Family Photos


Fiona, Dad and Val at HT's 21st


My sister Fiona, our Dad, and me at HT's 21st. HT's paternal grandmother, Margaret Brown, can be seen in the background



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Bless you!

Me in episcopal mood

Taken by Joseph Elkhorne at the LTUAE 1994 OctoberFest

Val drawn by Camilla

Camilla's drawing

This must have been pre-June 1981, before I fell down the polished parquet stairs with shiny brass rims at East Block. After that, I had my hair cut short because of all the swimming. With the advent of silicon bathing caps (easier to get on your head than old-style bathing caps, and not so quick to explode into pieces in the process) I grew it again. Then we had a very hot summer...

Val with horns


Photo by Joseph Elkhorne, flower by Sponcie


Dac & Min          Dac 1996

Dac and Minou blowing bubbles, 1991 Dac, 1996


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