Christmas Letter 2001

No narrative/travelogue this year. At the best of times, what I can do is very limited, right down to holding a phone, which makes keeping in touch and maintaining friendships difficult. That doesn't mean friends aren't important to me - especially those who understand and send their news despite my silence, and visit when they can.

My news for 2001 doesn't bear much discussion: I've been crooker than usual; tasks associated with maintaining the WEL website have run rampant; there have been many sorrows.

There have been many sorrows for all of us.

Lessons I've been learning in 2001: using frantic activity as a shield is hazardous; sometimes all that can be done is to stand by and bear witness; tasks that desperately need doing have to be left if there's no one to do them; there are some bridges that can't be rebuilt.

What makes my life worth living is unremarkable: magpies carolling, clear autumn days, a warm swimming pool (even if it was in Melbourne), an unexpected find at the library, time with friends and close family. I'm glad my sister is home. I've included some pictures of the high spots of 2001 in another section.

I wish you all the time you need in 2002 and all the very best.


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