Developing communications, meeting and public speaking skills

Improve your speaking, presenting and meeting skills with these courses:
  • Effective speaking and presentation skills (2 hours over five weeks)
  • Effective participation in meetings and organising great meetings (one day course)

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About the presenters

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The objective of these courses is to develop skills in presentations, speaking managing great meetings and participating in meetings.

The one day courses can be presented at your premises for a minimum of 5 persons, they can be conducted at other premises by special arrangement. Both courses are stand alone but can be grouped together over two days either contiguously or by a number of days.

Certificates of Attendance will be provided for each of the two components.

Enquirees about the course should be directed to Terry Giesecke (02) 6254 2896 or Email Terry Giesecke



Effective Speaking and Presentations

9:00 Welcome, introductions and objectives for the day

9:15 Exercise short speeches about 3 minutes (speeches to be videod for replay)

9:45 Replay of video and critique

10:30 Morning tea

10:45 Developing a speech and structure

11:15 Analysis of a famous speech

11:45 Short speech exercise

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Panel discussion

13:30 Relating to an audience and managing nervous tension

14:00 Discussion: great speeches you have heard and what makes them great

14:30 Afternoon tea

14:45 Notes, speech writing or memory?

15:15 Presentations using aids

16:00 Final speech exercise - applying what you have learnt

16:45 Where do we go from here?

17:00 Close

Essential Skills

If you're in a job or a business that requires frequent speaking and presentations you need to ensure that your skills in these areas are good, or even excellent. Maybe your job requires attendence at meetings where you have to represent your employer or your business, again the relevant skills can make all the difference. If you convene meetings you will want to get the best out of them and avoid wasting valuable time.
This course is designed to help you develop these essential skills.
The course involves two days of training by experienced professionals.

Meetings ineffectual

According to a report in the Canberra Times (24/10/2000) many Austalian executives:
  • day dreamed during meetings
  • raised their voices in anger or stormed out
  • fell asleep during the meeting
Despite these problems most spent about 25% of their time in meetings; however they claimed that only a third could be rated (at best) as fairly productive

Effective participation in meetings and organising great meetings

9:00 Welcome, introductions and objectives for the day

9:30 Effective participation in meetings and minute taking - Terry Giesecke

10:15 Morning tea

10:30 Panel Discussion

11:00 Convening and chairing meetings, informal meetings. Formal meetings and rules of debate - Terry Giesecke

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Exercise: mock meetings to gain skills in meeting dynamics

14:30 Afternoon tea

14:45 Communicating with the media, getting into the news - Robin Poke

15:45 Evaluation and summary

16:00 Close

About Rostrum

Rostrum has been in involved in the development of public speaking and other related skills since 1930. Is is active in all States and territories as well as New Zealand. Rostrum was established in the ACT in 1953

About the presenters

Sue Willis

Sue Willis is an adult educator and for the last 10 years has managed her own training consultancy specialising in public speaking and presentation skills. Prior to this, she was in the Human Resource Development Section of the then Department of Industry, Science and Technology.

Since 1995, Sue has developed and delivered public speaking and communication skills programs for the Australian Institute of Sport and the ACT Academy of Sport for teams and elite athletes presenting at special events. Some of her clients have included the Brumbies, the Raiders, Basketball, Netball and the National Swimming Squad.

In 2000, Sue was appointed to what is now a 5 year contract with her co-trainer, Jim Fulton to provide ?Presentation Skills? workshops for middle managers and graduate trainees for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. In 2002, DFAT provided Sue with the opportunity to travel overseas to Denpasar, Singapore and Jakarta to deliver communication skills training.

Sue?s other clients now include the Treasury, Civil Aviation Authority, the Office of National Assessments and Geoscience Australia. She is also a training provider for the Australian Public Service Commission?s panel to deliver ?Presentation Skills? training.

In Sue?s first year of Rostrum she won the ACT?s ?New Speaker of the Year? Award. She has completed most of her Degree in Community Education at the University of Canberra and has Certificate IV in WorkplaceTraining and Assessment.

James Fulton (emergency presenter):

Qualifications are in mechanical engineering. Jim also has a Bachelor of Arts in Management Science.He recently completed the Workplace Training and Workplace Assessment Modules of Certificate IV. I am accredited through Australian Rostrum to adjudicate and critique public speaking and have organised a number of speaking competitions. Worked in the Human Resource Development areas of a number of Government Departments, commencing in Professional and Technical Training in 1974. Since 1998 has undertaken consultancy work in the areas of presentation skills, effective meetings and public speaking accreditation.

Clients in my consultancy work include The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, IP Australia , Office of National Assessment, Civil Aviation Authority and Tuggeranong Link. For the past two years has assisted Amnesty International with it?s Speaking Competition and this year adjudicated the Legal Presentations at the Young Lawyers South Pacific Region Law Conference. Was a Panel Member for Telopea Park School Student Exhibition Programme where students orally present their projects.

Terry Giesecke:

Terry has been organising and presenting these courses since 2001, he has been a member of Rostrum for 25 years. He is also a presenter at ArtSound FM 92.7.

Terry has been to more meetings than he cares to remember, he has been a participant and chair for over 30 years. Meetings have ranged from political and union meetings to work meetings such as Commonwealth State Working Parties. He has an honors degree in Economics and a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training (bsz40198)

Eric Martin:

Eric has qualifications in Architecture (Bachelor of Architecture and Master of the Built Environment) and regularly delivers papers at international conferences. He is also an accredited Rostrum critic.

Robin Poke

Robin Poke has worked as a journalist and media consultant for many years. He has worked on the ABC's 7:30 report, ABC radio news, Canberra Channel 10. As well he has been a public relations manager at the Canberra University, Department of Education, Science and Training and was media relations officer for the Australian Olympic Team at the Atlanta, Sydney and Athens games. He has recently written a book on an Australian Olympic rower.

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