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                                Constans “Mariatocos”, d 310

                  CONSTANTINA 2ndly m as 2nd wife of MAECIUS MAEMEAS

                                BLESILLA, m ROGATUS, a Greek Prince

                                                St. PAULA, d 404, m TOXOTIUS (1)

                                                                TOXOTIUS (2), m LAETA, dau of FURIA LAETA

                                                                                Paula, d 419,

                                                                                Eustochius, Bishop of Tours

                                                                                LAETA, m FIDIUS PERPETUUS ATTICUS

                                                                                                Perpetuus, Bishop of Tours

                                                                                                ATTICA, m MAGNUS FELIX

                                                                                                FIDIA PERPETUA JULIA, m FALTONIUS. Ancestors of many Gallo-Roman Bishops including the Historian Gregory, Bishop of

                                                                                                     Tours who d 594

CONSTANTIUS then m his cousin THEODORA, dau of EUTROPIA by her 1st husband FLAVIUS AFRANIUS HANNIBALIANUS and adopted when she 2ndly m MAXIMIAN, Emperor in the West (286-305 & 307-8), strangled 310 by order of CONSTANTINE, and by whom she had FLAVIA MAXIMA FAUSTA who m CONSTANTINE “the Great” and Maxentius, Emperor in Rome (306-312)

                Flavius Delmatius, killed 337

                          Delmatius, killed 337

                          Hanniballianus, killed 337, m Constantina, dau of Constantine “the Great” (see below)

                JULIUS CONSTANTINUS “the Patrician”, killed 337 by his 1st wife



                  JULIUS CONSTANTINUS m 2ndly BASILINA

                                GALLUS CAESAR, beheaded 354, m CONSTANTINA, dau of CONSTANTINE “the Great



                                                 ADEODATA, m RUFIUS POSTUMIANUS (see below for descendants)

                                Julian “the Apostate”, b 332, Caesar 355, acclaimed Augustus by his troops in Paris 359, sole Emperor (361-63), m Helena, dau of CONSTANTINE “the Great (see


                                GALLA, m VETTIUS JUSTUS, d 361

                                                Cerealis, d 370

                                                Constantine, d 369

                                                JUSTINA AVIANA, d 387, 1stly m Magnentius, Emperor (350-53) and 2ndly m Emperor VALENTINIAN I (see below)

                Hannibalianus, dsp

                CONSTANTIA, in 313 m Co-Emperor VALERIUS LICIANUS (LICINIUS) (313-325 when executed)

                          Licinius II, Caesar 314, executed 327

                          Son 2, became a eunarch serving women in palace at Carthage

            Note: some claim CONSTANTIA and LICINIUS  also left the following descendants)

                          VALENTINA JUSTINA, m THEODOSIUS MAGNUS

                                          “ARCHADIUS” CLAUDIUS CLAUDIANUS, m SIEGSE, a Frank

                                                          SUNNON (CHLODIO), father of MEROVECH (see under Merovingian dynasty for descendants) Note: there is much doubt about this line of descent.

                Anastasia, m the senator Flavius Optatus (killed 337)

                Eutropia, m the consul & senator  Popilius Nepotianus (killed 337)

                                1 son


FLAVIUS VALERIUS CONSTANTINUSthe Great, b Naissus in Dacia ca 274, joint Emperor (306-23) and sole Emperor (324-37).

By his British mistress

                Constanca, m Eudaf, a Briton

By his mistress from 296 Minervina (div 307)

                Crispus, b 303, executed by order of his father 325, possibly for a liaison with Fausta

CONSTANTINE 2nd m FLAVIA MAXIMA FAUSTA, dau of MAXIMIAN and EUTROPIA (see above) and sister of Emperor Maxentius (306-312). She was suffocated in 325 by order of Constantine, possibly for liaison with Crispus

                Constantine II, Joint Emperor (337-40), b 316, d 340 in battle against brother Constans

                Constantius II, b 317, Joint Emperor (337-50), sole Emperor (350-61)

                                Constantia, m Gratian, joint Emperor (375-83) see below

                CONSTANTINA, 1stly m Hannibalianus, King of Armenia and Pontus (335-7) educated at Toulouse with Brother Flavius Julius Dalmatius, both sons of Flavius Dalmatius (see above). She

                     2ndly m GALLUS CAESAR (see above), beheaded 354.. She also d 354. See above for descendants.

