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Monday November 19 2001


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    * Santa Cruz Massacre
    * Justice And Accountability in East Timor
    * Lingkungan Hidup dan Masyarakat Sipil
    * Japanese Self-Defense Force
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Read about Urgent Actions & Things to Do at:

Canada-based Actions:
Nov 15 KairosCanada: Appeal for Tribunal  Action added Nov 15
“There must be no hiding place for political monsters such as unleashed the destruction of East Timor in 1999. These are crimes which are far greater than their immediate victims ... They strike at the future as well as the present. They make the world more dangerous for everyone.” Bishop Belo of Dili, Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, 1996
"Please show your support for the creation of an international tribunal on East Timor and for human rights reform in Indonesia. Below is a brief outline of a letter you can send to Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Hon. John Manley. Please also send a copy of your correspondence to our office. We will forward copies to all of the member countries on the UN Security Council, the UN body which mandates the creation of an international tribunal." Kairos: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives

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Access recently added news items at:

* Santa Cruz Massacre

Nov 12 DemNow!: RealAudio Program on Santa Cruz Massacre  Audio link added Nov 15
"The Indonesian troops who committed the massacre [Santa Cruz] used M-16 rifles provided by the US; their officers were trained and supported by the U.S. When the horrific reports of the Santa Cruz massacre reached the outside world, the response of the US and its allies was instructive. The Bush Administration doubled military aid to Indonesia even as General Try Sutrisno, who would later become Vice President, said of the nonviolent protestors “such people much be shot and we will shoot them.” But the massacre also sparked an international solidarity movement to support the East Timorese struggle for liberation from Indonesian occupation." Democracy NOW! in Exile

Nov 12 APCET: Ten years ago today, a massacre in Dili stunned the world  Statement added Nov 13
"The crimes against East Timor are also crimes against humanity. It is time that the international community close this grim chapter in world history by convening an international human rights tribunal for East Timor. It is time that the Indonesian government redress their past wrongs by cooperating, if not, initiating proceedings to convene this international court. It is time for the victims and kin of all crimes in East Timor to rest. It is time for East Timor to be completely free." Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor (APCET)

Nov 12 TETA: The eve of 10th anniversary of Santa Cruz massacre  Statements added Nov 12
"On Nov. 11, more than 70 people took part in a memorial event in Tokyo to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Santa Cruz massacre in East Timor. After about an hour meeting, mourners walked to the Indonesian embassy in Tokyo carrying pictures of victims of the Santa Cruz massacre and laid flowers at the gate of the embassy. The event was organised by Tokyo East Timor Association (a member group of Free East Timor! Japan Coalition ),  National Christian Council, Japan Catholic Council for Justice and Peace, Amnesty International Japan, Network for Indonesian Democracy, Japan, Japan NGO Network for Indonesia, and Pacific Asia Resource Center. The attendants unanimously approved the statement prepared by organisers, calling for the establishment of an international tribunal to prosecute Indonesian military officers and top-level militia leaders responsible for crimes against humanity committed in East Timor." Kyo Kageura, Tokyo East Timor Association (Free East Timor! Japan Coalition)

Nov 12 SMH: Ten Years Later, Santa Cruz Massacre Still Leaves a Scar  Article added Nov 12
"Ten years after the massacre that shocked the world, memories are still raw in East Timor. ... Ten years later the territory has its nominal freedom, but Santa Cruz is still an open wound. UNTAET has paid little attention to victims of war crimes, although they constitute a substantial sector of the population. ... The balance is not entirely negative a decade later. Two young men, Gregorio Saldanha and Francisco Branco, were among those arrested and tortured for the crime of organising a peaceful demonstration. Both served eight years in Soeharto’s prisons, but were freed prematurely after the dictator fell. Today, they walk tall as members of Timor’s new parliament [Both are National Fretilin Party Representatives elected to the Constituent Assembly - BD]. Only their troubled, serious faces indicate their sad past." Jill Joliffe in Dili

* Justice And Accountability in East Timor

Nov 14 LH: Dili Justice Seminar report excerpts  Summaries added Nov 15
"The following material relates to a seminar held in Dili on 16 October 2001 entitled Justice And Accountability In East Timor: International Tribunals And Other Options organized by several East Timorese non-governmental organizations. ... If you would like the 24-page seminar report including all papers, discussions and outcomes of the seminar, write to and I will email you an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file. Please indicate if you would like the English or Bahasa Indonesia version. The full report of the seminar will be available soon at [including new information and reports as they come out]" Charlie Scheiner, La'o Hamutuk

A Summary/Chronology of all major events:
October 2001 LHB: Justice and Accountability for East Timor: Sep 99 - Oct 01  Timeline added Nov 15

