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Read about the elections at:

Sep 1. 11 am UN IEC: Statement of Chief Electoral Officer  Statement added Sep 2
"I would like to reiterate that our highest priority is the accuracy of the count, and we will take the time necessary to ensure that the results reflect the will of the voters. That said, we are on schedule at this point and anticipate that we will continue to be." Chief Electoral Officer, Independent Electoral Commission, UN

Aug 31. 7 pm UN IEC: Statement of Chief Electoral Officer  Statement added Sep 1
"From these figures, we can see that the highest turnout in percentage terms was in Ermera, with 94.3 percent turnout, and the lowest was in Dili with 87.1 percent.  Nevertheless, Dili produced the highest absolute number of voters, with 70,136 ballots issued." Chief Electoral Officer, Independent Electoral Commission, UN

Aug 31. 11am UN IEC: Statement of Chief Electoral Officer  Statement added Sep 1
" ... the Independent Electoral Commission is pleased to report that all ballot boxes have now safely arrived in the district capitals, and the counting process has begun. ... we can say that from the total estimated voter population, we have a turnout of 91 percent. ... We anticipate that we may have complete results from one or two districts by the end of the weekend, with the bulk of the results coming during the first half of next week." Chief Electoral Officer, Independent Electoral Commission, UN

Aug 31 JSMP: Election observervation report Becora prison  Report added Sep 1
"A number of significant problems were observed, leading to only 47% of the eligible voters being able to cast their votes. As a result, many prisoners voiced their frustration and anger at being effectively disenfranchised through procedural flaws in the electoral process. ... JSMP makes the following recommendations: 1. That prisoners continue to be eligible to vote in future elections in East Timor; 2. That special provision be made for prisoners to vote outside their registered address or polling centre; 3. That future polling procedures be designed with the special circumstances of prisoners, who are detained by the State, in mind." Judicial System Monitoring Programme (JSMP)

Aug 30 UN IEC: Election Day Statements by Chief Electoral Officer  Statements added Aug 31
"30 August 2001 will be remembered in the history of East Timor as a demonstration of the capacity of the East Timorese people to organize themselves, to participate, and to confront their differences in the context of a multiparty democracy. It will also be remembered as a peaceful election, and this will help reassure the East Timorese people that they can exercise their democratic rights without fear." Chief Electoral Officer, Independent Electoral Commission, UN

August 2001 LHB: For an Interim Constitution  Article added Aug 30
" ... there is something that the soon-to-be-formed Constitutional Assembly can do to correct this problem [of lack of representation]: it can produce a document that will only have interim status, one that will guarantee and facilitate a far-reaching participatory process to draw up a permanent constitution at a later date. East Timor’s Catholic Church advocated something similar earlier this year, officially recommending following the example of other countries emerging from traumatic pasts, such as South Africa, by drawing up an interim constitution." Aderito de Jesus Soares, member of Sa’he Institute for Liberation, the East Timorese Jurists’ Association, & a Board Member of La’o Hamutuk

Aug 29 JRS: Refugees await election outcome  Alert added Sep 1
"As East Timor holds its first election on 30 August, an estimated 10 per cent of its population living in refugee camps in West Timor will not be participating in this process. According to JRS West Timor, some 80,000 refugees remain, ... Many refugees are still expected to return to East Timor. JRS East Timor director, Frank Brennan SJ, said the people in the camps are now waiting for a negotiated settlement between their leaders and an elected government in East Timor. “Generally people seem resigned to waiting until given the word from someone higher up whom they trust that it is time to move,” said Fr Brennan." Jesuit Relief Service

Aug 29 FRETILIN Italia: Coordinamento italiano di solidarieta’ con il Popolo Timorese  Letter added Aug 31
"[Mari Alkatiri] E’ l’unico sopravissuto dei fondatori del movimento ad essere rimasto fedelmente al suo posto e gode della stima e dell’ affetto dei migliori quadri del partito. Nonostante costretto dall’invasione a vivere nella diaspora e’ riuscito in poco tempo a consolidare la sua posizione dentro il paese sebbene mussulmano e yemenita d’origine. E’ un uomo molto orgoglioso, puntiglioso e metodico. Quest’ultima qualita’ lo aiutera’ molto a Timor Est. Un assaggio delle sue capacita’ lo hanno avuto i negoziatori australiani in questi mesi che hanno preceduto l’ ultimo accordo sul petrolio timorese secondo il quale il solo 10% spetta al Governo di Camberra. Certo si tratta di un primo successo e che altre insidie dovranno essere superate ma grazie a lui lasciateci godere questa soddisfazione." Davide Corona, FRETILIN ITALIA

