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                ADA (Cockayne gives her mother as HELOISE de STUTEVILLE), m 1stly RICHARD de LUCY (see under Lucy for descendants). She 2ndly m THOMAS de MULTON (see

                         under Multon for descendants)

                MAUD, m WILLIAM VIPONT (see under Vipont for descendants)

                Joan, m Richard Gernun 


RICHARD de MOREVILLE, d 1187, m AVICIA, dau of IVO de TALEBOIS or WILLIAM de LANCASTER (son of GILBERT and GODITH) and GUNDRED de Warrenne (see under Warrenne for ancestors)

                ELENA, m ROLAND, Laird of Galloway (see under Galloway for descendants)





Possibly descended from AOTHER, an Aquitaine noble ca 660 of Gothic descent


OTHER, alive 987



AUTIER (OTHER), Seigneur de Mortaigne

                GILBERT, Seigneur de Mortaigne

                WALTER FITZOTHER (see under FitzGerald for descendants)

                EMMA, m GUILLAUME IV, Comte de Toulouse (see under Toulouse for descendants)


ROTROU, Comte de Mortaigne, 4th in decent form GEOFFROI, 1st Comte de Chateaudun (see under Châteaudun for ancestors)



GEOFFROI, Comte de Mortaigne until succeeded by ROBERT, ½ brother of the Conqueror, and then made Comte de Perche, fought at Hastings 1066, d 1104, a companion of the Conqueror, m BEATRICE, dau of HILDOUIN, Comte de Montdidier et Roucy (see under Roucy for ancestors)

                JULIENNE, m in 1091 GILBERT de l’Aigle (see under de l’Aigle for descendants)

                Rotrou II, Comte du Perche, m Matilda, dau of King HENRY I

                MAUD, d 1143, m RAYMOND I, Vicomte de Turenne (see under Turenne for descendants)

                MARGARET de Mortaigne, m HENRY de NEWBURGH (see under Newburgh for descendants)

                EVERARD I


EVERARD I de Mortaigne

                EVERARD II

                IDA, m GAUTHIER d’Avesnes (see under Avesnes for descendants)


EVERARD II de Mortaigne, d 1140, m RICHILDE dau of BAUDOUIN III, Count of Hainault (see under Hainault for ancestors)

                EVERARD III


EVERARD III de Mortaigne, m 1stly MAUD dau of GUILLAUME I de BÉTHUNE (see under Béthune for ancestors)

                RICHILDE, m 2ndly GAUTHIER de SOTTEGHEM

EVERARD 2ndly as 2nd husband of GERTRUDE NESLÉ (see under Neslé for ancestors)



BAUDOUIN de Mortaigne, d 1192, m HILDIGARDE de Wavrin (see under Wavrin for ancestors)

                EVERARD IV

                dau, m EUSTACE III de Roeux (see under Roeux for descendants)


EVERARD IV (RAOUL) de Mortaigne m 1stly IDA dau of ENGELBERT II d’ENGHIEN (see under d’Enghien for ancestors)



ARNOUL de Mortaigne, m YOLANDE de Coucy (see under Coucy for ancestors)

                MAUD, m JEAN III de LILLE (see under Lille for descendants)



MORTIMER - Barons of Wigmore, Earls of March



                RUDOLF I de Garenne  (see under Warrenne for descendants)

                WALTER, Seigneur de St. Martin


WALTER, Seigneur de St. Martin, ca 980 m a niece of the Duchess GUNNORA, wife of Duke RICHARD I of Normandy

                WILLIAM de St. Martin

                                RALPH, Seigneur de Garenne & St. Martin, ancestor of the St. Martin family  

                                ROGER, Seigneur de Mortemer


ROGER de MORTEMER, m HAWISE dau of RAOUL III de Vexin (see under Vexin for ancestors)

                RALPH de MORTEMER, a companion of the Conqueror

                Roger de Mortemer, also one of the companions of the Conqueror

                GERSINDE, m AIRAUD, Vicomte de Châtellerault (see under Châtellerault for descendants)


RALPH (HUGUES) de MORTEMER, one of the principal commanders at Battle of Hastings, Lord of Wigmore in the Domesday Book, m MILICENT

