, Emperor of the East (1118-1143) - see under Byzantium for ancestors


  Isabella, m Roupen III (see under Armenia, Rhupenian dynasty for descendants_


Philippe de Montfort, Seigneur de Tyre (ca 1240-69), 1stly m Eleanora d’Auxerre; he 2ndly m Maria, heiress of Toron of Armenian Cilicia and dau of Raymond-Roupen II, declared Prince of Antioch & Tripoli (see under Armenian Cilicia for ancestors) 

                Jean de Montfort, Seigneur de Tyre (1269-91 when it was retaken by the Moslems) & Toron, m Marguerite de Lusignan-Antioch  (see under Cyprus, Kings, for ancestors)

                Humphrey I  


Humphrey I de Montfort, Seigneur de Toron, m Eschiva, dau and heiress of Balian III d’Ibelin of Beirut (see under Ibelin for ancestors)

                Humphrey II



Humphrey II de Montfort, Constable, m 1stly heiress of Banyas

                Humphrey III

Humphrey II 2ndly m Philippa of Antioch (see under Antioch for ancestors)


Humphrey III de Montfort, m Stephanie, heiress of Oultrejourdain (see under Oultrejourdain and Milly for ancestors). She 2ndly m Miles de Plancy and 3rdly m Reynald de Châtillon.

                Humphey IV


Humphrey IV de Montfort, Seigneur de Toron, m Isabella d’Anjou, dau of AMALRIC I of Jerusalem  XE "JERUSALEM - French Kings" (see under Jerusalem, Kings, for ancestors)

                Eschiva de Montfort, m as 1st wife of Pierre I, King of Jerusalem and Cyprus (1359-69) – see under Cyprus for descendants





JOHN MONTGOMERIE of Ardrossan, d 1426/9, m AGNES of the Isles



ALEXANDER MONTGOMERIE, b bef 1413, d 1470, called to Parliament as a Baron 1445, m MARGARET, 2nd dau of Sir THOMAS BOYD of Kilmarnock & sister of Robert, Lord Boyd 


                MARGARET, m JOHN STUART, Lord Darnley, Earl of Lennox (see under Stuart for descendants)


ALEXANDER, dvp 1452, Master of Montgomerie, m ELIZABETH, sister of Patrick, Lord Hailes & 1st dau of Sir ADAM HEPBURN of Hailes by JANET, dau of Sir WILLIAM BORTHWICK (see under Borthwick for ancestors)



ALEXANDER, b 1445, d 1468, Master of Montgomerie, m CATHERINE, dau of GILBERT, 1st Lord KENNEDY, by his wife CATHERINE, dau of HERBERT, Lord MAXWELL

                HUGH, 2nd Lord MONTGOMERIE, created Earl of Eglintoun



MONTGOMERY - Earls of Shrewsbury, Shropshire and Sussex


ROGERUS “Magnus” I, with ROLLO in Norse conquest of Normandy


                                ROGERUS “Magnus” II



ROGER de MONTE COMERICO (Anglicised to MONTGOMERY), Vicomte de Hiémois, exiled to Paris 1037



HUGUES de MONTGOMERY, Vicomte de Hiémois, m JOSCELINE, dau of OSBERN de Bolebec (see under Bolebec for ancestors) Note :for an alternative descent see under Crépon)

                ROGER de MONTGOMERY

                Guillaume, attempted abduction at Vaudreuil Castle of young WILLIAM, Duke of Normandy





ROGER de MONTGOMERY, b 1030, murdered 1094, Vicomte de Hiémois, Comte de Bellême and Alençon, Seigneur of Montgomery in Calvados, councillor of Duke WILLIAM of Normandy and entrusted with the government of Normandy while the Conqueror invaded England in 1066. ROGER came to England in 1067, created Earl of Sussex, received the castle of Arundel, city of Chichester and other lands in Sussex, in 1071 also became 1st Earl of Shrewsbury in 1074 and Earl of Shropshire, built Chichester Castle, m 1stly MABEL, (murdered 1079) daughter and heiress of WILLIAM TALVAS the Seigneur of Bellême and Alençon (see under Bellême and under Alençon for ancestors). In 1093 during the Welsh confusion following death of RHYS ap TEWDWR, ROGER dashed into Deheubarth, established himself at Cardigan and pushed on into Dyfed where his son ARNULF built a castle for himself at Pembroke. The two wealthiest English baronies assigned by WILLIAM I were to WILLIAM FITZOSBERN and ROGER de MONTGOMERY.