Aug 29 Oxfam calls on the Constituent Assembly to listen to the people  Statement added Aug 31
"Oxfam calls on the new Constituent Assembly to, once elected, seek further active participation from the East Timorese population in forming the country’s constitution, ... It is vital that the voice and wishes of the East Timorese are fully included in the document which will be the foundation of their country. ... The Constituent Assembly could ensure effective participation by extending the 90 day time line for creating a constitution, or by declaring the constitution an interim document, with the opportunity for a fuller participatory process in the next two years. Thirdly, the Constituent Assembly could aim to achieve a full participation process within the 90 days,” Jeremy Hobbs, Oxfam International

Aug 29 GLW: Elections mark new step toward independence  Article added Aug 31
"Overall there is very little to distinguish the contesting parties from each other. In many cases their platforms or policies are identical. Most espouse support for a “free-market” economy. The only exception is the Socialist Party of Timor (PST) which has consistently focused on developing a base among workers and the rural poor through establishing peasant cooperatives and campaigning for better wages and conditions for East Timorese employed by the UN and private businesses. The 5000 strong rally the PST organised in Dili on August 25 reflects its growing influence." Jon Land, Indonesia - East Timor Campaign Watch

Aug 29 AP: Large Number Of Voters Turn Up For East Timor Election  News added Aug 30
"Long lines formed in front of polling stations in the morning twilight more than an hour before they opened at 7 a.m. (2000 GMT Wednesday). The atmosphere was relaxed as people joked with police who were ushering women and children to the front of the line. Election monitors said there were no reports of violence. ... Voters will choose the 88-member assembly that will write the fledgling country’s constitution, and there was little doubt who would win. The Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor, which led the country’s independence struggle, had a comfortable lead in polls." AP

Aug 29 FAETTA: Horta's response to PD advert  Release added Aug 30
"Tomorrow’s vote is not to choose the President and the Vice-President of the Republic, but simply and only to elect the Constituent Assembly. ... Under these circumstances I categorically and unequivocally declare that neither Xanana Gusmao nor myself Ramos-Horta are in the running for the August 30 elections. I therefore encourage every Timorese to vote their conscience, in choosing from the parties and candidates that are actually running for election, and vote for those you trust." Cabinet Member for Foreign Affairs Dr Jose Ramos-Horta

Aug 28 SMH: To forge a future, Timor needs justice for the past  Article from ETimor added Aug 30
"On Thursday we elect a constituent assembly which will write our constitution. It is a proud moment for a new country. As we move towards independence, we must remain vigilant in pursuing justice for those whose lives were scarred by violence. The inner life of the people of East Timor continues to be clouded by the events of 1999, as well as by doubts about the future." Bishop Carlos Belo

Aug 28 Problems in East Timorese participating in the elections  Statement added Aug 29
" ‘How about my democratic right to choose the leaders to represent me?’ asks a villager who will have to walk 4 - 5 hours to vote in East Timor’s first ever democratic elections. ... This is the foundation of the new country but some will be denied their right to participate. Many East Timorese will have to walk long distances to vote. The young can do it but how about the old, sick, handicapped and who will look after the children and village when people are away voting?"

Aug 27 ABC: Fretilin expects to win more than 60 seats  Interview added Aug 29
"Fitzgerald: You have a reputation as a socialist. Is that a perception?
Alkatiri [Sec-Gen, Fretilin]: “I always refuse to be labelled. What I can assure you is that my main pre-occupation is people. How to help them, how to develop the country to such a level that they can have what they need. I am not against the rich people but I am really against poverty.” " Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Ago 25 Xanana: Desizaun ba Kandidata an Presidente hosi Timor Lorosa’e  Statement added Aug 29
"LORON OHIN NE, HÁ’U FO HATENE KATAK HÁ’U SEI ACEITA NUDAR CANDIDATO PARTIDOS SIRA NIAN BA PRESIDENTE REPUBLIKA TIMOR LOROSA’E, se partidos sira né hatudu sira nia kompromisu maka’as atu simu ho laran luan resultado hosi eleisoens 30 de Agosto mai ne. Ne katak, partido ida-idak sei buka hametin, toó sira nia estrutura iha base, politica tolerância no respeitu malu nian, iha espirito democratico nebe ita hotu-hotu hakarak atu harí." Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão

