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Monday October 22 2001


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  * Justice for East Timor
  * Anniversary of murder of Australian Journalists
  * World Peace

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Sep 24 IHRC & TLS: Urgent Action - ET Children Held in Indonesia  Action added Oct 17
"Considerable international pressure will be needed to reunite hundreds of East Timorese children, held in Indonesia, with their parents. ... In the aftermath of the violence in East Timor in 1999, hundreds of children were separated from their parents. It is feared that many have been forced to work in Indonesian sweatshops and plantations or as prostitutes. Australian journalists have been following the fate of 130 children, who were taken from refugee camps in West Timor to primitive orphanages in Java." Indonesia Human Rights Committee & Timor Lorosae Support, New Zealand

Working in East Timor:

Oct 15 IRC / Sternberg: Work against sexual & gender based violence  Job added Oct 19
"The [job] position holds lots of possibility and much challenge, working against violence against women in a very conservative Catholic country where domestic violence is a big problem. They [the International Rescue Committee] have been trying, unsuccessfully, to hire for the job for some time. ... There are wonderful women here working for women’s rights who would welcome outside support and expertise!" Jill Sternberg

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BD: KOPASSUS (the Indonesian military special forces)

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Justice for East Timor

Oct 18 United Timorese NGOs calls for an international ad hoc tribunal  Call added Oct 19
"During a seminar on justice for East Timor on 16 October 2001, all participating Timorese non-governmental organizations (NGOs) unanimously called for the establishment of an international ad hoc tribunal with the jurisdiction to try international crimes committed after the Indonesian invasion in 1975. ... All NGOs emphasized the need to bring justice to the victims, to avoid further human rights violations in Indonesia and the responsibility of the international community to try crimes against humanity committed during an Indonesian occupation which was never legally recognized by the United Nations." Judicial System Monitoring Programme

Oct 17 ETimorese NGOs write DSRSG re Justice, Indonesia  Letter added Oct 20
"One of the outcomes of this meeting [16 October 2001] was a resolution that it is an International Tribunal that would be the most viable means of holding those senior government and military officials to account. Being aware of your planned visit to Indonesia, another outcome of the meeting was the resolution to bring to your attention our strong views and lasting commitment to ensure that those known Indonesia figures who have documented involvement the attempted genocide of the East Timorese will face justice." Ubalda Alves FOKUPERS, Joaquím Fonseca Yayasan HAK, Tomás Freitas Lao Hamutuk (Representatives from the 16 October meeting)

Oct 17 STL: Othman replaced as General Prosecutor in East Timor  News from ETimor added Oct 19
“Mari Alkateri [head of government] agreed to my proposal after a long consultation process, and agreed to the choice of Longginhos Monteiro as a General Prosecutor. I do expect that Longginhos will lead his office, and work well with his staff” UNTAET Transitional Administrator Sergio Viera de Mello
“When I was working, I could not speak the language, so by choosing the new general prosecutor, he may more easily coordinate the work of the office in accordance with local culture, in order to achieve justice” Mohamed Othman, previous General Prosecutor

Anniversary of murder of Australian Journalists

Oct 16 Wesley: Murder of 5 Australian based journalists at Balibo 1975  Letter added Oct 17
"October 16th is the 26th anniversary of the murder of 5 Australian based journalists at Balibo 1975: The lack of response or protest from the Australian ALP government over this event led Indonesia to understand correctly it would have no problems with Australian or US governments with a future full-on invasion of East Timor. This duly happened, so 300,000 lives are on the hands. It took until September 1999 to reverse the trend." Robert Wesley Smith

Oct 16 AETA: Balibo Anniversary: Families Still Await Justice  Release added Oct 17
"Today marks the 26th anniversary of the death of five Australian-based journalists in Balibo, East Timor. ... The widow of one of the slain journalists Ms Shirley Shackleton earlier today told AETA that their is now so much evidence compiled that it is only political factors that are delaying prosecution. She added that the Australia Government should hand over the remaining files in their possession to Dili so that the prosecution case can be made even more water tight." Australia-East Timor Association (AETA) / NSW

World Peace

Oct 16 FAETTA: Weapons, Political Instability and Poverty  Release added Oct 19
“Weapons producing countries must refrain from flooding poor countries with conventional weapons, exacerbating local and regional conflicts, thus contributing to political instability and impoverishment of already poor countries.” Dr Ramos-Horta told the Forum 2000 Conference in Prague