                Helena, m Julian, half-brother to GALLUS CAESAR (see above)

                Flavius Julius Constans, b 320, Emperor of Italy, Illyrium and Africa (337-50) when killed, m Olympias, dau of Ablavius (killed 357)

           FAUSTA, m Count GRATIAN (see below as parents of  Emperor VALENTINIAN I)






                                   RUFIUS GENNADIUS AVIANUS, d 468, m MELLETA TARRUTENIA

                    Rufius Pretextatus Postuminus, d 448


The Family of Gratian


Count GRATIAN, a Pannonian rope-maker who became a successful general, d 367, m FAUSTA, dau of Emperor CONSTANTINE “the Great” (see above)

                VALENTINIAN I

                Flavius Julius Valens, made co-Augustus by VALENTINIAN I in 364 to rule the East Empire from the Danube to the Persian border, killed by Visigoths at Battle of Adrianople in 378


VALENTINIAN I, Emperor of the West (364-75) (with capital in Milan), b 322, m 1stly Marina Severa

            Flavius Gratianus, b 360, joint Emperor (375-83), m Constantia, dau of Constantius II (see above)

VALENTINIAN 2ndly m JUSTINA AVIANA (widow of Emperor Magnentius and lovely dau of GALLA and VETTIUS JUSTUS a Sicilian governor - see above) after first enjoying her naked charms when the Empress Marina Severa had invited her to join them in the bath 

                Flavius Valentinianus II, b 363, joint Emperor (375-92), dsp unmrd

                Valentina Justina, m Theudemar, a Merovingian King (see under Merovingian dynasty)

                GALLA, d 394, m as 2nd wife of THEODOSIUS “the Great” (see below)


The Family of Theodosius


VALERIUS CONSTANINUS DARDANUS, a brother of CONSTANTINUS “Chlorus” (see under Family of Constantine above)




General THEODOSIUS, defeated the Picts & Scots, leaving Britain in 370, executed by Valens 376, m THERMANTIA

                THEODOSIUS I


                                Serena (strangled 408 by order of the Senate), m Flavius Stilicho the Vandal General of the Roman West (killed 408)

                                Eucherius, dsp

                                Maria, m as 1st wife of Emperor Honorius, but said to have d a virgin

                                Thermantia, m as 2nd wife of Emperor Honorius, but also said to have d a virgin


          Didymus, d 409

          Verinian, d 409,

          SEVERA, m as 2nd wife of  CONSTANTIUS III (see below for descendants)

          Maximus, d 422

          Serena, m Silicho, d 408


THEODOSIUS “the Great, made co-Augustus by Gratian 379, Emperor of the West (379-92) & last Emperor of united East & West (392-95), m 1stly AELIA FLAVIA FLACILLA, dau of AFRANIUS FLACCILUS AELIANUS (see under family of Gordian above)

                FLAVIUS ARCADIUS, Emperor of the East following re-division of the Empire (395-408) (see  below)

                Flavius Honorius, b 385, Emperor of the West (395-423), m 1stly Maria dau of Flavius Stilicho & Serena; he 2ndly m Thermantia a 2nd dau of Stilicho & Serena; but he later developed

                     an embarrassing affection for his half-sister GALLA PLACIDIA

THEODOSIUS 2ndly m GALLA, dau of Emperor VALENTINIAN I (see above)

                AELIA GALLA PLACIDIA, d ca 450, captured by Visigoths 410, m 414 1stly Athaulf (Ataulfus),  King of the Visigoths  (410-415); she 2ndly m in 417 an Illyrian CONSTANTIUS III,

                     made Co-Emperor in 421 but soon died, leaving her as Regent following his death. She built her famous Mausoleum at Ravenna in 446


