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Catalogue and alternative designations

NGC 1491, SH2-206

Type Emission Nebula
Position 04 03.4, +51 19 
Constellation Perseus
Camera and Telescope QSI 583 WSG, 20cm Maksutov Newtonian courtesy Dean Salman
Focal Ratio F4
Exposure Details HaRGB exposure. 600 minutes  Hydrogen Alpha with Astrodon 3nm filter.  R=100 minutes, G=120 minutes, B=70 minutes with Astrodon series 2 filters
Description NGC 1491 (also designated SH2-206 and LBN 704) is a bright emission nebula and HII region, located on the edge of a vast cloud region of neutral gas, about 10,700 light-years away in the Perseus arm of our Milky Way Galaxy in the constellation Perseus.