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Catalogue and alternative designations NGC 1566, "Spanish Dancer" galaxy


Type Galaxy 
Position 04 20.0, -54 56
Constellation Dorado
Camera and Telescope STL6303, STXL6303, 31.75 cm and 36.8 cmRitchey Chretiens
Focal Ratio F9
Exposure Details RGB 100:100:100 all 1x1 with Astrodon filters using 31.75cm RC.  Luminance 150 minutes with 36.8cm RC. 
Description This magnitude 9.4 Seyfert galaxy is roughly 8.3' x 6.6' in size.  It is the second brightest Seyfert galaxy after NGC 1068 (M77) and the brightest member of the Dorado galaxy group.  The distance is not very accurately known and given as 38.4 million light years with an error of 18.6 million light years.  This image shows a supernova (discovered in September 2014) just to the right of the central nucleus.  The luminance data (with the supernova) was taken on 12 November 2014 when it had started to fade.  The discovery visual magnitude was given as 14.6.