FLAVIUS ARCADIUS, b 377, Emperor of the East  (395-408) (see above) m AELIA EUDOXIA, d 404, dau of Magister Militum BAUTO. She was said to have had many lovers with her husband’s knowledge and one them (John)  may have fathered THEODOSIUS II, (she d due to miscarriage 404)


                Pulcheria, b 399, d 453, co-Augusta (314-50), taking over power from Anthemius and from then on actually controlled the government, m as 2nd wife of Emperor Marcian (see below)

                THEODOSIUS II, b 401




THEODOSIUS II “Porphyrogenitus (meaning “born of the purple”, i.e. born while his father was Emperor), Emperor of the East (408-50), m in 421 ATHENAIS (from then known as EUDOCIA, co-Augusta (423-39), d 460, dau of LEONTIUS, a Greek professor at Athens.

                LICINIA EUDOXIA, 1stly m in 437  VALENTINIAN III (see above for descendants). She 2ndly was forced to m the Praetorian prefect and consul Petronius Maximus, Emperor




The Family of Maximus


MAGNUS MAXIMUS, Emperor (383-88). His ancestry is uncertain, but he may have been the son of EUCHERIUS (brother of THEODOSIUS the father of THEODOSIUS I “the Great”. MAXIMUS 1stly m Doda

                Victor, d 388 (possibly Sextus Aurelius Victor the Roman Historian), m Grata, d 388

                                Son murdered 388

MAXIMUS 2ndly m Ceindrich

                Eugenius, nominated by Argobast as Western Emperor (392-94 when beheaded before THEODOSIUS “the Great”)

           Publicius “the Saint”


                Dionotus, d 394, m Elen

                                Son murdered 394

                                Anicia, m Marcus Actius

                Aldroenus, Prefect of Armorica, d 407

                                Jovin, d 413

                                Sebastian, d 413

                                Johannes, d 425

                CONSTANTIUS III

                Antonius “Donatus”

                Magna, m Ennodius, Prefect of North Africa


CONSTANTIUS III, Co-Emperor of the West (for 7 months in 421), and AELIA GALLA PLACIDIA, Augusta (421-50)

                VALENTINIAN III

                Julia Honoria Grata, d 454/5, became pregnant by Eugenius, exiled to Constantinople, later said to have invited ATTILA to Italy but then to have rejected marriage with him. She m



                Julian Constans Caesar, executed 411, m Martiana

                Justus, d 409

                Constans “the Monk”

                MAGNA MAJOR, m AGRICOLA, Prefect of Gaul

                Magna Minor


VALENTINIAN III, b 419, assassinated 455, Emperor of the West (425 at first under guardianship of his mother GALLA PLACIDIA -55), m as 1st husband of LICINIA EUDOXIA, grand-dau of Emperor ARCADIUS (see below)

                PLACIDIA, m ANICIUS OLYBRIUS, Consul (464) and Emperor (472)

           EUDOCIA, m 1stly m Palladius son of Petronius Maximus; she 2ndly m HUNERIC, King of the Vandals (see under Vandals for  descendants)


ANICIUS OLYBRIUS, Consul (464), chosn by Ricimer as puppet Emperor (472), m PLACIDIA (see above)

                JULIANA, d 524, m AREOBINDUS, d 506

                                OLYBRIUS, d 526,m m IRENE, dau of PAULUS of Arabisso, son of Priest POMPEIUS and a Manichee ANASTASIA

                                                PROBA, m PROBUS, d 525

                                                                JULIANA, m as 2nd husband of  ANASTASIUS, d 571

                                                         AREOBINDUS, m GEORGIA

                                                                        FLAVIA JULIANA, m ATHANAGILDO (see under Visigoths for descendants)

                                                PROBUS, d 542, m AVIENA

                                                                PROBA, m ROGAS of Libya

                                                                                FABIA, d 612, m HERACLIUS, Emperor (610-41) - see below under Family of Heraclius for descendants)


