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These collections have been up-dated in the past week:

Reconstruction and 'Aid & Development'
Rekonstrusaun i 'Ajuda i Dezenvolvimentu'
Reconstrução e 'Ajuda e Desenvolvimento'  Updated July 29

Peoples' Participation
Participação Dos Povos  Updated July 26

East Timor National NGO Forum
Forum Nacional ONG Timor Lorosa'e
LSM-LSM Timor Loro Sa’e  Updated July 29

Capacity Building & 'Timorisation'
à Criação de Capacidades  Updated July 29

Financing Reconstruction
Fundu Ba Rekonstrusaun
Bantu uang: Rékonstruksi  Updated July 29

Timor Oil
Mina iha Timor Gap
O Petróleo do Mar de Timor
Le pétrole de la Mer de Timor  Updated July 29

'Refugees' & Missing Persons
'Refugiados' e Desaparecido
'Réfugiés' ou Déplacés  Updated July 29

Women's Issues
Perempuan Timor Lorosa’e  Updated July 28

FRETILIN - Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor
Frente Revolucionária do Timor Leste Independente
Front Revolusi Kemerdekaan Timor Timur  Updated July 26

Military and political aid to Indonesia
Apoiu militar, politika no diplomata ba Indonesia  Updated July 26

Calls for International War Crimes Tribunal
Demande la tribunal pénal international  Updated July 28

Sexual Violence as a weapon of war
Estraga feto / Perkosaan  Updated July 26

Pro-autonomy Political Parties & Movements
Pró autonomia Partidos políticos e Movimentos
Partai pendukung otonomi  Updated July 26

National Council of Timorese Resistance
Conselho Nacional de Resistência Timorense (CNRT)
Badan Nasional Perlawanan Timor Timur  Updated July 26

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Access the following recently added July items at:

July 2001 LHB: The United Nations: Aiding or Undermining a Resolution of the Refugee Crisis?  Editorial added July 29
"But during this transitional period, UNTAET and the governments of the world have a different role: they must use their leverage, including whatever pressure the international community can muster, “to ensure the safe return of refugees and displaced persons.”  ... one-tenth of the East Timorese population is still under occupation. In 1975 and in 1999 the international community failed to enforce its strong words with actions, and East Timorese people died. It must not happen a third time. -- Time is running out." La'o Hamutuk: East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis

July 2001 LHB: Reconstruction & Transition: What are the Next Steps?  Bulletin added July 29
"This Bulletin looks at different perspectives on the reconstruction and transition — that of the World Bank and UNTAET and that of the East Timor NGO Forum — in the context of the recently concluded donors’ meeting in Canberra, Australia. Given the intensifying “Timorization” of the territory’s administration and the current planning for the “post-UNTAET” era, these evaluations and recommendations are especially important." La'o Hamutuk: East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis

Jul 27 JSMP Comments to the Sergio Lobo interlocutory appeal  Comments added July 28
"Panel A of the Dili District Court decided to conditionally release Dr Sergio Lobo, ... from detention in Becora prison and place him under house detention until his forthcoming trial. ... JSMP is concerned that this interlocutory decision has the potential to seriously undermine the equally important rights of the victims of crime and violates international human rights law aimed at ensuring the safety and security of every person. Furthermore, the decision seems to reveal a prejudicial attitude, even within the justice system, against respect for women’s rights in East Timor." Judicial System Monitoring Programme news service

Jul 25 CMT: Statement of Concern Regarding the Appeal Hearing  Statement added July 28
"We are extremely disappointed by today’s decision of the High Panel of Judges in District Dili Court to overturn the temporary detention of the accused Dr. Sergio Lobo. The reasoning for the judgement presented by the judges as well as by the defense for the release of Sergio Lobo does not point to concern for justice for the victim, GG. Ernawati." The Court Monitoring Team: Fokupers (the East Timorese Women’s Communication Forum) ; Legal Aid Team of Ukun Rasik An

