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"One of the outcomes of this meeting [16 October 2001] was a resolution that it is an International Tribunal that would be the most viable means of holding those senior government and military officials to account. Being aware of your planned visit to Indonesia, another outcome of the meeting was the resolution to bring to your attention our strong views and lasting commitment to ensure that those known Indonesia figures who have documented involvement the attempted genocide of the East Timorese will face justice." Ubalda Alves FOKUPERS, Joaquím Fonseca Yayasan HAK, Tomás Freitas Lao Hamutuk (Representatives from the 16 October meeting)
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East Timorese NGOs write DSRSG re Justice, Indonesia

The following is the full text of a letter sent  by East Timorese organizations to Dennis McNamara, the Deputy Transitional Administrator of UNTAET in East Timor, following a conference on Justice and Accountability held in East Timor on Tuesday, October 16.

October 17, 2001

TO: Mr. Dennis McNamara
 Deputy SRSG
 United Nations Transition Administration in East Timor

RE: Meeting on Justice for East Timor

Dear Dennis,

We write to you in relation to your planned visit to Indonesia to discuss various issues with the Indonesian Government, in particular, the issue of justice for East Timor, with the Indonesian new Attorney General.

Two years after initial steps were taken by the Indonesian government to prosecute those responsible for serious violation of humanitarian law in East Timor, very little progress has been made. Furthermore, recent developments in Indonesia show little prospect of any further measures being taken within the Indonesia system for such necessary prosecution to take place.

The international community continues to have faith that the Indonesian Government will put its commitment into practice. However, at this point, faith is not enough and the Indonesia government must be questioned by the international community as to when it will honour the process it set out to establish and follow through to its end.

Therefore, we would ask you to question the new Attorney-General, as to what concrete steps will be taken on this matter in the near future, and what are the benchmarks and time periods for determining whether such steps have been effectively carried out. At the same time, Indonesian Government needs to be reminded that its lack of action on this matter, is not only undermining the process of justice in Indonesia itself, it is also significantly hampering the justice process in East Timor.

The East Timorese leadership have expressed their views on how, in the aftermath of the Indonesian occupation, the country should deal with its past and those views have been taken by the international community as representative of the feelings of the East Timorese community.

However, little space has been provided for the broader East Timorese community to voice their opinions and feelings on this crucial issue. In response to this situation, and the current stalemate in both the Indonesian and East Timor formal justice processes, NGOs and community groups felt that it was imperative to consolidate actions already underway to hold those responsible to account.

On Tuesday 16 October 2001, concerned NGOs and community groups held a joint meeting in Dili to discuss ways to ensure that there be justice for East Timor. One of the outcomes of this meeting was a resolution that it is an International Tribunal that would be the most viable means of holding those senior government and military officials to account. Being aware of your planned visit to Indonesia, another outcome of the meeting was the resolution to bring to your attention our strong views and lasting commitment to ensure that those known Indonesia figures who have documented involvement the attempted genocide of the East Timorese will face justice.

This letter will be followed by a more detailed report of content and resolution of the meeting. All those NGOs and community groups who participated in the meeting would be very interested to hear from you after you return from Indonesia to share your impressions on the meeting and future development.

We wish you the best in all your endeavors.

Yours sincerely,

Ubalda Alves

Joaquím Fonseca
Yayasan HAK

Tomás Freitas
Lao Hamutuk

(Representatives from the 16 October meeting)

Attendant NGOs:

1. Bishop Belo’s Center for Peace and Development
2. Lao Hamutuk
4. Yayasan HAK
5. Kdadalak Sulimutu Institute (KSI)
6. Working Group for Electoral Education (KKPP)
7. Judicial System Monitoring Project (JSMP)
8. East Timor Student Solidarity Council (ETSC)
9. Student Solidarity Council of Oe-Cusse
10. Yayasan Timor Nabilan
11. Caritas Australia
12. International Federation for East Timor (IFET)
13. Asia Pacific Cooperation for East Timor (APCET)
14. East Timor Action Network (ETAN)
15. Forum Solidaritas Indonesia untuk Rakyat Timor Lorosae (FORTILOS)
16. Asia Pacific Support Center (APSC)
17. Oxfam
18. Nove-Nove Survivers Group (Maliana)
19. NGO Forum