The Family of Marcian  


Marcian, son of a Balkan soldier, appointed Emperor (25.8.450-26.1.457) by the dying Emperor THEODOSIUS II whose sister Pulcheria he then married

                Euphemia, m Anthemius, chosen by Pope Leo I as Emperor (7.2.467 - 3.2.472) after death of Emperor Libius Severus

                Marcian, m Leontia, yng dau of Leo “the Great” (see below)

                                Alypia, m the Sueve magister militum FLAVIUS RICIMER who controlled the Western Roman Empire (456-72) (see under Burgundy, Kings, for relations)


The Family of Leo Makelles



                Leo “Makelles”

                Basiliscus, m Zenonis



                                                Basiliscus, Bishop of Cyzicus


Leo “Makelles” (Butcher), a former steward to Aspar who appointed him Eastern Roman Emperor (457-74), m Verina sister of Basiliscus (briefly Emperor 475)

            Ariadne, m 1stly Tarasicodissa Rousoumbladeotes (Zeno), born without knee-caps, Regent then Emperor (474-91). His mother was Lalis & his brother was Longinus

                                Leo, co-Emperor (474), d aet 7/8  

             Ariadne, 2ndly m as 2nd wife of Flavius Anastasius I “Dikorus”, (one eye blue and one black), Eastern Roman Emperor (491-518).

                Leontia, 1stly m Patricius, son of Aspar; she 2ndly m Marcian, son of Emperor ANTHEMIUS (see above)





FLAVIUS AFRANIUS SYAGRIUS, Gallo-Roman Senator at Lyon, Consul 381, Proconsul in Africa, Magister Officiorum and Praetorian Prefect of the West, defeated by CLOVIS.

                dau, m FERROLEUS


FERROLEUS and above wife



TONANTIUS FERROLEUS I, Consul 453, m PAPINILLA MINOR, dau of Emperor EPARCHIUS AVITUS (455-56), son of AGRICOLA, Prefect of Gaul (416-8)




TONANTIUS FERROLEUS II “Vir Clarissimus (507-11), a Commander at Battle of Châlons, was at Rome in 469 and 475, m dau of CLODOREIUS


                Agibulfer, Bishop of Metz

                Firminus, Bishop of Uzes



ANSBERTUS, a Gallo-Roman Senator, m BLITHILDA, dau of CLODERIC, King of Cologne (see under Merovingian dynasty for ancestors)






 LEUTHARIUS, m GERBERGE, dau of Duke RICOMER of Burgundy

                dau, m ANSAUD

           SIGRADA, m BODILON (see under Hesbaye for descendants)



ROMANIA – Despots


MIKHAÈL II, Despot of Romania

                HÉLÉNÈ, m MANFRED, King of Sicily (1258-66), jure uxoris Despot of Romania (1259-66)


CHARLES I (son of LOUIS IX of France), Comte d’Anjou (1246-1285) & jure uxoris of Provence & Tonnerre (1273-85), Prince of Achaia (128-85), Despot of Romania (1266-85), King of Sicily (1265-82), Naples (1265-85) & Jerusalem (1278-85), m BEATRIX, heiress of Provence

                CHARLES II

                Philippe, dsp 1277, m as 1st husband of Isabelle de Villehardouin

                BEATRIX, m PHILIPPE, Emperor of Constantinople (see under Constantinople - Norman Emperors, for descendants) See also under Anjou for descendants


CHARLES II, Comte de Maine & Anjou (1285-90), Comte de Provence (1285-1309), King of Naples (1285-1309), Despot of Romania (1285-94),  Comte de Tonnerre (1273-85), Prince of Achaia (1285-89)

                PHILIPPE II of Taranto, Despot of Romania (1315-31) m THAMAR of Epiros

                ROBERT, King of Naples, d 1343

                                CHARLES, dvp 1328

                                                JEANNE, d 1398, 





ROBERT de Romeliolo

                CECILY de ROMELLI, m WILLIAM of Copeland (see under Meschines for ancestors)

