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  APR 2001 NEWS, ARTICLES & REPORTS  Updated  Apr 15
  MAR 2001 NEWS, ARTICLES & REPORTS  Updated  Apr 14
  FEB 2001 NEWS, ARTICLES & REPORTS  Updated Apr 13

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Apr 2001 AETA: Australia East Timor Association (NSW) Newsletter  Added Apr 14

Apr 12 AFP: Wahid bowing to military pressure in avoiding Timor trials: activists  Article added Apr 14
“In the body of the government there are still people opposed to the East Timor prosecutions, ... The majority (of those in the government) are not willing for those responsible for the violence in East Timor to be immediately tried. They are the followers of the old regime who are still in power, especially in the military,” Johnson Panjaitan, human rights lawyer

Apr 12 Tali: The Roots Of Violence: Can They Be Pulled Out?  Article from ETimor added Apr 13
"But when we seriously analyze the situation, there seems to be no end to the causes [of violence]. They start from land disputes, political rivalry, economic problems, the non-recognition of sacrifices made by the clandestine movement and ethnic problems. The question now is whether justice can be meted out in addressing these problems." Hugo Fernandez

Apr 11 STL: International court must be set up in Timor Lorosae as fast as possible  News from ETimor added Apr 13
“The serious crimes cases are not being heard in an effective manner, ... We all know that the cases being heard right now just involve the ‘small fry’, while the ‘bigger’ culprits are roaming free in Indonesia, ... I hope that, very soon, we could have an international court sitting in Timor Lorosae, ... The main actors, involved in the 1999 crimes against humanity, can then be tried in Timor Lorosae and the United Nations will have the right to subpoena them to appear in court,” Cancio Xavier, Public Defender’s Office

Apr 10 ABC: Report finds Timor violence the result of a 'conspiracy'  News added Apr 11
“I’ve made a very firm statement that what happened in East Timor was not a spontaneous response by Timorese who wanted to stay with Indonesia, it was a virtually conspiracy led by a number of Indonesian generals.” James Dunn, expert on crimes against humanity at the Dili-based United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET)

Apr 10 ABC: Rondo: Children dying in refugee camps in West Timor  Interview of WTimorese added Apr 11
"The greater proportion of the refugees in West Timor live in a crisis situation. No freedom, no hope and also no future. ... There’s just one way to come in or get out from the camp and the militia have full power. They can control all civilians and all the aid that you give to the refugees. ... a lot of violence goes on in the camps and people from outside don’t know about it. Rape, looting, sexual harassment. ... the militia manipulate the information about the real situation in East Timor. They have newsletters, they have many ways to manipulate the information." Winston Rondo, General Secretary of the Centre for Internally Displaced Peoples Service in West Timor

Apr 10 STL: Manuel Carrascalao, The New NC President  News from ETimor added Apr 15

Apr 2001 NDI: “Timor Loro Sa’e is our nation”  Report on focus group discussions in ETimor added Apr 11
"while many East Timorese citizens may not be able to say exactly what democracy is, many certainly know and are prepared to say what it is not. It is important to build upon their experience, local knowledge and cultural traditions to support democratic practices. ... the people of East Timor have many well-developed ideas about democracy and the form of government they would like to see in their emerging nation. ... They have unrealized hopes and are looking for action rather than more words. They seek proof that they are being heard and demand active participation in the development of this new nation. To ignore the demands of the East Timorese people will only add to the burden of their frustrations." National Democratic Institute for International Affairs

Apr 9 AFP: UN peacekeepers fueling trafficking in women  News added Apr 15
“It is absolutely essential that all UN forces are held to the same standards of international human rights law as are nation states, ... To do otherwise creates a climate of impunity in which offences profilerate, ... Now especially where UN is running administrations such as in Kosovo and East Timor we feel it’s absolutely essential that some kind of structure be in place to deal with these kinds of issues, [trafficking of women for prostitution]” Radhika Coomaraswamy, UN expert on violence against women

Apr 9 JRS: West Timor: Refugees dying from diarrhoea  Alert from WTimor added Apr 14
“People are still dying. It’s the rainy season, the camps are muddy, sanitation is poor, there’s no running water, and malnutrition is rife, ... Since all the foreign aid workers left, there is no-one looking after them any more. Babies are born tiny and undersized, because their mothers are so undernourished.” Fr Mulyono, WTimor

Apr 9 BWT: Solidarity With East Timor: New Challenges, New Opportunities  Analysis added Apr 10
"The story of ETAN is the story of how activism works. Not quickly, necessarily, and not perfectly. But the lesson is clear: when a group - even a small group - of committed individuals dedicate themselves to a goal, it is possible for them to achieve their aims. For ETAN, those aims have now broadened to include supporting grassroots democracy in East Timor and pressuring governments, aid agencies, and other international bodies (such as the UN) to support the East Timorese on their path towards freedom. ... Our job as activists is to nurture and support that journey, to learn from it, and to demand that the relevant international institutions do the same - ensuring that the East Timorese are no longer "observers and marginalized citizens" but rather agents, finally, of their own destiny." Cynthia Peters, freelance writer and editor, coordinator of the Boston chapter of East Timor Action Network (ETAN)

