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Catalogue and alternative designations NGC 2660


Type Open Cluster 
Position 08 42 38, -47 12 02
Constellation Vela
Camera and Telescope STXL16200 and 36.8 cm Ritchey Chretien
Focal Ratio F9
Exposure Details This is a standard LRGB image with Hydrogen Alpha added to bring out the faint surrounding nebulosity. The exposures were Luminosity = 110 minutes (unbinned), Red = Green = 50 minutes, Blue = 60 minutes (binned 2x2). Astrodon filters were used.
Description NGC 2660 is a fairly bright open cluster with a visual magnitude of 8.8. The angular size is 3.6 arcminutes and the distance is given as 9200 light years. The glow at the lower left is from a 5th magnitude star just off the edge of the frame.