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Friends of the UNTIL Library

Dear Friend,

We are inviting you to a meeting to establish a ‘Friends of the UNTIL Library’ group.
(UNTIL – Universidade Nacionale Timor Loro Sa’e)

The ‘Friends’ group will be a broad coalition of librarians, library technicians, university and college staff, representatives from churches, unions, community groups and others who are concerned to help the National University of East Timor and the UNTIL
librarians to build a well-resourced library.

There are many ways that people can help this project that is so vital to the reconstruction of East Timor and its education system.

The Meeting

The first meeting will be held in Sydney on Wednesday October 10 2001 in the Education & Training Room of the State Library of NSW, Macquarie Street, Sydney at 6pm.

Please let us know if you will be coming – contact Arlene Perks at

If you are interested but unable to attend you can join the Friends of UNTIL Library Email group at

Or sends your contact details to Arlene at we will register you on our contact list and forward further information.

If you know of others who would be interested, please forward details of the meeting and the attached flier to them.

The Group

The aim of the ‘Friends’ group is to coordinate Australian appeals for funds and resources for the UNTIL Library.  We are hoping that similar groups will be set up in each state to co-ordinate local efforts.

A national organising committee will be established to co-ordinate the group’s activities, to communicate with members and member groups, with others active in support of the University and the Library, and with UNTIL and the library staff.

The Library

The librarians have now moved into the new library building (an old gymnasium rebuilt by USAID) after 10 months of working in a classroom building the beginnings of a library service from nothing.

However efforts to develop the library to an operational level, accessible to students and staff of the University, are hampered by the serious lack of many basic resources.  The role of the Friends group will be to raise funds as well as to solicit the donation of essential resources as prioritised by the East Timorese.

Everything is needed - spine labels, date due slips, barcodes, barcode readers and bookends, book trolleys, computer equipment, photocopiers, audio-visual equipment and a book detection security system.  Most needed are funds to buy books in Bahassa Indonesian and Portuguese, to build bookshelves, seating and loans and security counters.

Your Support

You can support this worthwhile project in many ways … with a simple donation of money, by acting as a source of interested and useful contacts, by providing expert assistance, or as an active member of the group soliciting funds and resources.

Australians were moved deeply last year to assist in restoring democracy to East Timor. The challenge now is to reconstruct the resources that will sustain that democracy and allow it to flourish.

As librarians, we all have a ready appreciation of the importance of library and educational resources to the democratic process.

We hope you will join us and support East Timor’s librarians in their endeavour to provide similar resources for their country.


Arlene Perks
for the Friends of the UNTIL Library

See also: BD: East Timorese - Australian Partnerships

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