                HUGH de MORTIMER

                William, Lord of Chelmersh

                ROBERT, ancestor of the Mortimers of Richards Castle 

                Hawise, m Stephen Fortibus, Earl of Albemarle



HUGH de MORTIMER, d 1188, m MAUD, dau of WILLIAM CLITO (see under Normandy, Dukes, for ancestors)

                ROGER de MORTIMER

                Hugh, m Felicia de Sancto Sydonio




ROGER de MORTIMER, Lord of Wigmore, d 1215, m 1stly MILISENT, dau of ROBERT de FERRERS, 4th Earl of Derby (see under Ferrers for ancestors)

                Hugh, his successor, d 1227 without issue

                dau 1, m Stephen le Grossxe "Le Gross"

                JOANE, m WALCHELINE de BEAUCHAMP (see under Beauchamps for descendants)

ROGER 2ndly m ISABEL, sister and heir of Hugh de Ferrers of Oakham (see under Ferrers for ancestors)

                RALPH de MORTIMER

                ROBERT de MORTIMER, m JOICE de la ZOUCHE (see unde la Zouche for descendants)



RALPH de MORTIMER, d 1246, m as 2nd husband of GWLADUS DHUthe Black”, widow of REGINALD de BRAOSE and dau of Prince LLEWELLYN FAWR of Wales and JOAN, illegitimate dau of King JOHN (see under Wales, Princes and Kings for ancestors)

                ROGER de MORTIMER

                Peter John a Grey Friar

                Hugh of Chelmersh

                ISOLDA, m 1stly Walter Balem, and 2ndly m HUGH, Lord AUDLEY (see under Audley for descendants)



ROGER de MORTIMER, Lord of Wigmore and 1st Earl of March, d 1282, m JOAN “Lady of Trim”, dau of PETER de GENEVILLE (see under Geneville for ancestors). 

                Ralph, dvp

                EDMUND MORTIMER

                Roger, Lord of Chirke

                William, dsp

                Geffrey, dsp

                ISABEL, m JOHN FITZ-ALAN, 6th Earl of Arundel (see under FitzAlan for descendants)

                Philippa, m Guy de Beauchamp

KATHERINE, d 1369, in 1324 m THOMAS de BEAUCHAMP, 3rd Earl of Warwick (see under Beauchamp for descendants)


EDMUND MORTIMER, Lord of Wigmore, killed 1303 at Battle of Buelt, m MARGARET, dau of Sir WILLIAM de FIENNES (see under Fiennes for ancestors)

                ROGER MORTIMER, 2nd Earl of March

                John, killed in a tournament at Worcester

                Hugh, Rector of Old Radnor

                Walter, Rector of Kingston

                Edmund, Rector of Hodnet

                MAUD, m THEOBALD de VERDON (see under Verdon for descendants)

                Joan, a nun

                Elizabeth, a nun


ROGER MORTIMER, 2nd Earl of March, b 1288, 1325 restored as Lord of Trim and Leix, joint justiciar of North Wales with his uncle Roger of Chirke. He arranged the execution of the two HUGH DESPENSERS in 1326 and then became the power behind the throne of the young EDWARD II. Later he was the paramour of ISABEL, Queen Consort of EDWARD II who used him to destroy EDWARD II and create their reign of terror. Lord Lieut of Ireland, in 1328 made Earl of March, and first person hanged at Tyburn (in 1330) for involvement in murder of EDWARD II. He m JOANE, dau of PETER de GENEVILL (PIERS de JOINVILLE), son of GEFFREY de GENEVILL, Lord of Trim (see under Genevil for ancestors)

                EDMUND, Lord MORTIMER of Wigmore

                Roger, m Lady Joane Butler

                Geffrey, Lord of Towyth

                John, slain in a tournament at Shrewsbury

                KATHERINE, m THOMAS de BEAUCHAMP, 3rd Earl of Warwick (see under Beauchamp for descendants)

                Joane, m James, 2nd Lord Audley

                Agnes, m Laurence, Earl of Pembroke

                MARGARET, m 1stly Robert de Vere, 6th Earl of Oxford, and 2ndly m THOMAS, 3rd Baron BERKELEY (see under Berkeley for descendants)

                MAUD, m JOHN, Lord CHERLETON, son and heir of JOHN, Lord Powys (see under Cherleton for descendants)