Oct 31 Colombia: The Situation in East Timor  Statement to Security Council added Nov 13
"Another point that Mr. Vieira de Mello made relates to the need for proper justice for crimes committed, particularly the most serious offences. We have all recently heard many calls for ad hoc courts or mechanisms to ensure that perpetrators of such crimes are held responsible. This campaign and this activism confirm how important it is to do away with impunity. However, in our opinion, we must focus our efforts on the functioning and strengthening of existing institutions and those that are to be created. In our view, justice and reconciliation should be fully compatible. Without proper justice being done, we cannot set out on the road to true coexistence. The Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation commissions is very useful." Ambassador Alfonso Valdivieso, Permanent Representative of Colombia

Oct 20 Free East Timor! Japan Coalition writes to UNSG re international tribunal  Letter added Nov 13
"The recent attacks against the United States, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent people, have been rightly condemned by the international community as acts of terrorism. The world has been united in its calls for the perpetrators of these terrible crimes to be identified and brought to justice; ... Just as the victims of the U.S. attacks deserve justice, so do the East Timorese. Terrorism, which is generally defined as the systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective, is an accurate description of the sufferings inflicted on the East Timorese people by the Indonesian military during the 24 years of Indonesian occupation." Free East Timor! Japan Coalition

Oct 16 FORTILOS/HAK: Justice Process in Indonesia re ET 1999  Article added Nov 15
"With the completion of the work of KPP-HAM, and entrusted by the international world, the ongoing process lies in the hands of the Indonesian Attorney General (AG). The AG holds the authority to decide on which cases and whom to prosecute in court. [issues:] the AG’s Office doesn’t have enough capability and knowledge to deal with cases previously unknown in Indonesia, such as “serious violations of human rights” and/or “violations of international humanitarian law.” ... so far the AG has not been independent from the government, and especially not in relationship to the Indonesian National Military (ABRI/TNI). ... one can assume from the beginning of August 2000 on, that certain names will be deleted from the list to be investigated by the AG. ... The largest obstacle for the Indonesian National Court of Justice is that the suspects of serious human rights crimes are Indonesian military (TNI) officers ... TNI is a very dominant element in the regime that is currently in power in Indonesia." By Nug Katjasungkana, Solidarity Forum for East Timor in Indonesia (FORTILOS) and Yayasan HAK, Foundation of Law, Human Rights, and Justice

Bahasa Indonesia:
* Lingkungan Hidup dan Masyarakat Sipil

Jan 25-31 KPB: Lingkungan Hidup dan Masyarakat Sipil
Artikel ditambahkan tanggal 18 November
"Advokasi pelestarian lingkungan hidup selalu dibutuhkan. Prinsip dasarnya adalah: jangan biarkan pemerintah dan perusahaan bekerja sendiri, tanpa keterlibatan masyarakat. ...
Usulan saya untuk agenda di sini: • Mengawasi pemerintah dalam kebijakan dan pembuatan undang-undang, baik yang dibuat UNTAET maupun pemerintahan baru hasil pemilu. • Pengawasan Donor, seperti USAID, UNDP, ADB, WB, karena kelakuan mereka yang dapat menghancurkan lingkungan hidup kita. • Membuat Undang-Undang Lingkungan Hidup yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan-kebutuhan di Timor Lorosa’e- yang mengakui hak-hak masyarakat asli. • Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup oleh masyarakat – jangan biarkan hutan-hutan dikuasai oleh pengusaha. Masyarakat harus tetap memegang haknya untuk mengelola dan memiliki hutannya sendiri. • Mengawasi investasi yang masuk. Jangan ulangi kesalahan Indonesia. • Mengawasi korupsi, pemerintahan pasti korupsi. • Memperjuangkan transparansi, tanggung gugat, dan partisipasi dalam proses demokrasi. • Mendasarkan kebijakan-kebijakan baru pada adat dan kebiasaan lokal, jangan membuangkannya, tetapi menggabungkannya dengan sistem demokratik yang baik.
Lakukan sekarang juga, selagi pemerintah masih dekat dengan masyarakat- makin lama pemerintahan berkuasa, mereka makin jauh dari kita." Emmy Hafild, WALHI / FOE Indonesia

* Japanese Self-Defense Force

October 2001 IAI: SDF Dispatch to the PKF in ETimor: “Aid with a face”?  Article added Nov 19
"East Timor thus becomes the target zone in which the [Japanese] Self-Defense Force aims to advance its own priorities. But toward whom should we [Japan] be turning our face? The people who were made to suffer by the Japanese Army in World War II, the people who suffered from the Indonesian invasion, the people who still live under the threat of violence by the pro-Jakarta militia, and the people who are working to build their land into a new country. To protect its own interests, Japan supported Indonesia’s invasion of East Timor and turned a blind eye to the slaughter carried out by the Indonesian military. The crimes we have committed against the people of East Timor (including the crime of indifference) are not such as can be erased by aid given after independence. But if, even so, we want to help East Timor in some way, we have to start by listening to the East Timorese. The statement of the twelve East Timorese NGOs on the issue of the SDF dispatch is one such voice." Namba Mitsuru

