BACK DOOR Newsletter on East

BACK DOOR Newsletter on East Timor

February 2003 News, Articles & Reports:

NEW ETimorese Demonstrate Against Impending War in Iraq  News & statement added Feb 17
"The government of the United States (with support from Great Britain and Australia) is leading the charge for war against Iraq. These three governments have helped East Timor’s independence since 1999  but from 1975 until 1999 they supported the brutal Indonesian military occupation of this country, supplying weapons and training to the Indonesian army to better enable it to kill and torture the East Timorese people. There is no moral principle in their current desire to overthrow Saddam Hussein, which will create massive casualties among Iraqi civilians and others, when they felt no compulsion to overthrow Suharto, who was at least as bloody and brutal as Hussein. We believe that the real reason for this call for war is OIL" Sah'e Inst. for Liberation, La’o Hamutuk, Perhimpunan HAK, Fokupers, Haburas, Asosiasaun Mane Kontra Violensia, JSMP, Fortilos, Renetil, Leziaval