                Blanche, m Peter de Grandison

                Beatrix, m 1stly Edward, son and heir of Thomas of Brotherton, Earl Marshal of England, and 2ndly m Sir Thomas de Braose 


EDMUND, Lord MORTIMER of Wigmore, 3rd Earl of March, b 1351, King’s Lieutenant of Ireland 1379, d 1381 in Cork from after-effects of crossing an icy river. He m ELIZABETH (who 2ndly m William de Bohun, Earl of Northampton), dau of BARTHOLOMEW, Lord BADLESMERE the Rich of Leedes Castle, Kent (see under Badlesmere for ancestors)

                MAUD, m Sir THEOBALD de VERDON, 2nd Baron (see under Verdon for descendants)

EDMUND 2ndly m PHILIPPA dau and heir of LIONEL, Duke of Clarence and Earl of Ulster (son of King EDWARD III) and then became Earl of Ulster and Lord of Connaught

                ELIZABETH, b 1371, m HENRY, Lord Percy (Henry Hotspur) (see under Percy for descendants). She 2ndly m Thomas, 1st Baron Camoys 

                ROGER, b 1373

                Philippa, b 1375, 1stly m as 2nd wife of John Hastings, 3rd Earl of Pembroke. She 2ndly m as 2nd wife of Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel (beheaded 1397). She 3rdly m as 2nd wife

                     of Thomas Poynings, 5th Baron St. John of Basing 

                Edmund Mortimer, b 1377, d 1411, m Katherine, dau of Owain, Lord of Glyndyfrdwy (Owen Glendower, sometime Prince of Wales) by his wife Margaret, dau of Sir Robert Hanmer

                                                1 son & 2 daus, d young


ROGER MORTIMER, Earl of March and Ulster, b 1373, declared heir to the throne by King Richard II, killed in Co. Kilkenny 1398, m ELEANOR HOLLAND (see under Holland, Earls of Kent, for ancestors). She 2ndly m Edward, 4th Baron Cherleton of Powys 

                ANNE, b 1390, m as 1st wife of RICHARD, Earl of Cambridge, son of EDMUND of Langley, Duke of York, son of King EDWARD III (see under England, Kings, for his

                     ancestors and their descendants)


                Roger, b 1393, d unmrd 1409/10

                Eleanor, b 1395, m Edward, Lord Courtenay, son and heir of Edward Courtenay, 3rd Earl of Devon


EDMUND, 5th Earl of March & 8th Earl of Ulster, b 1391, dsp 1425, de jure King of England on death of Richard II, m ANNE, dau of EDMUND, 5th Earl of Stafford. She 2ndly m John, Earl of Huntingdon, Duke of Exeter 



MOSCOW - Princes


DANIIL, Prince of Moscow (1263-1303), son of St. ALEKSANDER I “Nevsky”, Grand Prince of Vladimir (see under Vladimir for ancestors)

                Yurii, Prince of Moscow (1303-25)

                                Yurii III, Grand Prince of Vladimir (1318-22)

                IVAN I


IVAN I KALITA, Prince of Moscow (1303-25),Grand Prince of Vladimir (1332-40) and Grand Duke of Russia (1325-40), made Moscow his capital, m ELENA

                Simeon “the Proud”, Prince of Moscow and Grand Prince of Vladimir (1340-53)

                IVAN II “the Gentle”


IVAN II “the Gentle”, Prince of Moscow and Grand Prince of Vladimir (1353-59), m 1stly Theodosia, dau of Dimitri, Prince of Briansk.

IVAN 2ndly m ALEKSANDRA, d 1364



DIMITRI DONSKOI, Prince of Moscow (1359-89) and Grand Prince of Vladimir (1362-89), m EVDOKIA of Suzdal

                VASILII (BASIL) I


VASILII I (BASIL), Grand Prince of Moscow (1389-1425), m SOFIYA, dau of VITOVT of Lietuva (Lithuania)

                VASILII II


VASILII II “the Blind”, Grand Prince of Moscow (1435-62), m MARIYA, dau of YAROSLAV of Borovsk

                IVAN III


IVAN III “the Great”, Grand Prince of Moscow (1462-1505), m 1stly Mariya, dau of Boris, Prince of Tver

                Ivan “the Younger”, co-regent (1471-90)

IVAN III m 2ndly SOPHIYA (ZOË), (niece of last Byzantine Emperor), dau of THOMAS PALAEOLOGUS, Prince of Achaia (see under Byzantium for ancestors)

                Elena, d 1513, m Aleksander of Poland

                VASILII III


VASILII (BASIL) III, co-regent (1502-05), Grand Prince of Moscow (1505-1533), m 1stly Salome Saburova, sent to a convent after childless for 20 years.