                                AVICE de ROMELLI, m WILLIAM PAGANEL (see under Paganell for descendants)



                ALICE, m WILLIAM, Earl of Moray, Lord of Skypton and Craven (see under Scotland, Kings, for descendants)



ROS - Barons


PIERS (PETER) de ROS, a feudal baron, d 1130, m ADELINE ESPEC, sister and co-heir of Walter Espec, Lord of the Manor of Hamlake, Yorks (see under Espec for ancestors)


                Walter de Ros


ROBERT de ROS, d ca 1150, m SYBELL de VALOINES, who 2ndly m WILLIAM de PERCY and 3rdly m Ralph de Albini (see under Valognes for ancestors)

                EVERARD de ROS

                GILBERT de ROS of Steeton, had dau JULIANA, who m as 2nd wife of Sir ROBERT le VAVASOUR (see under Vavasour for descendants)  

                Joan, m Stephen de Meinhill II


EVERARD de ROS, d ca 1186, m ROYSIA, dau of WILLIAM TRUSBUT of Wartre in Holderness, Yorks by AUBREYE de HARCOURT xe "Trusbut - Barons of"

                ROBERT de ROS

                ALICE m WILLIAM de PERCY (see under Percy for descendants)


ROBERT de ROS, “Farfan”, Lord of Helmsley Castle, d 1227, one of 25 Barons who witnessed Magna Carta, a Knight Templar, m ISABEL, a natural dau of WILLIAM the LION, King of Scotland and widow of Robert de Brus (see under Brus and under Scotland, Kings, for ancestors)

                WILLIAM de ROS

                Robert, Baron Ros of Werke

                JOAN, m JOHN, 1st Lord LOVEL (see under Lovel for descendants)


WILLIAM de ROS, d 1258, by death of two great aunts had become sole heir to baronial estate of Trusbut and Watre. He m LUCIA, dau of REGINALD FITZ-PIERS of Blewleveny in Wales (see under FitzHerbert for ancestors)


                LUCIA, m WILLIAM de Kyme (see under Kyme for descendants)

                John de Ros, had a dau Lucy who m Lord Rither


ROBERT de ROS of Helmsley, d 1285, summoned to Parliament as Baron Ros in 1284, m ISABEL, dau and heiress of WILLIAM de ALBINI, by whom he acquired Belvoir Castle (see under Albini for ancestors)

                WILLIAM de ROS, 2nd Baron

                Robert, Knighted 1296

                ISABEL, m WALTER de FAUCONBERG, 2nd Baron (see under Fauconberg for descendants)

                Joan, m as 2nd wife of JOHN LOVEL

ROBERT  2ndly m Maud de Vaux


WILLIAM de ROS, 2nd Baron, b 1255, d 1316, one of the competitors for the crown of Scotland through his grandmother Isabel, a natural dau of William “the Lion”, King of Scotland. He m MAUD (or MATILDA, a dau and co-heir of JOHN de VAUX (see under Vaux for ancestors)

                WILLIAM de ROS

                John, a governor of young EDWARD III, Admiral of the Seas from the Thames northwards, dsp 1338

                MARGARET, m HENRY le SCROPE (see under Scrope for descendants)

                ANNE, m PAIN de TIBETOT (see under Tibetot for descendants)

                MARY, m 1stly to William Braose; she 2ndly m THOMAS de  BROTHERTON, Duke of Norfolk, and she 3rdly m Sir RALPH COBHAM (see under Cobham for descendents) 


WILLIAM de ROS, 3rd Baron of Hamlake, d 1342/3, m MARGARET, elder sister and co-heir of Giles de Badlesmere, a great feudal baron of Leeds Castle, Kent (see under Badlesmere for ancestors)

                William, b 1326 his heir, led 2nd Brigade of the English army at Battle of Crécy, dsp 1352 in the Holy Land, m Margaret, dau of RALPH, Lord NEVILLE 


                MARGARET (xe "DEINCOURT - Barons"MAUD), m JOHN, 4th Lord WELLES (see under Welles for descendants)