Jul 25 IFET: Scheiner: No IFET-OP 2001 observer project  Letter added July 26
"A number of people from around the world have asked if the International Federation for East Timor (IFET) is going to organize an observer project for the upcoming August 30 constituent assembly election in East Timor, as we did for the referendum two years ago. Based on advice from East Timorese NGOs, on our capacity, and on our assessment of the current situation, we will not be organizing such a project. ... This is a decision based on priorities and resources, not on principle. ... We reached this decision reluctantly, after discussions with La’o Hamutuk, Yayasan Hak, and other East Timorese NGOs." Charles Scheiner, U.N. Representative, International Federation for East Timor (IFET)

Jul 24 Yayasan HAK: Serious Concerns re Judicial Independence under UNTAET  Paper added July 26
" ... in order for the transition to be a meaningful one, the foundations must be laid to ensure that national democratic institutions can perform the checks and balances required for any healthy and vigorous democracy. The establishment of such local institutions capable of upholding democratic values is particularly critical for East Timor to redress the oppression experienced under decades of colonial rule. Securing the basis for an independent judiciary is indispensable in this a historical context. It is only then that the East Timorese can start to overcome a past legacy of impunity and cultivate a culture of the rule of law where the people can trust and rely on the judiciary for the full protection and realisation of their rights. In light of the importance and urgency of this matter we would urge you to raise your concern on this matter with the Transitional Administrator and encourage his administration to act in accordance with international human rights law and democratic principles." Aniceto Guterres Lopes, Director, Yayasan HAK

Jul 24 IHT: Gareth Evans: Indonesia's Military Culture Has to Be Reformed  Article added July 25
“I am one of those who has to acknowledge, as Australia’s foreign minister at the time, that many of our earlier training efforts helped only to produce more professional human rights abusers.” Gareth Evans, Australia’s foreign minister from 1988 to 1996, President of the Brussels-based International Crisis Group

July 23 IHRN Urges New Indonesian President to Curtail Military and Police Abuses  Release added July 26
"The Indonesia Human Rights Network urges Megawati to do everything in her power to put an end to military and police violence, and to work to establish a judiciary with the authority, capacity and support to bring those responsible for human rights violations to justice," Megan Walsh, The Indonesia Human Rights Network (IHRN)
"IHRN urges the U.S. government to uphold its commitment to genuine reform by maintaining all current restrictions on military assistance and refraining from police assistance to Indonesia until the most basic human rights of people throughout the archipelago are respected," Lynn Fredriksson, The Indonesia Human Rights Network (IHRN)

Jul 23 TAPOL: Prospects for Human Rights in Indonesia  Release added July 24
"The installation today of Megawati Sukarnoputri as president of Indonesia confronts civil society and the human rights community in Indonesia with new challenges, ... The commitment of Indonesia’s new president to reform remains to be seen. Her close ties with the military do not augur well for the upholding of human rights, for a peaceful solution to the conflicts in West Papua and Aceh and for the restoration of the rule of law. Far from being able to take such an agenda forward, she may soon find herself mired in the same snake-pit of political intrigue that brought her predecessor down. The struggle for human rights in Indonesia is likely to become even more difficult in the months and years to come." TAPOL, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign

Jul 21 AGE: The lessons of East Timor  Editorial added July 24
"It appears this link [with Indonesia] was as much overvalued as the power of global public opinion - which helped make InterFET possible - was undervalued. Even this week, Mr Downer [Australia's Foreign Minister] failed to explain satisfactorily what such “diplomatic pragmatism” achieved. Australia’s work in East Timor is atoning to some extent for past errors and omissions. It can do more, by releasing intelligence records, which it was previously reluctant to acknowledge, that could help convict those guilty of crimes against humanity. Atrocities in Indonesia’s Aceh province are now attracting attention, and Mr Downer was more forthright this week than in the past: “I say to the Indonesians, and to the TNI leadership, you have to heed the lessons of East Timor.” Those lessons apply, too, to Australia’s conduct of foreign policy." The Age Newspaper Editorial

