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December  18, 2000, Monday

Teachers protest to UN despite ban

Source:  Timor Post, Dili, in Indonesian 13 Dec 00 p 2

Excerpt from report by Timorese newspaper Timor Post on 13 December

Dili: Even though CNRT [National Council for Timorese Resistance]/CN and Falintil [East  Timor  National Liberation Armed Forces] have prohibited such an action, 400 primary school teachers demonstrated in front of UNTAET [United Nations Transitional Administration in East  Timor]  headquarters in Dili on Tuesday (12 December). They had been prohibited from protesting because it would tarnish CNRT/CN and Falintil's good reputation with UNTAET.

CNRT/CN Head of Security David Dias Ximenes and Falintil commander and CNRT/CN Presidential Adviser Ely Fohorai Boot both stated there were to be no demonstrations...

The teachers made speeches in front of the headquarters saying," Our demonstrations are not politically motivated. They are purely based on our rights as teachers which have been ignored by UNTAET. UNTAET and CNRT must take responsibility for the teacher recruitment process which was not transparent. Those responsible for the corruption, collusion and nepotism need to be dragged to court!.."

Dozens of teachers interviewed by  Timor  Post said, "The education sector of UNTAET made high-sounding promises which they did not keep. Now they must respond to our demands. They must pay our annual salaries."

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