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These collections have been up-dated in the past week:

Reconstruction and 'Aid & Development'
Rekonstrusaun i 'Ajuda i Dezenvolvimentu'
Reconstrução e 'Ajuda e Desenvolvimento'  Updated Aug 11

Peoples' Participation
Participação Dos Povos  Updated Aug 13

Financing Reconstruction
Fundu Ba Rekonstrusaun
Bantu uang: Rékonstruksi  Updated Aug 13

Timor Oil
Mina iha Timor Gap
O Petróleo do Mar de Timor
Le pétrole de la Mer de Timor  Updated Aug 10

Women's Issues
Perempuan Timor Lorosa’e  Updated Aug 10

FRETILIN - Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor
Frente Revolucionária do Timor Leste Independente
Front Revolusi Kemerdekaan Timor Timur  Updated Aug 13

Calls for International War Crimes Tribunal
Demande la tribunal pénal international  Updated Aug 13

Truth, Reception and Reconciliation
Rekonciliasaun / Reconciliação  Updated Aug 13

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Access the following recently added August items at:

Aug 13 SMH: Veterans of resistance struggle sniff election victory  News added Aug 13
"His name is distinctive, and in coming months Australians may hear a lot more of the East Timorese independence leader LuOlo. The Department of Foreign Affairs [Australia] certainly thinks so, and earlier this year he was flown to Canberra to meet ministry mandarins for talks and a chance for them to get to know the man and the policies he represents. Mr LuOlo, a native of the south-eastern town of Ossu, said to be the birthplace of East Timor’s warrior leaders, is head of Fretilin (Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor) the party tipped to win the elections on August 30 by a landslide." Mark Dodd, Herald Correspondent in Dili

Aug 13 SMH/J.Dunn: Crimes Against Humanity Demand a Proper Airing  Opinion added Aug 13
"Indonesian officers responsible for murder and mayhem in East Timor should face an international court, ... The world may have been too quick to applaud Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri for setting up a tribunal to bring to justice the Indonesian military (TNI) and the militia responsible for the violence two years ago in East Timor. This is only a domestic tribunal, and its establishment could well have been designed to head off the growing world pressure for an international body." James Dunn, investigator of crimes against humanity in East Timor

Aug 12 AP: E Timor Urges Indon To Make Concessions To Aceh and Irian Jaya  News added Aug 13
“If they [Indonesia’s government] do not give up on violence against the legitimate claims of these people then the problem will drag on and maybe they will reach a point of no return where the only option left (is) secession by these regions, ... However, I believe that Jakarta has now a golden opportunity to really make serious efforts in meeting halfway the Acehnese and the Irianese,” East Timorese Foreign Minister Jose Ramos-Horta

Aug 11 ABC RN: Jose Ramos Horta: Walk a Mile in my Shoes  Transcript added Aug 13
"Picture an election where the media has no real influence, an election where, if you want to take your message to the people, you have to fly to remote mountaintops, or drive for hours on treacherous roads and risk attacks from violent gangs. An election where if you’re to have any chance of winning, you’ve got to have the blessing of the church. An election where voters are scared to go to the ballot box because the last time they did, they saw their houses go up in flames and blood flow in the streets. ... this week ... we go on a campaign trail like no other, with Jose Ramos Horta in East Timor, as his country literally invents its own institutions." Gerald Tooth

Aug 11 SMH: Stop-the-rot campaign helps E Timor on road to political integrity  Article added Aug 13
“This agenda and the outcomes have been recorded in Tetum [local language] producing the only known set of East Timorese anti-corruption material that will be useful for many years to come, ... This is especially appropriate, considering the forthcoming election, as the opportunity of securing commitment to anti-corruption issues by the political parties contending the election has presented itself.”Nathan Laws, program manager, Australian Legal Resources International (ALRI)

Aug 10 STL: Jakarta opposes land corridor between Oecussi and Timor Lorosae  News from ETimor added Aug 13
"The Indonesian government has rejected the UN Transitional Administration’s proposal to open a land corridor, through Indonesian territory, linking Oecussi district with the rest of Timor Lorosae. According to the Vice-Governor of West Timor Johanis Pake Pani the rejection was based on security grounds." Suara Timor Lorosae

Aug 9 Conference on Sustainable Development update  Added Aug 11
"We have just published the book of Conference Proceedings from the Conference on Sustainable Development in East Timor. ... [it] is available (English and Indonesian versions) in PDF and zip format at ... We have also established a discussion list on sustainable development in East Timor ... To subscribe to the discussion list, visit this website; " Carrie Deutsch and Russell Anderson, Conference on Sustainable Development in East Timor