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  National & International-Brisbane-Melbourne-Sydney


Access details of National & International Events at:

UN Committee against Torture

Venue: Geneva
November 12 - 23, 2001
See: BD: Kopassus (the Indonesian military special forces) & BD: Sexual & related violence as weapons of war on the East Timorese people & Coalition of International NGOs Against Torture & World Organization against Torture & NI: Torture
ABC Radio National, Radio Eye program "Timor Hananu -Timor Sings"
Repeat of the Sharon Davis produced excellent doco on Anin Murak Choir Tour in November 2000
Saturday 24th November 1pm
Info on Anin Murak: 'Mary MacKillop Institute of East Timorese Studies' website

Asia Pacific Mediation Forum “Reconciliation: Conversations beyond cultural boundaries”, Adelaide
Thursday 29 November 2001, 18.00-19.00: Keynote Speaker Dr Jose Ramos Horta Topic: Bridging religious and cultural divides – Public Forum in Brookman Hall, City East Campus, North Terrace, University of South Australia
Info: Ann Braybon -
Conference website:
November 29-December 1
See: BD: The Reconciliation Process in East Timor

Conference: Constitutions & Human Rights in a Global Age:
An Asia Pacific Perspective Symposium at Australia National University, Canberra.
3rd Dec 11:30 - 1:30pm: Workshop Presentation by Mr Dionisio Babo Soares, Dr Lao Mong Hay & Ms Usha Ramanathan "Futures - Rethinking Human Rights and their Constitutional Implications" (places are strictly limited - please contact organizers)
Mr Dionisio Babo Soares was Vice-Dean for Social and Political Studies at the University of East Timor, and is currently completing a doctorate at the ANU, focusing on the transition to independence in East Timor.
Info: Maxine McArthur, Barbara Gatzen (02) 6125 3162 e-mail: or
November 30, December 1-3
See: BD: Constitutional Process in East Timor / Konsulta iha Konstituisaun iha Timor Lorosae

Conference on War Crimes Impunity in Amsterdam
Solidarity groups are likely to have the chance to discuss strategies of achieving Justice for East Timor at this conference
Info: Paul Barber, TAPOL, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign
Tel +44 020 8771 2904 fax +44 020 8653 0322 Email:
Early in December
See: October 2001 LHB: Solidarity and International Justice

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
December 2
See: IHRC & TLS: Wage & Sexual Slavery of East Timorese Children & BD: Sexual Slavery of East Timorese Women & Anti-Slavery Society of Australia & Anti-Slavery International & NI: The Burden of Slavery

International Human Rights Day
December 10, 2001
See: BD: War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity in East Timor & Indonesia

International conference:
‘Mediating Human Rights and Democracy: Indonesia, Australia and the Netherlands’
Wendy Sahanaya, Conf Organiser: Ph: (61 8) 9457 7236; Fax: (61 8) 9266 3152; e-mail:
Website on
Curtin University of Technology, Perth Western Australia
4-5 February 2002.

UN Commission on Human Rights
The next session of the Commission will require concerted lobbying to ensure that pressure for justice for East Timor through an international tribunal is maintained.
Info: Paul Barber, TAPOL, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign
Tel +44 020 8771 2904 fax +44 020 8653 0322 Email:
Venue: Geneva
March/April 2002
See: October 2001 LHB: Justice for East Timor?

Global Revolt-Global Links: 2nd Asia Pacific International Solidarity Conference
Official participants include: The Socialist Party of Timor, Dita Sari, a leader of the Peoples Democratic Party in Indonesia and Chairperson of the Indonesian National Front for Workers’ Struggle (FNPBI), & Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET)
Register on-line:
March 29-April 1, 2002, Sydney, Australia


Access details of Brisbane Events at:

A night of West Papua films:
40th Anniversary of the Raising of the Morning Star Flag in West Papua
“Arrows Against the Wind” 1993; “Act of No Choice” 1999 $7 /$5 supper provided
Organised by: Australia - West Papua Association
Justice Place - 5 Abingdon St, Woolloongabba (off Annerley Rd)
Sat Dec 1st, 6.30 pm


Access details of Melbourne Events at:

Weekly Nike Pickets - Protest Indonesian Sweatshops

Since April, hundreds of people have been picketing in Melbourne, costing Nike $10,000 a week.
Demand an end to sweatshops & $2-a-day wages! Support real wages & union rights, not slavery!
Event up-dates:
Read reports on the protests: Melbourne Indymedia -
Find out more about Nike and sweatshop labour at:
Ban the Boot -
Nike Watch -
Fair Wear -
Every Friday night, 5:00pm to 7:00pm at Nike's flagship Super Store, Swanston St in Melbourne's CBD (Next picket: 23 Nov)


