'I am not religious but I find your "reverend taupe dog" pathetic.' - Jack Fleming, South Oakleigh Gospel Hall.

Holy Cross Thingy
Australia's first Dalmatian in Cyberspace
The Reverend Taupe Dog
Now the World's first Dalmatian Minister of Religion


As the world's first fully ordained Dalmatian Minister of the Universal Life Church I'm qualified to perform all of the sacraments on your pets by e-mail. Send me to:

  • have your pets married
  • have your pets' sins forgiven
  • have your pets ordained

Welcome to my page. My name's Taupe (aka Yarrowfell Rapier) and I'm a 3 year old Dalmatian. I live in Canberra ACT, Australia. I asked my owner, Steve McDonald, to help me with this page so you can see for yourself why I think I'm such a cute doggie! By the way, you may have heard that dalmatians are all hopelessly conceited and arrogant, but that's just nonsense.

Tails Up: Dinner time, human food, obedience classes, walks, swimming, summer, teasing the little yappers next door, clawing the carpet, sleeping.

Tails Down: Home alone, wet days, winter.

Social Spots

Canberra's Dalmatian owners' social club Social Spots publishes a bi-monthly magazine and organises regular get-togethers for Dalmatians and their owners.

ACT Companion Dog Club

I am studying for my Advanced Obedience Certificate at the ACT Companion Dog Club. The club is located at Narrabundah Lane, Symonston, ACT.


Where's the Other One Hundred?

That's just one of the many witty remarks I often hear when I'm taking my master walking. To answer the question, here are some links to other dals and dal related sites:

The Reverend Taupe Dog

Hear me talk


My tribute to this famous Australian landmark in Gundagai NSW, Australia.

The Dog on the Tuckerbox
The Dog on the Tuckerbox.

Jim & Taupe Dog
Me with Jimmy.

Jim & Taupe Dog

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