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O’KENNEDY - Lords of Muscry Tire


The O’Kennedys are said to have descended from CORMAC CAS, son of OLIOLL OLUM


CINEADH (KENNEDY), (see under O’Brien for ancestors) d 951, m BADHION of West Connaught (see under O’Connor for ancestors)

                BRIAN BORU (see under O’Brien for descendants)







                                                                MAHOUN O’KENNEDY


MAHOUN O’KENNEDY (the first to use the O’Kennedy family name)

                TEIGE I

                                GIOLLACOMIN I




                Teige II

                Giollacomin II

                SABIA, m DONOGH CAIRBREACH O’BRIEN, King of Thomond (1210-42), (see under O’Brien for descendants)


JOHN FITZTHOMAS of Callan had a child (see under FitzGerald for descendants) by the wife of O’Kennedy, probably Teige II or Giollacomin II



O’MAHONY (See under Munster, Kings)



O’NEILL - Kings of Ailech, Brega, Meath and (Tara) Ireland

The ancient royal family of Tara, and the oldest scholarly accepted continuously traceable family in Europe. The O’Nialls reigned almost but not quite continuously as Kings of Tara until their dynasty was interrupted by Brian Boru.


CONN CÉTCHATHACH said to have lived in the 2nd century

                ART ÓENFHER

                                CORMAC Mac AIRD

                                                CAIRPRE LIFECHAR

                                                                Echu Doimlén

                                                                                Colla Mend of Airgialla

                                                                FIACHU SRAIBTINE

                                                                                MUIRDACH TIRECH

                                                                                                EOCHAID “Mugmedón”


EOCHAID “Mugmedón” (Slaves-Lord), King of Tara, living 360 AD made slave raids on Roman Britain, in one of which he carried off and married a princess called CARINA 

                NIALL Noiggiallach


                                Nath Í, 2nd King of Ireland

                                                Ailill Molt, 4th King of Ireland (463-82)

                BRION (possibly had different mother). He had dau FELDHELM FOLTCHAIN who m DOMANGART, King of the Scottish Dalriada (see under Dalriada for descendants)


NIALL “Noiggiallach” (of the Nine Hostages) “the Great”, 1st Monarch of Ireland (445-52), subdued the Picts and Britons, killed in 452 near Boulogne, m INEACHTFEE.

                Loegaire, 3rd King of Ireland 452-63) -in whose time St. Patrick was chief apostle to Ireland

                                Lugaid, 5th King of Ireland (482-507)

                DONAL CREMTHOINN, King of Meath, d 481 (see below)

                Maine, d 440, ancestor of the dynasty of Teffia in Meath

                CONALL GULBAN, King of Tir Conaill (the Land of Conall), ancestor of the Tirconnells and King DUNCAN I of Scotland (see under Tirconnell and under Scotland for



                Cairbre (Coipre

                                Cormac Cáech

                                                Tuathal Máelgard, 7th King of Ireland (534-44)


                Conal Cremthaine


                FERGUS CERRBÉL

                                DIARMAIT mac CERBAILL, King of the Southern Uí Neill,  7th King of Ireland (see below)

By INE, dau of DUBTACH, son of MOINDACH, King of Ulster

                EACHAN (Prince OWEN)


EACHAN (EÓGAN)“the Lion”, with his brothers CONALL GULBAN, Enda and Cairbre captured NW Ireland and he became King of Ailech and 1st King of Tyrone. Converted to Christianity by St. Patrick, d 465, m a foreign princess INDORBA FINNthe White


                Eochaid Binnigh “the Tuneful



MUIREDACH, King of Ailech, d 480, eloped with ERCA (EIRC) (who 3rdly m his cousin Fergus “Long Head” and became grandmother of St. Columba) wife of a British King Saran and dau of LOARN MOYthe Great”, a King of the Scots in Argyle.

                MUIRCHEARTACH I




                      Suibne Mend, King of Northern Uí Néill1, 2th King Ireland (615 -28)

                      Ernaine, King of Ailech slew his cousin King Maelfithrig in 630 (see below) and in turn had his own throat cut in 636.

                Eoghan, greatgrandfather of St. Mura whose staff and bell are still preserved, patron Saint of the O’Neills.


MUIRCHEARTACH I Mac ERCAE, King of Ailech, 6th King of Ireland (507-34), m DUAIBSECH, dau of DUACH TEANGUMHA, King of Connaught (ancestor of the O’Connor Don).  MUIRCHEARTACH I was killed when Sin, dau of one of the many he’d killed became his concubine and fired the house in which he lay drunk at Halloween.

