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'Refugees' & Missing Persons  Updated June 30

These collections have been up-dated in the past week:

Reconstruction and 'Aid & Development'  Updated June 30

Peoples' Participation  Updated June 29

Capacity Building & 'Timorisation'  Updated June 30

Financing Reconstruction  Updated June 27

Timor Oil  Updated June 25

FRETILIN - Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor  Updated June 30

War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity  Updated June 30

Military and political aid to Indonesia  Updated June 29

Calls for International War Crimes Tribunal  Updated June 30

Truth, Reception and Reconciliation  Updated June 30

Sexual Violence as a weapon of war  Updated June 30

Pro-autonomy Political Parties & Movements  Updated June 30

National Council of Timorese Resistance (CNRT)  Updated June 29

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June 2001 LHB: Dollarization & Democracy  Editorial added June 26
"Under pressure from the International Monetary Fund and elements of the East Timorese political leadership, UNTAET is intensifying its efforts to achieve what it calls “dollarization”—making the U.S.  dollar the sole currency of the territory. ... The potential for inflation caused by dollarization is very real in East Timor. ... Given this, what are the plans on the part of UNTAET and the IMF to protect East Timorese—especially the poor who live on the margins— from the effects of increasing prices?" La'o Hamutuk: East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis

June 2001 LHB: In Brief  News added June 26
News and issues relating to women, Oe-cusse, people's participation, elections, capacity-building. - BD

Jun 29 FRETILIN Italia: Open letter to FRETILIN  Letter added June 30
"During the struggle of liberation a surprising energy has been emanated from our people and this energy has to continue to produce the propelling force that is necessary for the development of the country. ... The well-proportioned development of the Timorese society will be realized only within an economical policy that will dispense in a fair way the wealth our country will produce. We have to avoid that a without-laws capitalism lashes our people and our country." David Dias Quintas Corona, FRETILIN rep in Italy

Jun 29 SMH: People to have their say - but so will the UN  News added June 29
"The United Nations has told the people of East Timor they will be virtually self-governing from September 15 - but that the UN will decide who will form the government. The head of the UN administration in the country, Mr Sergio Vieira de Mello, appealed yesterday to political parties to accept a government of national unity after elections on August 30 for a constituent assembly, or parliament. He indicated he had the right to appoint such a government, although he added that the new Cabinet would “broadly reflect” the results of the elections." Mark Dodd, Herald Correspondent in Dili

Jun 28 Asia Times: Madness For the US to Restore Relations with TNI  Article added June 29
"The Bush administration has approved a restoration of limited military contacts with Indonesia, while Australia wants to go a step further by signing a formal security treaty. This is madness," Alan Boyd

Jun 27 STL: Xanana cancels trip to meet refugees in West Timor  News from ETimor added June 28
“On Monday morning, I received a call from UNTAET Chief of Staff N Parameswaran who advised me that the situation in West Timor was not conducive for meeting with refugees and militia leaders to be held. He added Jakarta could not guarantee my safety,” former president of CNRT Xanana Gusmao

Jun 25 ETDF: Ruak at the Opening Session of the Defence Donors Conference  Speech added June 26
"We can now say that we have achieved the structural transformation of FALINTIL into a Defence Force as conceptualised last year.
From yesterday’s guerrilla army based and inspired by the commitment and determination of our People and on the courage and patriotism of its members who fought with conviction for the liberation of our Homeland, we are now in the process of shaping a conventional force." Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak, East Timor Defence Force

Jun 25 From the former office of CNRT/CNP  Letter added June 26
"As you are all aware, the CNRT/CN was formally dissolved on 9 June 2001. Consequently, Mr. Gusmao is no longer President of the CNRT/CN and the Office that was set up in February 1999 to assist his work has ceased its functions. ... We kindly request that all matters addressed to Mr. Gusmao be, as from today, addressed to the already existing institutions in East Timor and relevant sectoral departments within the East Timor Transitional Administration." Former Office of the CNRT/CN President, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao

Jun 20 AFP: UN blames Australia for Timor Gap treaty delay  News added June 25
“some new issues have been introduced by the Australian side and that’s making it more difficult. ... I think they can be easily resolved on the basis of the text we had been working on until just a week ago. But now, I don’t know. ... It will be very difficult if not impossible for any agreement to be concluded between July 15 and when the new government takes place after the election of a constitutional assembly,” Peter Galbraith, political affairs chief, United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET)

