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Catalogue and alternative designations

IC 410, Tadpole nebula

Type Emission Nebula
Position 05 22 44, 33 24 43 
Constellation Auriga
Camera and Telescope QSI 583 WSG, 20cm Maksutov Newtonian courtesy Dean Salman
Focal Ratio F4
Exposure Details 480 minutes  Hydrogen Alpha with Astrodon 3nm filter.  Colour is HaLRGB 480:100:180:220:150 with Astrodon filters
Description Located in the northern constellation of Auriga is the dusty emission nebula known as IC410. The nebula harbours an open star cluster known as NGC1893 in which is believed to have shaped the surrounding nebulosity due it's violent outflow of stellar winds and radiation. In the 5 o'clock position are two prominent filaments of glowing gas known as the "tadpoles" of IC410. The tadpoles have curved globular heads and tails generally point away from the open cluster as the shock wave of stellar winds pushes further from the source. Beyond the tadpoles, a shock wave bow is present. IC410 is 12,000 light years distant.