            Fergus (Forggus), King of Ailech, joint 9th King of Ireland (565-566) with his twin brother  DOMNALL I and died of the plague in 566.

            DOMNALL I (see below)

                 BÁETÁN I, King of Ailech, joint 11th King of Ireland (569-72)

                       COLMÁN RIMIDH “the celebrated”, King of Ailech, joint King of Ireland (598-604)

                                     Fina, the mistress of King Oswiu of Northumberland

                                                Aldfrith, King of Northumberland


DOMNALL I “Ilchelgach” (the Deceitful), King of Ailech, joint 9th King of Ireland with his brother Fergus (565-566), said to have died of the plague, m ERICA, dau of ORCA, son of CARTHAN     Eochaid, King of Ailech, joint 11th King of Ireland (569-572)

                Colgu, King of Ailech (572-80)

                ÁEDH III


ÁEDH III “Uairidhnach” (of the Ague), King of Ailech,  15th King of Ireland (604-12), died of the ague at the Ford of the Two Graves in Louth

                MÁEL FITHRIG


MÁEL FITHRIG, King of Ailech (628-30), killed in battle by his cousin & successor Ernaine

                MÁEL DOUIN


MÁEL DOUIN, King of Ailech (671-81 when killed in battle), m CACHT, dau of MALCOVA, King of Tir Conaill (d 615), son of AODH II, King of Ireland



FEARGAL mac Máele Dúin, King of Ailech, 26th King of Ireland (710-722), killed in battle, m 1stly secretly a dau of Congal, 25th King of Ireland and slayer of his father

                Áedh Alánn “the Handsome”, King of Ailech, 30th King of Ireland (734-743)

FEARGAL 2ndly m ATHIOCTA, dau of CIAN, King of Connaught (see under O’Connor, Kings of Connaught for ancestors)

                NIALL II



NIALL II “Frasach” (of the Showers), King of Ailech, 32nd King of Ireland, (763-70), b 715, abdicated in 770 because his reign opened with 3 months of snow and continued with famine, earthquakes and epidemics, d a monk at Iona 778, m EITHNE (d 768) dau of BREASEL of Brega

                ÁEDH VI


ÁEDH VI “Oirdnidhe” (the Dignified), King of Ailech, 34th King of Ireland (797-819), m MAEDHBH dau of INREACHTACH, Chief of Durlas in Antrim

                NIALL III

                Maelduin, King of Ailech


NIALL III “Caille”, King of Ailech, 36th (High) King of Ireland (833-46), drowned in River Callain while trying to rescue one of his bodyguards, m GORMFHLAITH of Meath (d 860), dau of DUNCHAD I Mac DOMHNAILL, King of Ireland

                ÁEDH VII



                JOAN, m MAELMORDHA, Lord of Naas (see under Naas for descendants)

                dau m Conaing, King of Brega


ÁEDH VII “Finnliath” (White-Hair), King of Ailech, 38th High King of Ireland (862-79), m as 1st husband of MAELMUIRE (d 912), widow of Run, King of the Britons of Strathclyde and dau of King KENNETH MacALPINE of Scotland (see under Scotland, Kings, for ancestors)

                Domnall, King of Ailech, d 915, (which then included all Donegal, Derry and Tyrone)

                NIALL IV

                dau m OLAF “the Young” or “the White”, Norse King of Dublin (853-72) (see under Dublin, Norse Kings, for descendants)


NIALL IV “Glúndubh” (Black-Knee), King of Ailech, 40th High King of Ireland (916-19), (from whom the O’Neills derive their family name), b 870, d 919 in battle against King SIGTRYG I of Dublin, m in 910 as 3rd husband of GORMLAITH (d 946), widow of King Cormac of Munster and King Cearbhall of Leinster, dau of FLANN-SIONNA “the Fox”, King of Ireland (876-916) and head of the Southern Ui Neill (see later)

                Conaing, d 937






MUIRCHEARTACH “na Cochasll Craicenn” (of the Leather Cloaks), King of Ailech (938-943), b 911, killed in battle against Blacar, King of Dublin in 943, m 1stly FLANNA (d 940) dau of DONNCHADH DONN, High King of Ireland (919-44), Head of the Southern Ui Neill (see later)

                FLAITHBERTACH, King of Ailech, killed 949 (see below)

