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14 July 2006  For immediate release


Prime Minister Dr. José Ramos-Horta has today unveiled the make-up of the new Government.

His Excellency the President of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão, approved Dr. José Ramos-Horta’s recommendations for the the composition of the country’s Second Constitutional Government and swore-in the new Ministry.

Dr. Ramos-Horta said he welcomed his new team.

“It reflects the depth of talent already available within the ministerial ranks and the need to keep in place Ministers who already well know their portfolio areas as nine months is a short time to implement my Government’s plan of action and the less changes the better,” Dr Ramos-Horta said.

“My new team was carefully selected after consultations with my Deputy Prime Ministers, Eng Estanislau da Silva and Dr Rui de Araujo in whom I have total confidence and with Fretilin, the Parliamentary majority party, in line with the Constitution.

“I’m confident that the new ministers will add strength to the Government. Together with their experienced colleagues they are vital to the regeneration of the administration, and the implementation of my goals for Timor-Leste of national security, economic strength and social stability,” the Prime Minister said. “I’ll ensure that the full Ministry will be attuned to priorities and emerging issues.”

Prime Minister Ramos-Horta said that the immediate task of his Government is to consolidate security in Dili and in all of Timor-Leste and to put in place the necessary conditions to enable displaced Timorese to return home and rebuild their lives.

“As I said in my swearing-in speech early in the week, our people have suffered greatly and many, who were poor before the crisis, have now lost the little that they had, but they also lost faith in the institutions of the state and in the political leaders. My Government’s aim in the weeks and months ahead is to restore faith and hope, respect for our democracy and for our young nation state. 

“This Government is not going to find excuses for inertia.  This Government will try to serve the best interests of the people of Timor-Leste,” Dr Ramos-Horta said.

Prime Minister Ramos-Horta said he was pleased with the new faces brought in to his Government.

“I’m pleased that Ambassador José Luis Guterres has agreed to become my successor in the Foreign Affairs and Cooperation portfolio,” Dr Ramos-Horta said. “He is a highly experienced and well respected diplomat, both in Timor-Leste and in the international community.

“I was particularly heartened by the fact that Fretilin, in a true spirit of reconciliation, has accepted my recommendation to have Ambassador Guterres, a founder of the majority party, in Cabinet,” the Prime Minister said.

Another new face in the Government is Eng Inácio Moreira, dean of the Politechnic School, who is the new Minister for Transport and Coommunications; and Lino Torrezão, a highly qualified public servant, who becomes Secretary of State for the Coordination of Region IV.

Some of the previous administration’s Vice-Ministers become Ministers in Dr Ramos-Horta’s Government, such as José Teixeira, who becomes the Minister for Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy; and Rosália Corte-Real who takes on the Education and Culture portfolio.

“I wish to thank all those colleagues who have moved on for their contribution and hope that they can continue to play a role in the development of our country,”Prime Minister Ramos-Horta said. – ENDS.

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Assessor de Imprensa/Media Advisor
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(Please see list of the new Government in the next pages)

Second Constitutional Government

Prime-Minister: Dr. José Ramos-Horta

Deputy Prime-Ministers

1 – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries: Eng Estanislau da Silva
2 – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health: Dr Rui Maria Araújo


3 – Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation: Jose Luis Guterres
4 – Minister for Planning and Finances: Madalena Brites Boavida
5 – Minister for State Administration: Ana Pessoa
6 – Minister for Defence: José Ramos-Horta
7 – Minister for the Interior: Alcino Barris
8 – Minister for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers: Antoninho Bianco
9 – Minister for Transport and Communications: Inácio Moreira
10 – Minister for Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries: Estanislau da Silva
11 – Minister for Education and Culture: Rosália Corte-Real
12 – Minister for Health: Rui Maria de Araújo
13 – Minister Labour and Community Reinsertion: Arsénio Paixão Bano
14 – Minister for Justice: Domingos Sarmento
15 – Minister for Development: Arcanjo da Silva
16 – Minister for Public Works: Odete Victor
17 – Minister for Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy: José Teixeira


1- VM for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation: A. Magno
2 – VM for Planning and Finances: Aicha Bassarewa
3 – VM for State Administration: Valentim Ximenes
4 – VM for State Administration: Filomeno Aleixo
5 – VM for Interior: TBA                   
6 – VM for Transport and Communications: TBA
7 – VM for Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries: Francisco Tilman Benevides
8 – VM for Education for Technical and Superior Education: TBA    
9 – VM for Primary and Secondary Education: Ilda da Conceição
10 – VM for Health: Luis Lobato   
11 – VM for Justice: TBA
12 – VM for Public Works: Raul Mousaco
13 – VM for Development: António Cepeda

Secretaries of State

1 - Sec. of State for the Council of Ministers: Gregório de Sousa
2 – Sec. of State for the Environmental, Ordination of the Territory Coordination: João Batista Alves
3 - Sec.of State for Youth and Sport: José Manuel Fernandes
4 – Sec. of State for Culture: TBA
5 - Sec. of State for Veterans’and Former Combatants Affairs: David Ximenes
Secretaries of State for the Regions

6 - Sec. of State for the Coordination of Region I: José Reis
7 -  Sec. of State for the Coordination of Region II: Adriano Corte-Real
8 - Sec. of State for the Coordination of Region III: TBA
9 - Sec. of State for the Coordination of Region IV: Lino Torrezão
10 - Sec. of State resident in  Oe-Cusse: Albano Salem

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