Jul 20 OTL: As eleições para a Assembleia Constituinte e os Partidos Políticos  Report added July 26
"As primeiras eleições livres de Timor Leste devem realizar-se em 30 de Agosto. A sua organização pertence ao Governo transitório das Nações Unidas que tiveram de realizar o recenseamento da população e o recenseamento eleitoral, registo dos partidos políticos e dos candidatos. Mais difícil é assegurar a paz a uma população que tem a recordação viva da destruição que se seguiu os resultados da consulta popular organizada pelas NU em 1999." Observatório Timor Leste


Jul 20 ETO: Constituent Assembly Elections and the Political Parties  Report added July 24
"East Timor’s first free elections are to take place on 30 August. They have been organised by the UN transitional government, which first had to carry out a population census and an electoral registration process, and then conduct a registration of the political parties and other election candidates. However, a more difficult task is that of keeping the peace among a population for whom the devastation that followed the announcement of the results of the UN-sponsored popular consultation in 1999 is still a vivid memory." East Timor Observatory

Jul 19 Newsday: UN Is Weak-Willed in Fighting Genocide  Article added July 25
"During the 1990s, United Nations and world leaders proved unwilling to stop crimes against humanity and genocide in civil wars throughout the globe. The UN’s responses ranged from weak-willed and ineffectual - Cambodia and the former Yugoslavia - to absolutely shameful, Rwanda, East Timor and Sierra Leone. ... The Australian-led military response [to end 24 years of Indonesian occupation] came after a thousand civilians had been killed, 70 percent of the nation’s buildings had been destroyed and 200,000 civilians had been moved to concentration camps in West Timor." Peter H Maguire, author of “Law and War: An American Story”

Jul 17 IANSA: East Timorese Refugees in Militia-Controlled Camps  Article added July 26
"On June 6 and 7, the Indonesian government carried out a sham registration of the refugees in West Timor. ... The final results indicated that over 98 percent of refugees wish to resettle in Indonesia, which contradicts the experience of the U.N., other international and local humanitarian organizations in the West Timor camps. Unless the international community rejects the registration, and the militias are disarmed and disbanded, the plight of Juliana dos Santos and many others will continue." Diane Farsetta, East Timor Action Network

Jul 6 Público: Aglionby: Austrália e Timor Chegam a Acordo Sobre Petróleo  News added July 23
"Díli recebe direitos sobre 90 por cento das reservas de Timor Gap. Timor Leste recebeu ontem um salva-vidas de muitos milhões de dólares ao chegar a um entendimento com a Austrália sobre a divisão das reservas de petróleo e gás no mar que divide os dois países. Após 15 meses de duras negociações, acordou-se que Timor Leste receberá 90 por cento dos resultados da exploração e a Austrália os restantes dez por cento. Isto poderá traduzir-se entre 4 mil milhões e 5 mil milhões de dólares (880 a 1100 milhões de contos) durante 20 anos, a partir de 2004. A Austrália, por sua vez, deverá receber quatro ou cinco vezes esse montante com a refinação de todo o petróleo e gás, uma vez que não se espera que Timor Leste consiga desenvolver os meios para o fazer." John Aglionby

Jul 6 Público: Henriques: O Fim do Timor Gap  News added July 23
"Timor Leste receberá 90 por cento dos resultados da exploração e a Austrália os restantes dez por cento. Isto significa para Díli entre 880 e 1100 milhões de contos, garantidos durante 20 anos. Mas a Austrália não fica pior. Vai receber quatro ou cinco vezes esse montante, uma vez que tem sob o seu controlo a refinaria de todo o petróleo e gás proveniente das reservas. "O novo acordo sobre o Mar de Timor é um bom negócio para Timor Leste e um negócio ainda melhor para a Austrália", escreveu Galbraith (num artigo conjunto com Mari Alkatiri, que detém a pasta da Economia) no diário australiano "Sydney Morning Herald"." Francisca Gorjão Henriques