lia-tetun liután

Ago 25 Xanana: "Aceitarei Ser Candidato Dos Partidos A Presidente"  Statement added Aug 29
"EU DECLARO AQUI E AGORA QUE ACEITAREI SER CANDIDATO DOS PARTIDOS A PRESIDENTE DA REPÚBLICA DE TIMOR LOROSA’E, se os mesmos partidos demonstrarem o máximo compromisso para aceitarem quaisquer que forem os resultados das eleições. Isto significa que cada partido deve promover, nas suas estruturas de base, a política da tolerância e do respeito mútuo, dentro do espírito democrático que todos estamos empenhados a construir." Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão


Aug 25 Xanana's statement on decision to run for President  Statement added Aug 29
"I DECLARE HERE AND NOW THAT I WILL ACCEPT TO BE NOMINATED BY THE PARTIES TO THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF TIMOR LOROSA´E, if the same parties commit themselves to accepting the outcome of the elections. This means that each party must promote, through their structures at the grassroots level, the policy of tolerance and of mutual respect, in the democratic spirit which we are all engaged in developing." Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão

Aug 25 FAETTA: Ramos-Horta on Xanana decision  Release added Aug 29
“Once again Xanana has shown his love and loyalty to his people. ... He is a wonderful human being and will be a great President of an independent East Timor.” Dr Ramos Horta

update Aug 21 CIIR observer mission to East Timorese elections  Release updated Aug 29
"Women campaigned for a minimum 30 per cent quota for female candidates in party lists, as agreed by the CNRT Congress and the first East Timorese women’s conference last year. But in March the National Council blocked the proposal. Women have since been developing alternative strategies designed to ensure adequate participation by women in the elections, and have been urging political parties to place female candidates high on their lists so that women can enter the assembly." Catholic Institute for International Relations (CIIR)

Aug 9 RENETIL'S Election Observer Commission  Statement added Aug 30
"RENETIL, one of the leading youth organizations in the Timorese resistance, sees East Timor’s unfolding political process as one of its main priorities as it encourages popular participation in the August 30th general election and the subsequent drafting of a democratic constitution. To implement this priority RENETIL is undertaking civic education projects and fielding election observer teams." RENETIL, Resistencia Nacional Dos Estudantes De Timor Leste

Jul 8 Pacto Unidade Nacional Nian  Text added Sep 1
"Pacto Unidade Nacional Nian: Hatene tiha ona katak iha necessidade atu hamoris no kuda dame no hakmatek iha ita nia let hanesan alicerce fundamental ida hatu haburas Timor Lorosae; Hare ba principios lulik sutar makna nian nebe maka hetan provação huso convencão ba dala uluk iha tinan 1998 iha Piniche Portugal; Hatene tiha ona katak iha necicidade atu kuda iha ita nian let respeita malu no fiar malu; ... " APODETI Pro-Refrendum; ASDT Associação Sosial Demokrata Timorense; FRETILIN Frente Revolucianário de Timor Leste Independente; KOTA Klibur Oan Timor Aswa’in; PD Partido Demokrático; PDC Partido Demokrata Cristão; PDM Partido Democrático Maubere; PL Partai Liberal; PPT Partido de Povo de Timor; PSD Partido Social Democrata Timor Lorosa’e; PST Partido Socialista de Timor; PTT Partido Trabalhista Timorense; UDC/PDC União Democratica Cristão; UDT União Democrática Timorense. [Partidu ida-idak tau asinatura sira-nian iha lia-kotun. Maibé PARENTIL no PNT la tau asinatura.]

