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BD: National Council of Timorese Resistance / Conselho Nacional de Resistência Timorense (CNRT)

BD: FRETILIN - Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor / Frente Revolucionaria do Timor

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Refugees & Missing Persons
Women's Issues
War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity
Military and political aid to Indonesia
Calls for International War Crimes Tribunal
Sexual Violence as a weapon of war

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Apr 25 ETAN publishes text of suppressed UN report on East Timor destruction  Release & Link to full text of report added Apr 30
"The report is now available on the internet at
The document, "Crimes Against Humanity in East Timor, January to October 1999: Their Nature and Causes," was written by former Australian diplomat James Dunn, an independent consultant to the Chief Prosecutor for the UN Transitional Administration in East Timor's (UNTAET). ETAN obtained the report from a source associated with the United Nations.
UNTAET officials do not plan to release the report, which was submitted to them in mid-February. It names some of the key Indonesian commanders most directly involved in planning and implementing the violence surrounding East Timor's UN-organized independence referendum in 1999. A UN spokesperson has said that the UN is not releasing the report out of concern that it will hinder negotiations with Indonesia.
"We believe it is crucial that those responsible for East Timor's destruction be held accountable," said John M. Miller, spokesperson for ETAN. "Prosecution of the Indonesian military officers responsible is necessary both for East Timor's future security and Indonesia's transition to democracy. Open discussion of the report's findings best serves all involved -- the UN, the Indonesian government and people, and the people of  East Timor." " The East Timor Action Network/U.S.

Apr 24 ACFOA: Briefing Notes on political parties and groupings  Report added Apr 30
"East Timor is now entering the last, crucial stage of the transition process to full independence. National elections for a Constituent Assembly to develop a Constitution for the new nation will be held on 30 August 2001. Over the months that follow, decision-making and power will be transferred from the United Nations Transitional Administration (UNTAET) to democratically elected East Timorese legislative and executive bodies. ...
Until now, the CNRT independence umbrella body has occupied centre stage.  This has had the effect of obscuring the parties who, like the FALINTIL guerillas in the run-up to the August 99 ballot, have endured a period of necessary political cantonment in the interests of national unity. The scene is now set, however, for the political parties to take their rightful place under the spotlight as key players in the democratic process. This is a healthy and positive development which excesses by some should not be permitted to undermine.
In November 1999, ACFOA published a backgrounder on CNRT called ‘From Opposition to Proposition: the National Council of Timorese Resistance (CNRT) in Transition’, to contribute to a more informed and positive reception for CNRT by the international community. It is hoped these notes will play a similar role in relation to the parties by answering the questions observers and others will have about these new players. How many parties will contest the election? Who are their leaders and how does one contact them? How have they changed from previous times? What ideas and policies do they have for East Timor’s development, foreign policy and so on?"  Pat Walsh, Human Rights consultant, Australian Council for Overseas Aid

Current AETA Resource List (Australia-East Timor Association)  Resources on ETimor added Apr 26
AETA (Melbourne) provide a community-based non-profit service that includes the provision of books, educational materials and music CDs/cassettes. This diverse collection of resources includes materials that are otherwise difficult to obtain. - BD

Apr 25 NGO Forum: Expression of Concern at Xanana’s Statement regarding an International Tribunal  Press Release from ETimor added Apr 26
"The NGO Forum regards an International Tribunal as an option that needs to be seriously considered given that to date Indonesia has not made any progress in investigating human rights offences committed by the Indonesian military in East Timor." ET NGO Forum
"If an international court is not a priority for resolving war crimes cases in East Timor, what other court is able to ensure that the war criminals concerned do not just walk free?” Arsenio Bano, Executive Director of the NGO Forum

Apr 24 TP: Carrascalao: No Evidence Of Indonesia Supporting Terrorists At Border  News from ETimor added Apr 26
“I think these rumours have been spread to terrorize the Timorese people in the run-up to the 30 August election, ... A group of terrorists will not be able to defeat the Timorese people. Even the TNI, for 25 years, could not subdue the Timorese people,” Mario Carrascalao, Deputy President of CNRT

Apr 23 AP: Nobel Laureate Bishop Belo Appeals For East Timor Tribunal  News added Apr 25
"Justice must not be restricted to a chosen few. It must be universal, ... We have no faith in the investigations being conducted in Jakarta. Those who authorized the crimes in East Timor will not face justice there, ... It is our belief that only an international court will be able to prosecute the generals and commanders who were behind the September 1999 violence. It is clear that what happened in East Timor was not a spontaneous response by Timorese who wanted to stay with Indonesia." Bishop Carlos Belo of East Timor, the only Catholic bishop ever to receive the Nobel Peace Prize