VASILII III 2ndly m ELENA, dau of VAILI, Prince of Glinski, a Lithuanian refugee

                IVAN IV, b 1530


IVAN IV “the Terrible”, Grand Duke of Moscow (1533-47) and Czar of Russia (1547-75 & 1576-84), 1stly m in 1547 Anastasia Romanova (chosen from 1,500 virgins sent for his inspection), d 1560, dau of Roman Iurievich Zakharin




                Ivan, b 1553, accidentally killed by his father 1580


                Fedor (Theodore) I, Czar of Russia (1584-98), m Irina Godunov, d 1604

IVAN IV 2ndly m 1560 Maria (d 1569), dau of Prince Temgryuk of the Circassians

                Son d aet 5 weeks

IVAN IV 3rdly m 1571 Martha Sobakin who died a few weeks later

IVAN IV 4thly m 1572 Anna Koltovsky, sent to a convent in 1575

IVAN IV 7thly m 1580 Maria Nagoi

                Dimitri, d 1591

          Dmitri, Czar of Russia (1605-06)

In addition to his wives IVAN IV  kept mistresses Anna Vasilchilov and Vasilissa Melentiev





FREDERICK I, Count of Moselgau, m ERMENTRUDE, dau and heiress of HERIBERT, Count of Gleiberg and Wetterau (see under Wetterau for ancestors)

                FREDERICK II


FREDERICK II, Count of Moselgau, Duc de Basse-Lorraine, d 1065, m GERBERGE, dau of EUSTACE I, Comte de Boulogne (see under Boulogne for ancestors) 

                JUTTA of Luxemburg, m WALERAN, Comte d’Arlon (see under Arlon for descendants)



MOSUL - Hamdanid Emirs





                               MODHAR, ancestor of the Omayyads and Prophet Muhammad

                                           RABÏA el-FARAS








                                                                                                                              DITHAR TAGHLIB























HAMDAN, Emir of Mosul (892-905)



ABDALLAH ABU’L-HEIDJA, Emir of Mosul (905-29)

                NASR ed-DAULA

                Seif ed-Daula, Emir of Aleppo and ancestor of successive Emirs


NASR ed-DAULA ABU MOHAMMED HASAN, Emir of Mosul (929-68)

                ABU ed-DAULA ABU TAGLIB el-GHUDHANSUR, Emir of Mosul (968-79)

                          Dau, m ROMANOS SKLEROS (for descendants see under Byzantine Emperors, Skleros dynasty)



MOUCHY - Seigneurs


HUGH de Creil, Seigneur de Creil & Mouchy, Comte de Clermont, m MARGARET, dau of HILDOUIN IV, Comte de Mondidier (see under Montdidier for ancestors)

                RICHILDE de Creil, m DREUX II, Seigneur de Mouchy & Mello

                ADELIZA, m BOUCHARD III, Seigneur de Montmorenci (see under Montmorenci for descendants)



                DREUX III


DREUX III, Seigneur de Mouchy, m 2ndly EDITH, dau of GUILLAUME de WARRENNE (see under Warrenne for ancestors) and widow of GÉRARD de GOURNAY

                DREUX IV


DREUX IV, Seigneur de Mouchy, d after 1062, m ADELAIDE

                ERMENGARDE, m GUILLAUME I, Seigneur de Dampierre (see under Dampierre for descendants). She 2ndly m Dreux de Mello, Constable of France



MOWBRAY - Earls of Nottingham & Northumberland, Dukes of Norfolk


ROBERT, Seigneur de Molbrai (sic)

                Geoffrey de Mowbray, Bishop of Coutances and a companion of the Conqueror, who made him a major land-owner in England

                ROGER de MOWBRAY, also a companion of the Conqueror

                AVICIA, m ROGER de ALBINI (see under Albini for descendants)