                Alice, m Nicholas, Lord Meinell

                Millicent, m as 2nd wife of WILLIAM, Lord DEINCOURT (see under Deincourt for descendants)


THOMAS de ROS, 5th Baron, b 1326, succeeded his brother William, m BEATRICE, dau of RALPH, 2nd Baron STAFFORD and widow of Maurice FitzMaurice, 2nd Earl of Desmond 

                John, 6th Baron Ross, dsp 1394/5 in Cyprus, m Mary, dau of Henry Percy




                Elizabeth, m 1stly Lord Zouche of Haryngworth; she 2ndly m Thomas, son & heir of Roger, Lord Clifford 



WILLIAM, 7th Baron ROS, d 1414, Lord Treasurer of England, m MARGARET, dau of Sir JOHN ARUNDEL, son of JOHN FitzALAN Lord Maltravers, 2nd son of RICHARD, 9th Earl of Arundel

                John, 8th Baron Ros, dsp, m MARGARET, dau of Sir PHILIP DESPENSER; she 2nd m Sir ROGER WENTWORH   

                THOMAS, 9th Baron


                                dau m 1stly Robert Lovel; she 2ndly m Thomas Proude & 3rdly m Sir Richard Haut



                                Mary, m Sir Giles Capel

                Beatrice, a nun


                MARGARET, m 1stly Reginald, Lord Grey de Ruthyn; she 2ndly m JAMES TOUCHET, Lord Audley (See under Touchet for descendants)

                ELIZABETH, m Robert, 6th Lord Morley; she 2ndly m THOMAS, heir to ROGER CLIFFORD, Earl of Westmoreland


THOMAS, 9th Baron ROS, d 1431, m ALIANOR, dau of RICHARD BEAUCHAMP, Earl of Warwick



THOMAS, 10th Baron ROS, d 1461, m PHILIPPA, dau of JOHN, Lord Tiptoft (see under Tiptoft for ancestors)

                Edmund, d 1508, unmrrd

                John, dsp

                ELEANOR, m Sir ROBERT MANNERS, ancestors of Dukes of Rutland

                Isabel, m 1stly Sir Thomas Everingham; she 2ndly m Thomas Grey of Werke; she 3rd m Sir Thomas Lovel

                Margaret, d unmmrd



ROT - Counts


POPPO I de Rota, alive 960

                POPPO II von Rot

                                POPPO III


POPPO III von Rot, Count of Rot and Isergau, m HAZAGA of Karten



KUNO von Rot, Pfalzgraf of Bavaria, d 1086, m UTA, dau of Count FRIEDRICH II of Diessen (see under Diessen for ancestors), and widow of Abalrech von Formbach  

                ERMENGARD, m Count GEBHARD II of Sulzbach (see under Sulzbach for descendants)



ROTHES - Earls


BARTHOLOMEW (BARTOLF), d 1121, given lands at Lesslyn in Aberdeenshire


                          NORMAN, Feudal Laird of Lorne, d 1248




NORMAN, Feudal Laird of Leslie, d by 1317, m ELIZABETH LEITH



ANDREW de LESLIE, d by 1324, m in 1313 MARY, dau of ALEXANDER ABERNETHY of that Ilk (see under Abernethy for ancestors)


                Norino, d in Crusades by 1366, m gr-dau of Alexander of Lamberton

                JOHN XE "Crusaders"

                Walter (known as Earl of Ross), m as 1st husband of Euphemia, Countess of Ross

                GEORGE LESLIE, 1st Feudal Laird of Balquhain, ancestor of Earls of Leven and Melville


JOHN de LESLIE of Rothes, d 1411/12, m ELIZABETH, dau of Sir THOMAS de la HAYE, 7th Baron of Erroll by ELIZABETH, dau of King ROBERT II



NORMAN LESLIE of Rothes, b ca 1380, d 1439/40, m CHRISTIAN, dau of Sir JOHN SETON



