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Reconstruction and 'Aid & Development'  Updated July 14

Peoples' Participation  Updated July 12

East Timor National NGO Forum  Updated July 13

Financing Reconstruction  Updated July 14

Timor Oil  Updated July 14

'Refugees' & Missing Persons  Updated July 12

Women's Issues  Updated July 13

War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity  Updated July 11

Military and political aid to Indonesia  Updated July 14

Calls for International War Crimes Tribunal  Updated July 14

Truth, Reception and Reconciliation  Updated July 11

Sexual Violence as a weapon of war  Updated July 10

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Jul 14 LH: "Youth Front for a War Crimes Tribunal" calls for U.S. govt disclosure  News from ETimor added July 14
"On 4 July 2001, approximately 200 activists gathered in front of UNTAET headquarters for a rally demanding that UNTAET support an international tribunal for East Timor. ... Among its demands, the group [Youth Front for a War Crimes Tribunal] called upon the United States government to fully and publicly disclose its role in supporting Indonesia's crimes against the East Timorese people and to actively support the creation of an international tribunal for East Timor." La'o Hamutuk

Jul 13 JSMP: Team Alpha militia members testify to Kopassus links  News from ETimor added July 14
[Includes links to info on KOPASSUS & Team Alfa militia - BD]
"In the first trial involving crimes against humanity being heard by the Special Panel for Serious Crimes of the Dili District Court, several Team Alpha militia members have testified this week to their strong links with KOPASSUS, the Indonesian military special forces. They confirmed that as militia members they were trained and armed by KOPASSUS to fight FALINTIL." Judicial System Monitoring Programme news service

Jul 13 AP: UN Official Calls For War Crimes Tribunal For East Timor  News added July 14
“If there’s no progress toward bringing to justice the people responsible for the crimes ... there should be an international war crimes tribunal,” Peter Galbraith, political affairs minister in the U.N. administration in East Timor

Bahasa Indonesia:
Jul 12 NGO Forum / Rede Feto: Tokoh Masyarakat Ditahan Lagi Untuk Kekerasan Rumah Tangga  Pernyataan Pers (added Juli 13)
"Kasus ini akan dijadikan preseden untuk kasus-kasus kekerasan rumah tangga berikutnya dan untuk semua kasus yang melibatkan pejabat masyarakat tinggi ... Sistem pengadilan kita harus memperlakukan semua orang dengan cara sama.” Filomena Reis, Staf Advokasi di NGO Forum Timor Lorosa’e

“Banyak orang Timor percaya bahwa kekerasan rumah tangga adalah masalah pribadi dan tidak patut disidangkan di hadapan umum, ... Kejahatan adalah kejahatan, baik dilakukan di jalan atau di rumah." Laura Abrantes dari Jaringan Perempuan Timor Lorosa’e
Jul 12 NGO Forum / Rede Feto: Public Figure Detained Again for Domestic Violence  Release July 13
“This case will set a precedent for future cases of domestic violence and for any cases that involve a high-level official, ... Our legal system must treat all people equally.” Filomena Reis, Advocacy Officer, East Timor NGO Forum
“Many East Timorese still believe that domestic violence is a private issue and is therefore not fit for a public courtroom, ... A crime is a crime, whether committed on the street or in one’s home.” Laura Abrantes, East Timor Women’s Network

Jul 12 NTnews: Timor Gap - Revenue cf Royalties  Letter to Ed added July 13
"The Timor Gap agreement just signed has been presented by Australian politicians and much media as extemely generous to East Timor, (with) ‘concessions’ by Australia. The reality is it is only generous by East Timor to Australia. After all, by International Law, East  Timor owns 100% of the resource. East Timor gets 90% of the ROYALTIES for Bayu Undan, NOT 90% of the REVENUES as so many commentators have wrongly stated. Most of  the revenues will go to the American oil companies and to Northern Territory business." Rob Wesley-Smith, australians for a free east timor, Darwin