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Jun 20 AID/WATCH: Proposal Microfinance dari ADB  Article added July 27
"Pengelolaan ADB (Asian Development Bank) tentang proyek pengembangan Microfinance untuk Timor Lorosae adalah sebuah pemahaman yang minim dan rencana mundur. Sewaktu batas kredit untuk Timor Lorosae non profit credit union (koperasi simpan pinjam) diterima dengan tangan terbuka, usulan dari Microfinance Bank merupakan sebuah lembaga tidak mengakar yang bertujuan untuk mengenakan bunga yang sangat tinggi dari "yang termiskin dari kelompok miskin" " Dr Tim Anderson, Campaigner, AID/WATCH

buah lagi

Abríl 2001 BLH: Komentariu: Taxa iha Timor Loro Sa’e  Comment added July 24
"Situasaun Taxa iha Timor Loro Sa’e komplikadu teb-tebes. Lei ba taxa nian hosi Indonejia sei la’o hela desde UNTAET hahú, maibe la iha administrasaun taxa nebe la’o atu kolekta hosi vendedor no individual sira, ... Regulamentu UNTAET 2000/32 konfirma katak laiha taxa seluk ruma nebe tenke kolekta wainhira UNTAET to’o iha Timor Loro Sa’e. ... Prinsipiu baziku hosi kaixa jeral taxa nian iha fatin hotu-hotu mak taxa tenki selu iha fatin nebe osan simu ba, duke hetan hosi rai na’in. ... Tanba empregadu ONU la selu impostu, miliaun nuluan dolar bar-barak nebe preciza teb-tebes ba povu Timor Loro Sa’e mak la iha. ... Oituan liu, UNTAET tenke suporta fo aten brani ba planu kontribuisaun empregadu oluntariu hodi suporta governu nebe foin hamriik." La’o Hamutuk, Instituto Timor Lorosa’e ba Analiza no Monitoring Reconstrucao

Feb 17 Conference on Sustainable Development a great success  Release added July 25
" ... sustainable development should be the basis for planning and implementing development in East Timor. ... The conference accepted for East Timor, the internationally recognised definition that "sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". Sustainable development addresses the linkages between environment, economy and social well-being. ... [Recommendations] included the key recommendation for sustainable development to be written into East Timor’s Constitution." Conference on Sustainable Development in East Timor coordinating committee

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Jan 25-31 KPB: Pembangunan Berkelanjutan di Timor Lorosa’e  Article added July 27
"Konferensi ini mengusulkan agar definisi yang sudah diakui dunia internasional tentang pembangunan berkelanjutan akan dipakai di Timor Lorosa’e, yaitu: “pembangunan yang memenuhi kebutuhan-kebutuhan generasi sekarang tanpa mengurangi kemampuan generasi yang akan datang untuk memenuhi kebutuhan-kebutuhan mereka”. Pembangunan berkelanjutan menjawab keterkaitannya antara lingkungan hidup, ekonomi dan kesejahteraan sosial. ... Kemajuan hanya dapat dicapai apabila ada keberanian untuk mengambil tindakan. Tindakan-tindakan untuk memulai penerapanpembangunan berkelanjutan sebaiknya dimulai hari ini, dan sebaiknya tidak ditunda-tunda untuk dilakukan suatu saat nanti di masa depan." Konferensi Pembangunan Berkelanjutan di Timor Lorosa'e

Jan 25-31 2001 CSD: Introduction to Conference on Sustainable Development  Article added July 25
" ... the human system is an integral part of the ecosystem. A society is sustainable only if both the human condition and the condition of the ecosystem are satisfactory or improving. If either is unsatisfactory or worsening, the society is unsustainable.
... The livelihoods of East Timorese people depend on a healthy and productive environment. All people and industries for example, depend on a healthy water supply. Agriculture, fisheries, and tourism also depend on the environment. To meet people’s needs now and for future generations, East Timor’s natural resource base must be conserved and improved.Mr Jose Lobato, Timor Aid