                Hugh, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury, given Earldom by William II in 1094 assuming he would make his home in England rather than Normandy, but killed 1098 in Anglesea by a lucky bow shot

                     from ship of Magnus of Norway.

                ROBERT II de BELLÊME, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury, Vicomte d’Argentan and Falaise, (he bought the Earldom and his brother Hugh’s English estates from King William II in 1098).

                     After being charged by HENRY I, he and his brothers ROGER and ARNULPH revolted but were defeated at Shrewsbury and the three brothers were allowed to leave the country in

                     1102. In 1105 he and others in Normandy revolted again but HENRY I defeated him again the following year near Tinchebrai; he died 1131, a prisoner at Warham Castle. He m

                     AGNES/ANNA dau of GUY, Comte de Ponthieu and had a son WILLIAM TALVACE, Comte de Ponthieu, whose dau ADELA m WILLIAM de WARRENNE, 3rd Earl of

                     Surrey (see under Ponthieu and Warrenne for descendants). ROBERT 2ndly m ADELAIDE, dau of EBRARD, Comte de Bréteuil and Vicomte de Chartres, and had dau   

                     MAUD who m ROBERT, Comte de Mortaigne and Earl of Cornwall (see under Mortaigne for descendants) 

                ROGER de MONTGOMERY of Poitouthe Poitevin”, d 1123, m ADELMODE (AUMODIS) de la Marche, dau of ALBERIC III, Comte de la Marche (see under de

                     la Marche for ancestors); parents of PONCE who m WULGRIM II, Comte d’Angoulême (see under Angoulême for descendants) and of AVICE who m WILLIAM PEVERELL

                     (see under Peverell for descendants)

                Philip “the Grammarian”, d 1099

                ARNULPH de MONTGOMERY, Lord of Pembroke

                Emma, Abbess of Almenèches

                MAUD (MATILDA) m ROBERT de Mortaigne, Earl of Cornwall  (see under Burke for descendants)

                SIBYL m ROGER FITZHAMON, Earl of Gloucester (see under FitzHamon for descendants)


ARNULPH de MONTGOMERY m LAFRACOTH, daughter of MURROUGH O’BRIEN, (Mortagh Mór O’Brien, d 1119), King of Munster (see under O’Brien for ancestors) DIARMUID MacMURROUGH, the exiled King of Leinster, had found help among the Norman colonists in Wales. RICHARD FitzGILBERT (known by his father’s nickname of Strongbow) bargained for DIARMUID’s daughter EVA in return for help to recapture Leinster, and on DIARMUID’s death in May 1171 actually succeeded DIARMUID as King of Leinster. Apparently ARNULPH had obtained LAFRACOTH in much the same way! ARNULPH was exiled 1102.

                ALICE de MONTGOMERY, b ca 1110, m MAURICE FITZGERALD (son of GERALD of WINDSOR who defended ARNULPH’s castle at Pembroke against the Welsh) Lord

                     of Maynooth and Baron of Naas. Ancestor of the FitzGeralds, Knights of Kerry (see under FitzGeralds for descendants).



