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Catalogue and alternative designations NGC 330, NGC 346, NGC 371 and others
Type Open Cluster  and nebulae
Position  00 56 18, -72 27 47 (NGC 330)
Constellation Tucana
Camera and Telescope Telescopes: 31.75cm and 36.8 cm RCOS Ritchey Chretiens

Cameras: STL11000M, STXL16200 and STXL6303E

Focal Ratio F9
Exposure Details This is a 4 panel  mosaic incorporating Luminance, Hydrogen Alpha, Oxygen III, Red, Green and Blue data from two telescopes and three cameras. The total imaging time was about 32 hours. The images used as mosaic frames were not originally intended to be joined together so their imaging parameters tend to be different.
Description This scene incorporates some of the best parts of the Small Magellanic Cloud using data from two telescopes and three cameras.  The main objects pictures are NGC 371, NGC 346 and the bright open cluster NGC 330 on the right hand edge.  Also visible are the smaller clusters IC 1611 and IC 1612 to the lower right of centre and NGC 306 to the right of NGC 346.