Bahasa Indonesia:
Fokupers - Forum Komunikasi Untuk Perempuan Loro Sae  Updated Aug 22
Direktur: Manuela Leong Pereira
Maksud Umum: Fokupers didirikan pada tahun 1997. Organisasi ini membantu korban politik dan juga memberikan nasihat atau ‘counselling’ dan lain lain kepada perempuan yang menderita sebagai bekas tapol, atau yang menjadikan janda karena perang, atau isteri tapol. Selain dari itu, Fokupers mendorong hak asasi manusia, pada khususnya untuk perempuan, dalam masyarakat setempat.
Kegiatan Sekarang: Sudah mengadakan bengkel untuk mendiskusi bagaimana perempuan akan diikuti atau menjadi lebih aktip di masyarakat Timor Loro Sa’e. · Pada saat ini, kami memusatkan perhatian atas latihan ‘trauma counselling’ untuk pekerja Fokupers.

Fokupers - the East Timorese Women’s Communication Forum  Updated Aug 22
Women's Development and Advocacy
Director: Manuela Leong Pereira
Fokupers is a registered East Timorese non-government organization (ETNGO)
General Mission: Fokupers was founded in 1997. It focuses on political victims and gives counselling and other forms of assistance to women victims of violations, including ex political prisoners, war widows and wives of political prisoners. Its mandate also includes promoting women’s human rights among the local population, especially the East Timorese women.
Current Activities: Conducting workshops discussing ways to enhance or develop further women’s participation in Timorese society. · Focusing on receiving trauma counselling training for their staff in order to provide counsel to women victims. Supporting women survivors of violence and to end violence against women through advocacy and education.

Bahasa Indonesia:
Yayasan HAK - Yayasan Hukum, Hak Asasi dan Keadilan  Updated Sep 4
Maksud Umum: Yayasan Hak didirikan untuk maksud utama dua: 1. Kerja perkara - mewakili korban dan keluarganya di pengadilan. 2. Sokongan anjuran hak asasi manusia - melaporkan dan menerbitkan informasi mengenai HAM, proses pengadilan.
Sejarah Pendek: Yayasan Hak adalah yayasan bantuan hukum yang didirikan pada bulan Maret 1997, dan dibiayai oleh empat kelompok. Hak didirikan untuk menyediakan bermacam-macam pelayanan hukum kepada masyarakat Timor Lorosae.
Alamat: T-091 Gov. Serpa Rosa St., Farol, Dili - Timor Lorosae
Tetum: Jun 21 2000 Y-HAK: Lopes: Rekonciliasaun Housi Lei Nia Roman  Article

Yayasan HAK - Foundation of Law, Human Rights, and Justice  Updated Sep 4
Human Rights, Advocacy and Community Organising
Yayasan HAK is a registered East Timorese non-government organization (ETNGO)
General Mission: Yayasan Hak has two primary functions: 1. Casework - representing victims and their families in court 2. Human rights advocacy work - monitoring, reporting and publicising human rights information, litigation
Short History: Yayasan Hak is a legal aid foundation set up in March 1997, co-funded by four funding agencies. It was established in order to provide a range of legal services for the people of East Timor.
Address: T-091 Gov. Serpa Rosa St., Farol, Dili - Timor Lorosae
Sep 3 YHak: Elections in the Context of Nation-Building:
Jul 24 YHak: Serious Concerns re Judicial Independence under UNTAET:
Jun 21 2000 YHak: Reconciliation from a Legal Perspective:
Tetum: Jun 21 2000 YHak: Rekonciliasaun Housi Lei Nia Roman  Article