Apr 23 SMH: Mary Robinson supports repatriation of Timorese 'war prize'   News added Apr 25
"The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mrs Mary Robinson, has thrown her support behind efforts to free an East Timorese teenage girl taken as a “war prize” by a pro-Indonesian militia leader. ... The case of 16-year old Juliana dos Santos was raised at last month’s 57th congress of the UN Commission on Human Rights by Mrs Kirsty Sword Gusmao, the Australian wife of East Timor’s independence leader, Mr Xanana Gusmao." Mark Dodd, Herald Correspondent in Dili

Apr 20 CNRT/CN: Gusmao: “The Liberation Movement in East Timor”  Speech in Jakarta added Apr 25
"War is a monster that devours human lives. People died but have not disappeared for they have left behind links of remembrance. This is the other side of sacrifice, of the grief carried by those who did not die. In this new millennium, all the peoples of the world should unite to set up a front for peace, to promote dialogue and strive against any incitement to violence and war. Timor Lorosae was a stage of war ... for twenty-four years!  Today, it is attempting to rebuild itself from the ashes of total destruction and from profound psychological trauma and human grief. It is a hard but an exciting task ... because the East Timorese are motivated to overcome yet again. Beyond physical reconstruction and the establishment of Institutions, the hardest process will be healing the wounds. There is nothing motivating us against the Indonesian people, who also suffered under the former regime. There is nothing motivating us against the present Indonesian regime who we know are trying to make the democratisation process a success." Xanana Gusmao, President of the CNRT

Apr 19 RadioNeth: Komnas HAM Sec.Gen supports International Tribunal for Timor  Interview added Apr 25
" ... there has been so much delay not only on the part of the executive but also by parliament. So who can blame the international community and groups here in Indonesia for coming to the conclusion that the government is not serious about dealing with these crimes by setting up ad hoc courts? In other words, an International Tribunal will prove to be the only alternative if people’s demands for justice are to be met. ... Bearing in mind all the delay, it is better to set up an International Tribunal. This is the only way for justice to be done." Asmara Nababan, secretary-general of Indonesia’s National Human Rights Commission, Komnas HAM

Apr 3 AAP: Genocide legal in Australia  News added Apr 25
"Australia would remain a safehaven for suspected war criminals unless it legislated against genocide ... Senator Greig [Australian Democrats Justice spokesperson] said Australia needed to have its own laws to investigate, prosecute and expel alleged war criminals. He said Australia’s existing War Crimes Act applied only to European war between 1939 and 1945 and ignored recent cases of war crimes in East Timor, Rwanda and Cambodia." AAP

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Nov 28 2000 FRETILIN: Lu Olo's speech during the hoisting of RDTL flag ceremony  Speech added Apr 27
"Today we commemorate the 25th anniversary of Democratic Republic of East Timor (RDTL) proclaimed by Central Committee of FRETILIN. In order to officialise this historical date. We will hoist the flag that signify the clear conscious of the political, cultural, moral, and social responsibilities. To affirm the long responsibility of FRETILIN towards Maubere People during the toughest 24 years of resistance and the struggle to materialise the will of being free and independent. ...
We serve as an engine of construction, for a tolerant society, and the backbone to achieve peace and stability to our nation. We contribute decisively to finding ways in the process of democratisation, to respect each other differences. Here we reaffirm that democracy is our priority and another quest for our struggle. Multi-party system is the way to go without any complexity. We are embarking on a history of glory without violence. To respect the rights of Mau-Beres and Bi-beres, Children, young and old, as well as every Timorese with different ethnic background." Lu Olo, General Coordinator of FRETILIN

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Peaceful M1 Blockade
M1 Alliance
Mining Industry House, the home of the Minerals Council of Australia,
216 Northbourne Avenue, Bradden
The blockade is to commence from 7am, May 1st.

East Timor Benefit Quiz Night
Timor nia Klamar, (Tetun for Spirit or Soul of Timor)
through Mary MacKillop Institute of East Timorese Studies
Whitlam Room, Canberra Workers’ Club, Childers St, Civic.
Friday May 11, 7.30pm

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East Timor Action Network U.S.

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Conselho Nacional de Resistencia Timorense / National Council of Timorese Resistance (CNRT)

The Australia East Timor Association (AETA)

Australian Council for Overseas Aid

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