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Catalogue and alternative designations The main nebulae in this image are RCW102, RCW103 and RCW104


Type Emission Nebulae 
Position 16 17 13.4, -51 59 15
Constellation Norma
Camera and Telescope STL11000M and FSQ106ED
Focal Ratio F5
Exposure Details 180 minutes Hydrogen Alpha 1x1 with 7nm Baader filter
Description An interesting area of the sky with lots of faint nebulosity.  RCW102 is near the centre with RCW104 to the upper left and RCW 103 (a supernova remnant) to the upper right.  The very bright small nebula almost exactly at the centre is the planetary nebula ESO 225-9 or RCW101 which is also known as the Ant nebula.