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Access recently added news items at:

Aug 31 FAETTA: Latest on Tampa refugees  Interviews added Sep 1
" ... as you know I received a call from Foreign Minister Downer yesterday asking us to consider the possibility of allowing these asylum seekers to disembark in East Timor. I told him that I would consult with the East Timorese as well as UNHCR, since UNHCR is the main UN player in these questions. But ... I have been informed by Minister Downer that the East Timor option, which was being looked at among others, will not be pursued any longer." Special Representative of the Secretary General Sergio de Mello, UN
"We understand Australia’s dilemma [that it will open a floodgate]. Human traffic is indeed a very serious problem. But we cannot say because there might be a floodgate of human trafficking … let those people, women and children, stay in high seas indefinitely. Someone has to have the moral leadership, moral courage, to find a solution to this problem. I just hope Australia, as a great, generous country, extremely rich, can accommodate temporarily these 400 people." Cabinet Member for Foreign Affairs Dr Jose Ramos-Horta

Aug 31 FAETTA: Response to MV Tampa Refugees  Release added Sep 1
"This is a matter for Indonesia and Australia to sort out. The two countries have a primary responsibility, not East Timor, ... If we are approached by the Australian Government, by UNHCR, to help, certainly East Timor will be looking at this possibility of receiving refugees favourably. This is my own opinion, shared with Bishop Belo, Xanana Gusmao and Mari Alkatiri, with whom I have consulted already. However there are two conditions and they are very strict: 1. That the International Community shoulder exclusively the financial burden of sheltering and feeding these refugees; 2. That it be for a limited amount of time." Nobel Peace prize Laureate Dr Jose Ramos-Horta

Aug 31 RT: E.Timor says ready to help rejected asylum seekers  News added Aug 31
“We are a small player. If we can be the solution to this problem of course we’ll make ourselves available, ... If we are approached by the Australian government, by UNHCR, to help certainly we will be looking at this possibility of receiving the refugees favourably.” Jose Ramos-Horta, de facto foreign minister, ETimor
"The asylum seekers have been stranded for days on a Norwegian cargo ship which had rescued them off isolated Christmas Island as they tried to sail to Australia in an unseaworthy boat from Indonesia. Canberra has refused to give them refuge as has Indonesia whose vast archipelago often acts as a staging post for a growing stream of asylum seekers making their way to Australia." Reuters

Aug 30 TAPOL on British arms exports  Comment added Aug 30
"A Jakarta Post article dated 29 August ... suggested that Britain was about to resume arms exports to Indonesia. In fact, Britain has been selling military equipment to Indonesia since the European Union arms embargo was lifted in January 2000 ... the fact that Ben Bradshaw, the British Minister, is pushing for closer military ties and says he is prepared to accept TNI assurances that British equipment will not be used for internal repression, despite its past record and its current behaviour in Aceh, West Papua etc., is alarming and must be challenged." TAPOL, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign

Aug 30 Time Asia: Gusmao: What Happens Next?  Interview added Aug 30
"TIME: What is your position on amnesty for the violence of 1999? Gusmao: Amnesty can be considered, but only after justice, after trials. Not before. TIME: Would that mean not putting people in jail? Gusmao: It is not my decision to say. As a principle, I only can conceive amnesty after justice. But who can decide? It will be the assembly, the government. Not me."

Aug 29 JP: Britain ready to resume arms exports to Indonesia  News added Aug 30
"Britain is ready to resume sales of weapons to Indonesia, saying that it has accepted the assurances from the Indonesian Military (TNI) that these arms would not be used for internal repression, including in Aceh. ... Britain, traditionally a major supplier of military hardware to Indonesia, was in the middle of delivering several of its Hawk jets when the European Union imposed an arms embargo in September 1999 in protest against Jakarta’s handling of East Timor. The embargo was lifted in January 2000, allowing Britain to complete the delivery of the remaining six Hawk fighters." The Jakarta post

Aug 28 AGE: The path to freedom by Bishop Belo  Statement added Sep 1
"Justice for the people of East Timor requires that the perpetrators of the most serious crimes be identified, and prosecuted in the same manner as a common criminal. This means a legal process is needed. ... As with apartheid, there are numerous shades of responsibility and guilt. Nonetheless, our people demand an accounting and they are entitled to have the guilt of the authors of the most serious crimes demonstrated. Where there are mitigating circumstances these need to be kept in mind." Carlos Belo, the Catholic Bishop of Dili, co-recipient of the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize

Aug 25 C. Vasconcelos on ET Justice System to Int'l Association of Prosecutors  Briefing added Aug 30
"As an experienced and principled prosecutor, I went to East Timor to share my skills with fellow prosecutors there. I have become an object of retribution because I fought to uphold principles that are sacred to our profession. What lessons the East Timorese are learning from the experiences I have had! Particularly disturbing is the fact that all of this occurred in the United Nations, the fountain from which the fundamental principles of human rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have sprung from. ... I have paid the price for believing that the United Nations practices what it preaches." Carlos Vasconcelos, Federal Prosecutor at the 1st Federal Court of Appeals in Brasilia, Brazil