GEORGE, 1st Lord LESLIE and 1st Earl of Rothes, d 1489/90, m 1stly Margaret, dau of John Lundin of that Ilk

                Margaret, m Alexander Comyn




ANDREW, Master of Rothes, dvp 1473, m ELIZABETH SINCLAIR, dau of 1st Earl of CAITHNESS (see under Sinclair for ancestors)

                John of Balmain, m as 1st husband of Janet Keith, dau of 1st Earl Marischal

                George Leslie, 2nd Earl of Rothes, d unmrrd 1512/3

                WILLIAM, 3rd Earl of Rothes

                ELIZABETH, m 1485 WILLIAM HAY, 3rd Earl of Erroll (see under Hay for descendants)

                CHRISTIAN, m 2nd Lord SINCLAIR (see under Sinclair for descendants)


WILLIAM, 3rd Earl of Rothes, killed at battle of Flodden 1513, m MARGARET, dau of Sir MICHAEL BALFOUR


                John Leslie of Parkhill, d 1576, m Euphemia, dau of Sir John Moncrieff

                James, d 1576


GEORGE LESLIE, 4th Earl of Rothes, m 1stly Margaret , illegitimate dau of 3rd Lord Crichton by Margaret, dau of King JAMES III 

                Norman, Master of Rothes, dvp 1554, m Isabel, dau of 5th Lord LINDSAY of the Byres



GEORGE 2ndly m ELIZABETH, widow 1stly of JOHN LYON, 4th Lord GLAMIS and 2ndly of 2nd Lord Fleming, and dau of 2nd Lord Gray. 

GEORGE 3rdly m AGNES, widow of 2nd Lord Fleming and dau of 3rd Earl of Huntley



                JAMES LESLIE, ancestor of the Leslies of Ballybay in Ireland


                Janet, m Crichton of Naughton

                HELEN, m 1stly GILBERT SETON of Parbroath and 2ndly m Mark Ker, ancestors of Marquesses of Lothian 

GEORGE 4thly m again his 1st wife Margaret

                Robert of Ardersier, m dau of 2nd Lord Elphinstone

                Agnes, m 2nd Earl of Moreton

                Beatrix, m Beauton of Creich

                Euphemia, m Learmonth of Balcomie

                Margaret, m 8th Earl of Angus


ANDREW LESLIE, 5th Earl of Rothes, m GRIZEL, dau of Sir JAMES HAMILTON of Finnart

                JAMES, Master of Rothes

                PATRICK LESLIE, ancestor of the Leslies, Lords Lindores and the Leslies, Lords Newark

                Andrew of Lumbanny, dsp

                Euphemia, m 7th Lord Lindsay of the Byres

                Elizabeth, m 1stly David, son of Sir George Wemyss; she 2ndly m 1st Earl of Findlater

JAMES LESLIE, Master of Rothes, m 1stly Margaret, dau of 6th Lord LINDSAY of the Byres

                2 sons

                Grizel, m 1st Earl of Dunfermline

                + 3 daus

JAMES, 2ndly m KATHERINE, dau of 3rd Lord DRUMMOND

                JOHN, 6th Earl

                Jean, m Alexander Menzies of Weem


JOHN LESLIE, 6th Earl of Rothes, m ANNA, dau of ERSKINE,  2nd Earl of MAR

                EUPHEMIA, m as 2nd wife of King ROBERT II (see under Scotland - Kings for descendants)


                Margaret, m 1stly Alexander Leslie, Lord Balgonie; she 2ndly m 2nd Earl of Bccleugh and 3rdly m 2nd Earl of Wemyss

                Mary, m as 2nd wife of 7th Earl of Eglintoun


JOHN LESLIE, 7th Earl and 1st Duke of Rothes, m ANNE, dau of JOHN LINDSAY, Earl of CRAWFORD (see under Lindsay for ancestors)


                Christian, m 1stly  the 3rd Marquess of Montrose; she 2ndly m Sir John Bruce of Kinross