MONTHERMER - Earls of Atholl, Gloucester and Hereford


RALPH de MONTHERMER “a plain Esquire”, m as 4th husband of Lady JOANE PLANTAGENET “Joan of Acre, dau of King EDWARD I and in her right became Earl of Gloucester and Hereford. Later in contest with ROBERT the Bruce of Scotland also made Earl of Atholl

                THOMAS, his heir



THOMAS, Lord MONTHERMER, killed 1340 in sea-fight with the French, m MARGARET “an only dau and heiress”

                MARGARET de MONTHERMER m Sir JOHN de MONTACUTE to whom she carried the Barony (see under  Montagu for descendants)



MONTLHÉRI - Comtes de Rochefort


LISIAR, Seigneur de Sceaux

                ANSAUD I


ANSAUD I “le Riche”, Vicomte d’Auxerre, m RAINGARDE, a former concubine of HUGUES “le Grand” and dau of RAOUL, Comte de Dijon 

                ANSAUD II



                THIBAULT (THIBAUD) I Note: some give his father as BOUCHARD II, Baron de Montmorenci


THIBAULT (THIBAUD) I, Seigneur de Montlhéri & Chevreuse, d 1031

                Dau, his heiress, m MILON I de Montelhérico


MILON I, Seigneur de la Ferté-sur-Ourcy & jure uxoris de Montlhéri & Chevreuse & above dau

                GUY I


GUY I, Seigneur de Montlhéri, b ca 1009, d 1095, m HODIERNE dau of GUILLAUME de Gometz, Seigneur de Bures xe "BURES - Seigneurs, Princes of Galilee" XE "Gometz - Seigneurs" (possibly father of GUILLAUME I, Prince of Galilee)

                MILO I “le Grand”

                GUY II (see below)

                ELIZABETH, m JOSCELIN, Seigneur de Courtenay & Château Renard (see under Courtenay for descendants)

                MELISENDE, m HUGUES I, Comte de Rethel (see under Rethel for descendants)


MILO I “le Grand”, Seigneur de Montlhéri, Vicomte de Troyes, b ca 1035, d 1118, m LITHUISE, dau of GUILLAUME, Comte d’Eu & Vicomte deTroyes (see under Champagne and Eu for ancestors)

                ELIZABETH (ISABEL), m THIBAULT de Dampierre (see under Dampierre for descendants)


GUY II “le Rouge (see above), Seigneur de Montlhéri, Comte de Rochefort-en-Yvelines, d  1108, m ADELAIDE, heiress of Crécy (see under Crécy for ancestors) 

                MILES “le Grand”

                MELESENDE de Crécy, m in 1053 HUGUES I, Comte de Rethel (see under Rethel for descendants). She also m THOMAS, Seigneur de Coucy & Merle, Comte d’Amiens (see

                     under Amiens for descendants)

                ADÉLE, m HUGUES (EVERARD) du PUISET, Vicomte de Chartres, and their son HUGUES de  PUISET was 1st Comte de Jaffa (see under Jaffa for descendants)

GUY II 2ndly m as 2nd husband of ELISE, dau of BOUCHARD, Comte de Corbeil (see under Corbeil for ancestors)

                ISABEL de Montlhéri, m JOSCELIN de COURTENAY (see under Courtenay, Emperors of Constantinople for descendants)

                LUCIANE, m GUICHARD III, Baron de Beaujeu (see under Beaujeu for descendants)

                another dau, m ANSELM de GARLAND (see under Garland for descendants)


MILES “le Grand”, Seigneur de Montlhéri, d ca 1102, m in 1070 LITHUISE dau of GUILLAUME, Comte d’Eu & Vicomte deTroyes (see under Champagne and Eu for ancestors) 

                EMELINE, m HUGH BARDOUL de Broye (greatgrandparents of FELICITE de Beaufort who m  HUGUES II, Comte de Rethel (see under Rethel for further descendants)

                ISABEL, m THIBAULT de Dampierre (see under Dampierre for descendants)



MONTMORENCI - Barons & Ducs


EDWARD “the Elder” (see under England, Kings, for ancestors), 2ndly m ELFLAED




                BOUCHARD I


BOUCHARD I, Baron de Montmorenci, d 978, m ILDEGARDE dau of THIBAULT I, Comte de Blois (see under Blois for ancestors)