ROGER de MOWBRAY, Earl of Nottingham

                Robert de Mowbray, 2nd Earl of Nottingham, m Matilda, dau of RICHARD, Seigneur de l'Aigle

                NIGIL de ALBINI

                WILLIAM de ALBINI (see under Albini for descendants)


NIGIL de ALBINI and his brother of WILLIAM d’Albini both came into England with WILLIAM the Conqueror. Given by King HENRY I the forfeited lands of his maternal uncle Robert de Mowbray, Earl of Nottingham. He 1stly m Maud, dau of Richard de Aquila by permission of the Pope when her husband Robert the 2nd Earl of Northumberland was still alive in prison. NIGIL 2ndly in 1118 by advice of The King, m GUNDRED, dau of GERALD de GOURNAY (see under Gournay for ancestor)

                ROGER de MOWBRAY

                HENRY, ancestor of the Barons Albini of Camho  


ROGER de MOWBRAY, d on his 2nd visit to the Holy Land where he was captured and imprisoned. He m ALICE de GANT (see under Gant for ancestors) widow of Ilbert de Lacy

                NIGIL de MOWBRAY


NIGIL de MOWBRAY, d 1191, m MABEL, dau of Earl of CLARE 3rd Earl of Hertford (see under de Clare for ancestors)

                WILLIAM de MOWBRAY


WILLIAM de MOWBRAY, Baron of Axholme, d 1222, one of the 25 Barons enforcing the Magna Carta, m AGNES, dau of the Earl of ARUNDEL (see under Albini for ancestors) 

                Nigel de Mowbray, dvp, m Maud, dau and heiress of Roger de Camville

                ROGER de MOWBRAY  

                Joan, m as 2nd wife of JOHN de WARREN (Plantagenet), Earl of Warren and Surrey


ROGER de MOWBRAY, d 1266, m MAUD, dau of WILLIAM de BEAUCHAMP (see under Beauchamp for ancestors)

                ROGER de MOWBRAY, 1st Baron  


ROGER de MOWBRAY, 1st Baron, d 1298, m ROSE, dau of RICHARD de CLARE, 6th Earl of Hertford (see under Clare for ancestors)

                JOHN de MOWBRAY

                Alexander, went to Scotland


JOHN de MOWBRAY, 2nd Baron, hanged at York 1321, m ALIVA, dau and co-heir of WILLIAM de BRAOSE, Lord BRAOSE (see under Braose for ancestors)

                JOHN de MOWBRAY


JOHN de MOWBRAY, 3rd Baron, d 1361, m Lady JOANE PLANTAGENET, dau of HENRY, Earl of Lancaster (for ancestors see under Plantagenet, Earls of Lancaster)

                JOHN de MOWBRAY


JOHN de MOWBRAY, 4th Baron, d 1368 in battle with the Saracens near Constantinople, m ELIZABETH, dau and heiress of JOHN, Lord SEGRAVE (see under Segrave for ancestors) and his wife MARGARET, Duchess of Norfolk (dau and eventually sole heir of THOMAS PLANTAGENET of Brotherton, Earl of Norfolk (“whereby de Mowbray acquired the most splendid alliance in the Kingdom”).

                John, Earl of Nottingham, d unmrrd 1382/3

                THOMAS, Earl of Nottingham and Duke of Norfolk, b 1366, d 1399

                MARGARET (or ELEANOR) m JOHN de WELLES, 5th Baron WELLES (see under Welles for descendants)


THOMAS, Lord Mowbray and Segrave, Earl of Nottingham (succeeded his brother), created Duke of Norfolk 1397, banished 1398, d 1399, m 1stly Elizabeth, Baroness Strange  who d aged only 10 in 1383.

THOMAS 2ndly m ELIZABETH, widow of Sir William Montagu  and dau of RICHARD FitzALAN, Earl of Arundel (see under FitzAlan for ancestors). She 3rdly m Sir Robert Goushill and 4thly m Sir Gérard Usflete. 

