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  APR 2001 NEWS, ARTICLES & REPORTS  Updated  Apr 20

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Apr 20 SMH: James Dunn 'Crimes Against Humanity in East Timor, Jan-Oct 99'  Executive summary and recommendations added Apr 20
"James Dunn is a former Australian consul in East Timor who wrote the definitive book on East Timor’s history in the mid-80’s (“Timor: A People Betrayed”) and updated in 1996. He was hired by UNTAET last year to document the involvement of the Indonesian military in the crimes of 1999 in East Timor. He submitted his report to UNTAET two months ago, but the UN hasn’t released it yet. A copy of the report was obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald and its Executive Summary and Recommendations were posted on their web site on April 20, 2001 at: "

Apr 19 Age: Oil, gas and money: Tiny Timor talks tough  News added Apr 19
"Before a conference of resource industry leaders in Hobart last week, Peter Galbraith [member for political affairs, ETimor transitional cabinet] went through the numbers. If the new nation of East Timor gained all royalties from current and planned resource projects in the Timor Gap, it would earn $515 million a year. Two oilfields alone, Galbraith continued, could generate $1 million a day for East Timor. Imagine, Galbraith told his audience, what this means to a country that has an annual recurrent budget of $45 million, “where every building was burned to the ground, where there are 70 students for every teacher”. But if Galbraith came with pleas, he also came with demands. The 1989 Australia-Indonesia Timor Gap treaty was illegal because Indonesia’s occupation of East Timor was illegal, he said. Therefore an entire new treaty must be negotiated, with East Timor receiving 100 per cent of Timor Gap royalties." Dennis Schulz and Mark Forbes

Apr 18 SMH: East Timor eyes off oil's billions  News added Apr 19
"The Timor Gap issue is diplomatically sensitive for Australia, given criticism that the original treaty - supported by both Labor and Coalition governments - sold out the East Timorese people while they were under brutal Indonesian occupation. ... In Darwin yesterday, Mr Burke [Northern Territory (Australia) Government’s Chief Minister] warned that if East Timor continued to take a hardline stand, it risked not getting any revenue for years to come. East Timorese representatives have threatened to take Australia to the International Court of Justice if an agreement cannot be reached." Craig Skehan, Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Sydney Morning Herald

Apr 17 STL: Mario Carrascalao: UNTAET Does Not Have A Timorization Target  News from ETimor added Apr 19
“In order for Timor Lorosae to be fully independent, it is necessary [for the transitional administration] to have full capacity-building in order to create a definite level of Timorese administrators ­ till all the administrative positions in UNTAET are filled by Timorese people,” Mario Carrascalao, vice-president of CNRT/CN

Apr 17 Gusmao: No Need For Timor Lorosae To Have Instant Independence  News from ETimor added Apr 19
“We are not chasing instant independence. We will be fully independent next year. But what we want from the UN is to inherit a country which can govern and administer itself. That is our wish,” Xanana Gusmao, CNRT/CN President

Apr 16 TP: “I leave, Not As An Enemy Of NC”  News from ETimor added Apr 19
“I respect you, but I have to say that I am very sorry that I cannot fulfil your requests that I return to the NC. This is because I defend my own personal political principles, ... But I respect your wish to communicate the common person’s words and aspirations. I asked all the people not to be sad and not to worry that I have left the NC because I do not rule East Timor. Tomorrow the parties that win the general elections will govern the country and people of East Timor.” CNRT/NC president Xanana Gusmao, in response to a delegation of Liurais (chiefs) of East Timor to the National Council (NC)

Apr 14 CT: East Timor suffers under weight of world plans  Article added Apr 19
"Despite the UN’s optimistic view, when you scratch the surface of reconstruction in the emerging nation, the picture that emerges is a profoundly worrying one," Jenny Denton

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Access details of Canberra Events at:

Peaceful M1 Blockade
M1 Alliance
Mining Industry House, the home of the Minerals Council of Australia,
216 Northbourne Avenue, Bradden
The blockade is to commence from 7am, May 1st.

East Timor Benefit Quiz Night
Timor nia Klamar, (Tetun for Spirit or Soul of Timor)
through Mary MacKillop Institute of East Timorese Studies
Whitlam Room, Canberra Workers’ Club, Childers St, Civic.
Friday May 11, 7.30pm

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