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William Martin THOMSON

Great-grandfather William Martin THOMSON and his wife Maria Matilda Foxwell BLACKWELL had eleven (perhaps twelve) children, nine of whom survived infancy.

                                  ---William Walter THOMSON (1866-1875)
                                  |--[?Unknown male]   
                                  |--Minnie TOPFER née THOMSON (1879-1954)
                                  |--Christina Elliot HART née THOMSON (1872-1939)
                                  |--George Cornelius THOMSON (1874-?)
William Martin THOMSON            |--William Martin THOMSON (1877-1960)
m. 1865                         --|      
Maria Matilda Foxwell BLACKWELL   |--Ma(r)y Blackwell THOMSON (1879-1879)
                                  |--Andrew Penrose/Penreagh [Unc] THOMSON (1881-1964)
                                  |--Effie GUND[E]LACH née THOMSON (1884-?1964)
                                  |--Edinie Scotia [Edna] OSWIN née THOMSON (1885-?)
                                  |--Wallace Elliott THOMSON (1886-1956)
                                  ---Marian [Myrnie] CLARK née THOMSON (1889-?)


Of the four sons who survived infancy, Andrew Penrose/Penreagh THOMSON was without issue, and Wallace Elliott THOMSON was my grandfather. Descendants of William Martin THOMSON Junior have recently made contact after seeing this page. Thanks to email from Therese Webb, I now know that George Cornelius THOMSON had at least two sons, John Hamilton THOMSON who died serving as a pilot in World War II, and William Beresford THOMSON (b. 1918).

Of the five daughters who survived infancy, I've made contact (thanks to the Internet and to RootsWeb) with descendants of Minnie TOPFER, Christina HART, and Edna OSWIN. I have also found some BLACKWELL cousins, relatives of my great-grandmother. I'm indebted to all of them for the information, documents and photographs they've shared.

Brick walls

It hasn't been possible to establish exactly when and how WMT came to Australia. I've found the record of his parents' marriage in Edinburgh, but no birth records for children of that marriage. Great-grandmother's birth record has yet to be found. The search goes on!

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