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Catalogue and alternative designations

NGC 281, pacman nebula

Type Emission Nebula
Position 00 52 59.3, +56 37 19 
Constellation Cassiopeia
Camera and Telescope QSI 583 WSG, 20cm Maksutov Newtonian courtesy Dean Salman
Focal Ratio F4
Exposure Details 320 minutes  Hydrogen Alpha with Astrodon 3nm filter.  HaRGB had R=170m, G=B=130m
Description NGC 281 is an emission nebula in Cassiopeia and resides in the Perseus spiral arm.  The popular name comes from its resemblance to the video game character.  It was discovered in 1883 by Barnard and is visible in amateur telescopes from a dark sky location.  It is 35 arc minutes across and about 9,500 light years distant.