Jan 25-31 2001 CSD: Program for Conference on Sustainable Development  Summary added July 25

Jan 25-31 2001 CSD: ETTA: The Natural Resources of East Timor  Overview added July 25
"Because East Timor has ruled by other people for so long, the management of natural resources in this country has not received serious attention. The result is that today there is widespread deforestation and there are several species of bird and animals that are threatened with extinction. ... Thus if we wish to develop a better future for East Timor, the biophysical environment and natural resources of East Timor must be given attention so as to avoid further destruction and to repair environmental damage." Mario N. Nunes, Manger ETTA Forestry Unit

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(Selection of) SYDNEY EVENTS:

Access details of Sydney Events at:

Sydney Timorese Community Festival with "Leaving the Crocodile" Exhibition.
"The curators would like to invite all members of the East Timorese community in Sydney, Sydney based solidarity groups & other interested individuals to contribute ideas, information, items of interest or significance, photographs, cultural items, and their own stories."
Principal Curator: Amanda Wise: email
Deadline for Submissions is 1st August

World Bank ACTION
Join AID/WATCH in a creative action to challenge the development model of the World Bank
Contact: Melanie Gillbank AID/WATCH:
ANA Hotel, 176 Cumberland St, Sydney (The Rocks)
5:30pm Wednesday 1 August

AETA Fundraising Barbecue:
to raise money for Dr Dan Murphy Clinics and Leichhardt Council Maliana Project.
Music & entertainment provided.  $10 donation
Details Jenny Denton (02) 9516-4275 or Jeff Lee (02) 9500-1638
13 Albion St. Annandale, Sydney, (weather permitting)
Sunday 5th August, 1-6pm

"Friends Of Maliana" Monthly Meeting (held first Tuesday of each month)
Details 9367-9047 or
Leichhardt Town Hall, Sydney
Tuesday 7th August, 7 p.m

From anti-capitalism to revolution:
marxism 2001 conference
Info: phone 02 9261 4862 to register and for more information or email
Guest speakers include:
Rosalind Kidd, author of The Way We Civilise and Black Lives, Government Lies, &
Indonesian academic George Aditjondro on East Timor and the new colonialism.
UTS Markets Campus, Central Sydney
Friday 24 - Sunday 26 August

"Leaving the Crocodile" Exhibition: The Story of the East Timorese Community in Sydney
Timorese artists working with the Liverpool Museum
Principal Curator: Amanda Wise: email
Liverpool Regional Museum, Cnr Congressional Drive & Hume Hwy, Liverpool, Sydney
August 25th-December 15th

East Timor Film & Video Night with unscreened videos/films
An AETA fundraiser. Details Andy 9960-550
Bookings at The Valhalla 9552-2456. $10 entry.
The Valhalla Cinema, Glebe, Sydney
Monday 27th August 8.15pm-11pm


Access details of Canberra & National (Australian) Events at:

Tetum (East Timorese) language course
Adult Community Education Program, CIT Solutions
Winter/Spring Courses 2001 (Introductory; Teacher Malcolm Watkins; Course code: LAN 2043; $180)
Direct Enrolment Phone: 6207-4441
Southside/Woden Campus, (opp. Woden Hospital) Canberra
Wednesdays from August 15, 6-8pm x 12 sessions

Screening of King/Cavadini documentary film "Starting From Zero": Reconstruction in ETimor
‘ABOUT US’ program: SBS Television - Australia
Info: Mandy King & Fabio Cavadini
Friday August 17th, 8.30pm

International Conference: “Politics, Crime and Criminal Justice”
International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law
Final day of the conf: Emphasis on East Timor: Restoration of criminal
justice systems & development of international criminal justice systems
Info: email: website:
Old Parliament House, High Court of Australia & Rydges Lakeside Canberra Hotel, Canberra, Australia
26-30 August 2001

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