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Bahasa Indonesia Headlines ­ Tuesday 27 March 2001

The Fate Of The People In A Political Arena

Suara Timor Lorosae

Editorial Page 5

The Timorese people hope that politicians learn the lessons of 1975 and 1999. The bitter experiences in those two years and the subsequent consequences must serve as examples.

The appropriate political action, now, should be to build bridges of peace ­ both in the districts and the cities.

But politics could rear its ugly head in the form of struggle for power.

And the hunger for power affects all levels of society.

The political elite are more pre-occupied with conducting activities to consolidate their power. They often seem busy issuing statements to justify their hold on power. The ones in power seem to want more power.  While those who are hunger for power are busy trying to create situations of chaos so that they can seize the moment.

Ironically that seem to be the state of affairs in our country.  Politicians are more concerned about their private interests rather than that of the people.

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