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La'o Hamutuk Bulletin

Vol. 1, No. 3: 17 November 2000

Building a National Health System for East Timor

The latest La'o Hamutuk Bulletin (Vol. 1, No. 3: 17 November 2000), which focuses on "Building a National Health System for East Timor" is now available online in English at

Since our last issue, La’o Hamutuk has undergone organizational and personnel changes.
Now that these changes are complete, we expect to publish the Bulletin on a regular basis. As always, we invite our readers’
comments, ideas, and contributions.

This issue of the Bulletin focuses on East Timor’s evolving health system. It provides an overview of the major components of the
national health system emerging under the auspices of the Division of Health Services (DHS) and explains how the funding of the
DHS works. It also contains analysis and suggestions from three local health workers—Maria Dias, Natércia Godinho-Adams, and
Dan Murphy. The views in these articles, as well as other bylined articles in the Bulletin, are the authors’, and not necessarily those
of La’o Hamutuk.

This issue also includes an analysis of the health situation in post-war Mozambique and its implications for East Timor, as well as a
summary of a recent report from the World Health Organization on the health situation in the territory. Finally, there is a brief update
on the situation in Oecussi, and an editorial that discusses the current negotiations over oil rights in the Timor Gap and their
implications for the future of East Timor’s health system and other social services.

La'o Hamutuk: East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis
La'o Hamutuk (Tetum for Walking Together) is a joint East Timorese-international organization that seeks to monitor, to analyze, and to report on the reconstruction activities of the principal international institutions. It believes that the people of East Timor must be the ultimate decisionmakers in the reconstruction process and that the process should be as democratic and transparent as possible ...

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