Jul 11 Bano: A Peace Zone: An Option for the Future of the Timor Enclave  Report added July 11
"Declaring Oe-cusse a peace zone is the best way to facilitate resolution of the enclave’s isolation. Accordingly it should be the first option pursued by the future East Timorese government. Such a declaration must become a legally binding guarantee included in the national constitution soon to be formulated. However, such a legally binding guarantee would lack strength without a treaty between East Timor and Indonesia on Oe-cusse." Arsenio Bano, Executive Director of the East Timor NGO Forum

Jul 11 GLW: Who gains most from New Timor gap treaty?  Editorial added July 13
"The corporate media have started a new scare campaign over the prospect that East Timor's new constituent assembly, due to be elected in August, may seek changes before ratifying the treaty or impose at some future date a higher fiscal regime upon companies operating in the Timor Sea. If a future East Timorese government chooses to make such changes, this is an entirely justifiable and reasonable action to take." Green Left Weekly Editorial

Jul 10 JSMP: First crimes against humanity trial begins  News from ETimor added July 11
"The first trial involving crimes against humanity, known as the “Los Palos” case, finally began yesterday after several delays. ... He [Deputy General Prosecutor for Serious Crimes, Jean-Luis Gillisen (Belgium)] said that it was an important moment not just for the East Timorese people, but also for the international community as the victims of the crimes alleged include all of humankind. The Special Panel takes part in the building of international justice, thereby helping the international community to end impunity for the commission of atrocities, he said." Judicial System Monitoring Programme news service

Jul 9 SMH: Rescuing the hostages of Timor's bitter fortunes  Comment added July 12
"The fate of the 70,000 East Timorese refugees in camps in the west does not command headline treatment in Australia. Their fate is, however, of direct humanitarian concern to Australia, given their exile is a direct consequence of Australian and other international intervention in East Timor in 1999. We have been content to bathe in the reflected glory of the achievements of the Australian Defence Force. We must be equally prepared to engage vigorously in the complex and less glamorous diplomacy needed to secure the return of those displaced." Kevin Rudd, Federal MP [Australia] and chairman of the opposition party’s policy committee on national security and trade and a former diplomat

Jul 9 STL: National Unity Pact signed  News from ETimor added July 11
"The long-awaited National Unity Pact was at least signed by 14 political parties last night. Only two parties opted to stay out of it ­ the National Party of Timor (PNT) and National Republic Party of Timor Leste (Parentil). ... Political parties that signed the National Unity Pact will be bound by 14 clauses. The most important clause is that all parties must accept unconditionally the results of the UN-supported popular consultation on 30 August 1999, whereby the Timorese overwhelmingly voted to separate from Indonesia. ... Also, all the political parties, in the pact, agreed to refrain from violence ... " Suara Timor Lorosae

Jul 9 STL: Bishop Belo: Timorese people must be agents of peace  News from ETimor added July 11
“For the past 24 years, there have been tears and suffering and, now, we no longer want it, ... We have experienced a long war experiencing extreme suffering. Now when it is over, we have to promise ourselves never to fight again or use violence,” Dili Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo

Jul 8 PD: Manifesto & speech of Partido Democratico  Full text added July 12
" ... the Democratic Party, want to remind and appeal to all of you to contribute your strength, knowledge and experience to the political party that you have chosen. The Democratic Party respects your freedom of choice and its doors are wide open to every citizen of Timor Loro Sae. If you want democracy and the new political alternative you are welcome to join PD!" Fernando "La Sama" de Araujo, President of Democratic Party (PD)

Jul 7 ABC: TNI used media strategy to disguise militia links  Interview transcript updated July 14
" ...  it was ... in some ways a very slick PR operation. ... By simply focusing on saying that it was the militia who were destroying Dili, or the militia who were responsible for the majority of the destruction, which was simply not the case, it was very methodical carried out by TNI soldiers [Indonesian military] and you could see that. The militia simply wouldn’t have had the infrastructure trucks, planes, ships to carry out such a large-scale deportation of you know, a third of the population basically." John Martinkus, Australian journalist and author of  “A Dirty Little War - an eyewitness account of East Timor’s descent into hell"