Jun 14 CSUCS: Child Soldiers Global Report 2001 - East Timor Chapter  Report added June 24
"New legislation being adopted for an independent East Timor will set 18 as the minimum age for recruitment. The reintegration of child soldiers, some as young as 12, who were used by both government and opposition forces during the conflict still presents a major challenge. The abduction and recruitment of children by anti-independence militia for the purposes of indoctrination has been reported." Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers

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May 2001 AsiaFound: Nat'l Survey of Voter Knowledge  Foreword and executive summary added June 28
"This report presents the findings of the first ever random nationwide survey to assess East Timorese political opinions and knowledge. ... The survey involved 1,558 in-person interviews of potential voters in a total of 392 Aldeia in 196 villages in all the 13 districts of East Timor. It addresses critical issues related to the national mood; voter and civic education issues; access to media; language use and preference; and demographics." The Asia Foundation

May 30 AAP: East Timor's Horta calls for over 90 pct of Timor Gap royalties  News added June 25
“Eighty-five per cent I hope is the minimum that the current [Australian] government will offer, ... (But) I hope that John Howard and Alexander Downer will want to do more than what Labor [opposition party] has offered. ... Kim Beazley and Laurie Brereton have said a Labor government will offer 90 per cent of the revenues to East Timor. ... So if I were John Howard and Alexander Downer, I would never allow Labor to be seen as more generous that I. ... So the minimum that the current government should do is to offer 91 per cent or 95 per cent. The Australian community will applaud that,” Dr Ramos-Horta

28 April – 5 May 2001 CSW: Joint Mission to East Timor  Report added June 30
"The words of an East Timorese song performed before the 1999 Referendum read thus: "Our people are suffering and dying, our hearts cry out but no one knows. Please remember our little homeland. Please remember East Timor. Oh, our little homeland! Oh, East Timor. Deeply suffering the world’s rejection, stripped by strangers, repressed by torture. Oh, my homeland, will you be free?" We sincerely hope and pray that the people of East Timor will never again have to suffer the anguish of torture, of their land being stripped by strangers, and of being rejected and forgotten by the world. We hope that they will experience true freedom and independence. We will stand with them." Dr Martin Panter & Benedict Rogers, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW)

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Abríl 2001 BLH: Vizaun Jeral Hosi Fundu Ba Rekonstrusaun Timor Loro Sa’e  Overview added June 27
"Povu Timor Loro Sa’e frekuentemente foti lia-husu/ kestaun kona ba miliaun/tokon atus bar-barak dolar nebe suli mai iha rai laran ne’e hahún hosi fulan Setembru 1999. Liu tan, ne’e hotu la mos, kona ba osan sira ne’e ba iha nebe. Falta de matenek no transparansia hosi públiku no sira nia partisipasaun iha buat hirak nebe iha relasaun ho fundus nebe’e halo ema balun to’o ba konkluzaun katak iha buat ruma nebe la los. Nune’e mos, iha persepsaun ida nebe mo-mos, bele dehan nivel hosi fundus, iha neba mosu progresu nebe la to’o atu harii fali Timor Loro Sa’e." La’o Hamutuk, Instituto Timor Lorosa’e ba Analiza no Monitoring Reconstrucao

Abríl 2001 BLH: Faktos Kona Ba We Botir  Overview added June 27
"Botir plastiku mamuk nian iha quartel UNTAET nia liur. Ida ne’e bidon recycle (mengembalikan) ida, maibe sei barak tan; botir barak mak sei soe namakare halo foer. ... Estimasaun distribuisaun ba tinan ida: botir 10,5 miliaun ... Estimasaun ba kustus tinan ida nian laran: 4 miliaun dolar" La’o Hamutuk, Instituto Timor Lorosa’e ba Analiza no Monitoring Reconstrucao

Abríl 2001 BLH: Ekipamentu sira presiza husik hela wainhira UNTAET fila  Overview added June 27
"Laiha politika ida nebe konsistente kona ba dispozisaun hosi ekipamentu no sasán nebe sosa ba misaun dame ONU nian. Iha misaun sira nebe liu tiha ona, dala ruma ekipamentu sira ne’e husik hela iha rai-laran wainhira ONU hit ain. La’o Hamutuk husu ba estadu sira hosi membru ONU nian, nebe liu hosi ONU kolektivamente “na’in” ba ekipamentu sira ne’e, atu bele mantein diak ekipamentu sira ne’e. Wainhira ekipamentu sira ne’e iha kondisaun diak no ETTA preciza, ONU bele fo hela sasán sira ne’e ba governu foun nudar hahalok diak ida ka fa’an ho folin ida nebe presiza konsidera mos kona ba depresiasaun nebe maka’as no gastus ba ONU atu tula sasán sira ne’e iha roo hodi sai hosi Timor Loro Sa’e." La’o Hamutuk, Instituto Timor Lorosa’e ba Analiza no Monitoring Reconstrucao

