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NEW BD: Financing Reconstruction Added May 18

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BD: Calls for International War Crimes Tribunal

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'Refugees' & Missing Persons
FRETILIN - Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor
War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity
Military and political aid to Indonesia

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May 17 ETAN/US: U.S. House of Reps Supports Timor Rights & Reconstruction  Release added May 19
“U.S. support is critical to East Timor’s future, and we appreciate the deep continuing involvement demonstrated by the House of Representatives. We must build on this step to institute socially, environmentally, and economically just relations between the two countries. Given past U.S. support for Indonesia’s illegal occupation, that is the least our country can do for the people of East Timor,” Karen Orenstein, Washington Coordinator, East Timor Action Network/U.S.

May 16 SBS: See No Evil  TV documentary added May 18
"We reveal the extent of intelligence gathered by the Australian Army in East Timor after the ballot and the bloodshed in 1999. And we show how that information was withheld at a critical time. This report from Mark Davis examines Australia‘s ongoing silence - a silence which has helped rehabilitate Indonesia in the eyes of the world, and continues to impede the establishment of an International War Crimes Tribunal." SBS Dateline (Australia)

May 16 DPA: U.S. reassures East Timor leaders of support  News added May 18
“There is no alternative but for the (U.N.) Security Council and the secretary general of the United Nations to push for a war crimes tribunal,” José Ramos Horta, Nobel Peace laureate

May 16 IHRN & ETAN: Rights Groups Oppose Military Cooperation with Indonesia  Release added May 20
"The East Timor Action Network (ETAN) and the Indonesia Human Rights Network (IHRN) today condemned Indonesia’s participation in joint military exercises with the U.S. The groups warned that any military cooperation sends the wrong message to the Indonesian military (TNI), which has yet to be held accountable for past human rights abuses in both East Timor and Indonesia and continues to engage in systematic violations across the archipelago."

May 14 LH: NGO Forum declines to join UNTAET Constitutional Process  Letter added May 16
"The NGO Forum has chosen to coordinate with, but remain independent of, the UNTAET Constitution building process because of strong concerns that UNTAET’s process is rushed and highly inadequate." Lao Hamutuk, East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis

May 14 IHRC: NZ Foreign Minister Urged To Act On International Tribunal  Release added May 20
"The Indonesia Human Rights Committee has written to the Minister of Foreign Affairs [Aotearoa New Zealand] to urge him to mobilise international support for an effective international tribunal to try those responsible for mass murder in East Timor. The Committee also wants stronger action to enforce an end to militia violence in the West Timor refugee camps and on the border with East Timor." Indonesia Human Rights Committee

May 10 RadNeth: Horta - Bumpy Road to Independence  News added May 19
“As long as necessary, at least the peacekeeping forces should stay beyond independence for two or three years to guarantee peace and security in the territory. After independence, we will still need quite a few international advisers for various sectors, particularly banking, finance and justice. But they will be there at our request under the responsibility of the elected Timorese government." José Ramos-Horta

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May 3 ACFOA: Partai-Partai Dan Kelompok-Kelompok Politik Di Timor Timur  Catatan Briefing added May 16
"Timor-Timur kini tengah memasuki tahap akhir yang penting dari proses transisi menuju kemerdekaan penuh. ... Tetapi sekarang partai-partai boleh menduduki ‘centre stage’ untuk memainkan peranan penting mereka dalam suatu proses demokrasi. Ini adalah suatu kemajuan yang positif dan sehat di mana kelebihan seseorang tidak menjadi faktor yang melemahkan. ... Berapa banyak partai yang akan bertanding dalam pemilihan? Siapa pemimpin partai-partai tersebut dan bagaimana mereka dapat dihubungi? Seberapa berbeda partai-partai ini dibandingkan dengan yang sebelumnya? Apa ide-ide dan kebijakan mereka terhadap pembangunan di Timor Timur, kebijakan luar negeri dan sebagainya?" Pat Walsh, Badan Bantuan Luar Negeri Australia