Jul 5 AID/WATCH: The World Bank in East Timor  Briefing added July 14
"The World Bank - fighting poverty or supporting profiteering?: ...
The conditions attached to World Bank loans (eg. privatisation, less restrictions on foreign investment, lowering import taxes, removal of subsidies, restricted public investment, minimise labour and environmental controls) are all designed to encourage further private-for-profit investment in, and trade with, the developing country. An important assumption in all World Bank operations is that there can be a "happy marriage" between (1) development programs that will benefit poor people, and (2) profitable opportunities for giant multinational companies. Conflict between these two goals tends to be ignored." Tim Anderson for Aidwatch

Jul 4 GLW: New party in East Timor faces election challenge  Article added July 12
"In the lead-up to the elections, the PST [Socialist Party of Timor] has launched a new political manual designed to give a basic introduction to the party for new members. The 15-page publication sets out, and answers, “frequently asked questions” about the PST: its structure, its program on social, political and economic issues. The PST has put forward 75 candidates for the Constituent Assembly election, 19 of whom, including its top candidate, are women. In a surprise move, the list does not include its high-profile general secretary, Avelino Coelho da Silva. Coelho said he would be focusing his attention on other areas of the party’s activities." Vanya Tanaja

Jul 2 OTL: Refugiados; um recenseamento inútil e perigoso  Report added July 11
"O recenseamento não atingiu nenhum dos seus objectivos: nem esclareceu o número de refugiados, nem os números dos que querem ficar ou voltar, nem deu a estes últimos a possibilidade de regressar a tempo para a inscrição no recenseamento eleitoral em Timor Leste, nem mesmo favorece a reinstalação na Indonésia visto que não distingue os que querem ficar dos que querem voltar logo que a situação o permita." Observatório Timor Leste

Jul 2 ETO: Refugee registration: futile and dangerous  Report added July 11
"The registration exercise did not achieve any of its stated goals: it did not determine the number of refugees, nor clarify the numbers wishing to stay / to return. It did not enable those wishing to return to get back in time to be included on the electoral roll in East Timor, nor has it facilitated resettlement in Indonesia, as it did not make any distinction between those wanting to live permanently in Indonesia and those just waiting to go back home as soon as the situation permits." East Timor Observatory

jui 2 OTO: Réfugiés : un recensement inutile et dangereux  Report added July 11
"Le recensement n’a atteint aucun de ses objectifs : il n’a précisé ni le nombre des réfugiés, ni le nombre de ceux qui veulent rester ou retourner, ni donné à ces derniers la possibilité de retourner à temps pour s’inscrire sur les listes électorales du Timor Oriental, ni même favorisé la réinstallation en Indonésie vu qu’il ne distingue pas ceux qui veulent rester de ceux qui veulent retourner dès que la situation le permettra." Observatoire Timor-Oriental

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Jun 30 JCCJP: Japanese church leaders oppose Japanese troops in East Timor  Position statement added July 10
"Most Japanese people want Japan to contribute to world peace first and foremost by strictly adhering to its war-renouncing “peace constitution.” ... The present government plan to send the SDF to join a peace keeping operation in East is directly opposed to theses, the fervently held wishes of our people. Furthermore, this newly planned dispatch of Japanese troops to East Timor is particularly callous in light of the Government’s refusal to this day to fully acknowledge, apologize for, or compensate the army’s sex slaves and other victims of Japan’s occupation of East Timor during the Pacific War." Japanese Catholic Council for Justice and Peace

Jun 1 Gabrielson: U.S. Responsibility in the West Timor Refugee Crisis  Report added July 11
"Militias, with their ever-present patrons, the Indonesian military and police, forced the vast majority of the deportees onto crowded lorries, sometimes allowing them to take a few things, other times herding them like livestock at gunpoint, and carted them unceremoniously across the border to West Timor. Mr. Barrus and his family were taken this way, bringing nothing with them, and not even knowing their exact location when they were dumped off the truck. There were no provisions for them upon their arrival: no shelter, no food, no health or sanitary facilities, no land. Nor were the people of West Timor pleased with the sudden influx of hundreds of thousands of displaced people." Curt Gabrielson

