Flamenco from Canberra

The art of Flamenco thrives all over the world, even in the most unlikely of places, such as Canberra, the national Capital of Australia. There are many fans of Flamenco in Canberra, and singers, dancers and guitarists have made it their home from time to time. The following pages give a brief glimpse of some of the Flamenco ‘moments’ that the locals have enjoyed in the past. Click on an image to go to one of the topics listed below.

Local Performers A few photographs taken at some of the performances by local Flamenco artists of the Canberra region.
Discography Recorded material is invaluable when so few live performances come our way. Here is a list of the material I have been able to gather over the years.
Touring Artists In spite of our isolation, well-known performers have visited Canberra over the past years. Here is a glimpse of some of them.
Calo Letras One aspect of Flamenco thats, sadly, seems to be disappearing rapidly is the use of Calo in Flamenco singing, even amongst the Gitanos. This is a small collection of some of the Calo letras that I have been able to gather.
Sound Bytes Some of the greatest recordings of the past are no longer available. Here are a few of them (in MP3 format).
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