                BOUCHARD II


BOUCHARD II, Baron de Montmorenci, d ca 1020, m 2ndly widow of HUGH BASSET

                BOUCHARD III

                THIBAULT I, Seigneur de Montlhéri (see note under Montlhéri )


BOUCHARD III, Seigneur de Montmorenci, d ca 1074, m as 2nd husband ADELIZA of Clermont, widow of GILBERT FitzRICHARD de Clare (see under Clermont for ancestors)

                Thibault, Baron de Montmorenci, d 1090, no issue


BOUCHARD 2ndly m ADELAIDE de MAURIENNE, widow of LOUIS VI of France


HERVÉ, Baron de Montmorenci, Bouteiller de France, Constable of Ireland, d 1094, m ALVERE de ARISCO, dau of LEOFWINE, son of HEREWARD of Mercia (see under Mercia for ancestors)

                BOUCHARD IV, Baron de Montmorenci

                GEOFFREY de MONTMORENCI de MARISCO (see under Marisco for descendants)

                Hervé, Abbot of Ely, Bishop of Bangor 1107, Bishop of Ely 1109, d 1131


BOUCHARD IV, Baron de Montmorenci, d 1124, m 1stly AGNES, dau of YVRES II de Beaumont-sur-Oise (see under Beaumont for ancestors)

                MATHIEU I

                ADELINE, m GUY de GUISE (see under Guise for descendants)

BOUCHARD 2ndly m Judith


MATHIEU I, Baron de Montmorenci, d 1160, m 1stly in 1126 ALICE, dau of King HENRY I of England (see under England, Kings, for ancestors)

                BOUCHARD V

                MATHIEU de MARLY (see under Marle for descendants)


BOUCHARD V, Baron de Montmorenci, d 1189, m as 2nd husband of LAWRENCE, dau of BALDWIN IV of Hainault (see under Hainault for ancestors)

                MATHIEU II

                ALICE, d 1221, m SIMON IV de Montfort (see under Montfort for descendants)


MATHIEU II, Baron de Montmorenci, d 1230, 1stly m GERTRUDE de Soissons

                BOUCHARD VI

                Mathieu, Seigneur d’Attichi, Comte de Ponthieu


                GUI VII de LAVAL (see under Laval for descendants)


BOUCHARD VI, Baron de Montmorenci, d 1243

                MATHIEU III, Baron de Montmorenci, d 1270

                                MATHIEU IV


MATHIEU IV, Baron de Montmorenci, d 1304/5

                Mathieu V, Baron de Montmorenci, dsp 1306

                JEAN I, Baron de Montmorenci, d 1325

                                CHARLES I, Baron de Montmorenci, d 1381

                                                JACQUES, Baron de Montmorenci, d 1414

                                                                JEAN II


JEAN II, Baron de Montmorenci, d 1477, m JEANNE, heiress of Fosseux

                Jean I de Nivelle, d 1477

                                Jean II de Nivelle, d 1510

                                Philippe, d 1526, m Marie de Hornes

                                                Joseph de Hornes

                LOUIS, Baron de FOSSEUX  




GUILLAUME, Baron de Montmorenci, d 1531



ANNE, Duchesse de Montmorenci, Constable of France, d 1567, m MADELEINE de Savoie (see under Savoie for ancestors)

                François, Duc de Montmorenci, d 1579

                Henri I, Duc de Montmorenci, d 1614

                                Henri II, Duc de Montmorenci, d 1632

                                Charlotte-Marguerite, m Henri II de Bourbon-Condé

                JEANNE, d 1596, m 1549 LOUIS de la TRÉMOILLE (see under Trémoille for descendants)





