My daughter Helen

HT in 2003moved to the Hague in August 2003 to study sonology at the Royal Conservatorium. She has stayed on to sing and teach and compose. Recently she bought a house in Hilversum, where she works with the Netherlands Radio Choir.

Some of her old reviews are here, and there's also some historical information about the quintet, f, and HT's solo recital in 2000.

Here are two mp3 files from her 2000 recital. The violinist is Hannah Sless, and the songs are:

Fancy's Knell (3Mb) and With rue my heart is laden (1.4Mb)

These songs conclude Vaughan Williams' song cycle, Along the field; text from A.E. Housman's A Shropshire Lad. More (and more recent) recordings are available in the sound files directory on her website.

Helen recorded the In Paradisum from the Gregorian Mass for her grandfather's funeral in July 2005: there's a link to the 12Mb .wav file here.

We have no access day now, but we talk on the phone or via instant messaging whenever we can. HT's email address is ht at qvocal dot com .


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