MARGARET LESLIE, Countess of Rothes, m CHARLES HAMILTON, 5th Earl of Haddington

                JOHN    HAMILTON (later LESLIE), 9th Earl of Rothes

                Son 2, succeeded as Earl of Haddington



ROUCY - Comtes


RAGNVALD (REGINALD), a Norse invader of Burgundy


                ARCHAUD de la Ferté-sur-Aube (see under La Ferté for descendants)


RAGNVALD (RENAUD), Comte de Roucy, d 967, m ALBREDA, dau of GISELBERT, Duc de Lorraine (see under Lorraine for ancestors)

                ERMENTRUDE de Roucy m 1stly ALBERIC II, Comte de Mâcon (see under Mâcon for descendants). She 2ndly m as 2nd wife of OTTO GUILLAUME, Comte de Bourgogne,

                     son of ADALBERT, King of Italy  (see under Bourgogne for descendants).



GILBERT (Giselbert), Comte de Roucy & Rheims, d 991/1000, m dau of Comte de Poitiers

                EBLES I

                LIETGARDE, Seigneur de Marle (see below)

                JUDITH, m MANASSES I, Comte de Rethel (see under Rethel for descendants)

                FELICIA, m RAMÍRO I, King of Aragón, (1035-63) - see under Aragón for descendants)


EBLES I, Comte de Roucy and Archbishop of Rheims, d 1033, m BEATRICE, dau of REGNIER IV, Count of Hainault (see under Hainault for ancestors). She 2ndly m Manasses Calva Asini, Vicomte de Rheims

                ALICE, m HILDUIN IV, Comte de Montdidier. They had a dau ADÉLE de Roucy who 1stly m in 1065 GODFREY de Guise (see under Guise for descendants). She 2ndly m

                     GAUTHIER de Roeux (see under Roeux for descendants)  

                AVISE, m GODFREY II de RUMIGNY (see under Rumigny for descendants)

                ADELAIDE de Roucy m 1stly GODFREY de Guise (see under Guise for descendants); she 2ndly  m RENAUD I, Comte de Soissons, d 1057, (see under Soissons for descendants)


HILDUIN IV Comte de Montdidier & Roucy and ALICE

                EBLES II

                BEATRICE, m GEOFFROI I, Comte du Perche, a companion of the Conqueror (see under Perche for descendants)


EBLES II, Comte de Roucy, d 1104, m SYBILLE dau of ROBERT I de Hauteville (see under Hauteville for ancestors)

                HUGUES I

                MARGUERITE, m HUGUES I, Comte de Clermont (see under Clermont for descendants)

                DREUX de Roucy, had dau ERMENGARDE, m DREUX IV de MELLO (see under Mello for descendants)


HUGUES I, Comte de Roucy, d 1160, m 1stly AVELINE

                ADA de ROUCY m GAUTHIER II de Châtillon, d 1147, (see under Châtillon for descendants)

HUGUES 2ndly m RICHILDE de Souabe, dau of FRIEDRICH, Duke of Swabia (see under Swabia and Germany for ancestors)

                MAMILLE, m 1stly in 1106 HUGUES de Puiset, 1st Comte de JAFFA (see under Jaffa for descendants)


LIETGARDE, Seigneur de Marle (see above)

                LIETGARDE II


LIETGARDE II, Seigneur de Marle

                ADA (ADÉLE) m as 1st wife of ENGUERRAND I de Coucy (see under Coucy for descendants)



ROUMARE - Earls of Chester & Lincoln


RANULPH III de MESCHINES, Vicomte de Bayeux, surnamed de Bricasard, (see under Meschines for ancestors) d 1128, came over to England with the Conqueror, Lord of Cumberland and Carlisle, given Earldom of Chester at the death of his cousin Richard de Abrincis, 2nd Earl of Chester, m as 3rd husband of LUCIA, widow 1stly of IVO de TAILLEBOIS and 2ndly widow of Roger FitzGerold de Roumare. LUCIA was dau of THOROLD of Lincoln and granddau of AELGAR, Earl of Mercia (see under Tailebois and Mercia for ancestors)


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