GUILLEM I, Seigneur de Montpellier, alive 985-99, m as 1st husband of ADELAIDE

                GUILLEM II


GUILLEM II, Seigneur de Montpellier, alive 1019-25, m BELIARDE

                GUILLEM III


GUILLEM III, Seigneur de Montpellier, d ca 1068, m ERMENGARDE

                GUILLEM IV

                ERMENGARDE, m PEDRO de Minervaxe "MINERVA"


GUILLEM IV, Comte de Montpellier, d 1076, m ERMENGARDE dau of RAYMOND I, Comte de Melgueil (see under Melgueil for ancestors). She 2ndly m Ramonde de Androuze

                GUILLEM V   


GUILLEM V, Comte de Montpellier, d ca 1122, m 2ndly ERMESENDE, dau of PIERRE, Comte de Melgueil (see under Melgueil for ancestors)



GUILLEM VI, Comte de Montpellier, d 1162, m in 1124 SIBILIA di Savona (see under Savona for ancestors)

                GUILLEM VII


GUILLEM VII, Duc de Montpellier & Montferier, Seigneur de Tortosa, d ca 1173, m in 1157 MATILDE, dau of HUGUES II, Duc de Bourgogne (see under Burgundy for ancestors) 

                GUILLEM VIII


GUILLEM VIII, Comte de Montpellier, d 1218, m in 1174 EUDOCIA, dau of JOHN and MARÍA COMNENA (see under Comnena, Emperors of the East, for ancestors)

                MARIE, 3rdly m PEDRO II of Aragón (see under Aragón for descendants)



MONT St. JEAN - Seigneurs


HUGUES I, Seigneur de Mont St. Jean

                HUGUES II


HUGUES II de Mont St. Jean, ca 1143, m ELIZABETH, dau of HERVÉ de Vergy (see under Vergy for descendants)

                GUILLAUME I


GUILLAUME I de Mont St. Jean, m BURE d’Ancy

                ELIZABETH, m GUILLAUME I de Mello (see under Mello for descendants)





HELIGAUD II, Comte de Montreuil, son of HERLOUIN I (see under Alençon for ancestors) d 926

                Herlouin II, Comte de Ponthieu & Amiens, killed 945

                INGELTRUDE de MONTREUIL, m MILON, Comte de TONNERRE (see under Tonnerre for descendants)


ENGUERRAND I, Comte de Poitou & Montreuil, d 1046, m as 2nd husband of ADÉLE of Holland (see under Holland for ancestors)

                HUGUES II


HUGUES II, Comte de Ponthieu & Montreuil, d 1052, m BERTHA, dau of GUERINFROI, Seigneur d’Aumâle

                GUY I

                Enguerand II, Comte d’Aumâle, m ADELIZA, sister of WILLIAM the Conqueror


GUY I, Comte de Ponthieu & Montreuil (1053-1100), companion of WILLIAM the Conqueror, m ADA of Amiens

                AGNES/ANNA, his heiress m ROBERT II MONTGOMERY de Bellême, Comte d’Alençon, Earl of Shrewsbury (see under Montgomery for descendants)



                GUILLAUME I


GUILLAUME TALVACE I, Comte d’Alençon, Montreuil & Ponthieu, m ALICE, dau of EUDES I de Bourgogne (see under Burgundy for ancestors)

                GUY II

                ADELA, m WILLIAM de WARRENNE (see under Warrenne for descendants)


GUY II, Comte de Ponthieu, d 1147, m IDA

                JEAN I


JEAN I, Comte de Ponthieu & Montreuil, d 1191, m 3rdly BEATRICE, dau of ANSELME, Comte de St. Pol (see under St. Pol for ancestors)

                GUILLAUME II


GUILLAUME TALVACE II, Comte de Ponthieu & Montreuil, b 1179, d 1221, m as 2nd husband of ALICE, dau of King LOUIS VII of France (see under France for ancestors)

                MARIE, Comtesse de Ponthieu, m in 1208 1stly SIMON de DAMMARTIN, Comte d’Aumâle (see under Dammartin for descendants). She 2ndly m Matthieu de Montgomery,