                DOMNALL IV

                Donnfhlaith, m 1stly Domnall, King of Meath and Head of the Southern Ui Neill. She 2ndly m Olaf Cuaran “Hairy Brogues”, King of Northumberland (941-944 and 948-52), and also King

                     of Dublin  (945-8 and 953-81)

MUIRCHEARTACH 2ndly m Dubhdara, dau of King Ceallach of Ossory


DOMNALL IV ua NÉILL “Ardmacha” (of Armagh), High King of Ireland (956-80), m MORE, dau of TADHG “of the Three Towers”, King of Connaught (see under O’Connor, Kings of Connaught for ancestors)

                MUIRCHEARTACH, killed in battle 977 against his uncle King Olaf of Dublin 

                                FLAITHBERTACH, King of Ailech, d 1036, ancestor of many present O’Neills

                MUIREDACH O’NEILL

                Aedh, King of Ailech (989-1004)

                Aedh II, Royal Heir of the North, slain 1021



                Muircheartach, slain 1015

                LOCHLAIN O’NEILL


LOCHLAIN O’NEILL, a part of whose dynasty took the surname MacLochlain  

                ARDGAR O’NEILL MacLOCHLAIN, King of Ailech 1061-4, d 1064

                                DOMNAL V O’NEILL


DOMNAL V O’NEILL, High King of Ireland (1119-21), b 1049, d 1121, m BABHION O’BRIEN (see under O’Brien for ancestors)

                NIAL O’NEILL



                MUNCERTACH III


MUNCERTACH III MacLOCHLAINN, High King of Ireland (1156-66)

                Connor, King of Cinel Eoghain (1166-70)

                                Connor Beg, slain by Aedh O’Neill 1201

                Nial, King of Cinel Eoghain (1170-76)

                MALACHY O’NEILL

                Murchertach, King of Cinel Eoghain (1188-96)

                                Donal, King of Cinel Eoghain (1230-1 & 1234-41)



                FINGALA O’NEILL, m GODFRED III, King of the Isle of Man (see under Isle of Man for

                                ancestors and descendants)


DONAL CREMTHOINN, King of Meath, d 481, son of NIALL “Noiggiallach” (of the Nine Hostages) “the Great”, Monarch of Ireland, (see above)



FERGUS, ca 500, m CORBHACH, dau of MAINE



DIARMAIT I (DERMOT), 7th King of Ireland, d 554, m MUNGAN (see under O’Connor for ancestors)

                COLMAN, King of Meath, d 581



SUIBNE, King of Meath, d 600


                HUAISLE (d 641), m FAOLAN I, King of Leinster (see under Leinster, Kings, for descendants)



CONAL, King of Meath, d 634


                                DERMOT, King of Meath, d 689



MERCETACH, King of Meath, d 715, m ALPIN dau of CONGAL

                DONAL, King of Ireland, d 758

                                DONCHAD I Midi, 37th King of Ireland (770-97)



MAOLRUANAIA, King of Meath, d 843, m AROG, dau of CABEL son of FIACHRADH, Prince of Bearcuil



MAILSECHLAIN, High King of Ireland, d 863, 2ndly m FLANNA (see under Ossory for ancestors)


                MAELFEHALL, m CEARHALL, High King of Ireland (see under Ossory for descendants)


FLANN-SIONNA “the Fox”, 43rd High King of Ireland (879-916) and head of the Southern Ui Neill, d 916, 2ndly m GORMLAITH of Bregh

                DONCHAD II (DONNCHADH DONN )

                GORMLAITH (d 946), widow of King Cormac of Munster and King    Cearbhall of Leinster, 3rdly m NIALL IV “Glindubh” (Black -Knee), 44th High King of Ireland (916-19) - 

                     see above for descendants


DONNCHADH DONN, 45th High King of Ireland (919-44), Head of the Southern Ui Neill, m DUIBHLEANDNA of West Brefna

                FLANNA, m MUIRCHEARTACH “na Cochasll Craicenn” (of the Leather Cloaks), King of Ailech (938-943) (see above for descendants)


FLAITHBERTACH, King of Ailech, killed 949 (see above)

                CONOR (Conchobar) “of the Woods”


CONOR (Conchobar) O’NEILL “of the Woods”, styled King of Ulster “with opposition”, killed by a rival



TADHG “of the Glens” O’NEILL, styled King of Ulster “with opposition”, killed by a rival



MUIRCHERTACH “of Moylinny” O’NEILL, styled King of Ulster “with opposition”, killed by a rival



AEDH “the Lazy-Arsed Youth” O’NEILL, King of Cenel Eoghain (1176-77)