Aug 9 Formation of the Popular Educators’ Network  Release added Aug 10
"Nine East Timorese organizations have formed the East Timorese Network of Popular Educators (Rede dos Educadores Populares Timor Lorosa’e). The formation of this network grows from the recognition of the critical role of education in the process of East Timorese democratization. ... The goal of popular education is to empower all people to be able to participate in decision making processes. Popular education is a collective act, not an individual one." Grupo Alfabetização Naroman; Grupo Nove Nove - Fokupers; Haburas Foundation; Institutu Sekular Maun Alin iha Kristu - ISMAIK; La’o Hamutuk; Prontu Atu Servi; Organização Popular da Mulher Timorense - OPMT; Sa’he Institute for Liberation; Yayasan HAK

Aug 9 SMH: Widows who share a legacy of murder  Article added Aug 10
“We want the militia brought to justice, ... We want the militia tried and punished. Reconciliation means justice and a trial. ... A 10-year old boy was killed right in front of me. His name was Francisco Barreto, ... My husband was dragged into another room. He was stabbed and managed to walk as far as the Junior High School and collapsed there and died from his wounds,” Filomena Fereira da Silva, widow of pro-independence leader murdered during the Maliana police station massacre

Aug 8 TAPOL: Justice For East Timor Still Unlikely Under Megawati  Release added Aug 10
“President Megawati appears to be continuing a pattern established by the Wahid administration, which involved doing just enough to prevent the establishment of an international tribunal without making any real attempt to institute a genuine national process of justice. She is likely to keep a tight rein on what can be investigated and tried so that the whole truth about the East Timor tragedy does not come out. Without the prospect of credible trials in Indonesia, international justice must now take its course.” Carmel Budiardjo, TAPOL, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign

Aug 6 EMMP: Timor Journalists Adopt Code of Conduct for Elections  Statement added Aug 13
"The Timor Lorosa’e Journalists’ Association (TLJA) adopted a code of conduct for its members to follow during the ongoing election campaign in East Timor ... The voluntary code is an effort by TLJA to encourage its members to behave in a fair and responsible manner during the territory’s first free elections. ... The aim of the code is to assist Timorese journalists in maintaining careful balance in their reporting while avoiding taking sides in political debates." Election Media Mediation Panel

Aug 6 UN: Oil company's complaints over Timor Gap fiscal terms not accurate, UN says  Info added Aug 10
"Responding to recent complaints by Australian officials and oil company representatives over a change in incentives offered for petroleum exploration in the Timor Gap, senior United Nations and East Timorese officials have said the criticisms were “neither balanced nor accurate.” " UN Department of Public Information (DPI)

Aug 6 FAETTA: Hollywood Honours Ramos Horta  Release added Aug 13
“This is certainly a most unique award I will be receiving, which I do accept with honour and pride. It is an opportunity for a very different audience to hear about East Timor.” Dr Ramos-Horta

Aug 5 Contact info for ET political parties  Info added Aug 10

Aug 2 STL: Bishop Belo On Megawati  Interview added Aug 13
"The Indonesian Parliament in October last year said Jakarta will no longer make any efforts to get back Timor Lorosae. I think Indonesian politicians will honor decisions made by Parliament. I am certain Megawati and her new deputy will respect the wishes of the Timorese people." Bishop Belo

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Jul 27 AI: EAST TIMOR Justice past, present and future  Report added Aug 13
"A mission to East Timor in March 2001 by Amnesty International researchers revealed that the necessary measures have not been taken with the result that law and order is now barely being maintained, justice is not being administered effectively and the human rights of the East Timorese people cannot be guaranteed. The judicial system is only partially established and what does exist is fragile." Amnesty International

update Jul 25 IFET: Scheiner: No IFET-OP 2001 observer project  Letter updated Aug 13
"A number of people from around the world have asked if the International Federation for East Timor (IFET) is going to organize an observer project for the upcoming August 30 constituent assembly election in East Timor, as we did for the referendum two years ago. Based on advice from East Timorese NGOs, on our capacity, and on our assessment of the current situation, we will not be organizing such a project. ... This is a decision based on priorities and resources, not on principle. ... We reached this decision reluctantly, after discussions with La’o Hamutuk, Yayasan Hak, and other East Timorese NGOs." Charles Scheiner, U.N. Representative, International Federation for East Timor (IFET)