                     Seigneur de Montmorenci



MORAY - Earls (See also under Scotland, Kings)


ANGUS, Earl of Moray, killed at Strickathrow 1130

                WILLIAM, Earl of Moray




RANULPH, Earl of Moray

                FONIA, m REGNALD, Laird of the Isles (see under Isles, Lairds of, for descendants)


THOMAS RANDOLPH, Laird of Strathnith, m ISABEL, sister of King ROBERT the Bruce (see under Scotland, Kings, for ancestors)



THOMAS RANDOLPH, d 1332, captured Edinburgh Castle 1313, commanded part of Scottish army at Bannockburn 1314, made 1st Earl of Moray, Regent of Scotland and guardian of young King DAVID, m ISABEL, dau of Sir JOHN STEWART of Bonkyl

                Thomas, 2nd Earl of Moray, d 1332, unmrrd.

                John, 3rd Earl of Moray, killed dsp 1346 at Battle of Durham, m Isabel, dau of Sir ALEXANDER  STEWART of Bonkyl

                AGNES, d ca 1369, m PATRICK DUNBAR, 10th Earl of Dunbar (see under Dunbar for descendants)



MØRE - Jarls


HILDERIC, King of the Vandals (see under Vandals for ancestors)

                HILDIS, m FRODE of Denmark


FRODE and HILDIS (Note: if the subsequent descent to Halfdan occurred then several intervening generations must be missing)



HALFDAN “the Old, a Norwegian nobleman living in the latter part of the 8th century



IVAR “Orplaendinge”, Jarl of the Uplands, m ASA, dau of EYESTEIN “Glumra”, Jarl of Throndheim (see under Throndheim for ancestors)



EYESTEIN IVARSSON, Jarl of Møre, m ASEDA of Jutland, dau of ROGNWALD of Jutland son of OLAF II, King of Jutland and Vestfold

                ROGNVALD (RAGNVALD)

                Sigurd I, Jarl of Orkney and Shetland, given by Ragnvald (see later)

                Guttorm, Jarl of Orkney

                SUANHILDE, m as 3rd wife of HAROLD I, King of Norway (see under Norway for descendants)

                MALAHUE of Møre, (see under Bayeux and St. Sauveur for descendants)


RAGNVALD I “the Wise, also called theMørejarl(the Mighty), Jarl of the Uplanders, later also was made Jarl of the North and South Møre and Raumsdal ca 869. He cut the 10 years’ unshorn hair from King HAROLD I of Norway turning him from Luva (the lousy) into Haarfager (the fair-

haired). King HAROLD granted RAGNVALD the Orkney and Shetland Islands in 888. Burnt to death in his house ca 894, m RAGNHILD, dau of HROLF NEFJA

                ROLF or ROLLO the Ganger (see under Normandy for descendants)

                Thori, “the Silent”, Jarl of Møre, m Aalof Aarbot, dau of HAROLD I “Haarfager” (Fairhair), King of Norway

                HROLLAGER, (see under d’Avranches for descendants)

                TORF, m OLAF son of HARALD “Haarfager (see under Norway for descendants)

By an earlier concubine RAGNVALD sired

                Ivar, his eldest killed in battle 872


                TORK EINAR (see under Orkney, Jarls, for descendants)






RICHARD de MOREVILLE m dau of IVO de TAILEBOIS, son of FULK IV, Count d’Anjou (see under Anjou for ancestors)






SIMON de MOREVILLE, m ADA dau of WILLIAM ENGAYNE (see under Engayne for ancestors). She 2ndly m Robert de Vaux



HUGH (ROGER) de MOREVILLE, d 1162, founded Dryburgh Abbey, m BEATRICE de BEAUCHAMP (see under Beauchamp for ancestors)

                Hugh de Moreville, murdered Thomas á Becket with Renaud FitzUrse, William de Tracy and Richard Le Breton

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