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Monday November 12 2001


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November 12th, 1991:
Massacre of unarmed Timorese youth at Santa Cruz cemetery

    * Japanese Self-Defense Force
    * Justice for East Timor

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U.S. Actions:
Until Nov 15 ETAN/U.S.: Alert: Honor the Santa Cruz massacre victims  Action alert added Nov 11
"Support justice for East Timor! Commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Santa Cruz massacre by acting for human rights! November 12 marks the tenth anniversary of one of the most infamous massacres in East Timor. Make three phone calls to your members of Congress on November 13 to 15!" ETAN Washington Representative Karen Orenstein

Ideas for Action in achieving Justice for East Timor:
October 2001 LHB: Solidarity and International Justice  Article added Nov 9
"In the Philippines, the Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor (APCET) has suggested that a People’s Tribunal (unofficial prosecutors presenting evidence to a panel of experts who are not legal judges) could be a good way to highlight the issues, develop the evidence, and create momentum toward an official legal court. ... The next session of the Commission [UN Commission on Human Rights], in March/April 2002, will also require concerted lobbying to ensure that pressure for justice is maintained. ... The possibility of preparing legal cases against leading generals and using the courts of countries, such as Belgium, which have shown a willingness to exercise universal jurisdiction over Crimes Against Humanity, is an idea which the movement must seriously consider. Solidarity groups are likely to have the chance to discuss this and other possible strategies at a conference on impunity in Amsterdam at the beginning of December." Paul Barber, TAPOL, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign

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BD: Japanese Self-Defense Force

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* Japanese Self-Defense Force

Nov 3 Age: Timor's Haunted Women  Article added Nov 7
"They’re cruel! We don’t want Japanese soldiers back here!” Marta Pereira, one of around 1000 surviving ETimorese women who were used as sex slaves, or “comfort women”, by the Japanese military
“We see it as an important issue - despite their old age, these women are still suffering, ... We struggled 24 years to get Indonesian troops out of here, and now we’re being asked to accept Japanese troops. Japanese support should be in another form. It’s ugly to have troops here when no apology has yet been made.” Natalia de Jesus Cesaltino, Fokupers

Nov 1 Inglis: UN and Tokyo agree on dispatch of Japanese troops to ETimor  Article added Nov 7
"The Japanese government announced on October 22 that a 600-member Self-Defense Force engineering battalion would be sent to East Timor next spring. ... twelve Timorese NGOs, organizations (involved in such fields as human rights, women’s issues, student mobilization, international aid monitoring, etc.)  issued a statement opposing the SDF dispatch and urging Japan to instead use its political and economic influence with Indonesia to bring about the normalization of conditions along the border with Indonesian West Timor. ... most of the world’s people, if given a choice, would opt for a twenty-first century with one less, rather than one more, military armed to the teeth and waiting for war." Jean Inglis, member of the Japanese solidarity network

* Justice for East Timor

October 2001 LHB: Commission for Reception, Truth & Reconciliation  Overview added Nov 9
"The Commission has two general areas of activity ... First, it will establish the truth regarding human rights violations that took place between 1974 and 1999, ... the Commission will investigate not only individual cases of rights violations, but also the extent to which the violations were part of a systematic pattern of abuse. ... The CRTR will also examine the role of international actors - such as foreign governments - in its attempt to provide a full picture of why gross human rights abuses occurred. ... Second, the CRTR will assist “in restoring the human dignity of victims,” in part by providing them with the opportunity to tell their stories publicly. It will also help to promote reconciliation amongst East Timorese by “supporting the reception and reintegration of individuals who have caused harm to their communities” by what are deemed as relatively minor acts of violence (such as killing a few livestock or burning one or two houses)." La'o Hamutuk: East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis

October 2001 LHB: An International Tribunal for East Timor?  Article added Nov 9
"The Indonesian and UNTAET systems are deeply flawed; much of the support for an international tribunal is based on their perceived failure. However, there is an assumption that no more can be done to improve their efficacy. This may be true generally in respect to Indonesia; certainly in the short and medium term it is reasonable to expect that Jakarta will continue to avoid a judicial examination of the role of senior officials, or to transfer them to an alternative jurisdiction. A restructured Serious Crimes Unit, on the other hand, has the potential to achieve many of the goals that supporters of an international tribunal seek." Jon Cina, [until recently] Case Manager and Legal Advisor to UNTAET’s Serious Crimes Unit, [previously] war crimes investigator in Kosovo & working at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

October 2001 LHB: Women and Justice  Article added Nov 9
"The justice system can respond to violence against women in a number of important ways by: * clearly prohibiting violence; * ensuring that the justice system treats domestic violence in the same way as other forms of violence; * providing protection for women from continuing violence; and * providing adequate and just compensation for injuries caused by violence. ... Ensuring that the law itself protects women and complies with international human rights standards is only the first step. In addition, there must be effective community education about women’s rights and sensitive administration of the laws. It is the responsibility of all those involved in the justice system law makers, police, prosecutors, lawyers and judges - to ensure that women achieve full equality before the law." Kate Halliday, Australian-based lawyer & recent volunteer with FOKUPERS (East Timorese Women’s Communication Forum) in Dili

