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Australian media, Australian government and Timor Sea negotiations

Source: ETSA list

14 May 2005


I think the ABC as well as other Australian media institutions have some explanation to do. For the past few days they Australian media have written articles as if there is already an agreement in place. The declarationo by Timor-Leste's PM, Mari Alkatiri, vehemently denies this. So what is happening? Why is the media printing information that are not based on fact? Why does the ABC print such nonsense? They seem to be tuned only to one side of the source, i.e. Australian government through Alexander Downer. How does the Australian media come to the decision that Alexander Downer should be the only source of information when it comes to the process of the Timor Sea negotiations? Isn't the ABC supposed to be independent and professsional? Or is it part of the Australian government's propaganda machine?

Beware of what you read. When it comes to the truth, things are not as simple as ABC.


Alex Tilman:

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