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RDP Antena 1 radio, Lisbon, in Portuguese 1300 gmt 5 Dec 00

East Timorese leader criticizes UN Timor officials

Interviewee: Mario Carrascalao

Text of report by Portuguese radio on 5th December

[Presenter] The donors conference for East Timor will meet in Brussels this afternoon. Some complaints from Timorese officials are expected to be heard during the proceedings. These complaints relate to the way in which the UN authorities in East Timor have been treating Timorese officials. The head of the Timorese representation in this conference, Mario Carrascalao [former governor and advisor to Indonesian president on Timor affairs] criticizes the UNTAET [UN Transitional Administration in East Timor] for appointing ministers without a cabinet:

[Carrascalao] The CNRT [the National Council of the Timorese Resistance] is in this conference in order to explain how the situation in the territory has developed and to give our views on the way the process towards independence is being carried out. As you know this date [day of independence] will be established soon by the creation of a commission which will write a new constitution ,and will be concluded by the end of 2001, as soon as a president is elected and a government is formed.

This conference is not supposed to discuss financial assistance or promises of aid to the territory. This conference aims at the report of what has been done in the territory and of the problems which have been found, and they are a few. As everyone knows, our relations with the UNTAET have been extremely good in many occasions, but sometimes we have also encountered many difficulties in our relations, in particular over the way the UNTAET behaves with the Timorese who work in the same office. In fact, some people feel that, within some areas of the Timorese society, they have been treated as second-class cabinet members because, as we say over there, they have appointed the ministers but have not created the cabinets.

[Reporter] Daniel Ribeiro interviewed Mario Carrascalao in Brussels before attending this afternoon's conference.

National Council of Timorese Resistance (CNRT)
The CNRT was established as the peak body of the East Timorese people's resistance to the Indonesian occupation of East Timor. Its members are drawn from all walks of life and political viewpoints, including the major political parties. Now that Indonesia has left and the administration of East Timor is being taken over by the UN Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET), CNRT is restructuring itself to play a new role. This involves moving from opposition to proposition and the facilitation of transition to self-government and independence. See: Nov 1999 [42K] The CNRT in Transition & Aug 2000 CNRT National Congress: Draft resolution on human rights
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