Oct 25 ETO: Refugees’ repatriation to ETimor in the hands of pro-autonomy leaders  Article added Nov 8
"Returns [of 'refugees'] to East Timor suddenly increased when some leaders, who had hitherto been staunch supporters of autonomy in Indonesia, decided to recognise independence and advocate repatriation to East Timor, taking with them a large number of refugees. Repatriation in these circumstances account for over 75% of the returns since 14 September - clear evidence of the influence that militia/UNTAS leaders still wield over refugees in West Timor. The delays and contradictions on the part of Indonesia illustrate not only lack of will to resolve a problem that it caused itself, but also a lack of interest in clarifying the past and avoiding the same mistakes in the future." East Timor Observatory

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Access details of Brisbane Events at:

10th anniversary of massacre of unarmed Timorese youth at Santa Cruz cemetery
A Mass organised by the Timorese Canossian Sisters based in Brisbane
Corinda Graceville Church  (Christ The King)
Churchill Street, Graceville
7:00PM, 12 November 2001. Monday
See: BD: War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity

Australia - West Papua Association Brisbane (AWPAB) meeting:
Emma’s Bookstore, 132 Boundary St, West End
Sat 17th November, 2pm

A night of West Papua films:
40th Anniversary of the Raising of the Morning Star Flag in West Papua
“Arrows Against the Wind” 1993; “Act of No Choice” 1999 $7 /$5 supper provided
Organised by: Australia - West Papua Association
Justice Place - 5 Abingdon St, Woolloongabba (off Annerley Rd)
Sat Dec 1st, 6.30 pm


Access details of Sydney Events at:

A Retrospective Photo Exhibition from East Timor (2000-2001) by Johnnie Lewis

Details (02) 9331-7775
Stills Gallery, 36 Gosbell St, Paddington
Exhibition runs to December 8th, 2001

"Leaving the Crocodile" Exhibition:

An exhibition of creative works by Timorese artists working with Timorese youth, AND a full 25 year history of the Timorese community in Sydney.
Principal Curator: Amanda Wise: email
Media Contact: Madeleine Kelman Audience & Media Manager Ph 9824 1121 email
Liverpool Regional Museum, Cnr Congressional Drive & Hume Hwy, Liverpool, Sydney
Until 9th February 2002

Weekly Stop Nike Pickets - Protest Indonesian Sweatshops

In a world of corporate greed, Nike sticks out like a sore thumb. If we can make them change their ways, then we can do the same to other corps. We have to start somewhere.
Event up-dates:
Find out more about Nike and sweatshop labour at:
Fair Wear -
Nike Watch -
Ban the Boot -
4:45pm every Thursday night at Icon - Nike Store, cnr George, Market and Pitt Sts, City (Next picket: 15 Nov)

Sceening of recent East Timor election footage

by filmmaker David Bradbury  and
First hand witness of post-ballot massacre
by former Director of the Jesuit Refugee Service in East Timor Peter Hoskin
Organised by: Catholics for Social Justice
Info: David Bradbury
Paulian Centre (a pink building) at the corner of Tavistock st and Tullimbah street (off Coronation Drive) in Enfield South
l0am until lunchtime, Sunday November l8th
See: BD: Aug 30 2001 Elections / Eleisaun & BD: War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity

Indonesian Update: George Aditjondro and Max Lane

Details Pat Toms 9358-4834 or
Politics in the Pub, Gaelic Club, 64 Devonshire St, Surry Hills
Friday November 23rd, 6pm

SYMPOSIUM "Keeping the Peace, Repaying the Debt"
Public discussion with WWII Timor veterans, Bill Tomasetti and Paddy Keneally, and Peace Keepers recently returned from East Timor. Free, all welcome [part of the "Leaving the Crocodile" Exhibition]
Details:, or Sarah Vyden (02)9602-0315
Liverpool Regional Museum, Corner Congressional Drive & Hume Highway Liverpool
Sat 24th November - 1pm-4pm

"Friends of Maliana" stall at Glebe Festival
Info: Gail Clifford or (02) 9367-9047 or Jeff Lee (02) 9500-1638
Sunday 25th November

Last Australia East Timor Association (AETA) Meeting for 2001
Info: ph Stephen Langford on 9331-5986
UTS/Level 3
Wed 28th Nov, 6.30pm

West Papua: Promoting Reconciliation as a Way Towards Peace Dialogue
The West Papua Project (WPP), Workshop II, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS), University of Sydney
A two day workshop, 12-13 December 2001 at the University of Sydney
Quality info on West Papua: |
See: BD: The Reconciliation Process in East Timor

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