FONGTIL: [101k] First AGM of the East Timorese NGO Forum (FONGTIL)

12-13 December 2000 at the Canossian Sisters' complex at Becora, Dili

Aleixo Da Cruz Chairperson

The first Annual General Meeting of the East Timor NGO Forum (FONGTIL) is to be held in Dili on 12-13 December 2000 at the Canossian Sisters' complex at Becora.

The Forum was reconstituted after the destruction of September 1999, through an initial meeting on 6 December 1999. It was attended by 22 East Timorese NGOs. Subsequent meetings in January  2000 led to some preliminary agreements on the Forum's vision, mission, principles, function, membership criteria  and structure.

The Forum held a Strategic Planning Workshop in August 2000  where NGOs agreed to a vision statement, mission statement and set of principles for the Forum. These are outlined below.

The Vision of the Forum is " To contribute to the building of a pluralist, democratic,  just and sustainable East Timor through the development of a strong, independent and responsible  civil society committed to upholding  and making real  in the daily life of the community both village, and urban, the full range of human rights that all East Timorese, particularly the poor and disadvantaged, can enjoy the fruits of liberation and development in East Timor forever free."

The Mission of the Forum is " To realize its vision by promoting a culture of learning, cooperation, partnership, with the community and respect for human rights and good practice  amongst East Timorese NGOs and between them and other development actors, both domestic and international, and by serving as a collective, independent voice for the rights and needs of the community."

The Forum has agreed to uphold and promote the following principles

The same workshop also agreed on the following functions for the Forum
  The Goals for the first five years are through these four functions and through training and promotion of good practice.

The Forum now needs to hold an Annual General Meeting to

It is proposed that International NGOs which have been in East Timor for more than one year may be eligible as an associate member of the Forum. Each international NGO will be entitled to have one observer at the Forum's AGM.

The Forum will also report to East Timorese NGOs on its activities over the last year, provide a financial report, and discuss its workplan for the next year. This will be developed from the Strategic Plan agreed in August 2000.

All East Timorese NGOs have been invited to come. International NGOs, UNTAET and donors have been invited to send observers.

A draft program for the meeting is below. A final program and papers  will  be available approximately one week before the meeting.

Aleixo Da Cruz

12-13 December 2000

Day One

Opening  by President FONGTIL

Welcome to special guests Sergio Viera de Mello, UNTAET
Xanana Gusmao, President, NCC

Remarks by Special Guests

Possibility of Speaker from Cambodia  Russell Peterson

FONGTIL  President's Report

FONGTIL  Executive Director's Report

Treasurer's Report

Presentation Draft Membership Criteria and procedures

Approval of Membership Criteria and procedures for FONGTIL



Presentation of Draft Constitution (Executive Director)

Approval of FONGTIL Constitution

Presentation of proposal for election of 5 new members of FONGTIL Board

Approval of Board size

Presentation and acceptance of Logo

Day Two

1. Presentation and acceptance of  5-year Strategic Plan and Annual Workplan.

2. Discussion on Code of Conduct for FONGTIL

Prepare a very first draft Code of Conduct for preliminary discussion and discuss why it is important to have a Code of Conduct. Code to be finalized after the AGM.

3. Election of Board Members

Close of nominations for election to FONGTIL Board

Ballot for Executive Committee Members (During lunch time)

Candidates introduce themselves

East Timorese NGOs present have one vote each

Ballot counted and results announced later in the afternoon.



Open Forum on a Range of Issues

Formation of Commissions and Working Groups


Any Other Matters