Aug 25 Age: Timor fighting a war of words  News added Aug 30
“I would like to inform that no staff from this department will attend this secretariat training workshop as, once again, some of the international staff seem to wish to impose Bahasa Indonesia or English, ... Time and again, these international staff members have completely ignored the majority of East Timorese political leaders (who) have stated that Portuguese will be the official language of this country.” Jose Ramos Horta
"The choice of Portuguese is by no means universal among East Timorese, many of whom prefer English or Indonesian in addition to their national language, Tetum. Many East Timorese university students fluent in Indonesian resent having to learn another language that they say is irrelevant to the region." Mark Dodd, Dili

Aug 21 AUSGOV: Senate debate on war crimes tribunal  Transcript added Aug 29
"During the horrific referendum period, 2,000 East Timorese were killed. During the occupation, 200,000 East Timorese were killed. How can we, as a chamber, support a war crimes tribunal into one per cent of the crimes? Are you really satisfied with that? What about the 99 per cent? Is that a matter for us to shrug our shoulders at? You simply cannot say that there is a logic to this, and we cannot leave it to Jakarta. Unfortunately, what is happening here today is that we are seeing that we cannot leave it to Canberra." [Greens] Senator Brown (Tasmania, Australia)

15 de julho de 2000 Presidium da Juventude Lorico Asswain de Timor-Leste  Link to documents added Sep 2
" ... 1º Congresso Nacional da Juventude de Timor-Leste: ... A Juventude de Timor-Leste, filha legítima e heróica do Povo Maubere, cumpriu o seu importante dever durante o processo da luta da resistência contra a ocupação ilegal, quer na frente armada, como na frente clandestine e na frente diplomatica. Com o sacrifício de todo o Povo, a luta da resistência forçou a comunidade internacional a abrir os olhos para as flagrantes transformações do direito do Povo de Timor-Leste à autodeterminação e independência e, conseguiu quebrar os grilhues do poderio da ocupação militar e fascista indonésia. Uma luta determinante e heróica conseguiu levar-nos para uma nova fase, que é a da libertação do Povo de todas as formas de repressão e exploração e, também, para uma nova fase de luta que é a da reconstrução das estruturas sociais que viabilizara todo o Povo a viver livre da ignorância, doenças, repressões e explorações. ... " Juventude Lorico Asswain de Timor-Leste

25-27 de Maio de 2000 Mini-Conferência Da OPMT, Dili  Link to documents added Sep 2
" ... A  Mini-Conferência da OPMT, reunida de 25 a 27 de Maio do ano 2000, considerando os vários entraves sócio-culturais a emancipação da mulher, dentre os quais, se destacam o elevado grau de analfabetismo e a dominância dos valores patriarcais da sociedade timorense, decidiu propor a UNTAET:
- Para que crie mecanismos rápidos de alfabetização das mulheres. Saliente-se que numa população de aproximadamente 800 000 habitantes, 63% são mulheres. Desta percentagem da mulher, 64% é iletrada;
- Para que conceda facilidades de treino e formação técnico-profissional às mulheres da OPMT e, em particular, as viúvas de guerra;
- Para que conceda recursos e meios que permitam a OPMT educar e mobilizar a comunidade, a juventude e o homem na defesa dos direitos humanos da mulher;
- Para que introduza leis específicas na Constituição que protejam os direitos da mulher;
- Para que crie os mecanismos que promovam a criação de centros de apoio às vítimas de violência doméstica .... " OPMT: Organizacao Popular de Mulher Timor / The Popular Organisation of East Timorese Women