                MARGARET, m Sir ROBERT HOWARD (see under Howard for descendants)

                Thomas, Earl of Nottingham, beheaded 1405

                John, d 1432, restored as Duke of Norfolk



MUHAMMAD the Prophet and his family


MUHAMMAD (MAHOMET) of the Baun Hashim tribe, b ca 570, d 632, m ca 594 the wealthy widow KHADIJA by whom he had a dau FATIMA who married his cousin ALI.. MUHAMMAD’s friend Abu Bakr was elected as the first Caliph (632-4). He was succeeded as 2nd Caliph by Omar (634-44) who set up a board of electors for succeeding Caliphs and was murdered by a Persian slave. His elected successor was Othman (644-55) who was disliked and murdered at his prayers, to be followed as 4th Caliph by MUHAMMAD’s son-in-law ALI (655-61). ALI in turn was murdered and his eldest son HASAN submitted to the successful Omayyad leader Muawiya, Caliph (660-80) who nominated his son Yazid I as successor (680-3), but this was opposed by the Medinese in the south who elected Abdallah as their Caliph (680-92). Meanwhile the Iraquis supported HUSAIN, the second son of ALI, and although he was soon murdered (680) this gave rise to the Shi’a sect and its tradition that only the descendants of Mahomet through his daughter FATIMA could be true Imans (heads of the Faith) and Caliphs (successors of the Prophet).

                Arab power in the north had become centred in Damascus, where MARWAN I, a cousin of Muawiya, succeeded as Caliph (683-5) and conquered Egypt. He was succeeded by his son Caliph ABD-al-MALIK (685-705) who overthrew the Medinese in Iraq and his lieutenant Hajjaj captured Mecca and killed the Caliph Abdullah of Medina. In the reign of ABD-al-MALIK’s son Caliph Walid I (705-15) they expanded the Omayyid empire to the river Indus in India and across north Africa to Spain. The Omayyid Caliph HISHAM I (724-43) was followed by four Omayyid Caliphs in a year, the last, Marwan II (744-50) was overthrown by the Abbasids, descendants of the Prophet’s uncle Abbas, with the first of their dynasty being Saffah (750-4).

Notes: 1 A.H. (after the Hegira) = 622 A.D. The following lines of descent have been accepted by Moslem authorities.





                                                       MAZAR (MODHAR)

                                                                      ILYAS (el-YAS)

                                                                                    AMR MUDRIKAH


                                                                                                               KANANAGH (KINANAH)

                                                                                                                            KAÏS en-NADHR


                                                                                                                                                FIHR KOREÏSH





                                                                                                                     ADI (see below) ancestor of OMAR I

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                MORRAH                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           KILAB (see below) ancestor of the Prophet                                                                                     







                 ABU BEKR


ABU BEKR, friend of the Prophet and 1st Caliph (632-4) - see below


ADI, son of KAAB, see above





                                                                                ABD el-UZZA



                OMAR I

                                Hafsa, wife of the Prophet


KILAB, son of MORRAH (see above)

                KOSSAY (QUSAYY)


QUSAYY (real name may have been FAHR)

                Abd el-Dar, had many descendants

                ABD MANAF

                ABD el-UZZA


                                                ’Amr ibn Asad

                                                KHUWALID, d ca 585, by FATIMA bint (dau of) ZAIDA ibn al-ASAM

                                                                KHADIJA al-KUBRA (see below for descendants)

                                                                ’Awwam, m Safiyya, brother of Hamzah


ABD MANAF ibn (son of) QUSAYY

                ABD SHAMS  (see below for descendants)


                Mutalib, d 520

                AMR HASHIM, d 510

                                SHEIBA ABD al-MUTTALIB, d 519, had by various wives 10 sons & 6 daus, including FATIMA bint ‘AMR, grandmother of the Prophet (see below)

                                                Hamza, killed by Negro slave Wahshi

                                                al-ABBAS ibn ABD al-MUTTALIB, whose descendant Abu al-Abbas became 1st of Abassid Caliphs when in 766/6 he defeated Marwan ibn Muhammad the last

                                                     of the Umayyid Caliphs of Damascus

                                                Abu Lahab, m Harb, dau of Umayya (see below)


                                                                Utayba, m Umm Kulthum, dau of KHADIJA (see below)

                                                                Utba, m Ruqayyah, dau of KHADIJA (see below)

                                          ABU TALIB

                                            ALI bin ABU TALIB, 4th Caliph (see below for descendants)