Oct 12 RA: Xanana's Poem: World Peace  Poem added Oct 16
"Xanana Gusmao carries many titles .. freedom fighter .. presidential candidate .. big brother to a nation. In Australia this week he carried all these titles plus one other .. poet." Radio Australia

Sep 29 JRH speech to Oxfam-CAA National Conference  Speech added Oct 17
" ... here is the agenda I propose: Debt cancellation. The G8, European Union and World Bank should lead the initiative in writing off the entire public sector debt of all non-oil producing countries whose per capita income is less than US$1,000. ... All rich countries should increase the percentage of their ODA within the next ten years to the UN recommended 0.8% of GDP. Perhaps on a dollar for dollar basis where applicable, such aid could match reduction in military expenditures associated with debt relief. ... for every $1 provided through aid and debt relief, developing countries lose another $14 as a consequence of protectionist barriers in the rich world." Dr Jose Ramos-Horta, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, East Timor Transition Government

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Access details of National Events at:

SBS-TV Dateline: On the anniversary date of Interfet’s arrival in Oecussi enclave, David Bradbury’s special report on survival and the “militia” massacres there.
Details from Jessica Giacco
Wed 24th October, 8.30pm


Access details of Melbourne Events at:

An exhibition of tais textiles from East Timor has been organised by AETA (Australia East Timor Association) member Sarah Niner as part of the Melbourne Festival. The exhibition will be open in conjunction with performances of the play “Tour of Duty” by AETA member Graham Pitts which is also part of the Melbourne Festival.
Info: Gasworks Box Office (03) 9699 3253
Gasworks Theatre, 21 Graham St, Albert Park
12 - 28 October (except Mondays and Tuesdays)
From 7 pm until after the performance on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
From 4 pm until after the evening performance on Saturdays and Sundays

Seminar: Exploring the meaning of nationalism in East Timor
“The Sacred and Beloved Maubere Homeland” by Sara Graham, [Hons grad Anthropology]
Info: Dr Penelope Graham, Centre of Southeast Asian Studies Ph: (613) 9905 2994 |
Free and Open to the Public: All Welcome
Monash University, in the Manton Room SG03, ground floor south Menzies building,
Clayton campus off Wellington Road, Clayton, Melbourne
Thursday, 25 October 2001, 11.15am-1pm

Weekly Nike Pickets - Protest Indonesian Sweatshops
Since April, hundreds of people have been picketing in Melbourne, costing Nike $10,000 a week.
Demand an end to sweatshops & $2-a-day wages! Support real wages & union rights, not slavery!
Event up-dates:
Read reports on the protests: Melbourne Indymedia -
Find out more about Nike and sweatshop labour at:
Fair Wear -
Nike Watch -
Ban the Boot -
Every Friday night, 5:00pm to 7:00pm at Nike's flagship Super Store, Swanston St in Melbourne's CBD (Next picket: 26 Oct)


Access details of Sydney Events at:

"Leaving the Crocodile" Exhibition:
An exhibition of creative works by Timorese artists working with Timorese youth, AND a full 25 year history of the Timorese community in Sydney.

Principal Curator: Amanda Wise: email
Media Contact: Madeleine Kelman Audience & Media Manager Ph 9824 1121 email
Liverpool Regional Museum, Cnr Congressional Drive & Hume Hwy, Liverpool, Sydney
Ongoing until 9th February 2002

Jill Jolliffe Book launch “Cover-Up:the inside story of the Balibo 5”

Tues 23rd Oct

AETA Monthly Meeting. Guest Speaker.

Details Stephen Langford, (02) 9331-5986.
UTS Tower Bldg, Level 3 behind Students Association, Sydney
Wed 24th October, 6.30pm

Weekly Nike Pickets - Protest Indonesian Sweatshops
Demand an end to sweatshops & $2-a-day wages! Support real wages & union rights, not slavery!
Event up-dates:
Find out more about Nike and sweatshop labour at:
Fair Wear -
Nike Watch -
Ban the Boot -
4:45pm every Thursday night at Icon - Nike Store, cnr George and Pitt St, Sydney City (Next picket: 25 Oct)

A Retrospective Photo Exhibition from East Timor (2000-2001) by Johnnie Lewis
Details (02) 9331-7775
Stills Gallery, 36 Gosbell St, Paddington, Sydney
From Wednesday November 7th, 6pm (Opening)

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