NIALL “the Red” O’NEILL, King of Ulster 1230, m dau of CATHAL “Red Hand” O’CONOR, King of Connaught



BRIAN O’NEILL, High King of Ireland (1258-60 when killed by the English at Battle of Down)



DOMNALL O’NEILL, King of Ulster, d 1325



AEDH “the Stout”, King of Ulster (1344-64)



NIALL “the Big”, King of Ulster (1364-94)



NIALL “the Young”, King of Ulster (1394-1403), ancestor of the McDonnells, Baronets of Moyanne and Viscounts Dungannon  


DIARMAIT mac CERBAILL, 5th King of Mide (the Southern Uí Neill),  7th King of Ireland (544-65) - see above

                COLMÁN MÁR, 6th King of Mide

                    SUIBNE, 8th King of Mide, d 600

                            CONALL GUTHBINN, 11th King of Mide, d 635

                                    AIRMETACH CÁECH, d 637  

                                                   DIARMAIT DIAN, 13th King of Mide, d 689

                                                                   MURCHAD MIDI, 14th King of Mide, d 715

                                                                                   DOMNALL MIDI


DOMNALL MIDI, 16th King of Mide, 35th King of Ireland (743-63)

                DONNCHAD MIDI, 19th King of Mide, 37th  King of Ireland (770-97)

                                Conchobar, 23rd King of Mide, 39th King of Ireland (819-33)

                                MÁEL RUANAID, 24th King of Mide, d 843

                                                MÁEL SECHNAILL, 26th King of Mide, 41st High King of Ireland (846-62)                   

                                                                FLANN SINNA


FLANN SINNA, 29th King of Mide, 43rd High King of Ireland (879-916)

                DONNCHAD DONN, 32nd King of Mide, 45th High King of Ireland (919-44)

                                DOMNALL, 37th King of Mide, d 952

                                                MÁEL SECHNAILL, 40th King of Mide, 48th High King of Ireland (1014-22)





CUNO, Count of Oeningen, m RICHILDA, d 999

                RICHILDA, m CUNO, Count of Rheinfelden (see under Rheinfelden for descendants)

                ITHA, b 950, d 996, m RUDOLPH II, Count of Swabian Altdorf (see under Altdorf for descendants)

                CUNIGUNDE (HEMMA), d 1020, m FREDERICK, Count of Wassenburg (see under Diessen for descendants)





ROBERT d’OUILLIE (see under Basset for ancestors)

                NIGEL d’OILLEY

                Robert (Roger) d’Oilley, a companion of the Conqueror, 1st Castellan of Oxford, m dau & heir of  the Saxon Wigot of Wallingford, a kinsman of King EDWARD, and thus a sister of Toki

                     who saved the Conqueror’s life at the siege of Gerberoi in 1079. Their dau Maud m Miles Crispin

                Richard d’Ouille (de Wells) held the Manor of Welle in Dorset and Manor of Wedna (Welle) in Essex apparent ancestor (due to Saxon mispronounciation of Ouille) of Wells family in Dorset

                     and Somerset). Note: a Wely was recorded in the Battle Abbey Roll in Raphael Holinshed’s “Chronicle of England, Scotland, and Irelande (1577) and also in the Duchess of

                     Cleveland’s “The Battle Abbey Roll” Vol III (1889)


NIGEL d’OILLY, d 1112, m AGNES




ROBERT d’OILLY, d 1155, m EDITH FORNE dau of PHORNE SIGULFSON de GREYSTOKE Cumberland, and former concubine of King HENRY I (see under Greystoke for ancestors)

                EDITH, m GILBERT BASSET (see under Basset for descendants)



ORANGE - Comtes & Princes (See also under Baux)


GIRAUD-ADÉMAR, Comte d’Orange, c 1000

                RAIMBAUD I


RAIMBAUD I, Comte d’Orange, c 1040

                BERTRAND I


BERTRAND I, Comte d’Orange, c 1062, m ADELAIDE

                RAIMBAUD II


RAIMBAUD II, Comte d’Orange, d 1121

                TIBURGE I        


TIBURGE I, Comtesse d’Orange, d 1150, m GUILLEM de Montpellier, d 1156 (see under Montpellier for ancestors)

                Guillem II, Comte d’Orange, d 1160

                Raimbaud III, Comte d’Orange, d 1173

                TIBURGE III, Princess d’Orange, 2ndly m BERTRAND I des Baux (see under Baux for ancestors)


