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Oct 31 UN: SC Endorses Proposal to Declare ETimor Independence 20 May  Statement added Nov 6
"The Security Council this afternoon welcomed the political progress achieved to date towards establishing an independent East Timorese State, and endorsed the recommendation by the Constituent Assembly of the Territory that independence be declared on 20 May 2002. ... Mari Alkatiri, Chief Minister of the Second Transitional Government of East Timor, stressed the importance of institution-building and the gradual transfer of administrative functions to East Timorese civil servants." U.N. Security Council

Oct 27 RDP: Timorese leader rejects fresh general elections after independence  Interview added Oct 31
"I can assure you that we will not have general elections. I am saying this on behalf of the party which holds the majority in the constituent assembly. [FRETILIN] ... I am a member of the constituent assembly, an elected and sovereign body, and it will be the assembly that shall decide this. ... when we laid down the electoral law, and when we discussed these elections, discussions that also took place at the CNRT [the National Council of the Timorese Resistance, now defunct], it was decided that the constituent assembly would become a legislative and parliamentary assembly." Mari Alkatiri, chief minister of the provisional government

Justice for East Timor

Oct 30 UNSC: ET women: ‘Arria formula’ meeting  Speech added Nov 2
"East Timorese women call for a concerted effort by the UN to help reunite displaced families, and in particular to bring together unaccompanied children who were separated as a result of the organized violence. We also call for a return of East Timorese refugees in West Timor, where women and children under the control of the militia are often sexually attacked and suffer from malnutrition and poor health. ... East Timorese women call upon the UN to provide resources for cost effective and community managed health promotion projects that cover reproductive health, communicable disease control and environmental health. ... East Timorese women join the rest of society, including Bishop Belo, all political parties and NGOs in appealing for justice for serious crimes including gender-based crimes through an International Tribunal." Natércia Godinho-Adams, on behalf of East Timorese women’s organizations

Oct 29 APCET letter to UN Security Council on International Tribunal  Letter added Oct 31
"We are writing to urge you to establish an international tribunal to try the war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed in East Timor from 1975 onward. ... [We are] hopeful that your Excellencies will mark this month’s commemoration of the UN’s birthing by being true to the principles of which you were founded. In this era when peoples of the world have almost lost faith and trust in entities such as the UN, establishing an international tribunal for East Timor will be an apt celebration of the ideals that engendered the UN." Mr. Augusto N. Miclat, Jr., Coordinator, APCET, the Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor [The coalition includes 17 affiliates from Asia-Pacific countries including Indonesia]

October 2001 LHB: Justice for East Timor?  Article added Oct 30
"In the September 2001 issue of Tais Timor, UNTAET outlines its “twenty major achievements,” which do not include anything related to Serious Crimes prosecution. (Their claimed “functioning judicial and legal system” deals only with “ordinary” crimes.) UNTAET’s silence about its achievements reflects what is widely seen as insufficient progress in this area. Of course, this is a problem not only of UNTAET’s making, but more importantly a result of the lack of political will on the part of Indonesia and the United Nations’ most powerful members to ensure that East Timor sees justice. Nevertheless, there are serious shortcomings with UNTAET’s efforts to ensure justice for human rights crimes committed in the context of Indonesia’s invasion and occupation." La'o Hamutuk: East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis

October 2001 LHB: UNTAET and “Serious Crimes”  Article added Oct 30
"Since the arrival of UNTAET, one of its most critical responsibilities has been to initiate and achieve accountability for some of those who perpetrated crimes against the people of East Timor during 1999. ... many East Timorese and internationals here feel that investigations and prosecution of Serious Crimes are moving much too slowly, and that the goals set by the SCU fail to include the systematic and coordinated nature of the atrocities, or to explore crimes committed before 1999. Many believe that the problems stem from several principal factors: mismanagement, incompetence, lack of vision, inadequate resources, and insufficient political will within the international community." La'o Hamutuk: East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis

October 2001 LHB: East Timor’s New Judicial System  Article added Oct 30
"It is vital that the international community continues to support and provide material assistance to the fledgling justice system well beyond the expiration of the UNTAET mandate. If the new justice system does not receive the necessary support, the legacy of impunity and corruption left by Indonesia will continue to undermine the development of the rule of law in an independent East Timor." The Judicial System Monitoring Programme

Disparity Between UNTAET & East Timorese

Oct 30-Nov 5 Tempo: The Disparity Between UNTAET and E.Timorese  Article added Nov 4
"The contrasting incomes and lifestyles between the expatriates and nationals in Timor Loro Sa’, particularly in Dili, has caused deep envy and anger among the local population. That’s why rock attacks still happen occasionally, even if the war has ended. Those rocks are being thrown at UNTAET cars during night time, smashing window screens. This outpouring of anger is triggered by the flagrant display of wealth amidst the widespread poverty around the local people." Raihul Fadjri (Yogyakarta), Setiyardi (Timor Loro Sa’e).

