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Terry Giesecke BEc (Hons)

I am available to undertake research projects, statistical analysis and the development of submissions and campaigns.  

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Training courses Available

Politics, Economics and Statistics

Developing communications, meeting and public speaking skills

Recent projects

Projects undertaken since 2001 include:

Skill areas

I maintain extensive databases of the ACT Labour Force and have compiled detailed analyses of the positions vacant columns of the Canberra Times

Curriculum Vitae

Immediate past employment

The ACT Office of Training and Adult Education 1995 to 2000. I was employed as a SOG C in the Planning and Reporting Unit. The duties of the position included the planning of the provision of vocational education and training in the ACT. It required wide consultation with industry and educational institutions such as the Canberra Institute of Technology, a knowledge of economic and employment trends and the system of vocational education and training in the ACT and Australia.

I was resposible for the writing and publishing of the annual ACT Training plan.

Other important aspects of the position were Liaison with the Australian National Training Authority and the National Centre for Vocational Education Research.

Referees can be supplied on request.

Educational background

Bachelor of Economics (Hons) Flinders University of South Australia

Majoring in economics and politics.

Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training (bsz40198)

I have also completed numerous short courses on using software programs, policy development, working in teams, supervision and continuous improvement.

Past employment background

Department of Environment, Housing and Community Development

After completing university studies I Joined the APS in (Department of Housing which was later incorporated into the Department of Environment, Housing and Community Development) as a Research Officer.

The main duties were in policy and research relating to the construction industry. It involved statistical analysis of economic factors relevant to that Industry.

Department of Productivity

In 1979 I obtained a promotion to a research position in the Department of Productivity. This Department was created out of the old Department of Supply and had as its main responsibilities the management of Australian Defence factories and materiel procurement. However, the branch in which I was employed was responsible for promoting productivity in Australian Industry in general. My work involved analysis of Australian industry productivity (both labour and total productivity measurement). It resulted in a comprehensive and original set of data being produced before that Department was abolished after the 1980 Federal Election.

Department of Industrial Relations

After obtaining a transfer to this Department I worked in the Labour Economics area which was mainly concerned with wage fixation issues and the preparation of the Commonwealth Government's submissions to the Conciliation and Arbitration Commission.

Over the next 2 to 3 years I moved to areas of the Department involved with the promotion of Industrial Democracy and Trade Recognition. The latter area was the entry point for my current career -vocational education and training.

Department of Employment, Education and Training

I joined DEET (Vocational Training Division) in 1987 and became involved with policy formulation in respect of apprentice incentive arrangements and group training schemes.

This was also the start of an era of reform of the whole vocational education and training system.

Office of Industry and Development-ACT Chief Minister's Department

In 1990 I obtained a promotion to the Labour Division of the above Department in the Employment Education and Training Branch. In this branch I was mainly involved with employment and training statistics and special projects such as the needs of people with disabilities.

After a re-organisation of ACT Government Departments in 1990 I was transferred to the Vocational Training Authority where I have remained ever since, even though it has undergone two name changes in that period; the Vocational Education and Training Authority in 1995 and the Office of Training and Adult Education in 1998. It was also moved to the Education Department in 1991.

Over that time I have performed a wide number of tasks; including:

Contact me: Telephone 02 6254 2896 or Email