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Catalogue and alternative designations NGC 3582 


Type Nebulous star forming region
Position 11 12 .3, - 61 `16 (J2000.0)
Constellation Carina
Camera and Telescope STXL6303 and 36.8 cm Ritchey Chretien
Focal Ratio F9
Exposure Details  Hubble palette narrow-band image SII:Ha:OIII with SII=340m, Ha=220m and OIII=280m.  Astrodon series 2 filters.
Description NGC3582 is a minor nebula in the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way galaxy. It is part of star-forming region RCW 57 in Carina.  Other cataloged nebulae in this field are NGC 3576, 3579, 3564 and 3586