Abríl 2001 BLH: Problema Osan: Propriadadi no Prosesu  Editorial added July 12
"Ema internasional sira nebe fo suporta ba Timor Loro Sa’e, servisu ho organizasaun lokal sira, bele hola funsaun importante ida hodi garante ba fundu barak tan, no nivel kontrola nebe bo’ot sobre fundu sira hosi Timor oan sira. Ba ida ne’e, solidaridade internasional sira bele husu sira nia estadu atu fo suporta jenuinu barak liu tan (iha termus fundu sira no poder politika ) ba Timor Loro Sa’e. UNTAET bele hahú suporta aktivisme direitus humanus ida ne’e hodi hasai tiha pratika diskuzaun sekreta kona ba problema orsamentu." La’o Hamutuk, Instituto Timor Lorosa’e ba Analiza no Monitoring Reconstrucao

1999 Gunn: Timor Loro Sae: 500 Years - Wartime Timor: 1942-45  Book extract added July 10
"Many Timorese including liurai paid with their lives [at the hands of Japanese military 1942-45] either for standing neutral or for alleged support of Australian guerrillas. ... The number of Timorese who died during the war is impossible to calculate with precision but is of the order of 40-70,000 out of a total prewar population of around 450,000. The disruption to native agriculture and the breakdown of prewar society stemming from the harsh system of food collection and corvees imposed by the Japanese inevitably led to famine and other hardships, including debilitating disease. ... The issues of Japanese wartime compensation including the claims of so-called "comfort women" or sexual slavery in Timor first became public in 1997 but only in the Macau media where it was taken up by Jose Ramos-Horta speaking on behalf of the Timorese people." Geoffrey C. Gunn, author, Timor Loro Sae: 500 Years

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Access details of Canberra & other Australian Events at:

Australian press photographers East Timor exhibition:

"Through the Eye of the Lens Jan 1997- Jan 2000"
Info: HT Lee: email
CANBERRA SERVICES CLUB, Canberra Ave, Manuka, Canberra
Also Melbourne and Dili on other dates
Until Wednesday 18 July

Book Launch for John Martinkus book on East Timor "A Dirty Little War",

coupled with the opening of Photo Exhibition: Through the Eye of the Lens
Info: HT Lee: email
Melbourne: Trades Hall, 54 Victoria Street, Carlton
Also Dili on future date
6.30pm Friday 20 July 2001
Photo exhibition ends Wednesday 25 July

Screening of King/Cavadini documentary film "An Evergreen Island"
An important film about Bougainville, with many relevant issues with ETimor
‘AS IT HAPPENED’ program: SBS Television - Australia
Info: Mandy King & Fabio Cavadini
Saturday, July 28th, 7.30pm

Sydney Timorese Community Festival with "Leaving the Crocodile" Exhibition.

"The curators would like to invite all members of the East Timorese community in Sydney, Sydney based solidarity groups & other interested individuals to contribute ideas, information, items of interest or significance, photographs, cultural items, and their own stories."
Principal Curator: Amanda Wise: email
Deadline for Submissions is 1st August

Tetum (East Timorese) language course
Adult Community Education Program, CIT Solutions
Winter/Spring Courses 2001 (Introductory; Teacher Malcolm Watkins; Course code: LAN 2043; $180)
Direct Enrolment Phone: 6207-4441
Southside/Woden Campus, (opp. Woden Hospital) Canberra
Wednesdays from August 15, 6-8pm x 12 sessions

Screening of King/Cavadini documentary film "Starting From Zero"
‘ABOUT US’ program: SBS Television - Australia
Info: Mandy King & Fabio Cavadini
Friday August 17th, 8.30pm

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