Tetum: (the most common East Timorese language)
La’o Hamutuk, Institutu Timor Lorosa’e ba Analiza no Monitor Reconstrusaun / Institut Permantauan dan Analisis Reconstruksi Timor Loro Sa'e  Updated Aug 18
Saida mak La’o Hamutuk? La’o Hamutuk organizasaun klibur Ema Timor Lorosa’e no Ema Internacional ne’ebe buka atu tau matan, halo analize ho halo relatorio kona ba hahalok (actividade) instuisaun internacional ne’ebe oras ne’e haknaar iha Timor Lorosa’e, liu-liu hahalok sira ne’ebe iha relasaun ho rekonstrusaun fizika no social Timor Lorosa’e nian. La’o Hamutuk fiar katak Povo Timor Lorosa’e mak tenke hakotu iha procesu rekonstrusaun ne’e nia laran no procesu rekonstrusaun ne’e tenke demokratiku no transparante duni.
Staf Timor oan: Inès Martins, Fernando da Silva, Thomas Freitas; Staf Internasional: Pamela Sexton, Mark Salzer; Kuadru Ejekutivu: Sr. Maria Dias, Joseph Nevins, Fr. Jovito Rego de Jesus Araùjo, Aderito Soares Durubasa: Benjamin Sanches Afonso, Tomé Xavier Jeronimo, Maria Bernardino, Manuel Tilman, Djoni Ferdiwijaya Ilustrador: Sebastião Pedro da Silva, Nan Porter Design Jeronimo Staf Monitoriu Projektu Judiciariu JSMP: Christian Ranheim, Caitlin Reiger, Rayner Thwaites
Local Contact:  P.O. Box 340, Dili, East Timor (via Darwin, Australia)  Mobile fone: +61(408)811373;  Telefone Uma: +670(390)325-013
International contact: +1-510-643-4507 Email:  Homepage:
Boletim La’o Hamutuk: [Tetum PDF format]
Vol. 2, No. 3 Junho 2001 Fundu Monetariu Internasional (IMF) iha Timor Lorosa’e:
Vol. 2, Nos. 1-2 Abríl 2001 Vizaun Jeral Hosi Fundu Ba Rekonstrusaun Timor Loro Sa’e:
Vol. 1, No. 4, 31 Dejembru 2000 Banku Mundial iha Timor Loro Sa’e:
Vol. 1, No. 3, 17 Novembro 2000 Hari Sistema Saude Nasional iha Timor Lorosa’e:
Vol. 1, No. 2, 17 Julho 2000 Protesaun ba meio ambiente iha TL:
Vol. 1, No. 1, 21 Juñu 2000 Rekonciliasaun:

La'o Hamutuk: East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis  Updated June 24
La'o Hamutuk (Tetum for Walking Together) is a joint East Timorese-international organization that seeks to monitor, to analyze, and to report on the reconstruction activities of the principal international institutions. It believes that the people of East Timor must be the ultimate decisionmakers in the reconstruction process and that the process should be as democratic and transparent as possible ...
East Timorese staff: Inès Martins, Fernando da Silva, Thomas Freitas; International staff: Pamela Sexton, Mark Salzer Executive board: Sr. Maria Dias, Joseph Nevins, Fr. Jovito Rego de Jesus Araùjo, Aderito de Jesus Soares Translators: Maria Bernardino, Tom‚ Xavier Jeronimo JSMP staff: Christian Ranheim, Caitlin Reiger, Rayner Thwaites
International contact: +1-510-643-4507  Email:  Homepage:
La’o Hamutuk Bulletin:
Mar 23 2001 LH: Job announcement for La'o Hamutuk in East Timor:
Activity Report: Mar 16 2001 LH:

Judicial System Monitoring Programme / Program Pemantauan Sistim Peradilan (JSMP)  Updated Aug 17
JSMP is a new human rights project set up by the East Timorese Jurists’ Association and the Timorese/international organisation La'o Hamutuk. JSMP aims to assist the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor, the East Timorese public and the international community by making recommendations for ongoing reform of the fledgling judicial system of East Timor.
The main objective of the programme is to improve the quality of justice provided by the newly established judicial system, and to promote human rights and the rule of law in a meaningful and transparent manner for the people of East Timor through:

  • sending legal observers to monitor the serious crimes trials;
  • providing legal analysis and thematic reports; and
  • dissemination of information on the developments of the justice system as a whole.