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Apr 4 DN: RealAudio of Interview of Xanana and Kirsty Sword Gusmao  Interview updated May 16
[Statements in the US and Indonesian press quoting Xanana Gusmao as saying that an international crimes tribunal is not a priority for the East Timorese give the impression that he does not consider a tribunal as important to the East Timorese. However, these and other comments by Xanana reveal that he considers that the establishment of an international crimes tribunal is a role that the international community must play since East Timor doesn't have the resources to do it themselves. - BD]
"DN: The Indonesian government says they'll try the people who they feel committed crimes but they are yet to do this. Do you think an international war crimes tribunal should be set up?
Xanana Gusmao: It is the job of the international community. ... East Timor is a very small country and, we cannot be ambitious to be, to be a model of justice, but we hope the international community can do that. I believe that the (?) project of searching all the genocide crimes in East Timor from 1975 can give to the international community enough proof of the involvement of certain generals."

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Dej 31 BLH: Demokrasia ho Banku Mundial iha Timor Loro Sa’e  Editorial added May 18
"Eksperiensia hatudu katak presaun públika bele influensia oin sa Banku hala’o nia seruisu iha nasaun partikular ruma. Maski susar, Timor Loro Sa’e sorte ona hodi iha sektor ONG nebe iha korajen, elite politik nebe relativamente responsivu ba kuantidadi ka ema sira nebe hili iha baje (grassroot constituency), no movimentu solidaridadi internasional ida nebe forte. Hola hamutuk ba, faktor sira ne’e bele halo diferensa atu bele garante katak Banku Mundial serve necesidadi Timor oan sira nian, du ke nia kontráriu." La’o Hamutuk, Instituto Timor Lorosa’e ba Analiza no Monitoring Reconstrucao

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Set 14 2000 OTL: Agricultura, reabilitação e desenvolvimento  Report added May 17
"Apesar de todos os condicionamentos resultantes da destruição de Setembro de 1999, quando os indonésios se retiraram de Timor-Leste, a actividade agrícola, a que mais depende dos próprios timorenses, é a que dá os maiores sinais de recuperação: em seis meses, a produção de cereais voltou a 75% do nível anterior e a do café aos 100%. ... A diversificação é a melhor protecção contra a insegurança alimentar da população, mas não parece preocupar os intervenientes externos que apostam no café." Observatório Timor Leste

Sep 14 2000 ETO: Agriculture, rehabilitation and development  Report added May 17
"In spite of all the setbacks caused by the destruction last September [1999], when the Indonesians withdrew from East Timor, agriculture is the activity that depends most on the Timorese themselves and is also the area that is now showing the clearest signs of recovery ... The people’s best protection against food insecurity lies in diversification," East Timor Observatory

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Access details of Canberra Events at:

Book Lovers Bonanza!  Canberra’s Support for East Timor Continues!
A Second Hand Book Sale in aid of East Timor
Jenni Kanaley:
Catholic Bookshop, Favier House, 1 Ballumbir St Braddon.
Saturday May 26 from 9am

Seminar: Crimes Against Humanity In East Timor
Speaker: James Dunn
Amnesty International
Pilgrim House, 69 Northbourne Ave, Canberra
8 pm Tuesday 29 May 2001

Free public lecture: East Timor & the Region: The opportunities & perils ahead
Leighton Hall, The Scientia, University of New South Wales, Sydney
Wednesday, May 30, 2001 at 5.00pm for 5.30pm

Rally for refugee rights
Jointly organised: ACT Trades and Labour Council, Amnesty International, Refugee Action Committee
Speakers: Bishop Pat Power, Marion Lê (Refugee advocate), Victor Marillanca (ACT Multicultural Council), Sally Chapman (Amnesty), Jeremy Pyner (TLC), Phil Griffiths (RAC)
Garema Place, Civic
Sunday 3 June, 1pm

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East Timor Action Network U.S.

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La’o Hamutuk, Instituto Timor Lorosa’e ba Analiza no Monitoring Reconstrucao

La'o Hamutuk: East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis

New Internationalist Publications

Australian Council for Overseas Aid

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