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This letter is a commentary on this News item: Jan 1 UNTAET: New Year's Eve Violence in Dili [Ed]

As I an East Timorese, I am deeply regret over what has happened. Those people that were physically injured and their property (cars) smashed are of very good friends of mine. These people are here to help us, the East Timorese. We can not stand alone. We should have shown our gratitude at least to those that have come to aid us in our most difficult times.

What will be of East Timor?

Even though only some, if I may say, small number of people had undertaken such horrifying act, it certainly has tarnished our image.

I believe there are still a lot more sane East Timorese who are grateful for what we are as of today. We need to develop. We need time to get ourselves capacitated and be sane.

As an East Timorese youth, I deeply deeply detest such attitude. It does not reflect the entire image of the whole East Timorese.

Thank you

Felisberto de Araujo Duarte

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BACK DOOR Newsletter on East Timor home
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