BERTRAND de Baux, jure uxoris, Prince d’Orange, d 1181, and TIBURGE III

                RAYMOND des Baux (see under Baux for descendants)

                GUILLEM IV

                Hugues, m Barale de Marseille


GUILLEM IV, Prince d’Orange, d 1218

                Guillem V, Prince d’Orange, d 1239

                RAYMOND I


RAYMOND I, Prince d’Orange, d 1282

                BERTRAND III, Prince d’Orange, d 1335

                                RAYMOND III, Prince d’Orange, d 1340,

                                                RAYMOND IV


RAYMOND IV, Prince d’Orange, d 1393

                Alix, Baronne de Baux, d 1426



MARIE, Princess d’Orange, d 1417, m JEAN I de Châlons-Arlai, d 1418


                Jean, m Jeanne de la Trémoille, heiress of Joigni

                Alix, m Guillaume de Vienne-St. George


LOUIS, Prince d’Orange, d 1463, m JEANNE de MONTFAUÇON  

                GUILLAUME VII


GUILLAUME VII, Prince d’Orange, d 1475

                JEAN II


JEAN II, Prince d’Orange, d 1502

                Philibert, Prince d’Orange, d 1530



CLAUDE, Princess d’Orange, d 1521, m HENRI, Comte de Nassau  


RENÉ, Prince d’Orange
, d 1544



GUILLAUME “le Taciturne” (WILLIAM “the Silent”), Prince d’Orange

                CHARLOTTE, m 1625 JAMES STANLEY, Earl of Derby, b 1607, d 1651



ORKNEY - Jarls


TORF EYNAR, Jarl of Orkney (ca 895-910), son of RAGNWALD “the Wise”, Jarl of Møre (see under Møre for ancestors) d 910



THORFINN I (Skull-Splitter), Jarl of Orkney & co-heir of the Scottish-Pictish Kings, d 1064, m GRELOD dau of DUNCAN, Earl of Caithness and his wife GROA, dau of THORSTEIN the Red, son of OLAV the White, Norse King of Dublin (see under Dublin, Kings, for ancestors)



HLODVER, Jarl of Orkney, d 980, m AUDNA dau of the Laird of Kirkwall  

                SIGURD II

                HVARFLAD (SVANLAUG) m GILLE, Laird of Colonsay (see under Lairds of the Isles for descendants)


SIGURD II HLODVERSSON “the Stout”, Jarl of Orkney, slain 23.4.1014 at Battle of Clontarf, m ANLETA (DOVADA), dau of King MALCOLM II of Scotland (see under Scotland, Kings, for ancestors)

                THORFINN II

                Summarlidi, Jarl of Orkney, d 1015

                                Thora, m Erland II, Jarl of Orkney

                Brusi, Jarl of Orkney, d 1020

                Einar “Wry-Mouth”, Jarl of Orkney, murdered 1020


THORFINN II SIGURDSSON “the Black or the Mighty”, Jarl of Orkney (1014-1064) and Earl of Caithness, b 999, d 1065, m as 1st husband of INGEBIORG dau of FINN ARNESSON, d 1062 (see under Norway for ancestors)

                PAUL I

                Erland II, Jarl of Orkney, d 1098, m Thora Sumarlididottir

                                St. Magnus, Jarl in Norway


PAUL I THORFINNSSON, joint Jarl of Orkney (1063-93 when deposed), d 1103, m RAGNHILD, dau of HÅKON I of Sweden (see under Sweden for ancestors)



HÅKON PAULSSON, Jarl of Orkney (1105-26), m anon

                Paul “the Silent”, Co-Jarl of Orkney (1126-37)

By his concubine HELGA dau of MODDAN, Earl of Caithness (see under Sinclair for ancestors)

                Harold “Smooth-Spoken”, Co-Jarl of Orkney (1126-31)

                INGEBIORG HARALDSDOTTIR, m as 2nd wife of OLAV I BITLING, King of the Isle of Man (see under Isle of Man for descendants)

                MARGARET HARALDSOTTIR, Countess of Orkney, m MADOCH, Earl of Atholl   (see under Scotland, Kings for ancestors)

                Harold II Maddadsson, Earl of Orkney


JOHN, Earl of Orkney, d 1305, descendant of MARGARET HARALDSDOTTIR and MADOCH above, m a dau of King MAGNUS of Norway by INGEBORGA, dau of ERIC, King of Denmark



ISABELLA, Countess of Orkney and Caithness, m MALISE, Earl Palatine of Strathearn