15-20 de Maio de 2000 FRETILIN: Conferência Geral De Quadros, DILI  Link to documents added Sep 2
" ... Tem hoje início a Conferência Geral de Quadros da FRETILIN que ao longo dos próximos dias se vai debruçar sobre a sua vida institucional, analisar a situação prevalecente em Timor-Leste e perspectivar os caminhos a seguir, para responder aos desafios, que o futuro nos coloca. Esta Conferência integra-se na dinâmica de crescimento e de reestruturação organizativa da FRETILIN que está consciente do seu papel, da sua responsabilidade e da sua força. Força que lhe advém do Povo, de Loro Sa’e a Loro Mono, de Taci Feto a Taci Mane, de Oé-Cussi, Ataúro e Jaco, como disso nos deram testemunho as reuniões distritais para eleição dos delegados a esta Conferência. A FRETILIN está ciente da incomensurável  determinação do Povo em garantir a Paz, a estabilidade e a unidade nacional. Consolidar a unidade nacional, reafirmar a Nação Maubere e construir um Estado de direito democrático em Timor-Leste são as grandes linhas e os objectivos programáticos que devem orientar sempre a actuação da FRETILIN, hoje, como há 26 anos atrás. A história da FRETILIN confunde-se com a História da Resistência á agressão e ocupação estrangeira. ... " Discurso de abertura do Coordenador Geral do Conselho Presidencial da FRETILIN Camarada Lu Olo

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(Selection of) SYDNEY EVENTS:

Access details of Sydney Events at:

"Friends Of Maliana" Monthly Meeting (held first Tuesday of each month)

Details 9367-9047 or
Leichhardt Town Hall, Sydney
Tuesday 4th September, 7 p.m

Amnesty Group Seminar on Torture in East Timor with speakers including:
Ciaron O’Reilly, Sr. Susan Connelly, Peter McGregor, Lansell Taudevin, STARRTS, etc.
Details  David Druery
Uni of Western Sydney (Parramatta campus), Room EG36
Wednesday 5th September, 12 Noon to 2pm

Guest Lecture By Ciaron O’Reilly:
'The solidarity movement’s reclaiming of public space to resist the Indonesian occupation of East Timor'
Catholic Worker & ‘Swords into Ploughshares’
Includes: Book Launch of Ciaron’s 'Remembering Forgetting: A Journey Of Non-Violent Resistance To The War
On East Timor' by Sister Susan Connelly, of Mary MacKillop Institute of East Timorese Studies (MMIETS)
Details: Peter McGregor, Lecturer, Media & Social Studies, (02) 98525244, or
Uni. of Western Sydney, (Kingswood Campus), Room K104
Wed. 5th September, Lecture: 3pm, Book launch 4pm.

Guest Lecture by Lansell Taudevin (aid specialist & author of 'East Timor: Too Little, Too Late'):
'Espionage in aid work'
referring to his involvement in East Timor from 1996 to 1999, & the limits to which the innocent can be used as informers.
Details Peter McGregor, Lecturer, Media & Social Studies, (02) 98525244, or email
Uni of Western Sydney, (Werrington South campus), Room BJ117
Thurs. 6th September, from 5pm

“Remembering Forgetting” by Ciaron O’Reilly. Book Launch.
A Journey of Nonviolent Resistance to the War in East Timor.
Launched by Lansell Taudevin (Aid Specialist & Author of “East Timor - Too Little, Too Late”)
Glebe Books (02) 9660 2333 or email Lansell Taudevin
Glebe Books, 49 Glebe Point Rd.
6:30pm Friday 7 September

"Leaving the Crocodile" Exhibition: The Story of the East Timorese Community in Sydney

Timorese artists working with the Liverpool Museum
Principal Curator: Amanda Wise: email
Liverpool Regional Museum, Cnr Congressional Drive & Hume Hwy, Liverpool, Sydney
August 25th-December 15th

Access details of Canberra & National (Australian) Events at:

Book Launch Speaking Tour
"REMEMBERING FORGETTING - A Journey of Nonviolent Resistance to the War in East Timor"
A book by Ciaron O'Reilly
For updates on book launches and recent activism:
Order over the internet
September 5th - November 23th, 2001

September 6 marks two dark anniversaries for East Timor: a brutal, Indonesian military-led massacre in 1999 and the militia killings of three United Nations staff working with East Timorese refugees in 2000.

The story [small PDF file]:

Public discussion on E.Timor: "Democratisation and Decolonisation - The Elections as Prism"
Speakers include:
Peter Hosking, former Director of the Jesuit Refugee Service in East Timor; Tricia Fitzgerald, ABC journalist; Balthasar Kehi,
East Timorese Lecturer; Helen Hill, Senior Lecturer & Research Fellow.
Institute of Post-Colonial Studies
Info: Helen M. Hill
Uniting Church Hall, Elm street, North Melbourne
Thursday, September 20, 8pm

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