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May 24 APHEDA: A Library for East Timorís University  Request added June 22
"The situation for the E.T. university library is quite needy. The building for the library is being rebuilt, however, they have no funds to purchase or build the necessary furnishings such as shelving, desks, etc. While there appears to be a great desire amongst Australian academics to donate used books to the library, so much so that the library is being overwhelming by the volume, the greatest need at the moment is the library facilities." Peter Jennings, Union Aid Abroad

Books for the National University of Timor Loro Sa'e

Dec 12, 2000

ACT Division, NTEU

An appeal was launched recently for books for the National University of Timor Loro Sa'e.  Unfortunately, as I understand the situation (from NTEU National Office), APHEDA still hasn't been able to negotiate discount mailing or freight arrangements and so forwarding books remains prohibitively expensive. It is precisely because of the problem of books piling up with no affordable delivery system that the NTEU decided not to launch a national appeal for  books. However, the ACT Division of the NTEU had already forwarded the original message (with the incorrect information) to members and had received a very positive response--result: books piling up.

However, people should put book collection on hold at this stage pending further advice on the book appeal.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused but I, like many others, responded, perhaps overenthusiastically, to the call for books for the National University of Timor Loro Sa'e.

Barry Howarth
ACT Division, NTEU

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