                MALISE, 7th Earl Palatine of Strathearn, Earl of Orkney and Caithness

                                ISABELLA, his heiress, m WILLIAM SINCLAIR, Laird of Rosslyn (see under Sinclair for descendants)





OTTO, Count of Orlamunda, son of WILLEM II, Count of Weimar (see under Weimar for ancestors), d 1067, m ADELAIDE

                ADELA, m 2ndly HENRI II, Comte de Louvain (see under Louvain  for descendants)



ORMONDE - Earls (See under Butler)





ENGELBERT I, Count of Ortenberg, m EDITH of Parneck

                RICHARDIS, m POPPO, Count of Weimar (see under Weimar for descendants)

                BERLINDA, m HUGUES III, Comte d’Alsace Bas (see under Alsace for descendants)

                ENGILBERT II


ENGILBERT II, Count of Ortenberg, m EDITH dau of HEINRICH II, Duke of Carinthia (see under Carinthia for ancestors)

                MAUD, m in 1126 THIBAULT IV “le Grand”, Comte de Champagne (see under Champagne for descendants)



OSSORY - Kings & Princes


COLMAN MOY, 1st Prince of Ossory, d 575

                SCANLAN, Prince of Ossory, d 605

                                RONAN, Prince of Ossory, d 624

                                                CRUNDMAOL, Prince of Ossory, d 656

                                                                FAOLAN, Prince of Ossory, d 660

                                                                                CUCEREA, Prince of Ossory, d 713

                                                                                                AMMEADH, Prince of Ossory, d 760

                                                                                                                FEARGAL, Prince of Ossory, d 802

                                                                                                                                DUNGHAL, Prince of Ossory, d 842



DERMOT, Prince of Ossory,


                FLANNA, m 1stly as 2nd wife of MAILSECHLAIN, King of Ireland (see under Meath for descendants)


CEARBHALL, King of Ireland, d 888, m MAELFEHALL dau of MAELSECHLAIN, King of Ireland (see under O’Neill for ancestors)


                RAVERTA, m EYRIND EASTMAN (see under Sinclair for descendants)


CEALLAGH, Prince of Ossory, d 907, m SABH

                MURCERTACH, d 907

                                DONCHAD, Prince of Ossory, d 974



GIOLLAPATRICK, Prince of Ossory, d 996, m MAELMUIR, dau of AULOCH (see under Dublin, Norse Kings, for ancestors)



TADHG of Ossory


                DEARBFORGAIL, m TURLOCH O’BRIEN (see under O’Brien for descendants)



                DUBHEHOBHLAIGH, m MURCETACH O’BRIEN (see under O’Brien for descendants)







                                OSTROGOTHA, ca 240 CE






                Ermanaric (see below)







                                VINITHARIUS (WINITHAR), King of the Ostrogoths ca 380 Note: there seem to be too many generations between Ostrogotha and Vinitharius !

                                       VANDALARIUS (WANDELAR)


VANDALARIUS, King of the Ostrogoths, d 459

                Valamer, King (440-70) Note: some say for only a few months


                Vidimer, joint-King (470-75)


THEODEMER, joint-King of the Ostrogoths (470-75), m ERELIEVA (ERELICIA)


                AMALAFRIDA, 1stly m ? and had a son Theodahad, King of the Ostrogoths (534-36) and a dau

                        AMALABERGA, m HERMENFRED, King of the Thuringians, d 532

                                                    RODELINDA, m AUDOUIN, King of the Lombards (see under Lombard, Kings, for descendants)


THEODORIC “the Great”, b 455, King of Italy (493-526) and from 507 also of Spain, m THEODORA

                Theodogotho, m Sigismund, King of the Burgundians (see under Burgundy, Arian Kings, for family)

                AREVAGNI, m ALARIC II, Visigoth King of Spain (see under Visigoths for descendants)

                THEODORA, m SEVERINUS, Count of Cartagena, parents of St. Isodore and of THEODOSIA who m LEOVIGILD, Visigoth King of Spain (see under Visigoths for


THEODORIC 2ndly m AUDOFLEDA, sister of CLOVIS (see under Merovingian dynasty for ancestors)

                AMALASUNTHA, d 534


AMALASUNTHA,Regent (516-34) in association with her cousin Theodahad, King of Italy. She was imprisoned and then strangled in her bath by Theodahad in 535. She m EUTHARIC, an Amal, (see below)

                Athalaric, King of Italy (526-34) under mother’s regency



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