  • At this stage, the programme’s courtroom observation work focuses primarily on the cases related to the violence in 1999, which include crimes against humanity, genocide and torture.
    Regular updates: subscribe to JSMP’s news service by sending an empty e-mail to
    Email/Phone:, Phone +670 (390) 325-013;
    Christian Ranheim,, Phone +61(0) 419 804 600;
    Caitlin Reiger,, Phone +61 (0) 419 366 404
    Jun 1 2001 JSMP: New Human Rights Project in East Timor:

    Bahasa Indonesia:
    East Timorese Student Solidarity Council (ETSSC)  Added Mar 8
    Sejarah Pendek:
    ETSSC didirikan pada bulan Juni 1998, sesudah Suharto turun dari posisinya. Mahasiswa-mahasiswa mengadakan beberapa pertemuan umum, demonstrasi dan dialog, asalnya di Dili dan kemudian di seluruh Timor Loro Sa’e. Sebelum referendum, informasi HAM disebarkan oleh mahasiswa ini, dan mereka menjadi terlibat dalam pendidikan pemberi suara. ETSSC termasuk mahasiswa yang sebelumnya duduk di UNTIM, bersama dengan pelajar dan sarjana.
    Keadaan Sekarang Lsm Dan Kebutuhan Utama:
    ETSSC terletak di Dili, dan ada jaringan yang kuat di seluruh Timor Loro Sa’e. Hubungan di antara cabang-cabang ETSSC (misalnya di antara Baucau dan Dili) memang tak mungkin pada saat ini, karena ETSSC di luar Dili tak ada telepon mobil, dan garis telepon tanah belum didirikan lagi. Peralatan kantor juga diperlukan (misalnya fax, komputer dll).
    Kegiatan Sekarang:
    ETSSC di Dili sudah menulis usulan proyek, judulnya ‘Framework 2000’. Usulan ini termasuk benkel ‘capacity building’ dan kelompok pelajaran masyarakat. Di Baucau dan Viqueque, mahasiswa terlibat dalam membangun kembali SMP dan SMA, dan juga bekerja sebagai guru di SD.
    Dua anggota ETSSC akan mengunjungi kota Melbourne pada bulan Februari/Maret (berhubungan dengan USET untuk perincian lain). Kemungkinannya bahwa ETSSC akan mendirikan koperasi persahabatan dengan universitas Australia. Salah satu prioritas ETSSC ialah kesempatan untuk menyelesaikan kursusnya yang sudah dimulai di Universitas Indonesia, UNTIM atau tempat lain.

    East Timorese Student Solidarity Council (ETSSC)  Added Mar 8
    Civil Society, Culture, Informal Education.
    ETSSC is a registered East Timorese non-government organization (ETNGO)
    Short History:
    ETSSC emerged in June 1998 responding to the window of opportunity for a free East Timor following Suharto’s resignation. Prior to this new period of freedom of speech, students had been organising clandestinely as part of the wider resistance movement. The students organised a series of public meetings, demonstrations and dialogues, originally in Dili and later spreading throughout East Timor. During the lead up to the referendum, the students disseminated information on human rights, and were involved in voter education in all regions of East Timor. The Council includes students who previously attended UNTIM, as well as high school students and academics.
    Current Situation And Three Primary Needs:
    The ETSSC is based in Dili, but has a strong network throughout East Timor. Communication between branches of the ETSSC (eg between Baucau and Dili) is currently impossible, as branches outside Dili have no access to mobile phones, and land-lines have yet to be re-established. General office facilities (such as computer, fax equipment) are desperately needed.
    Current Activities:
    The Dili ETSSC have put together a project proposal entitled ‘Framework 2000’ which provides for capacity building workshops and Community Study Groups. In Baucau and Viqueque the students are involved in rebuilding secondary schools. Members are currently involved in various community activities including teaching in primary schools.
    Two members of the ETSSC will be visiting Melbourne in Feb/March (contact USET for details). Possible friendship unions with Australian universities are being pursued. The ability for ETSSC members to complete university courses begun in Indonesia, UNTIM or elsewhere is a priority.

    Caritas Australia  Up-dated Aug 19
    Caritas Australia (estab. 1964 as Australian Catholic Relief) is the official development and relief agency for the Catholic Church in Australia under the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference in response to requests being received from the countries of the Pacific, Asia and Africa for financial assistance to help the poor in their countries. The organisation is part of the Caritas Internationalis network of 146 autonomous Catholic aid and development agencies active in 194 countries around the world. Caritas works with the poor and marginalised through supporting the community development programs of our Caritas partner agencies.
    Email:  Homepage:  ETimor Webpage:

