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Catalogue and alternative designations

NGC 1499, California nebula

Type Emission Nebula
Position 04 03 18.0, +36 25 18
Constellation Perseus
Camera and Telescope QSI 583 WSG, 20cm Maksutov Newtonian courtesy Dean Salman
Focal Ratio F4
Exposure Details 360m Hydrogen Alpha with Astrodon series 2 3nm Ha filter for each panel.  
Description This very large and faint (2.5 x .7 degrees) emission nebula is so named because the outline resembles the state of California and was discovered by E. E. Barnard in 1884.  The exciting star is Xi Persei about one degree south.  The estimated distance is 1000 light years.  Visual observers generally need a nebula filter (H Beta is recommended) to see it.