Oct 30-Nov 5 Tempo: Foreign Pie in a Local Kitchen (UNTAET’s Budget for 2000)  Info added Nov 4
"Salaries of military personnel US$220 millon; Salaries of civilian personnel US$199 million; Salaries of international staff US$112 million (monthly average of US$7,800 per head); Dental care for military personnel US$7 million; Laundry cost of military personnel US$2.1 million; Drinking water for military personnel US$3.65 million; Salaries of local staff US$5.5 million (monthly average of US$240 per head); Total Budget 2000 US$549.15 million " Raihul Fadjri (Yogyakarta), Setiyardi (Timor Loro Sa’e)."

Oct 30-Nov 5 Tempo: 100s of UNTAET employees stay in Timor's Floating Hotels  Article added Nov 5
"In its one year of operation under contract with UNTAET, [Hotel] Olympia is believed to have made at least US$40 million in profits—eight times the amount UNTAET spent in salaries to its local employees during the same period. ... Having won independence, the Timorese are awakening to a new reality. The sight of Lobato sleeping on the pavement of a pot-holed road and old rickety buildings lining the beach stands in stark contrast to the [floating hotel] Central Maritime display of good living—a reminder to the Timorese that they still have to face another enemy in their midst—poverty." Setiyardi (Timor Loro Sa’e)

Health / Saúde

Out 15 OTL: Saúde - a retirada das organizações internacionais começou  Report added Nov 1
"O sector da saúde é um dos que mais beneficiou da ajuda internacional de urgência: pessoal técnico qualificado e relativamente abundante e elevado financiamento exterior, em particular no quadro do Trust Fund; mas essa situação chega ao fim. ... As diferenças de formação dos corpos de profissionais, o importado e o timorense, não facilitou um verdadeiro trabalho conjunto. ... Enquanto na fase de Administração das NU as ONG internacionais assumiam a direcção do serviço de saúde num sector, os médicos recrutados para a fase seguinte devem inserir-se no serviço de saúde dirigido por Timorenses e dar maior ênfase às suas funções de colaboradores. Este trabalho exige qualidades que não se limitam as qualidades técnicas da medicina. A comunidade internacional deve cumprir o que prometeu não só na construção dos edifícios e nos cuidados de saúde mas, sobretudo, na ajuda à implementação de serviços adaptados e sustentáveis, essencialmente na ajuda à formação de profissionais timorenses." Observatório Timor Leste

Oct 15 ETO: Health - international agencies withdrawing already  Report added Oct 30
"The health sector is one of the areas that most benefited from international emergency aid: qualified specialist workers and relatively abundant international funding, especially from the Trust Fund. However, all this is beginning to be phased out. ... Even before the August 1999 referendum, in seminars dealing with development issues, the World Bank and Timorese leadership were underlining the importance of ensuring the sustainability of the future health service. But the contradictions between providing emergency aid and constructing a suitable sustainable health service model do not disappear just because there is awareness of them." East Timor Observatory

Novembro 2000 BLH: Hari Sistema Saude Nasional iha Timor Lorosa’e  Overview added Nov 1 2001
"Ema barak nebe iha interse maka’as atu evolve sistema saudi nian fo kritika bar-barak kona ba dejenvolvimentu iha aspektu ida ne’e. Kritiku nebe ema barak hatene (Common) mak kona ba konsultasaun nebe ladun to’o ho populasaun lokal, ONG internasional no partner lokal sira nebe involve iha sektor saudi. Nune’e mos ema barak ladun fiar katak fundu la dun adekuadu atu bele fo garantia ba standar saudi minimu no sustainabilidadi praju-naruk em termus provisaun servisu saudi nian. Iha linha nebe hanesan iha mos concerns kona ba sasan tekniku nebe la to’o iha fatin atu hala’o treinu ba. ... Konstrusaun ba facilidadi saudi nian nudar area ida nebe kompanhia lokal sira potensialmente bele partisipa. Maibe tamba Banku Mundial ho DHS rekere standar nebe as teb-tebes ba kontrator sira, no aceita de’it tawaran kontrak ba grupu hosi klinika lima, ida ne’e la dun fo fiar katak timor oan sira nebe halo bisnis (ONG lokal ka internasional) sei simu kontratu ruma. Atu kaer projektu hirak ne’e precija kapital no kapacidadi nebe boot teb-tebes). Resultadu nebe ita bele hetan hosi ne’e mak osan tokon ba tokon sei ba para hotu iha malae sira nia liman. Osan sira ne’e sei la hela iha Timor atu ajuda hodi hametin ekonomia lokal." La’o Hamutuk, Instituto Timor Lorosa’e ba Analiza no Monitoring Reconstrucao