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Jul 25 TMP: Pernyataan Keprihatinan Atas Sidang Naik Banding  Statement added Aug 1
"Bahwa kami sangat menyesalkan hasil  keputusan Majelis Hakim Panel A pengadilan distrik Dili untuk mencabut penahanan sementara atas tersangka dr Sergio Lobo. Dasar pertimbangan yang dipakai hakim maupun pihak pembela untuk melepaskan dr Sergio Lobo, tidak menunjukkan aspek pembelaan dan keadilan terhadap korban GG. Ernawati." oleh Tim Monitoring Persidangan: Fokupers (Forum Komunikasi Untuk Perempuan Loro Sae); Tim Kuasa Hukum G.G. Ernawati Legal Aid Ukun Rasi’An

Bahasa Indonesia:
Jan 25-31 KPB: REKOMENDASI: Pembangunan Berkelanjutan di Timor Lorosa’e  Article added Aug 3
"Di samping usulan-usulan spesifik yang muncul di dalam makalah konferensi dan lokakarya, ada tujuh rekomendasi umum yang disepakati. Rekomendasi ini mewakili titik awal yang penting untuk memulai perjalanan menuju pembangunan berkelanjutan di Timor Lorosa’e." Konferensi Pembangunan Berkelanjutan di Timor Lorosa'e

Bahasa Indonesia:
Jan 25-31 KPB: Dokumen berikut adalah ringkasan hasil-hasil lokakarya  Article added Aug 3
"Hasil-hasil Lokakarya 22lokakaryamengenai pembangunan berkelanjutan pertama menentukan 4 isu pokok, dan selanjutnya mencatatbeberapa strategi untuk menangani masalah-masalah tersebut. ... Dokumen berikut adalah ringkasan hasil-hasil lokakarya: Pembangunan Ekonomi secara Berkelanjutan; Pendidikan - di semua tingkat masyarakat; Pemberdayaan Kemampuan- pada semua tingkat masyarakat; Proses Perencanaan yang Terpadu dan Transparan; Pengembangan Kebijakan dengan Melibatkan Masyarakat; Sistem Peraturan, Penegakan dan Hukuman yang Transparan; Pengakuan Struktur Masyarakat dan Pengetahuan Tradisional." Konferensi Pembangunan Berkelanjutan di Timor Lorosa'e

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Access details of Canberra & National (Australian) Events at:

Tetum (East Timorese) language course
Adult Community Education Program, CIT Solutions
Winter/Spring Courses 2001
(Introductory; Teacher Dr. Malcolm Watkins; Course code: LAN 2043; $180)
Direct Enrolment Phone: 6207-4441
University of Canberra, College St, Bruce
Wednesdays from August 15, 6-8pm x 12 sessions

National Day of Action for Democracy in Indonesia
Rally at Indonesian Embassy, Canberra
Actions are being held in many cities across Australia to call for the release of all political prisoners, for an end to sweatshop labour, for a referendum in Aceh and West Papua and against the IMF-dictated cuts to subsidies on basic goods.
For more detail, contact ASIET on or Resistance on
Canberra event organised by Resistance. Ph: (02) 6247 2424
August 16 Thursday 1:00pm

Screening of King/Cavadini documentary film "Starting From Zero": Reconstruction in East Timor
‘ABOUT US’ program: SBS Television - Australia
Info: Mandy King & Fabio Cavadini
Friday August 17th, 8.30pm

International Conference: “Politics, Crime and Criminal Justice”
International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law
Final day of the conf: Emphasis on East Timor: Restoration of criminal
justice systems & development of international criminal justice systems
Info: email: website:
Old Parliament House, High Court of Australia & Rydges Lakeside Canberra Hotel, Canberra, Australia
26-30 August 2001

August 30th East Timor National Election Date

Post-Timor Election Dinner
Also, some interesting speakers to talk about the election and its implications.
Acceptances by 28 August to Robert and Wendy by phone 62822805 or by e-mail
$25 per person. (includes $5 fundraiser)
Greater Indian and International Restaurant in Curtin (opposite the Curtin shops), Canberra
Friday 31 August 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m

(Selection of) SYDNEY EVENTS:

Access details of Sydney Events at:

Guest speaker for AETA  Monthly Meeting
Details Stephen, (02) 9331-5986.
Level 3, UTS Tower Building, Broadway
Wednesday 22th August 6.30pm