                                               ABDALLAH (son of FATIMA bint ‘AMR), m AMINA bint WAHB

                                                                MUHAMMAD the Prophet, their only child (see below for descendants)              


ABD SHAMS (see above), had by wife AMINA bint al-KAMA


                                ABU al-AS

                                                Al-HAKAM by AMINA bint ALKAMA al-KINANIYYA

                                                                MARWAN I bin al-HAKAM, b ca 624, 9th Omayyid Caliph at Damascus (683- 85), had by A’ISHA bint MU’AWIYA (see also under Andalusia,

                                                                     Moorish Spain, for other descendants)

                                                                                Abd al-Aziz, Governor of al-Andalus

                                                          ABD al-MALIK, 10th Omayyid Caliph at Damascus (685-705) - see also under Andalusia, Moorish Spain, for other descendants


                                                                                                Marwan II al-Himar, 19th & last Umayyid Caliph at Damascus (744-50)

                                                                                + 7 other sons & 2 daus





                                Uthman bin Affan, elected 3rd “Rightious” Caliph of Islam (644-56 when murdered by Egyptians), m as 2nd husband of Ruqayyah, dau of KHADIJA

                        Abdallah, d young

                                Uthman 2ndly m as 2nd husband of Umm Kulthum, dau of KHADIJA

                        No children

                                ABU SUFYAN, became head of Umayyad family

                                                MU’AWIYAH I ibn ABI SUFYAN, b ca 602, Governor of Syria, in the 1st Muslim civil war became 5th Caliph of Islam & 1st of the Umayyid Caliphs at

                                                     Damascus (661-80)

                                                                Yazid I ibn Mu’awiyah, 2nd Umayyid Caliph at Damascus (680-83)

                                                                                Mu-awiyah II ibn Yazid, 3rd Umayyid Caliph at Damascus (683-84)

                                                  A’ISHA, m MARWAN ibn al-HAKAM, 9th Omayyid Caliph (see under Andalusia, Moorish Spain, for descendants)  

                                Harb (son of UMAYYA), m Abu Lahab (see above)


KHADIJA al-KUBRA bint KHUWALID (see above for ancestors), b 565, d ?623, m 1stly Abu (father of) Halah Hind ibn Zarah




KHADIJA 2ndly m Atecq ibn ’Aaith

                Zaynab, d 630, m maternal cousin al-Aas ibn al-Rabi’ah

                                Umamah, d young

                                Ali, d young

                Ruqayyah, d 624, 1stly m Utayba, son of Abu Lahab (paternal uncle of Muhammad); she 2ndly m Uthman bin Affan, the 3rd “Rightious” Caliph (644-17 Jun 656 when assassinated)

                Umm Kulthum, d 631, 1stly m Utba, son of Abu Lahab; she 2ndly m Uthman bin Affan, 3rd Caliph

KHADIJA 3rdly m MUHAMMUD the Prophet


MUHAMMAD the Prophet (see above for ancestors), b ca 571, d 8 Jun 632. His nine wives included A’isha his 3rd and favourite,  dau of Abu Bakr (the 1st “Rightious” Caliph of Islam), and Zawdah, dau of Umar (the 2nd Caliph), By his 1st wife KHADIJA he had:

                Al-Qasim, d young

                FATIMA d aet 29, m ALI bin ABU TALIB, 4th “Rightious” Caliph (see below for descendants)

                Abdallah “the Good”, d young

By his other 8 wives his children included



                Rokaía, m Uthman the 3rd Caliph

                Kolthum, m Uthman the 3rd Caliph



Uthman (Abu Qahafa) of the Quraish tribe, m Salma (Umm-ul-Khair)


Abu Bekr al-Siddiq (named at birth Abdul Kaaba “Servant of the Kaaba”), b 560. Later MUHAMMAD renamed him Abdullah, but in his teens he called himself Abu Bekr. One of his wives was a dau of MUHAMMAD the Prophet. Elected 1st “Rightious” Caliph of Islam (631-23 Aug 34)

                Muhammad, m a dau of YAZDEGIRD III, last Sassanid Emperor of Persia (632-51)

            Several other sons

            Asmaa, m Zubayr ibn al-Awwam


            A’isha, the 3rd and favourite wife of MUHAMMAD the Prophet


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