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Catalogue and alternative designations ESO 13-12 


Type Galaxy 
Position 01 06 58, - 80 18 27
Constellation Octans
Camera and Telescope STXL16200 and 36.8cm RCOS Ritchey Chretien
Focal Ratio F9
Exposure Details This is a simple LRGB image with Luminance = 405 minutes and Red = Green = Blue = 135 minutes. All binned 2x2.
Description ESO 13-12 is a good example of an edge-on galaxy. The quoted B magnitude is 13.6 and the size is 2.7' x 0.8'. There are many other galaxies in the field, the brightest being ESO 13-9 (magnitude 14.9) at the lower right hand edge and ESO 13-10 (magnitude 15.4) above it. There appears to be faint dust in the field.