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Bahasa Indonesia:
Maret 2001 ACFOA: Partai-Partai Dan Kelompok-Kelompok Politik Di Timor TimurTéks [150KB] added June 29
"Timor-Timur kini tengah memasuki tahap akhir yang penting dari proses transisi menuju kemerdekaan penuh. ... Tetapi sekarang partai-partai boleh menduduki ‘centre stage’ untuk memainkan peranan penting mereka dalam suatu proses demokrasi. Ini adalah suatu kemajuan yang positif dan sehat di mana kelebihan seseorang tidak menjadi faktor yang melemahkan. ... Berapa banyak partai yang akan bertanding dalam pemilihan? Siapa pemimpin partai-partai tersebut dan bagaimana mereka dapat dihubungi? Seberapa berbeda partai-partai ini dibandingkan dengan yang sebelumnya? Apa ide-ide dan kebijakan mereka terhadap pembangunan di Timor Timur, kebijakan luar negeri dan sebagainya?" Pat Walsh, Badan Bantuan Luar Negeri Australia

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Feb 7 NRP: Chomsky/Soares: Breaking Free: East Timor's Quest for Independence  Radio program added June 26
"For East Timorese people, independence came with great costs. Refugees are still languishing in camps in West Timor, and though they won the right to autonomy after the elections in October 1999, many people are asking why international agencies such as the United Nations continue to hold decision-making power instead of the East Timorese themselves. On this program, we take a look at intervention in East Timor." National Radio Project

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Out 2 2000 OTL: Educação, início do 1º ano escolar em Outubro de 2000  Report added June 27
"Sob a administração indonésia, apenas 6% dos 6672 professores primários (timorenses e indonésios) possuíam as habilitações curriculares necessárias ao ensino (Columbia University, 1999). O teste de selecção ao qual foram submetidos os professores parece essencialmente visar a redução do seu número e, assim, do seu peso sobre o orçamento da educação. O corte drástico, para menos de metade dos efectivos, contradiz a proclamação do acesso à escola primária para todas as crianças. A relação professor/alunos, 1/55, não é de molde a melhorar a qualidade. As exigências do Banco Mundial para a qualidade das construções e mobílias – e financiamentos implícitos oriundos do TFET- não parecem ter equivalente nos meios humanos que dependem do orçamento corrente." Observatório Timor Leste

Oct 2 2000 ETO: Education - 1st school year starts in October 2000  Report added June 27
"In Indonesia’s administration, only 6% of the 6,672 primary teachers (Timorese and Indonesian) held the necessary teaching qualifications (Columbia University, 1999). The purpose of the nationwide teacher selection examination appears to have been to cut back on their numbers and, thus, on education budget spending. Such a drastic reduction – down to less than half original numbers – flies in the face of the proclaimed access to primary school education for all children. At 1:55, the teacher/pupil ratio is not one that will enhance quality. The World Bank’s emphasis on quality when it comes to buildings and furniture – and the availability of funding from TFET – do not seem to be echoed in the area of human resources that depend on the current budget." East Timor Observatory

Aug 30 2000 IHT: A Year Later, East Timor's People Are Still Waiting for Justice  Article added June 30
"The United Nations should immediately set up a human rights tribunal for East Timor. ... The United States, Britain and Australia have a special responsibility to ensure that this happens because for more than two decades they backed Indonesia's occupation of East Timor. Their active support for an international tribunal will help them atone for their complicity. It will also help to heal the wounds of those who were most victimized and to build an independent East Timor which respects the principles of democracy and human rights." Aderito de Jesus Soares, founder, East Timor Jurists Association

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Book Launch for John Martinkus book on East Timor "A Dirty Little War",

coupled with the opening of Photo Exhibition: Through the Eye of the Lens
Info: HT Lee: email
Also Sydney, Melbourne and Dili on other dates
Friday July 13th, 6.30pm
Photo exhibition ends Wednesday 18 July

Australian press photographers East Timor exhibition:
"Through the Eye of the Lens Jan 1997- Jan 2000"
in conjunction with the launch of book: A Dirty Little War
Info: HT Lee: email
Also Sydney, Melbourne and Dili on other dates
Friday July 13th, 6.30pm - Wednesday 18 July

Mid July SBS screening of King/CavaDini
documentary film "Starting From Zero".

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