East Timor and the new colonialism
Indonesian academic George Aditjondro will be speaking on the corruption of the reconstruction process in East Timor
alongside a video produced by Tim Anderson on the oppressive role of the World Bank in the new nation
Phone 02 9261 4862 to register and for more info or email
Part of "marxism 2001 conference" Thurs 23 - Sun 26 August
Saturday 25 August, 11.45am- 1pm. Markets Campus, UTS, Quay St, Central Sydney

"Leaving the Crocodile" Exhibition: The Story of the East Timorese Community in Sydney
Timorese artists working with the Liverpool Museum
Principal Curator: Amanda Wise: email
Liverpool Regional Museum, Cnr Congressional Drive & Hume Hwy, Liverpool, Sydney
August 25th-December 15th

East Timor Film & Video Night with unscreened videos/films
An AETA fundraiser. Details Andy 9960-550
Bookings at The Valhalla 9552-2456. $10 entry.
The Valhalla Cinema, Glebe, Sydney
Monday 27th August 8.15pm-11pm

August 30th East Timor National Election Date

John Birmingham In Conversation With Lansell Taudevin
on the Quarterly Review essay “Appeasing Jakarta”
Gleebooks, upstairs, $8/$5. Bookings: Gleebooks (02) 9660-2333
Thursday 30th August, 6.30pm for 7pm

Post-East Timor election PARTY to officially OPEN ‘Leaving the Crocodile’ exhibition
Come and celebrate! Free. All welcome - Timorese bands, dancers, food.
Exhibition details 9602-0315
Also includes Launch Of MMIETS Literacy Program - fundraiser (Details 9623-2847)
Liverpool Regional Museum, Hume Hgwy Liverpool
Sat. Sept 1st Timor - from 1pm onwards

"Friends Of Maliana" Monthly Meeting (held first Tuesday of each month)
Details 9367-9047 or
Leichhardt Town Hall, Sydney
Tuesday 4th September, 7 p.m

Amnesty Group Seminar on Torture in East Timor with speakers including:
Ciaron O’Reilly, Sr. Susan Connelly, Peter McGregor, Lansell Taudevin, STARRTS, etc.
Details  David Druery
Uni of Western Sydney (Parramatta)
Wednesday 5th September,12 Noon to 2pm

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Access the following recently added links at:

French / Portuguese / English:
Agir pour Timor (Ação para Timor / Action for Timor)  Added June 23
Agir pour Timor has launched a press database at
It covers some of the written press on East Timor for 2001 and has a thematic index and a search engine.
Most of the news and articles are in Portuguese, although there are several items in English and a few in French.
Comments of all sorts are welcome and should be sent to
See also: (French & English) Apr 28 2001 Agir pour Timor demande la création immédiate d’un tribunal pénal international ad hoc sur Timor-Est / Agir pour Timor calls for the immediate creation of an ad hoc international criminal court on ETimor
português língua:
Notícia diária sobre Timor Leste. Portuguese (na maior parte), inglesas (alguns) e francesas (pouco a pouco) línguas.
correio electrónico:  URL:

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East Timorese Network of Popular Educators / Rede dos Educadores Populares Timor Lorosa’e  Added Aug 11
* Network formed by these ET NGOs: Grupo Alfabetização Naroman; Grupo Nove Nove - Fokupers; Haburas Foundation; Institutu Sekular Maun Alin iha Kristu - ISMAIK; La’o Hamutuk; Prontu Atu Servi; Organização Popular da Mulher Timorense - OPMT; Sa’he Institute for Liberation; Yayasan HAK
* The formation of this network grows from the recognition of the critical role of education in the process of East Timorese democratization and has been sparked by an exchange between Brazil and East Timor.
* Popular education as practice is not new to East Timor. In fact, the 1975 generation was inspired by the methods of Paolo Freire and popular education was carried out in the form of literacy classes, cooperatives, crèches (day schools), development of traditional remedies and other social activities which the Indonesian invasion stopped and destroyed.
* Political independence has been achieved, but has not yet guaranteed the same learning opportunities to all people. The majority of the population was marginalized during Indonesia’s occupation and during this transitional period, there has not yet been significant change. The formal education that now exists is a legacy of the Portuguese and Indonesian systems and does not include liberating principles. The goal of popular education is to empower all people to be able to participate in decision making processes. Popular education is a collective act, not an individual one.
Contact: Nuno RodriguesTelephone:  0407-609-488 or 0408-811-373; La’o Hamutuk, Farol - Dili
See: Aug 9 2001 Formation of the Popular Educators’ Network:

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