Other News

Oct 30 IOM: East Timor - Returns on the Increase  News added Oct 31
"In October, IOM has assisted 3,233 East Timorese refugees to return home, the highest number of returns in a single month since March 2000 when 9,485 East Timorese were assisted to return home. This significant increase can be attributed to the ongoing reconciliation process that has boosted the confidence of refugees as to the situation in East Timor, especially since the successful 30 August elections." Jean Philippe Chauzy, International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Spokesperson

Oct 30 Aus: Gusmao blasts Ruddock on Refugees  News added Oct 31
"Commenting on Canberra’s current handling of refugees boatloads, which have been diverted to far-flung Pacific territories, Gusmao said he personally had experience of Australian reluctance to take in refugees. He recalled that when violence engulfed East Timor after it voted for independence in August 1999, he met Australian Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock to appeal for a few East Timorese students being harassed in Indonesia to be allowed entry to Darwin “as a bridge to East Timor”. ... “But Mr Ruddock said no,” " AFP

Bahasa Indonesia:
Okt 25 FAETTA: Kubur2 Indonesia selamat di Timor Lorosa’e
Keterangan Media ditambahkan tanggal 30 Oktober
"Surat kabar Jakarta Post menyampaikan, "Penduduk Timor-Timur meminta dengan paksa supaya penguasa-penguasa Indonesia mengali dan memindahkan tulang-tulang yang tersisa ke tanah Indonesia." Departemen Luar Negeri, dan Pemerintah Timor-Timur berturut-turut menyangkal kalau mereka belum pernah dengan paksa meminta hal semacam itu. Penguasa-penguasa Indonesia secara langsung maupun tidak langsung belum pernah menanyakan masalah ini kepada Departemen Luar Negeri. Hal ini adalah pandangan dari pengamat-pengamat politik di Timor-Timur kalau kuburan-kuburan pejuang Indonesia, dan warga penduduk Indonesia lainnya yang dimakamkan di Timor-Timur haruslah dihormati selayaknya dengan makam yang lainnya, diluar dari sejarah dan alasan politik." Departemen Luar Negeri dan Kerjasama, Pemerintahan Transisi Kedua Timor-Timur

Oct 25 FAETTA: Indonesian graves safe in East Timor  Release added Oct 30
"The Jakarta Post story stated, “The East Timorese demanded that the Indonesian authorities exhume all the graves and remove the remains to Indonesian territory.” The Foreign Ministry, and the Government of East Timor categorically deny that there has been such a demand. ... It is the view of the East Timorese political leaders that the graves of Indonesian soldiers, and other Indonesian citizens buried in East Timor are sites that must be respected like any other burial site, regardless of the historical and political roots." Department of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Second Transitional Government East Timor

Oct 24 UNTAET: Two New Institutions to Fight Poverty Approved  News added Oct 30
"The East Timorese Council of Ministers today approved the creation of two new institutions, a Foundation for the Reduction of Poverty in East Timor and a Society for Micro-finance in East Timor, following agreements between UNTAET and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed in December 2000." United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor

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Access details of Canberra Events at:

Public Meeting: Talk by ETCCP Project Director Rowan Mitchell
Organised by: East Timor Community Computer Project (ETCCP), a grassroots NGO, totally directed by people from Timorese villages, community organisations and schools.
Talk covers: ETCCP origins, history and development; ETCCP free community computer school; IT needs assessment, installations, software, hardware and training; Current needs and strategic plan for future projection; Why our focus is Oe-Cusse enclave and other districts outside Dili; Present climate for our NGO and the approaching period of transition when UNTAET leaves.
Info: Leanne Melling (ETCCP Darwin Co-ordinator) Ph: (02) 6249-7951 Email:
Griffin Centre, Meeting Room 1, Ground Floor, Bunda St, Civic
Friday, 9th November, 7:30pm
See: BD: Reconstruction and 'Aid & Development' & BD: Capacity Building & 'Timorisation'