    International Federation for East Timor  Updated Sep 14
    The International Federation for East Timor was founded in 1991 by East Timor solidarity groups from four continents as a clearinghouse for non-governmental organization (NGO) initiatives on East Timor and to support those initiatives, particularly in United Nations fora. IFET is accredited with the U.N. Department of Public Information and has a U.N. Representative in New York. Our secretariat is in the Philippines. IFET participates in U.N. hearings and conferences, supplies analyses and statements to the media, and lobbies the U.N.-Portugal-Indonesia East Timor talks to ensure that the human and political rights of the East Timorese people
    are respected. IFET selected, trained and sent the largest number of international observers to the UN-conducted popular referendum in 1999.
    Email Charlie Scheiner:  Homepage:

    East Timor Action Network U.S.  Updated May 19
    ETAN/US was founded following the November 1991 massacre. ETAN/US supports a genuine and peaceful transition to an independent East Timor. It also supports human dignity for the people of East Timor by advocating for democracy, sustainable development, social, legal, and economic justice and human rights, including women’s rights.
    East Timor was invaded and subjugated by US ally Indonesia in 1975. East Timor chose independence in August 1999 and was soon destroyed by the Indonesian military. It is now administered by the UN.
    ETAN/US provides a wide range of articles, news reports and press releases related to East Timor. ETAN has 28 local chapters. Email: &  Homepage:
    East Timor info on the ETAN site is added daily.

    Asia Pacific Support Collective Timor Lorosa’e (APSC-TL)
    PO Box 115 Dili Timor Lorosa’e
    Office tel/fax +670-390-321030, mobile phones: 0409-193242 (Jude Conway), 0417-886792 (Beba Sequeira)
    Email: Homepage:

    East Timor National NGO Forum / Forum Nacional ONG Timor Lorosa'e  Updated Sep 3
    Umbrella agency for East Timorese Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)
    VISION: To contribute to the building of a pluralist, democratic, just and sustainable East Timor through the development of a strong, independent and responsible civil society committed to upholding and making real in the daily life of the community, both village and urban, the full range of human rights so that all East Timorese, particularly the poor and disadvantaged, can enjoy the fruits of liberation and development in an East Timor forever free.
    MISSION: To realise its vision by promoting a culture of learning, cooperation, partnership with the community and respect for human rights and good practice amongst East Timorese NGOs and between them and other development actors, both domestic and international, and by serving as a collective, independent voice for the rights and needs of the community.
    VALUES AND PRINCIPLES: a rights approach to development; inclusiveness, participation; accountability; gender balance; respect for the environment; non-party political; non-sectarian; good governance; volunteerism.
    Kaikoli Street, Dili-East Timor  Telephone +670(390)322772
    E-mail:  Homepage:
    See: BD: East Timor National NGO Forum / Forum Nacional ONG Timor Lorosa'e (FONGTIL) / LSM-LSM Timor Loro Sa’e - A collection of recent media releases, position-statements, speeches, petitions, reports, and news

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    Oct 18 United Timorese NGOs calls for an international ad hoc tribunal  Call added Oct 19
    "During a seminar on justice for East Timor on 16 October 2001, all participating Timorese non-governmental organizations (NGOs) unanimously called for the establishment of an international ad hoc tribunal with the jurisdiction to try international crimes committed after the Indonesian invasion in 1975. ... All NGOs emphasized the need to bring justice to the victims, to avoid further human rights violations in Indonesia and the responsibility of the international community to try crimes against humanity committed during an Indonesian occupation which was never legally recognized by the United Nations." Judicial System Monitoring Programme

    Oct 16 Dili Seminar: Justice and Accountability in East Timor  Invitation added Oct 11
    "You are invited to attend a one day seminar on: 'Justice and Accountability in East Timor: International Tribunals and other options'. The purpose of the seminar is to discuss the progress so far regarding prosecution of crimes against humanity committed in East Timor and where we go from here. ... The seminar will be held at the Canossian Sisters, Becora, Dili, Timor Lorosa’e. Tuesday 16th October ... Most of the presentations will be in Tetun or Bahasa Indonesia. An English interpreter will be available." The NGO Forum; Yayasan HAK; La’o Hamutuk; Fokupers; Caritas Australia; Judicial System Monitoring Programme

    BD: War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity - A collection of recent press releases, petitions, articles and news

    BD: Calls for International War Crimes Tribunal - A collection of recent reports, articles and news

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