Apr 9 AP: Veteran Pro-Independence Leader To Head E Timor Assembly  News added Apr 10
"Manuel Carrascalao, a veteran of East Timor’s 24-year struggle for freedom, was elected to head the territory’s transitional legislature following last month’s surprise resignation of independence leader Xanana Gusmao. He was named speaker of the National Council after rival candidate, Nobel Peace laureate Jose Ramos Horta, withdrew from the ballot. ... The 36-member council is wholly appointed by the territory’s U.N. administration and is regarded as a dress rehearsal body for eventual East Timorese self-rule. It has no direct powers, but debates and comments on regulations drafted by the United Nations, which is administering the territory during preparations for independence." Associated Press

Apr 9 STL: David Ximenes: Don’t forget the struggle of the past  News from ETimor added Apr 10
"The Security Coordinator of CNRT/CN David Dias Ximenes made an appeal to the younger generation, in particular to the youth associated with Fitun (Frete Iha Timor Unidos Nafatin), not to forget the struggle of the past and those that died for it." Suara Timor Lorosae

Apr 3 IOM: Timor - Increase in the Rate of Returns in March  News added Apr 15
"In March some 2,640 refugees returned to East Timor - the highest monthly total since the UN withdrawal. ... IOM is planning to participate in an information visit to previously off-limits West Timor refugee camps next week. ... Officials hope that the visit, which is one of a number of “socialization” initiatives aimed at the refugees before the registration, will reassure refugees that it is now safe for them to return home to East Timor." Jean Philippe Chauzy, International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Spokesperson

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Mar 12 OTL: Sistema de saúde: sustentável no futuro?  Report added Apr 14
"O sistema de saúde actual corre o risco de ser pautado por metodologias e equipamentos inadequados à realidade timorense, sobretudo após a retirada dos técnicos e organismos estrangeiros. O desenvolvimento não tem de passar obrigatoriamente pela implementação de sistemas sofisticados de topo de gama. A preocupação deverá ir antes de encontro às reais necessidades e capacidades da população, de forma a poderem ser os timorenses a criarem as suas própria instituições e a definirem as suas prioridades. Provavelmente, os resultados seriam mais lentos e menos brilhantes a curto-prazo, mas com certeza mais sólidos e duradouros." Observatório Timor Leste

Mar 13 ETO: The health service: sustainable in the future?  Report added Apr 13
"The present health system is in danger of being hindered by methodologies and equipment that are quite unsuited to the Timorese context, particularly after the foreign technicians and agencies leave. Development does not necessarily have to involve implementing sophisticated state of the art systems. The focus should be on addressing the population’s real needs and building its capacity, so that the Timorese themselves are able to create their institutions and set their own priorities. This may mean that it takes longer to achieve results, and these might be less spectacular in the short-term, but they would certainly be more solid and long lasting." East Timor Observatory

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Feb I-ETCW: Timeline of the Timor oil sell-out  Background added Apr 13
“UNTAET’s position, acting on behalf of the East Timorese people, is that the royalties and the tax revenue from the area north of the mid-point should come to East Timor, and if there is not going to be a maritime delimitation, East Timor should have the same benefit as if there were a maritime delimitation. That, after all is what East Timor is entitled to under international law”. Peter Galbraith, member for political affairs of the East Timor transitional cabinet. October 10, 2000

Feb 2001 I-ETCW Big Business in the Timor Gap  Article added Apr 13
"The Australian oil and gas lobby, through its considerable political power and influence, played a critical role during the negotiations of the Timor Gap Treaty in the ’70s and ‘80s. Industry representatives regularly accompanied ministerial delegations to Jakarta and had significant input into discussions on the Timor Gap. Australia’s largest mining and exploration companies helped shape the final treaty and gave their full support to successive Liberal and Labor governments’ policy of recognising Indonesian sovereignty over East Timor." Jon Land, editorial board, 'Indonesia - East Timor Campaign Watch' magazine

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Access details of Canberra Events at:

Seminar: Rebuilding after the Indian earthquake
Speaker: Mrs Mini Bedi
Oxfam Community Aid Abroad
Havelock House, 85 Northbourne Avenue Turner
7.30pm  Wednesday 18 April 2001

7th Biennial National Labour History Conference
Australian Society for the Study of Labour History
Australian National University.
Thur Apr 19 to Sat Apr 21.

Running Radio Fretilin in Darwin 1975-76
Brian Manning and Chris Elenor
7th Biennial National Labour History Conference, panels
ANU Copland Building, Room G030 or G031
Friday 20 April, 4:45pm

Peaceful M1 Blockade
M1 Alliance
Mining Industry House, the home of the Minerals Council of Australia,
216 Northbourne Avenue, Bradden
The blockade is to commence from 7am, May 1st

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The Australia East Timor Association (AETA)  Added Apr 14

The Kangaroo Valley - Remexio Partnership  Up-dated Apr 14

APHEDA: Trade Union Aid Abroad  Linking Australian workers to the world  Up-dated Apr 16

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