Access details of Brisbane Events at:

A night of West Papua films:
40th Anniversary of the Raising of the Morning Star Flag in West Papua
“Arrows Against the Wind” 1993; “Act of No Choice” 1999 $7 /$5 supper provided
Organised by: Australia - West Papua Association
Justice Place - 5 Abingdon St, Woolloongabba (off Annerley Rd)
Sat Dec 1st, 6.30 pm


Access details of Melbourne Events at:

Briefing on the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor by Pat Walsh
Pat is program coordinator for the Commission in East Timor and is in Melbourne for a few days only. He will speak about his work in setting up the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the consultations with the community on the selection of Commissioners and the general progress to date.
Note: No cost, no need to RSVP, no refreshments provided!!
Info: Annie Keogh or Ph (03) 9481-1581
Uniting Church 124 Napier St, Fitzroy Vic
Thursday 8 November, 5.30 - 7.00pm

Weekly Nike Pickets - Protest Indonesian Sweatshops

Since April, hundreds of people have been picketing in Melbourne, costing Nike $10,000 a week.
Demand an end to sweatshops & $2-a-day wages! Support real wages & union rights, not slavery!
Event up-dates:
Read reports on the protests: Melbourne Indymedia -
Find out more about Nike and sweatshop labour at:
Nike Watch -
Ban the Boot -
Fair Wear -
Every Friday night, 5:00pm to 7:00pm at Nike's flagship Super Store, Swanston St in Melbourne's CBD (Next picket: 9 Nov)


Access details of Sydney Events at:

Friends of Maliana Meeting, a community group that meets on the first Tuesday of every month
Info: ph Gail LMC 9367-9047 or or the Sydney-based Australia East Timor Association
Upstairs at Leichhardt Town Hall
Tues Nov 6th, 7pm

A Retrospective Photo Exhibition from East Timor (2000-2001) by Johnnie Lewis

Details (02) 9331-7775
Stills Gallery, 36 Gosbell St, Paddington
From Wednesday November 7th, 6pm (Opening)

Weekly Stop Nike Pickets - Protest Indonesian Sweatshops

In a world of corporate greed, Nike sticks out like a sore thumb. If we can make them change their ways, then we can do the same to other corps. We have to start somewhere.
Event up-dates:
Find out more about Nike and sweatshop labour at:
Ban the Boot -
Fair Wear -
Nike Watch -
4:45pm every Thursday night at Icon - Nike Store, cnr George, Market and Pitt Sts, City (Next picket: 8 Nov)

Australia East Timor Association/"Friends of Maliana" Stall at Newtown Festival
Info: ph 9519-4788 or 9500-1638
Sunday November 11th

Indonesian Update: George Aditjondro and Max Lane

Details Pat Toms 9358-4834
Politics in the Pub, Gaelic Club, 64 Devonshire St, Surry Hills
Friday November 23rd, 6pm

SYMPOSIUM "Keeping the Peace, Repaying the Debt"
Public discussion with WWII Timor veterans, Bill Tomasetti and Paddy Keneally, and Peace Keepers recently returned from East Timor. Free, all welcome [part of the "Leaving the Crocodile" Exhibition]
Details:, or Sarah Vyden (02)9602-0315
Liverpool Regional Museum, Corner Congressional Drive & Hume Highway Liverpool
Sat 24th November - 1pm-4pm

"Friends of Maliana" stall at Glebe Festival
Info: Gail Clifford or (02) 9367-9047 or Jeff Lee (02) 9500-1638
Sunday 25th November

Last Australia East Timor Association (AETA) Meeting for 2001
Info: ph Stephen Langford on 9331-5986
UTS/Level 3
Wed 28th Nov, 6.30pm

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Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor (APCET)  Updated Oct 31
APCET is a coalition formed in Manila in 1994 to support the self-determination of East Timor. APCET has at present 17 affiliates from Asia-Pacific countries.
27-D Galaxy St., GSIS Heights, Matina 8000 Davao City, Philippines
Telefax: (63)(82) 299-2052 Tel: (63)(82) 299-2574

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