Access details of Sydney Events at:

"Retratu Timor Lorosae"
Retrospective Photo Exhibition  from East Timor (2000-2001) by Jon Lewis
Details (02) 9331-7775
Stills Gallery, 36 Gosbell St, Paddington
Exhibition runs to December 8th, 2001 (Wednesday - Saturday, 11.00 am - 6.00 pm, Tuesday by appointment only)

Weekly Stop Nike Pickets - Protest Indonesian Sweatshops

In a world of corporate greed, Nike sticks out like a sore thumb. If we can make them change their ways, then we can do the same to other corps. We have to start somewhere.
Event up-dates:
Find out more about Nike and sweatshop labour at:
Nike Watch -
Ban the Boot -
Fair Wear -
4:45pm every Thursday night at Icon - Nike Store, cnr George, Market and Pitt Sts, City (Next picket: 22 Nov)

Indonesian Update: George Aditjondro and Max Lane

Details Pat Toms 9358-4834 or
Politics in the Pub, Gaelic Club, 64 Devonshire St, Surry Hills
Friday November 23rd, 6pm

SYMPOSIUM "Keeping the Peace, Repaying the Debt"
Public discussion with WWII Timor veterans, Bill Tomasetti and Paddy Keneally, and Peace Keepers recently returned from East Timor. Free, all welcome [part of the "Leaving the Crocodile" Exhibition]
Details:, or Sarah Vyden (02)9602-0315
Liverpool Regional Museum, Corner Congressional Drive & Hume Highway Liverpool
Sat 24th November - 1pm-4pm

"Friends of Maliana" stall at Glebe Festival
Info: Gail Clifford or (02) 9367-9047 or Jeff Lee (02) 9500-1638
Sunday 25th November

Speaker: Jackie Ashton (former Timor Aid Media Liaison Officer) speaking on refugees, asylum speakers and East Timor
Last Australia East Timor Association (AETA) Meeting for 2001
Info: Phone AETA Secretary Stephen Langford on 9331-5986
UTS/Level 3 Meeting Room, Broadway
Wed 28th Nov, 6.30pm
See: BD: Tampa asylum seekers & East Timor & BD: East Timorese 'Refugees' & Missing Persons

CLOSING CONCERT of the Pacific Wave Festival, Bondi Pavilion
Help needed at Australia East Timor Association (AETA) stall.
Phone (02) 9824-1121 or email for complete program.
Sunday December 2nd, 12am-5pm

West Papua: Promoting Reconciliation as a Way Towards Peace Dialogue
The West Papua Project (WPP), Workshop II, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS), University of Sydney
A two day workshop, 12-13 December 2001 at the University of Sydney
Quality info on West Papua: |
See: BD: The Reconciliation Process in East Timor

A screening & Discussion of Pilger's doco - "The New Rulers of the World"
John Pilger will answer questions on his latest film about the impact of globalisation, with Indonesia as a case study.
Pilger presents the compelling argument that economic globalisation is but the latest phase of colonial domination of the weak by the powerful. Globalisation ... is being deliberately moulded by powerful international forces such as the World Trade Organisation, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The film reveals ‘free’ trade as nothing other than forced trade, with victims aplenty falling by the wayside. Some of these victims are the half-million Indonesians who were slaughtered in Suharto’s Western-supported coup in 1965, leading to the Western control of that country’s economy, as Pilger documents.
Presented by Green Left Weekly and Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET)
Tickets $16 / $10 Conc Bookings 9690 1031 or 1800 634 206
Valhalla Cinema 166 Glebe Point Road Glebe
8pm Friday December 14; Food available from 7.30pm
See: BD: Financing Reconstruction in East Timor - Reports on the World Bank & the IMF

Films: Double Feature: "The New Rulers Of The World" & "M1: People Resist Corporate Globalisation" (A film about the campaign against corporate globalisation in Australia.)
(This event will not feature John Pilger)
Presented by Green Left Weekly and Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET)
$12/8 conc Bookings 9690 1031 or 1800 634 206
Valhalla Cinema, 166 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
3pm Sat Dec 15 AND 7pm Sun Dec 16

"Leaving the Crocodile" Exhibition:
An exhibition of creative works by Timorese artists working with Timorese youth, AND a full 25 year history of the Timorese community in Sydney.

Principal Curator: Amanda Wise: email
Media Contact: Madeleine Kelman Audience & Media Manager Ph 9824 1121 email
Liverpool Regional Museum, Cnr Congressional Drive & Hume Hwy, Liverpool, Sydney
Until 9th February 2002
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